Tuesday, February 07, 2012

No Accuser Needed For Feminist Rape Trial

The feminist police state has once again outdone itself. You would think that no matter how ludicrously rape was defined, it would at least require an accuser. Not so in this hateful feminist utopia. All it takes to charge you with rape is footage of nude, apparently unconscious women on your hard drive. Such is the zeal of feminist rape prosecution that no woman ever needs to come forward and accuse you, or even be identified. Man charged with raping three unknown women:

Politiet mener opptakene er gjort i 2010 og at noen av mannens møbler synes på filmene. De har siktet ham for voldtekt av de tre kvinnene.
Mannen har forklart at bildene ikke sier ham noe, men at han ser at trekket på sofaen ligner og kan være hans.
Politiet mener filmene uansett holder til domfellelse.

This is even more absurd than the trial we saw last month where a man got 4.5 years for a supposed rape attempt which nobody remembers. That case at least had a woman involved who felt violated, even though she couldn't remember what happened because she had been drinking to blackout. Yet even an oblivious accuser is superfluous to feminist justice. This case has no accuser, only the feminist machine seeking to destroy a man's life for its own sake.

I regret expressing misgivings about my initial joyous reaction to Breivik's activism at Utøya. The contrition wasn't heartfelt, and recent escalations of the feminist police state make me feel so sheepish for vacillating that I hereby retract my disclaimer. The feminist state is so flagrantly out of control that it and its abettors most assuredly deserve anything they can get.


krauser said...

Unbelievable, really. I wonder how long this anti-male attack has left before it all crumbles

Anonymous said...

Hate hate hate - oh dubble hate!!
(the grinch)