Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The bigger picture

Let us situate male sexualism in the bigger picture of a collapsing civilization. As I write this on August 10th, 2021, the two top stories at CNN are the usual antisex bigotry that this society still considers top priority, firstly that Andrew Cuomo resigns as mayor of New York because his masculinity has been redefined to "sexual harassment" and secondly that Virginia Giuffre sues Prince Andrew to applause from every last voice in the public because normal male sexuality has been completely redefined to "abuse":



However, global warming is third:


And of course there are lots of headlines about covid, mostly urging us to get vaccinated:


Which is true, by the way. The Delta variant is extremely contagious and kills young people too if they are not vaccinated. I got my first shot and will be getting my second one in a few weeks.

Ironically there is far more opposition to actually protective health measures than hateful feminism. We can now conclude that a men’s movement will play no role whatsoever in what happens next because we have seen what happens when antisex persecution goes to infinity. Before there is any opposition, people simply quit associating the persecution with sex, as if a juggernaut prevents their brains not only from thinking sex-positive thoughts, but from discerning any limits to sex-hostility as well. Julian Assange is still in prison because of sexual accusations that were not only ridiculous and false but also dropped, and the whole thing occasions zero antifeminism, putting my naive hopes from years ago to shame. Craig Murray is in prison for uttering a jigsaw piece that along with other pieces spoken by others might identify a sex-accuser in a trial where the accused was acquitted, yet this is not enough to evoke any antifeminism. It is that hopeless. Yes, people will criticize some of this persecution, but only once they stop associating it with sex. The underlying feminism and sex laws are never questioned even in the most strident dissidence:



They simply can't bring themselves to blame feminism no matter how bad it gets, because everyone is down with the program that sexuality must be persecuted to the max, in every kaleidoscopic infinite recursive way. When it hits some of their friends then they can make a modest protest, but only while carefully avoiding any criticism of the elephant in the room, never saying a bad word about feminism. Clearly, collapse is for the best because humanity couldn’t tolerate sexuality, which is to say we couldn't tolerate ourselves, like a social autoimmune disease turning all police against us. All technological advances and all resource consumption converge on persecuting sexuality, until there is zero tolerance left. There is already zero tolerance by law; whenever you shine a light on sexuality, you always find criminality. All that remains is for technology and law enforcement to get around to incarcerating us all, with technology eagerly devoting every last advance to the cause and even charging users a premium for the privilege of being at the cutting edge of surveillance if they are dumb enough to use Apple products.

There are no heroes left, no one to oppose the antisex agenda with any say in the matter, but the closest you come, who can at least offer some measure of consolation that the antisex bigots will suffer soon is the ultimate accelerationist, Gail Tverberg.

Gail is so badass that she dismisses global warming not because she doesn't believe in it, but because she believes energy collapse will be far more sudden. We are talking months to a few years at most now before the whole thing unwinds, at least enough for antisex to no longer be the number one priority. And it does need to get truly apocalyptic before that will happen, but we are getting there -- just read her blog and learn. Especially her comment section -- just like my blog, that's where the best action is.


Anonymous said...

So basically, Male Sexualism is a millennial end times cult, with an omniscient mother goddess figure Gail Tverberg as its spiritual leader now? She's never said anything about anti-sex laws or anti-feminism, and why would she because she's a hag herself, and she doesn't even believe in global warming, but lets not get facts in the way if Eivind wants to bow down before the pussy as he prays for the collapse of civilization and the untold suffering and cruel deaths of billions.

Meanwhile, I'm an imbecile and a misogynist if I dare to suggest a simple fix that would end our sexual suffering - such as changing women so they don't regret sex at the slightest excuse, or that sexual jealousy be genetically removed or modified from the human dna as a harmful maladaptation in the modern world.

I can't remember any single prediction of mine that hasn't come true or is on its way to coming true. One example : that eventually, quite soon in fact, they will be scanning every man's brain for 'illegal sexual thoughts', and this will be one of the occasions where the blowback occurs as feminism can no longer control technology and the sexual market (without such ultra-draconian laws). Now Apple are getting blowback for announcing that they will scan every user's iPhone for 'child porn'. This is a company that will soon launch eye wear to replace the smartphone, so they will be able to analyze if you are looking at 17 year old girls in public more often than 25 year olds or even 40 year old hags. Big Tech like Elon Musk are already pushing for computer/brain interfaces. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9871027/WhatsApp-says-Apples-plan-iPhones-scanned-images-child-abuse-privacy-setback.html

Has any prediction you've ever made Eivind come true? The closest I can think of is Bitcoin, you seemed to be in their earlier than most, but sold all your holdings when you decided you were wrong at $0.001 just before it soared to $100.

You could have paid off the $100 million that American old whore is demanding from Prince Andrew for touching her when she was over the age of consent at 17.

Anonymous said...

At least you are writing about male sexualism and men's rights. Well done Eivind!

Eivind - your big, great 'autoimmune nocebo' theory. How do you explain gay and trans rights within this? Obviously, unlike Sexual Trade Union theory, you can't explain it in terms of an attack on 'normal' male sexuality, as that would be homophobic and transphobic (which you care about) without any further explanation. And how does this fit in with evolutionary psychology that you believe not just explains everything but should determine our morals and behaviour (ex: NoFap, impregnating women being the sole purpose of a man's existence etc)?

Don't you think femihag theory does this a little bit better? The brutally obvioius to any non-autist that 40 year old hags are making law after law restricting male sexual access to fertile teens because it's in the mind blowingly obvious sexual interests of 40 year old hags to restrict male sexual access to fertile teens? Oh but then 'we must be careful what story's we choose to tell'? So nocebo autoimmune global warming theory is going to get men angry and the masses on our side. Tell the people challenging the narrative over climate change and covid that they are nuts and they really need to be angry over the nocebo autoimmune disease that is locking up poor American women for brazenly cuckolding their husbands and having sex with 13 year old black chads.

Anonymous said...

they will be scanning every man's brain for 'illegal sexual thoughts'

Thoughts are not illegal - at least for the time being.

Eivind Berge said...

Thoughts are illegal as soon as they are detected by ANY means so far available. If you write them down, even in a private diary that you never intend to share, you can be locked up for your illegal sexual thoughts in jurisdictions such as Norway where the medium doesn't matter. So what makes you think they will stop there once they have a practical brain scanner?

They are now normalizing using a black box to identify thoughtcrime. Since any representation of the thoughts are illegal to possess, the evidence and process must be hidden from the public. As @SarahJamieLewis from @OpenPriv said on Twitter:

"When you boil it down, Apple has proposed your phone become black box that may occasionally file reports on you that may aggregate such that they contact the relevant authorities.

It doesn't matter how or why they built that black box or even what the false positive rate may be.

The climate of scanning every man's brain is already here. And no, I don't see enough opposition to make a difference.

Eivind Berge said...


The reason why I sold bitcoin early and thus narrowly missed out on getting rich was because I needed to in order to pay rent and eat at the time, not because I didn’t believe bitcoin had a future. I should have done more to hang on to them, to be sure, but failing to do so wasn’t because my prediction was wrong (I was very wrong about how bitcoin should scale and foolishly supported a hard fork to remove the blocksize limit, but that's a side issue). If I had had any savings at all I would have kept them in bitcoin because I didn't and still don't believe in any other investment (besides canned food and water for collapse, at which point you are also better off with things like whiskey for barter instead of imagining that money exists anymore).

But sure, predictions tend to fail and nobody is really good at it. I do think Gail Tverberg is as good as it gets though. It’s not that she doesn’t believe in global warming, but she doesn’t believe we will burn anywhere near as much fossil fuels to cause it as the models predict because she knows financial collapse is about to put an end to industrial civilization, via low oil prices and other deflation because there is not enough net energy in the system, causing producers to have to shut down. Thus it also doesn’t matter if she is an antifeminist either (though she kind of is) because she is laying out how feminism will end by necessity. She does not propose any pathway to preventing collapse, because there is none. It can perhaps be slowed down a bit by means that are decidedly not what the feminists and environmentalists want. We should give up the whole idea that we can transition to green energy and have a techno utopia where every brain is constantly scanned for thoughtcrime and so on, and instead focus on efficient gasoline engines and non-green houses to get the most out of what we have left.

"Eivind - your big, great 'autoimmune nocebo' theory. How do you explain gay and trans rights within this?"

I think gay and trans rights are just some colorful sprinkles on the feminist cake so they can pretend to care about sexual rights. The gays fought for the right to get married, but they care nothing about the marriage age now creeping upwards or the age of consent or any other sex law that really matters. Trans rights seem to be mostly about using bathrooms and competing in sports, again irrelevant to the actual sex war.

Yes, gays were genuinely oppressed in the days of Oscar Wilde and Alan Turing. But it wasn’t any movement for sexual rights that liberated them. Men just don’t seem to have it in us to stand up for our sexuality, even homosexuals. They were liberated by the Sexual Revolution that happened accidentally and perhaps helped by the pill, like a spontaneous remission in my autoimmune nocebo metaphors. In the 1970s there was a brief moment of freedom before criminalization ramped up again with a vengeance, this time for all of sexuality apart from these superficial queer decorations. Gay and trans rights activists are sadly as uninterested in actual sexualism as the rest of society apart from us few. And your female sexual trade union theory certainly factors into this, but it cannot explain the full extent of the antisex behemoth including male apathy.

Eivind Berge said...

Even the feminists themselves are now saying they won China:


Maybe only some uncontacted hunter-gatherers left who hasn't gone full retard feminist? But the good news is if Gail Tverberg is right, the entire world will soon have to return to that lifestyle, or the 0.1% who survive anyway.

Anonymous said...

Aubrey de Grey, anti-aging guru, has bee accused of talking to dirty to two women, one of them was 17 at the time. Check the articles, Eivind. The madness continues.

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, I know. Aubrey de Grey is an old hero of mine as I've been following the life extension community for decades, and I knew he was quite a ladies' man, only a matter of time until they turned it around in this climate. Here is the "accuser" Laura Deming's own words, so we can take in the insanity that they can get away with calling this abuse. Have to put accuser in quotes because what kind of moron would consider this an accusation? This is a new level of emptiness -- obvious normality that the juggernaut forces people to transmogrify into sexual misconduct in their slavish minds:


"I had one bad experience with him when I was 17 - he told me in writing that he had an ‘adventurous love life’ and that it had ‘always felt quite jarring’ not to let conversations with me stray in that direction given that ‘[he] could treat [me] as an equal on every other level’.

He sent this from his work email, and I’d known him since I was 14. Stuff like that happened sometimes, and I wrote it off as a mistake - something that might be my fault for trying to work in an industry when I was younger than average or because I had mentioned concerns about mentors doing stuff like that in a previous email. In the past few months, in part through conversations with Celine Halioua (who interned at SENS), I’ve learned it’s a serial pattern he’s enacted with women over whom he’s in a position of power. You can read about Celine's experience here.

I almost left the field several times as a teenager because of stuff like this happening. I knew that sometimes there would be misunderstandings, but I didn’t expect a trusted mentor I’d known since childhood to hit on me so blatantly, and insinuate that it had been on his mind for a while. It felt wrong to voluntarily go into an industry where - I basically inferred - sexual harassment was the norm.

Sexual harassment isn't acceptable behavior in the longevity field, but Aubrey is a really bad counterexample who does a lot of outreach. So newcomers to the field - mostly students and minors - can get the wrong impression.

It feels very weird to write about this, because I have a separate deeply held belief that we shouldn’t penalize people for not fitting into social norms, or for being different in ways that we can’t understand today. I just personally have no interest in working in a culture that is okay with certain norms (for example, propositioning minors or employees), and I’m angry to realize that Aubrey inappropriately propositioned more than one woman over whom he was in a position of power, many in the community knew about it, and no one did anything.

There is actually a sensible comment there, one lone dissenter whom the juggernaut didn't work on:

"As always, follow the money!

Laura Deming runs a venture capital firm in the longevity space together with Celine. Celine also runs her own anti-aging biotech company for dogs. They are trying to damage SENS and Aubrey De grey, to get publicity to their own company. People will do anything to get rich. It has always been like that. By making this into a public scandal, they know that they will get the attention from the right rich donors/investors that are interested in the anti-aging space.

The reason I am very suspicious of them is the way they exaggerate by calling Aubrey De Grey a sexual predator, when all he did was some joking and testing the grounds to see if there was mutual interest. She was 17 when he sent the e-mail. 17 is legal in the UK. I have seen many 17-year olds that could easily pass as grown adults. Also, the way the e-mail seems to have been written was not pushy at all. There was no threat or anything like that either. Totally blown out of proportion.

These women are going to become responsible for billions of lives, when they cause delays to the anti-aging research in this way.

They are greedy and egocentric, and should be shamed away from this field.

— Sophie

Eivind Berge said...

In every organization the most powerful person is youngest female intern. She can have the top male boss deposed simply by saying he flirted with her, which he probably did too. It is one thing that she has tremendous sexual power by nature, but feminism has arranged society such that she also has the most formal power by making that "accusation." That is insane, but even more insane that there is no noticeable resistance to this state of affairs from men.

While starting out with great enthusiasm when I first got interested in it in my teens, over the years I had lost almost all hope in antiaging research. The only one left I thought might be able to achieve something was Aubrey de Grey, and now he's cancelled by feminism. The supreme importance of antisex takes priority here as always. Society would rather have a fraud like Elizabeth Holmes in charge of research than any man with a sexuality who knows what he's doing. She just needs the right gender and politics. Since these frauds rise so easily to the top when any man can be toppled simply by calling out his male sexuality, that is what we get.

Like Ben Goertzel said on Facebook,

"From what I can tell, the rapid-fire "canceling" of Aubrey over these accusations is itself way more inappropriate than the email Aubrey sent Laura eons ago... Our society seems to be veering in a quite dangerous direction. We need to find a way to improve our culture in a direction of kindness, understanding and inclusiveness without reactively canceling as "predators" people for inappropriate flirting or alleged ribald humor. This sort of thing almost makes me pessimistic about our future as a species -- I mean, if we can't even manage this sort of matter in a rational way, how can we expect to cope with AGI and the Singularity and the obsolescence of all human jobs, etc.?"

That's right, Transhumanism is cancelled, certainly in any good sense. The only possible futures are hateful feminism or collapse. Why do all my subcultures fail? The only one which succeeded was Bitcoin, but without me in it anymore. Even my collapsitarianism fails.

Apparently I have an affinity to the fringes of society, always into something that is about to be condemned or criminalized if it isn't already. That doesn't make me any less sincere, but it is amusing. I didn't pick these interests and values for their failure rate, so what does that say about me? (And nobody call me aspie, because that's a lie -- answer it intelligently if you are going to answer.)

Dom Krauer said...

The life extension community has brought this upon themselves a little by embracing wokeness and left-wing politics when the movement should rationally be conservative/libertarian. Any movement that sees not only the movement itself, but the actual members of the movement, living for 100s or 1,000s of years into the future, should be intrinsically conservative with a libertarian bent.

Imagine hoping to live to be 1,000 and believing you can exist for that length of time as a male (or even as a female) in a perpetual #MeToo woke culture! Just one allegation will be enough to destroy your life. Just one Tweet from 5 centuries ago could get you cancelled!

I read recently somebody in the life extension community ask the question as to what the age of consent would be when we can all live to be 1,000+ The consensus was that that the age of consent would be a lot higher and there would be an even greater taboo against intergenerational sex. I guess it is an extension of the present moral feminuts 'logic'. If a 25 year old man 'holds power' over a 17 year old girl meaning she can't consent, then a 1,000 year old man would hold 'power' over a 170 year old.

Imagine in the year 3,000 and you tell a 170 year old babe that she looks nice - cancelled for eternity! 400 year old jailbaits strutting about everywhere!

The life extension/transhumanist community threw David Epstein under a bus, so again they kind of deserve this.

No movement can have women among its members and not be destroyed and perverted by their maladaptive sexual regrets and jealousies. It's clear that the leading male figures in transhumanism are male sexualists, but unfortunately all the beta males and the women prevent any chance of it being a genuinely pro-sex movement (other than the usual LBGT rights charade).

Nice comments I've seen though from many in the community, including the ones quoted above. As one said, billions may die now, (and ironically that bitter young woman and billions like her grow old and turn into real femihags), because Aubrey complimented her as a 17 year old girl.

Eivind Berge said...

Right. Some men can live a double life for a while and pretend to support feminism, but not on superlongevity timescales. Sexual accusations are men's Achilles' heel, against which we have no ability to organize as a group and no sign of that coming in transhumanism either. When all it takes is to shine light on our sexuality no matter how normal, such an empty accusation will eventually surface, to be sure.

Oh well, it was a fun movement to be part of while it lasted. We only have the Gail Tverberg kind of futurology left to look forward to now, since I doubt the feminists will be competent enough to pull off a transhuman dystopia either. Not when the primary decision maker in any organization is the youngest female intern, lol, who can always conspire to fund whatever she likes and throw out men with decades of experience and imprison them too if she wants simply because she is sexy, or was as there is no time limit on this either. The problem isn't so much female nature as men bending over backwards to defer to that nature, but same difference; it won't work.

And don't expect anyone who matters to lament the human suffering and death that could have been prevent if we ditched the wokeness. Antisex is literally that important to this civilization. Scorched earth is the only policy against sexuality, with zero tolerance and infinite gullibility. If any woman gets the idea to present something as an accusation that can be related to sexuality in any way no matter how tenuously, even if it was just a man looking in her direction, then will be persecuted (if not before, perhaps caught by mindreading AI that is getting a lot more funding than antiaging), with her imagination as the only limit and men never ever protesting that it wasn't really abuse as a group or in any way that will change the outcome. The lack of male sexualism is a design flaw in our psychology that evidently cannot be compensated for by rational persuasion. The persecution of our sexuality will just have to play out in the horrible ways it does right now or worse until resource scarcity puts an end to feminism.

Anonymous said...

Jake Davison was an incel who killed 5 people and then himself some hours ago. This video, in which he talks about teenage love, is relevant:


Eivind Berge said...

I see, incel rage is back, in a remarkable location too which means it doesn't get lost in the background noise of constant American gunfire:


Interesting video. I will have something to say about this when Bitchute gets around to serving me all of it; the site is so damn slow to load.

Anonymous said...

On reddit he actually talked about being attracted to 16-year-old chicks. We lost a male sexualist brother.



Eivind Berge said...

It’s not the first time I have declared male resistance to feminism dead as I did in this post followed by a shock that makes the picture more nuanced. I still think I am right about the big picture though. Men like Craig Murray, Julian Assange, Jeffrey Epstein, Aubrey de Grey and Prince Andrew are all lambs to the slaughter, but Jake Davison is not. He is a slaughterer himself, reminding us that marginalizing men isn’t going to be an entirely peaceful affair from the point of view of the feminist oppressors who perpetrate the police violence against us for our sexuality.

But did Jake fight for men’s rights, in a way that can help these other men and the male sexualist agenda that I lead and we are concerned about here? Well, no; as far as I can tell he is a symptom of feminism rather than an activist against it. But it’s still notable, even more so because he did it in a gun-controlled country where I feel something like this screams louder as a message rather than just senseless violence that gets one day of media attention before they move on to the next shooting.

This calls for a new post as it is truly a new Elliot Rodger incident, and I am working on it, hopefully to go up over the weekend if I am happy with it. To be clear, of course I don't condone what either of these men did as it does not follow the male sexualist path, which would have prevented these atrocities. Both men were more than capable of getting laid, and with teen girls too, if they only had been a little bit rational and followed my advice on nofap and such and not been so damn delusional to think they are old at 22, which is absurd. It is certainly true that you should be wasting no time, but he still had plenty of it. I am still dating teen girls in my 40s and it does NOT get less intense either! I think it gets MORE intense because you also feel so lucky when they still want you. This man is clearly either clinically depressed or/and suffering from the anhedonia of masturbation, and he even has the insight to use that word in the video. Like I said, more a symptom than activism springing from idealistic politics, but a society that produces incels like this still better do some introspection for their own good.

Eivind Berge said...

Thanks for posting that Reddit link. Yeah, that is fucked up: on top of all the rejection he faced as an incel he also had to contend with idiots who told him 16-year-olds can't consent (even though they legally can in the UK where he lived). Now we have a direct link between that sort of shaming attempts against normal male sexuality and a mass shooting; not making the antisex bigots look good, is it?

Eivind Berge said...

But once again, I don't except any self-awareness from feminists on this. They will simply double down on the sex-hostility like always. Criminalize and demonize more and more and more of male sexuality and yes, men will mostly publicly take it and live a double life with their sexuality, but every once in a while there are exceptions who lash out. It is irrational from a selfish perspective to lash out when you can live a double life instead, so it either takes extreme altruism or delusions like thinking life is over at 22, with the latter actually being more common -- basically what incel culture is about.

Eivind Berge said...

From the CNN coverage:

Police appealed to the public to not "speculate or share pictures of the scene on social media or anywhere else."

Get this, "not speculate"!? Is this yet another novel extension, beyond jigsaw identification, of antisex law? They are now going to suppress the fact that incel terrorism occurs so as to not endanger the sex laws by people getting any arguments or ideas to oppose them?

The UK police doesn't want us to know the reason behind this incident because all must seem idyllic in the feminist utopia so they can persecute men in peace, increasingly simply disappear them with secret trials and suppression of all information forever.

When I initially heard about this yesterday the most prominent message was that it's not a terrorist event, and they are still towing that line. The juggernaut is so strong, the very idea that men can resist the sex laws is literally unthinkable to the normies. It is surreal.

Eivind Berge said...

I finished my blog post already:


Anonymous said...

It's hilarious how you can be so right on the male sexualist stuff yet 200% completely braindead wrong on the covid hoax. Enjoy getting your poison shots for no reason and the resulting terrible complications from doing something so completely stupid it makes you look like you never had a brain to begin with. And you probably won't after your next few poison injections.

Anonymous said...

"the bigger picture of a collapsing civilization"

bruh, honestly, i dont see any collapsing civilization; the price is payed by the blood of incels (30% of 18-30 men, before the virus), when even moms hate their own male children and watch them rot out without saying a thin out than blaming the victim, the civilization looks healthy and fine. It will never collapse and nothing will change.

Look at the forever war in afghanistan: now we know that afghans never had anything to do with 911 (inside job) and it wall all about the imposition of feminism, and seen the declarations of talibanz heads, the 20 years long genocide worked very fine. In the west it was enough to put bad teachers at school and colleges and broadcast wrong values filled tv-shows, and you get all the support for wrong laws that criminalize men. In the islamic land that would have never worked out, so the elite decided to act and the very 911 was made up to start this crap to impose feminism where it would have never been accepted otherwise. Talibanz understood it very well, and now they mumble about "women&ngirls'rights(TM)" here and there, because it's the only way to get legitimization from the polite society (int. community, aka the west) and it's ALSO the sufficient way as well, in truth there's no need for the rest (see trans rights, not a case that the same feminists are starting to oppress harder and harder them as well), and even less no state of law is needed or the respect of other natural or human rights.

in short, if it's about mens rights, it's 20 years genocide wasted, they could have just surrendered 20 years ago.

Of course, if the talibanz didn't give up about this I would have been so happy, to know that somewhere in the world mens rights are being respected, but that's not the case, and if muslims, aka the last line of defense of mens right, gave up on this there will be no others resisting with force, out of the elliot rodger on charge that moment. ok, better than nothing, but it's not something that will change things.

We incels are just the fuel of the new world: our bones are melted to feed the matriarchal capitalist commune we are living in; that now is present and successfully enforced worldwide.

I lack from manosphere for a while, and I don't think I will be back but I was just curious if you faced the afghan ongoing situation in a blog post. Saw nothing but the incipit of this one post just fueled me.

Missing emma, she WAS so cute...