Thursday, December 30, 2021

Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty

What they did to Epstein they did to me. What they did to Ghislaine Maxwell they did to me. Because I am a man, and these convicts represent normal male and female sexuality. All the credible accusations were empty. It is as normal for us to buy sex from teen girls as it is for the girls to sell it. The feminist state are monsters and all the normies who condone this senseless criminalization are monsters too.

If Epstein was a “pedophile” or “sexual abuser” then I would be insulted if you don’t have me pegged as one too, as should all normal men be. That word is a badge of honor the way the antisex bigots use it. Just imagine how perverted you’d have to be to not be attracted to the girls in question (or gay, but they aren’t naturally agecucks either), the youngest of which was 14. In truth, what Epstein was accused of does not even qualify as “ephebophilia,” which ends by 14 years old for most girls. And I don’t think we need that word either because that is just normal male sexuality too, but it goes to show how far out of touch the bigots are with scientific and commonsense truth of what constitutes full sexual maturity (Exhibit1Exhibit2).

What they did to Epstein they did to me, and all normal men. He is the patron saint of regular male sexuality, and Ghislaine Maxwell is another martyr for sexualism, another victim of the feminist War on Sex who deserves honors for fighting the good fight on a political level too by virtue of all the unmistakably regular men she implicated. There comes a point when you can’t peg us as deviants anymore because we are so obviously normal, and meanwhile we shall be proud of our sexuality no matter how much you try to shame us. Your stance on this verdict is a litmus test on whether you are a good person or a monster.

Jeffrey is my role model, my hero, and Ghislaine is a heroine. The normies secretly long to be in Epstein’s circle, but we male sexualists have the balls to admit it. To all the normies reading this, now is a good chance to repent your denunciation of sexuality and identify as a male sexualist, or simply sexualist because as we can see, feminism persecutes good women too.


  1. This was a very different side of the story that I (and I'm sure many many other men) never really considered, I can certainly recognize myself in a lot of the points you made here.
    Respect for your bravery in posting this piece

  2. This is a woman who used to hang out with the very top social and political elite including presidents and billionaires -- facing up to 65 years for talking minors into sex -- and now they all throw her under the bus for this complete non-issue that they were equally complicit in (or more so for the men). It is sickening, both the transformation of victimless sex crimes into something worse than murder and the lack of loyalty. Zero commitment to either sexualist principles or their friends. The condemnation of their own sexuality is unanimous, with no one standing up for anything or anyone right up until they come for them too. The persecution can continue unopposed all the way and no matter how intimate the victims get, no one will do anything other than double down on the applause. All we get is celebratory pieces like this,

    about how vital it is to persecute more and more and more sexuality. Teen girls being willing whores is a "heinous crime" on the part of anyone who had anything to do with them and anyone associated with those again up until the entire earth is scorched of sexuality, and no one will react until you find yourself in the gulag and it's too late.

  3. Again you make very good points from a fresh perspective, although i have to admit that all im exposed to so far is the intolerant side of things.
    I like to think that mother nature makes younger people interested in sex at whatever age for a reason, it's pretty harsh to forcefully indoctrinate teens and sometimes younger into believing that any form of sex is evil while it's pure nature at the end of the day

  4. 14-year-old girls tend to be at Tanner stage 5, which is full maturity. It is delusional to think they can't make sexual decisions for themselves and equally delusional and hateful to pretend men shouldn't be attracted to them and not trying to have sex with them.

  5. True, proper sexual education is also severely lacking because people are so afraid to expose younger girls to anything remotely sexual, while that is really the only way to make sure they will become responsible when they are sexually active and become fertile

  6. God I've never hated feminists as much as I do today.

    Nice article Eivind, although from my POV, the brick wall you're always going to be facing in trying to present women as equal victims of feminism is that for the vast majority of women, feminism and sex puritanism is good for them.

    Ghiselaine Maxwell is a scab to most women. She procured young ripe girls for her alpha male billionaire lover. He never needed to look at or spend a penny on any woman over 21 other than her. She's a traitor to them.

    Also, it's not entirely true that she has been 'thrown under a bus' by all the billionaires and elites she helped to prime pussy.

    Prince Andrew's legal team have also tried to present the young accuser as the money grabbing (aging and bitter) whore that she is.

    What do you expect them all to say - 'yes we banged 'sex trafficked' 17 year old girls, please lock us up for life under your insane puritan laws with Ghislaine.'?

    But, yes, it's frighetening that feminists have so much power in the West that billionaires and ex-Presidents are living in fear at this moment over accusations from some bitter aging whores who were happy to take their money when they were a few months under being old enough to vote.

    Things are different in China, thankfully.

  7. The socialites should take a stand against the criminalization of our healthy sexuality, come out and say there is nothing wrong with sex with teen girls or paying for it. This can be done without providing incriminating evidence, like we are doing here. But they don’t, not because they would be locked up just for political views but because they want to fit in. Of course Prince Andrew, the rest of the royal family and billionaires and ex-Presidents don’t personally believe that teen girls are abused if they have consensual sex, but their public personae must believe it. Empty accusations are a ritual you have to go along with to belong to the group. I do not belong to the group because I refuse to believe in fake sexual abuse even as a fa├žade to put on. I am Quisling. I have no place in this society, even to be supermax-incarcerated alongside Breivik as the two most despised men in Norway: I don’t fit into that group either. Rather I must be executed like Quisling. I am a dead man walking and it is surreal that I am still here.

    Of course, if men quit their hypocrisy about sex my group would be very large indeed, the vast majority of men, but male hypocrisy is the crux of the problem. We could end the sex war right now simply by aligning our politics with our behavior, but men just don’t seem to have it in them. Our sexual behavior can scarcely be suppressed by laws, but the fact that we are criminals is simply accepted as a cost of being male. As such, my sensitivity to criminalization prior to arrest is a rare defect. When everyone is a hypocrite, it saves you from a lot of grief if you just go along with the hypocrisy as long as you can, but I was unable to take that path due to an overdeveloped sense of justice aka hyperpolitical disorder.

  8. I don't quite understand if this is real or just a joke:

  9. Must be a joke, but really funny and not far behind...

    “We have reached the stage of political discourse where they’ve actually started to subject Orwell himself to Orwellianism.”

  10. How much time did maxwell get?

    And any chance of your TV interview getting english subtitles? Looking good on the big screen buddy ;)

  11. Thanks. Will have to wait for the sentencing to see how much she gets. They are still going after Prince Andrew too:

    It is bizarre that they can get away with using the word "forced" like this, and the sweating controversy is just ludicrous, that he needs to answer for his ability to sweat to this woman.

    In her lawsuit, Giuffre alleges she was trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein and forced to have sex with his friends -- including the prince -- and that Andrew was aware she was underage (17) in the US. Prince Andrew strongly denies the allegations.

    In a BBC interview in 2019, Andrew said he had taken his elder daughter to a party at a pizza restaurant on the night in 2001 when it is alleged that he had sex with Giuffre. He also said in the interview that for many years he could not sweat, countering the allegations made by Giuffre that he was sweating profusely before they had sex in London when she was 17.

    What does "forced" mean here? And why don't they just as well call it rape if they want to claim it was forced? Does "forced" now mean nothing more doing something a minor can't legally consent to? How would one convey the difference between this imaginary force and actual force, then, or has this distinction been lost to language?

    Also funny how she was "underage in the US" and that is supposed to count in the UK. So if someone travels to your country from somewhere with a higher age of consent, that higher age is still applicable? Yet another way to conjure up abuse, which doesn't work in reverse if the man travels to somewhere with more lenient law. Abuse is the supreme value of this whole civilization that needs to be maximized in all cases, so the feminists always get to pick the jurisdiction with the most abuse. They don't even have a consistent technicality, yet it is made out to be a real, heinous crime and everyone goes along with it like it's the emperor's new clothes.

  12. The conspiracy against basic sexual human behaviour is echoed by another one: Western economies' energy supply suicide. Several EU countries are now shutting down conventional power plants even as power prices are skyrocketing. This is bizarre. What will happen after power prices get so high that people start stocking up on candles and shutting down their TVs? There will be demonstrations which, as usual, miss the point and make matters worse, ie demonstrations for government subsidies favouring the "poor" etc.

    The shit test of feminism paralleled by the shit test of climate hysteria.

    On another note, Eric Zemmour in France is trying hard to shed his reputation as a "mysoginist/antifeminist". One poll shows 21% of men but only 4% of women are ready to vote for him. This gender bias is much worse than Trump's ever was.

  13. @FreeTheTeens

    I don't think she's been given the sentence yet but she faces up to 65 years and will probably die in prison (unless she does a deal - i.e. names names, and it looks like she will (don't tell Eivind)).

    Call me a hardboiled sceptic, but I will cast further doubt upon your claim to be an alpha male chad who beds multiple HB10 19 year olds, if you seriously think that Eivind wearing his spectacles, a nerdy haircut, and a cardigan one size too big over a shirt, is your idea of 'looking good for the big screen'. BTW, on my Google Chrome I just right click on the video screen and it gives English subtitles.

    @Eivind - in th UK, as elsewhere, sex with 16 and 17 year olds, although technically still legal, is pretty much now seen as paedophilia (however absurd that is). When Andrew is alleged to have banged that 17 year old whore, national newspapers were showing 15 year old girls in bikinis and count down the days until their birthday so they could legally show them topless (16). I remember once the 'Sunday Sport', which was one of the best selling tabloids at the time, ran a competition for a lucky reader to have sex with a 16 year old pornstar. Having sex with 16 year olds was seen as nothing. Andrew's defence should have been on the lines that times have changed, but he did nothing wrong by the standards in Britain at the time.

  14. Bad move by Andrew to claim he didn't do it. He is missing out on the argument that he was just normal, which should settle it even for those who believe in the new sex hysteria. I suppose he could claim he didn't do it and point out that norms were different at the same time, but that's too many ideas at one time to fit into the tabloids.

  15. I may have been wrong about Maxwell. What a beautiful woman.

  16. Following up on AF's remark, no one on this forum can be an alpla male. An alpha male is one who gets the jobs and the women he likes (within reason of course, not like Gengis Kan did, but my meaning is clear I think). I have always been unable to get the hot women I like except in very temporary and artificially biased settings like prostitution or some African countries decades ago. This is one of the reasons I got a vasectomised early in life. A man who cannot get the jobs and the women he likes should keep his genes for the crematorium and not create new beings who will inherit his disabilities. I'm very hard on myself. I'm one in 10 thousand in that respect I'm sure. I'm for liberalisation of hard drug, prostitution and teenage sex, but I'm hundred time more moral that other humans.

    I couldn't get the girls folks! I could only stare and yearn. And if by chance I got one of those (hot) girls I didn't keep her for long because she soon found out she'd made a mistake and I was not in her league.

    A struggling male is not an alpha male.

    We are deluding ourselves here if we think something along the lines that we would be alpha males "if it were not for the present misandric and sex-negative laws". Real alpha males ride roughshod over misandric and sex-negative laws and contrive to get on with their lives as though such laws didn't exist. Ah but what about Andrew, Epstein, Bill Cosby, Weinstein, Woody Allen, weren't those guys alpha males? They were at some point but they ceased to be. Or their alphaness was inflated and they later fell from their pedestal.

    Eivind must be credited with having some balls given his track record of challenging the Norway cops and sticking his neck out in this forum. But that doesn't make him an alpha male because an alpha male wouldn't even waste time in doing such things. An alpha male would be busy doing the things he likes in life, including getting the women who turn him on into his bed.

    In some posh toilets they have bags for disposing of tampons and other things. Pity there can't be a bag for disposing of one's genes.

  17. You are being too hard on yourself, Jack. And a vasectomy is self-harm. Your genes could have participated in the next generation if you wanted, maybe possibly still can if you look into vasectomy reversal. An alpha male by definition gets hot girls, but not necessarily good jobs and social standing. Aloofness from social justice is not part of my definition of alpha either. If you care about justice and pursue activism then you are doing what you like, given how society unfortunately is. Somebody like MLK was an activist and philanderer, definitely alpha, the kind I aspire to be. Also better to be assassinated than rot in jail, so if society is going to get the better of me, I hope that's how it happens.

  18. Maxwell to have her conviction voided on a technicality.

    She might get the pussy pass after all. I wonder how many jurors shared their own abuse (invented) stories while MEN were in the dock.

  19. @Jack - It seems ironic to me - the jurer claiming his testimony of his own 'sexual abuse' swayed the other jury members was a male. I wonder if he had been 'abused' by a woman?

    So Maxwell might go free from spending the rest of her life in prison for helping her boyfriend have sex with ripe teens, because of a boy being 'sexually abused' by a woman.

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

    Meanwhile, just to cheer up Eivind, I took a look at A Voice For Men for the first time in ages, just to see if they had reported on the PUA taking his own life (they hadn't) or anything about Maxwell's trial (they hadn't). But they did feature prominantly a British academic appealing for volunteers for his study in to female sexual abuse of men and boys - black men who have been 'verbally pressured' into sex with women. :D

  20. Oh, those women who verbally pressure black men into sex, huh? Clearly we need to lock them up along with Brittany Zamora as the rapists they are...

    Yes, that was evident from the beginning with A Voice for Men, nothing to do with real men's rights. I am surprised they tolerated Angry Harry for a while and will be very surprised if any of them do anything to preserve his archives. Which is why I have taken matters into my own hands and registered the domain It will be a home for his and other MRA writings that might otherwise get lost, including my own if needed. Nothing there yet, but it is coming. I will also use this site to educate myself about web design. Unlike my dating site I can use it to experiment since there is nothing critical about it except as a library for the long haul out of reach from the worst cancellations, so don't expect it to be perfect from the beginning.