Thursday, June 17, 2010

Human sexuality illustrated

Yesterday I posted empirical evidence for the usual sex differences still persisting in ostensibly egalitarian Norway. Today I am going to elaborate a bit on the theory behind why women must always be the selective sex.

In the Darwin festivities of 2009 I attended a talk by professor Peter Hammerstein, where he said the law of supply and demand does not apply in the sexual marketplace. Simply put, anisogamy + sex ratio theory = supply and demand doesn’t apply = sexuality belongs entirely to women and male sexuality is worthless. The mating market is indeed a market, but an asymmetric one where the balance of sexual power is so skewed in favor of females that the law of supply and demand is abrogated. What he basically said can also be found here starting at page 156. In a typical market, supply tends to equal demand. We don't have, for example, a motor industry manufacturing billions of cars than no one has any use for. Not so in the sexual market. Since sperm is so cheap compared to eggs, sperm is tremendously overproduced and eagerly offered to all takers and more. The inevitable result of this (and more to the point, the fact that females must also invest in pregnancy) is that male sexuality is worthless and we are mere slaves to women.

But enough theory for now. This poster was recently shared over at The Spearhead, and I wanted it to find a home here on my humble blog as well to illustrate what life is all about (click to enlarge).

As someone said, sex to a woman is a means to an end while to a man, sex is an end in itself. Or, when it comes to sex, women are capitalists and men are communists. Women choose. Women are sex objects. Women are the gatekeepers of sex. Rape is equality. All these clich├ęs are equivalent statements and can also be graphically presented like this:

In other words, sex is a female resource and the male body has no intrinsic value. Due to evolution and human nature it must perforce be this way, and it is only delusional to think the playing field can be leveled within the present social conditions. While studying game is a good idea and can greatly benefit individual men, this does nothing for men as a group because mating is a zero-sum game. Others in the movement take a sour-grapes approach and pretend surrendering in the sexual marketplace is a solution. This is beyond pathetic and only serves to make them evolutionary dead ends. If the men's movement is going to go anywhere, we need to face reality first.

Only after acknowledging this reality can men begin move forward and decide what to do. Many of us are clearly unhappy under feminism, and I tend to think the solution is to reinstate patriarchal values. We will always be ruled by pussy and that is the way it should be, but by subjugating women in other ways, men and women can have fulfilling relationships based on a fair exchange of resources. Then more men will actually have something to offer and women will be compelled to barter their sexuality, rather than enjoy gratuitous equality in addition to all their sexual power like they do now.


john q communard said...

i totally agree. love that poster by the way!
that post by that twit-
'were all in this equally'

really pissed me off as stupidity and ignorance always do.

restoring the patriarchy huh?
WOW, that's going to be a REAL tough one there.

with women controlling the voting block,the coppigs, courts AND the media?

AND the worst might yet still happen: a female president, with retarded stewardess palin and warhawk clinton the most likely candidates

much easier the rape solution. hell. they think 1 in 3 are raped anyway!

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, but the rape solution doesn't sit well with men since apparently, men aren't all that violent. Quite unlike feminists, who hail Valerie Solanas as a role model, MRAs have rejected my proposal as immoral. Patriarchy, however, is a proven solution that men can support. :)

john q communard said...

oh yes, i noticed the outcry!
i'll bet more men would support rape if only the pigs would take a week, month off, i wish i wish.

o.k then, let's restore the patriarchy.
now, where did i put that time machine?

we are so fucked. when i was raised i wish SOMEONE wouldve informed me i'd be alone my entire life if i wasnt either born wealthy(fucked,no trust fund,'parents' broke) or got wealthy.

punished for being born male in the western world really sux.

john q communard said...

honestly, i've looked at this misandry and radical feminism thing, and UNFORTUNATELY lived in it for a looong time now, and i don't see any solution. with the only highly improbable fix being men united in the millions and DEMANDING changes.
but, that doesnt happen here in the u.s.
americans layed down and took the bailouts.
took it square on the chin the crooks on wall street and washington.
and a LOT of ignorant americans have been buying into this bullshit fake 'war on terror' and happily giving up what little rights and privacy they have left to feel 'safe', even though the LAST thing that kills americans is a 'terrorist'.
spending 1 trillion a year on 'defence'? seriously? when amerikkka HAS no enemies! amazing. many reasons for this of course, even besides beeing morons. fat,apathetic, lazy, overmedicated americans dont care about much of anything, happy with a six pack and a shitty movie to watch.
it would take a very large united front to reverse the matriarchy construct.
i dont see that happening. course now, you dont HAVE to be wealthy to be attractive to females.
i knew a friend of mine back in the day who couldve been and shouldve been a male model.
and this dude was broke.
he drove a chevy monza! one of the worst cars ever slapped together, but when we'd go to clubs, he was an instant chic magnet.and i mean hotties, no mutts, and he had NO 'game' he was no player! he didnt have to say anything. course, thats rare, very rare.
obviously were not living that. so, we 'average' guys need cash, and tons of it.( IF we dont choose to go overseas)
but, even if i hit the lottery tomorrow, i wouldnt spend one damn dime on women now.
thats all over now.
you may want to be a musician, women flock to those guys, or of course, get into interesting thing about rape is when its sanctioned, or the authorities look the other way, men get bizzay!
look at the hundreds of thousands of real rapes that occured in germany by russian troops.
payback baby, the germans started it, and russia lost 20 million ppl, unlike america which got off easy in ww2.
and, of course, in africa, where civil order, corrupt govts break down all the time, rape is a constant.
if these pigcops would go on strike, or run away, like they did in the l.a riots in 92,
you'd see a TON of actual rapes, murders, rampant theft, etc in this 'civilized' society. i know i'd be out there, setlling a shitload of scores.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything sadder than a pair of pitiful inadequates desperately trying to rationalise why they can't get laid?

The reason couldn't be more obvious: your attitudes towards women are vile, and your projection of your own attitudes onto them is equally so. Even if you're not quite as blunt about this in real life situations, I imagine you exude this general impression like slime, so it's no wonder they give you the widest of births.

Frankly, the gene pool would be better off without your contribution, so it looks as though natural selection is working just fine.

john q communard said...

really though, is their ANYTHING more pitiful than online anonymous cowards such as yourself?
are you even female?
who knows!
and im Not looking to 'hook up' in any way shape or form!
i speak to women like i do my accountant.
i dont hit on women. i never ask them out.
i'm thouroughly done with women.
i fully accept they only want
millionaires, billioniares.
that's just the way it is.
western women are gold diggers.
the patriarchy is dead, o.k!
i get that.
so,i dont know what i 'exude'?
certainly no hostility from me, lol
women arent worth that.
carry on, and go out and find that rich man, or tattoed biker dude.
join the circus! i dont give a shit either way.

Eivind Berge said...

How old are you, John? I haven't given up yet, but there isn't much hope either.

Roissy has a post up about this today, but his "replacement strategies" aren't really satisfactory. We need to attack the root of the problem, which is women having all this economic equality. Either that or sexual coercion.

mara said...

you have some decent points, really.

but you've missed the entire boat-- it is not our sexuality that controls you, it is your inability to see us as fully human that controls you.

you want the right to take pussy as you please, which is (aside from pathetic, as that's been said enough) perhaps logical if not primitive and dull, when the logistics of sex would have it being most pleasurable when the woman is truly turned on (and lubricated) and actively involved in sex.

also, once you find a woman willing to deal w/ you and let you have regular access to her vagina, you'll get over it.

i don't know how old you are, but you can't be over 25, sex is NOT the most important thin you will do w/ your life.

OR if it is, you have effectively failed at life.

any man that thinks rape is a viable option-- much less something that should be legal, has clearly never thought about the fact of what it is to endure rape.

again, you are not controlled by pussy, you are controlled by the fact you see nothing else but pussy.

were you to look women in they eye, deal w/ them as equals, and stop obsessing about your damned orgasm into our vaginas (rather than in your hand as you listen to the porno bitches breathing their fake orgasms in quivering falsettos, while their fake breasts bounce about and their fake extensions slide over their fake faces).

if you knew how good love w/ a woman you respect is, you'd never hate them so much.

i'd pity you, but i'm too being disturbed by your friend john halder and his seething hatred.

good luck. i hope you find a woman that makes you happy and then you can come to appreciate how great all humans can be when they love each

john q communard said...

i'm in my 40's, so i have some experience in these matters.

problem is, unless youre quite wealthy, it's women who don't view men as equals.
i notice women NEVER mention their hypergamy.
put the blame on me?

um, fuck you bitch.
now, the next step is to 'diagnose' me.

lesse, 'sociopath' is the newest.

or, 'see a therapist'. either one will help you feel better, i'm sure m'lady

but, as i've stated before, NO pill will change hateful misandrists into real women.

john q communard said...

uh, after looking at your picture mara, i think i'll stick with porn.

and i TRULY pity your husband.
in the middle of having sex with that poor bastard,

do, you say, 'get your goddamn orgasm over with, punk'?
real sexy.

Anonymous said...

i don't know how old you are, but you can't be over 25, sex is NOT the most important thin you will do w/ your life.

He's in his thirties.

Anonymous said...

Men like you two make me even more thankful for my husband--who is not rich, btw--but who is wonderful. We see each other a equas which is how it should be.

Rape as a viable option? Really? Perhaps, then, anal rape should be a viable option where you are concerned, since hey, the authorities should turn a blind eye and all. Sounds good to me.

Misogynists like you two make me glad that a sane woman wouldn't touch you with a thirty foot pole. The thought of you procreating is truly cringeworthy.

john q communard said...

yea, only one slight problem.
you dont know me, and im not a misogynist.
im anti-misandry. yes, i have the 'audacity' to question your misandrist feminist ideology, made up rape stats, the ol canard of 1 in every 3 raped, the myth of the wage gap, and the ludicrous fantasy based idea that women are better than men at everything.
im afraid that doesnt mean im a 'sociopath'or 'crazy' and i dont need to see a 'therapist'. look in the mirror, and oh yeah, i still dont hear any of you man haters metion your i wont be holding my breath waiting on that one. p.s-WHERE exactly are these stats that 60 million have been raped in the us? or that every 1 in 2 women will be victims of domestic violence. lol. i cant seem to find them anywhere, and ive checked doj, and fbi statistics. seems like youre a liar. but women are born liars, so dont take it personally, its in your nature.
as far as kids. i dont want em.
thats a cash money pit, plus, after i lost custody, youd use parental alienation to make em hate me.
i'm glady skipping all that shit, and saving a fortune in alimony(welfare). go find another sucker.

Anonymous said...

Men like you two make me even more thankful for my husband--who is not rich, btw--but who is wonderful. We see each other a equas which is how it should be.

Exactly. I don't think I'm anything special in the looks department, and I earn a resoundingly average wage, as does my wife. But we have a sensational marriage (and sex life) because we make a point of treating each other as human beings and respect each other's needs - we both initiate sex, and if the other one doesn't fancy it, that's fine too.

Eivind probably won't believe this, because he's never been in a long-term relationship, but there are plenty of times when men also get headaches/feel too tired/just don't fancy it for whatever reason. After all, why have disappointing or even lousy sex one night when there's a strong probability of far better sex later in the week?

It also helps that we talk a lot about sex - again, as equals - and that we both have a sense of humour about it. It is, after all, one of the more absurd of regular human activities, whatever the primal urges that drive it. But what we don't do is draw up absurdly over-arching theories that don't just ignore but actively deny the fact that sex is ultimately about individuals - probably because we're too busy shagging to bother.

john q communard said...

hey eivind!
you might want to try eharmony,
i've tried both of those
'dating sites' before.
i probably emailed 4567 women, not ONE replied.
FINALLY i said to one gal, give me your phone number, we lived in the same town, and our profiles matched to a TEE.

she replied, omg, no way, you could trace my line and find me! iiee!

presumably, in her 'mind' so that i could break down her door, rape and kill her.
( ya know, like the guy in the broadview security ad that breaks down her door, but the coward runs off before even bothering to rape the cocktease)

so.i say: call mE THEN. heres my number.
so. she calls, and we hit it off great. i then suggest MAYBE if she wanted to. we could meet in a VERY public place( for MY protection) and
she declined!
so. i said how long have you been on and she replied; YEARS.
so, uh, yea ,draw your own concusion from that.
anyway,i'm 5'7.
and since i knew that this was going NOWHERE and these women were too frightened to death to ever meet, i decided to have a lil fun with it.
i edited my profile, made myself 6 ft 2 in ,gave myself a pay raise
to 250 thousand a year.
can you guess what happened? yea ya can.,
i went from oh, mebbe 3 views, to over a hundred in a week!
i deleted my account shortly thereafter. these dating scam sites arent free.
and heres another problem with them.
they dont delete profiles, EVER. so you can be trying to get a response from someone long dead, married off,quit the site, etc.

hell, my profile is probably still on there with a bunch of women trying to contact thier wealthy dream man,haha!

Anonymous said...

"...but by subjugating women in other ways, men and women can have fulfilling relationships based on a fair exchange of resources."

These women would not be having fulfilling relationships because they would be forced to be together with a man they do not desire and love.

Every person, including a female person, owns her own body. To say that someone / men have a right to her body, is basically supporting slavery.

Eivind Berge said...

These women would not be having fulfilling relationships because they would be forced to be together with a man they do not desire and love.

Wrong. Due to female hypergamy, the pool of men women consider eligible is inversely related to their own status. So if women don't have so much equality, they will genuinely be attracted to and able to have fulfilling relationships with more men. It is almost as hard for the most economically empowered women today to find someone to love as it is for the poorest men, because hardly anybody is good enough for them. But unlike men, this is their own fault and they could settle if they wanted to. There would be more mutually fulfilling relationships if women didn't work so hard to limit their dating pool and make themselves more unattractive as well by becoming less feminine.

Eivind Berge said...

i'd pity you, but i'm too being disturbed by your friend john halder and his seething hatred.

Mara, I haven't given up like him and I don't hate women, just feminists, but John is right about this: It's women who don't view men as equals. Enough women are hypergamous to create a lot of male sexual losers no matter how much we see you as equals. Treating women as equals or superiors is the natural beta instinct and I have tried this myself. It didn't work. Women crave male dominance and higher status, and all successful seduction methodologies are based on this reality.

john q communard said...

wow. i just finished reading that entire roissy thread. one loong but great read.
legalizing prostitution probably the best of those 'solutions'.
yep, i have given up on women, no argument here from me on that.
good to see you haven't quit yet eivind, but another decade or so of being ignored might change that.yep, i was born broke, raised by a crazy lying bitch.average looks. life's not fair, couldve been worse, blah blah blah.
as tom wait sings: 'were all gonna be dirt in the ground'. funny thing is, ive had financial success, but in a very non traditional way, and without the degree, the office, i dont get the invites to the weddings and social functions where i would come in contact with a better quality of women.having said that, i dont think it wouldve made much difference, had enough hypergamy and feminist shaming language thank you.

and as for hating women, i'd say i hate america, it's phony culture, hypocrisy. corruption, bought off media, etc . and just being around so many dumbshits gets old.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but they would be forced to be together with these men out of economic, not romantic reasons. So those relationships would be somewhat stable and economically beneficial for women, but you cannot describe those as "fulfilling relationships" for women because they would not be romantically/sexually fulfilling, this is how it was in the past when women were forced to marry for economic purposes.

Many "economically powered" women today are married or in relationships, both to their equals and to men of "lower" status. The majority of women settle. Besides, even some men have it difficult finding "perfect" partners, since many men want equal partners (as in, pay her own bills), yet they want somebody hot and in their early 20s. Those two do not go together. It's not so common to see men these days in the Western world who would be willing to support a woman. Men expect women to be economically self-sufficient (some even want more), this really shrinks their pool of choice.

Anonymous said...

p.s. Btw, it's not just status that women chose. Different women have different criteria. Most modern women choose based on looks and personality (which doesn't make it that much easier). Today it is mostly about personal compatibility since both sexes are breadwinners. That creates a totally different mating habit. Hypergamy exists, but to a much lesser chance because women have a choice not to pick an affluent man.

Anonymous said...

John, you seem like an ok guy, but yet you say that you don't have access to social circles with "higher quality" women, yet you can't even seem to be able to write properly. What do you mean by "quality women"? Why can't you settle for a regular woman?
Btw, your writing style is no problem, it's a minor thing, but educated people usually hang with educated people. But why would you need an educated, higher "quality" partner? Settle for a cute, feminine shop assistant. Esp., now that you have funds. It doesn't matter where the money comes from (as long as it's legal), the women will appreciate it anyway. At least you bring that to the table.

Anonymous said...

Most modern women choose based on looks and personality (which doesn't make it that much easier).

This has been my experience with every single girlfriend I've had - our attraction has been based on intelligence/personality first, looks second, and 'status'/income such a poor third that I honestly can't think of a time when it was ever an issue.

In fact, I met my wife through exactly the kind of dating site John mentions above. But entirely contrary to his experience, I said nothing about my status or salary - hell, I didn't even post a photo - and I got a reply within hours.

So why did she reply? Because my ad made her laugh. And because her reply made me laugh in turn, we decided to meet up. We hit it off immediately, were living together within two months and engaged within three.

It's probably not a coincidence that we both had regular fuckbuddies when we first met - in both cases they were wholly unsuitable as long-term partner material (my wife's friend was married, for starters), but it did give us the huge advantage that we clearly weren't desperate and we weren't using a dating site primarily to get laid.

And neither did we feel the need to lie - I recently dug out the emails we sent in our first week, and I was surprised and impressed to see that aside from a couple of mild exaggerations, we were completely upfront with each other from the start.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, love is just a game of luck. But a warm attitude and some humor does help. Just like physical attraction.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, love is just a game of luck. But a warm attitude and some humor does help. Just like physical attraction.

Even physical attraction need not be an especially big deal if you score full marks on the personality front. The bottom line is: do people actually enjoy your company? And if they don't, why don't they, and what can you do to fix it?

Anonymous said...


john q communard said...

oh, i'd love to settle for a 'regular gal'. or a cute 'feminine shop assistant'.
thing is, they arent interested in me.
the last 3 women i asked out/shown an interest in were: an ihop waitress with 4 kids( she turned ME down? REALLY?!) an unemployed former auto insurance salesPERSON( see? politically correct am i!) and a flea market vendor. the latter, was pining over her deceased biker husband and told me 'ive had my great love', yet proceeded to hug and chat with every biker dude with tatooes all day,( maybe if i grew a shaggy beard and didnt shower for a month? haha.
my writing DOES suck. why? i'm a horrible typist, period.and if you say i'm uneducated, that's a-ok with me. you don't know me. and i don't give a rat's ass what you think/say.
anyway, yes, what mara said about us not doing well with women because we dont treat them as equals was one retarded statement. i've tried that for years, and it does NOT work.
go to prison and treat everyone with respect and as 'equals'.
you will be CRUSHED.
treating women as equals? you'll at least be ignored and/or dissed.
you might just get a nasty beat down from her ex or a 'rival'.
i'm done, finished with women.i moved on long ago. at least with the westernized version.women are amazingly unimportant. honestly, i care more about my lawn than them.
women ignoring me has literally saved me a fortune. silver linings are good!

i hope i wrote this well enough, but if there's any typos?
i couldnt give oh, two shits.

you guys have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

oh, i'd love to settle for a 'regular gal'. or a cute 'feminine shop assistant'.
thing is, they arent interested in me.

Yes, but why aren't they interested in you? Do you make an effort to get to know them as people? Do you make them laugh? Or do you just talk about yourself all the time and expect them to give a shit?

anyway, yes, what mara said about us not doing well with women because we dont treat them as equals was one retarded statement. i've tried that for years, and it does NOT work.

And I've tried that for decades and it most definitely DOES work - right up to and including my nearly ten-year marriage. In fact, I can't imagine running a relationship any other way: if you're a dominator or a doormat, it's bound to end in tears somewhere along the line (unless that's your particular fetish, and your partner can reciprocate).

treating women as equals? you'll at least be ignored and/or dissed.

Not in my experience. Have you ever wondered why you're being ignored and/or dissed? I know I'm reaching here, but is there even the faintest possibility that it might be something about you personally?

women are amazingly unimportant. honestly, i care more about my lawn than them.

...and I have my answer!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about your writing, I just mentioned it because you said you were vying for "quality women". I would assume those are good looking, professional, educated women. Some of them wouldn't care about a guy's education, but some would. Don't worry about it.

john q communard said...

oh yes, of COURSE it's something about me!
well, we can't all be as successful with women as say, joran van der sloot!
like o.j,ted bundy, charlie sheen, and million's of other examples of wife beaters/ killers i could give( not enough room on this thread) joran did/does extraordinarily well with women, and will receive tens of thousands of love letters while he's in prison.
nothing wrong with him though, ( from a womans perspective anyway.)

john q communard said...

oh i take that back, their is ONE woman who doesn't like joran, nancy grace!
oh right, she's gets paid big bucks to bash him, my bad.
even his ex, yes, i saw the video, misses him very much and was crying over him. sniff'.
he really is a dream catch, tall, handsome,well traveled with his parents money, lots of it.
i can see why women love him so much!
well, i'm really hoping for you ladies out there, that he beats this rap, so he's once again back on the market!

john q communard said...

oh fuck, i ALOMOST forgot to mention o.j!
he'll be out of prison in a few short years, so, white women, DON'T give up hope!
in the meantime tiger is still available, his wife doesnt seem to give a shit that he cheated on her with a 100 white gals. you white women KNOW what you like! go for it!

Anonymous said...

oh yes, of COURSE it's something about me!

Well, yes. And you're demonstrating why with every post.

Seriously, if you're finding it almost impossible to do something that most people find pretty straightforward, why would it be anyone else's fault?

john q communard said...

uh, CAN you read? it's already been explained to you REPEATEDLY.
re-read this thread. heres a recap:

1. women now make as much or more than men.result:
2. hypergamy
3. extreme choosiness/pickiness
4. extreme choosiness, unless you're wealthy,tall/and or a murderer/ wife beater/serial cheater ala' tiger.
5. women control sex. they can have it whenever they want.
6. men dont have that power. caveat being: rich/famous.

get it YET? too lazy to read this thread? i broke it down for ya,lazy twat.
and like i posted in my blog.
as soon as i get van der sloots prison address, i'll post it so you can write love letters to him. k? BELIEVE me, i want that guy out of prison much more than even you ladies do

i LOVE his work ethic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap, but none of your points bears the faintest relationship to anything that I've ever experienced in the real world.

Which suggests that you're just making excuses.

john q communard said...

lol. o.k i'll take the bait. since youre 'anonymous', and by the way you write, i'm gonna take a wild guess and say you're female?
am i correct? if so, then, nope,
you WOULDNT understand.

Eivind Berge said...

Seriously, if you're finding it almost impossible to do something that most people find pretty straightforward, why would it be anyone else's fault?

To see how this fails to prove that we only have ourselves to blame, consider unemployment as an analogy. Would you say all unemployed men have only themselves to thank, or maybe the economy has something to do with it? Maybe there just aren't enough jobs? Same with women. More men are sexual losers now than ever in recent history, and feminism bears much of the blame. Not all these men have major character flaws. And to make it worse, it looks like women will more readily overlook a minor flaw like being a serial killer than not being at their level of status or wealth.

john q communard said...

oh yea, i gotta say eivind, the responses one gets on these threads are very predictable.

1.'youre crazy'
2.'see a therapist'
3.'you're a sociapath'
4, 'i'm a woman, and have no problem getting sex'. there's something wrong with YOU'.

BUT if sloot got out today, i GUARANTEE he'd go RIGHT back to doing fantastically well with the ladies.

charlie sheen has not only admitted hes slept with thousands of whores, hes bragged about it!
hes also been convicted of multiple felonies and misdemeanors, and was just charged with beating his latest wife. but he's fuckin IRRESISTABLE to women.

are women some kind of 'mystery'? uh, no theyre as easy to figure out as an e.z bake oven.

john q communard said...

here's a fun fact: ted bundy received 200 lovey dovey letters a DAY during his incarceration. and he was locked up for YEARS.
i havent received not one love letter in my life, lol!

i guess it IS me! i didnt rape. strangle & kill at least 50 women!
and remember scott peterson? hes been getting marriage propsals by the thousands from women since being on death row!

i gotta reexamine myself, reevaluate what i'm doing wrong!

any suggestions gals?
since its ME, what can i do to make myself more attractive to you women?

butchering a bunch of you sounds great, but i dont wanna wind up on death row.
van der sloot WAS on his way to being a beloved serial killer, but he mightve screwed up. didnt he notice those pesky video cameras right above him outside his hotel room?( assuming he did it of course, i personally think he was framed, like o.j)
well, like i said before, i pray he gets out.
it's unfair to women for him to be locked up.

so, since i'm a very open minded dude, ladies, please share with me, your advice on what you ladies like most in man. what turns you on, besides serial killers,violent star athletes on steroids, famous actors who drink and do meth and such?

john q communard said...

i knew it! anita van der sloot says her son is innocent!
a mother is NEVER wrong, and women never lie! you can always trust women.
so, ladies, hang in there, he'll be out soon, and single!

i don't know about scott peterson though. he was framed but GOOD. sorry ladies, sniff'

cheer up though. o.j WILL be getting out in a few years and methinks he'll be horny as hell for you white chicas!

so, i'll check back later gals, i am anxiously awaiting your advice!

i'm thinking arm length tats, y'know, skulls, maybe a mohawk, uh, bicep implants?

i occasionaly play the lottery, only when its over 100 million ++.
of course, i hit the lottery for that amount, i'll be buying $5,000 to $10,000 an hour super hot prostitutes like eliot( supercop)spitzer.
FUCK wining and dining you fat dingbats,( nothing personal) am i right?

odd are kinda good i wont hit the lottery anytime soon, so, i'm ready! suggest away!

Anonymous said...

>Mon Jun 21, 03:56:00 AM CEST

lol become a serial killer and all your love issues be solved. Oh, man.


Anonymous said...

lol. o.k i'll take the bait. since youre 'anonymous', and by the way you write, i'm gonna take a wild guess and say you're female?

Sorry to shatter your illusions, but I'm male. And I've been getting regular sex since my teens despite possessing none of the attributes that you and Eivind seem to think is essential.

In my twenties, my average annual earnings were below minimum wage, and when I met my wife I had debts in the high four figures and I didn't have a stable job. I don't think I'm any better looking than Eivind. I'm not a rapist or a serial killer, and I despise overt manifestations of the alpha-male tendency. So according to your logic I should have been involuntarily celibate for most of my adult life. Yet I haven't been. Why not?

The answer couldn't be simpler: it's because I respect women, I treat them as equals, and I make them laugh. Since the kind of women I hang out with usually aren't slow to speak their minds, I assume they enjoy my company. Without exception, my sexual partners have also been good friends - I genuinely like them and when I ask them what they've been up to, I'm genuinely interested in their answer. And when we have sex, I'm equally interested in their response and the best way of triggering it - which is why they generally come back for more.

It's not exactly rocket science.

john q communard said...

well, you might just be 70 years old! thngs were different back then ya know.
if i had been in my twenties oh, say back in the twenties, lol, or, the fifties?
i wouldve had NO problem whatsoever attracting plenty o' women.
there's this little thing called the feminist movement, that LONG ago achieved equality with men.
now, it's kinda like the nazi's, they just want more and more and MORE.

till the misandry bubble bursts.
that's when the shit really hits the fan, can't wait.can't disenfranchise tens of million's of men without the evetual i've mentioned on my blog, and read on hundreds of other mra blogs, men are dropping out of the ol' capitalist rat race, myself included. why bother? your taxes go to foreign wars against militarily impotent nations, welfare for women. marriage is out, having kids is financial slavery. women know they can initiate divorce for any ol' reason, and with the help of feminist family law, take all you got,the kids, and the worst part? you gotta pay HER alimony for life or end up in prison!and oh yea, you ALSO can't bomb the world without a massive blowback either, and i'm not referring to that teensy lil 911 mosquito bite.expect something HUGE when you piss off the entire WORLD.i quit working eons ago, i knew i'd have to earn millions a year to be noticed by women, and since i've never been married, or had kids, i'm not paying alimony, or divorce lawyers. hurray! of course, that also means i dont buy america's junk, so my REAL duty to this country, to be a consumer, is not happening. hurrah!and the effect of tens of millions of other men not getting married and not buying shit, and no more alimony for these females? hopefully, economic disaster way worse than the current one.
lets pop that goddamn misandry zit.
p.s- fuck- the- troops.

john q communard said...

hey eivind, check this out. i just got banned yet again from twitter, and i did not violate any piece of their terms of service( tos).

wouldnt it be awesome if freedom of speech really existed?

anyway,i feel fairly secure on blogspot. if YOU werent banned/deleted after that rape thread, i'll never be.
i figure dozens, if not hundreds of 'outraged' females complained about that.

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, John, I know for a fact that at least hundreds of offended feminists reported me for "abuse." I've had tens of thousands of readers and been virally quoted, so who knows how many in total. Dozens of blogs have called for my censorship and had readers report me. Here is just one example. I don't know how long Google takes to review such complaints, but so far they appear to respect my free speech.

It would be unreasonable to censor me as long as there are men with blogs up who are on death row, for God's sake! (like Joseph Edward Duncan III's Blogging the Fifth Nail: Revelations). Duncan's kind of sex-offender advocacy is disturbing even to me, but I support free speech for him as for anybody. The Marc Lepine blog, whose author went to jail for is also still up. Google's TOS seem draconian if taken literally, but don't appear to be enforced much.

What worries me more, though, is that their policy threatens to disable access to our Google accounts, presumably including Gmail, based on having a politically incorrect blog. Blogs can be backed up and moved (I do and have already set up a WordPress blog in case this one gets shut down), but losing access to my email would be really inconvenient and totally unreasonable when I haven't used it to offend anybody. In that case we should seriously reconsider trusting Google with so many aspects of our lives (it would be like a company having the power to shut down your electricity and freeze your bank accounts, etc. if you say something offensive on your cellphone), and perhaps they are aware of this and use censorship sparingly to maintain their reputation. It might also help that I have paid for extra storage, so it's not just a free service they would be depriving me of. Finally, I am not doing anything illegal at this point, just expressing my political opinion, so any reasonable person would be outraged by my being banned and think twice about trusting such a stifling service provider with their content.

john q communard said...

yes,i guess were safe for now.
i've just been banned and censored so much over the years i'm a tad paranoid i guess.

oh yeah, almost forgot!

you know those crazed tori amos fans bashing me on that website,

that beatch that runs it, FINALLY took down my pics,and the libelous comments! yes!

guess she got sick of me rightfully harassing the shit out of her on twitter.
thats NOT why i keep getting banned from twitter however.

they emailed me, and i finally got my answer. once someone is banned from twitter, unless they can or do change their i.p number, they are AUTOMATICALLY banned again.
thats why on my last few accounts, i attacked that twit and some other misandrists like a pit bull, feministing, pixel project, etc.
i need a new i.p number, or i'll just get banned again, no matter the content.

john q communard said...

ha, i really like that marc lepine blog!
i added it. i love this bit on a guy witnessing a domestic assault:
'20 years ago, i would've hit the guy.
ten years ago, i would've just watched. now, id join in beating her'

oh that really sums it up,funny.
was just reading the spearhead and posters were mentioning sodini.
i completely forgot about that hero.

for those that dont know, or forgot about it, sodini was the guy that lived near pittsburgh, had the nice house, nice car, worked out, was in great shape, but,'amazingly', he was ignored by women.
so, he went to the gym and shot three chics dead.

now, thats a hero, NOT some 'soldier' pushing buttons in nevada killing civilians with drone missiles 8,000 miles away.

john q communard said...

i just re-read george sodini's blog entries.
naturally, he's been branded 'insane' 'crazy', the usual.

wierd how, in such a violent, war loving,racist, man hating country, if you kill someone,really,ESPECIALLY women, youre branded 'nuts'. (if he'd killed a few men, it mightve gotten a small mention)shit, war criminal obama got a nobel peace prize, amazing.
it's just a pity that he blames himself for doing so badly with women, guess he bought into that ol' feminist shaming language oh well! at least he knew who to shoot, ultimately

i'd love to go out like he did, but i'm disappointed in the rather weak number of women he wasted, and also, i go out like that, i'm taking a BUNCH of pigcopscum with me.

it's a real toss up for me who i despise more

john q communard said...

as just reported on the local news, and on my blog, in orlando florida, 3 women have admitted to making false 'rape' claims in separate 'incidents'
one of them said she did it to 'get back at her boyfriend'
all 3 have been charged with misdemeaners, that SHOULD be felonies.
trust women?
they are lying bastards.

Anonymous said...

well, you might just be 70 years old! thngs were different back then ya know.

Nope, I'm in my early forties. Which I believe is either the same age or younger than you - but very definitely post-feminist.

So stop blaming women, feminism, your lack of material wealth and all the other whiny excuses you've been peddling and take a long, hard look at yourself. If you're this one-track and self-obsessed offline as well, no wonder you can't persuade women to give you a second glance. What's in it for them?

Anonymous said...

Well, I was date raped 3 times, but I never complained or told anybody. So that evens it out.

john q communard said...

lol! you are one nasty alcoholic!
you got exactly what you deserved, IF youre telling the truth, however experiences with women and years of research tells me youre not.

i dont think youre drunk sex makes anything 'even' with false 'rape' liars either.
you do make a good solid man hater though.

john q communard said...

and as for the other anonymous coward. you need to tak ea good hard look around you.
you head is buried very deeply in your ass.
wake up to the new radical feminist matriarchy.
its VERY real and NOT a figment of tens of millions of mens imaginations.
heres good book to help educate you:

'the myth of male power'- farrell.

after that, go online and read the thousands of blogs written by men that arent too happy with your femarica.
then, visit all those guys in prison (debtors prison)'yay', its back!, who arent, wont. or cant pay that alimony welfare for life to all those fat lazy single mothers that INITITIATED the divorce,mostly after they found another dude to screw.

then, go visit all the guys that the innocence project has gotten out of prison after years from these scumbag man hating psycho whores that make up fake rape tales.
you got a LOT of work to do buddy.
no time like the present to educate yourself.

john q communard said...

here's a couple good sites to start you on your way!

click on my profile for plenty more. and welcome to the new world matriarchy order!

Anonymous said...

you got a LOT of work to do buddy.
no time like the present to educate yourself.

I love the way you're proving my point with every post you make.

You really have no idea how you're coming across, have you?

Anonymous said...

Dude, everything you post just screams that the problem is yours. If you would have been normal and respectful towards the women like the other dude and not condescending to women, you would have fared better. Most men in America are in relationships and most are satisfied.

john q communard said...

lol! and you just proved my point. half of america lives in a fantasy world, the other half in reality.
i'm in the latter.
and once again, you dont know me.unfortunately, my mistake with women has been that i've been way too much of a gentlemen.
try to remember, you don't know me. and don't feel bad you don't know what's really going on in this country, most of you have no idea. vast majority of americans don't even know this is an empire hell bent on world conquest. really, that should be obvious, but amazingly, it's not. and keep on deluding yourself that most men are in a nice happy relationship,just keep watching tv, you'll be a -ok.

john q communard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
john q communard said...

great timing! just today on is a great article:
why women choose thugs

i suggest you read that. turn off that tv for a sec

warning though: it's a dose of reality you might not be able to bear.

Anonymous said...

John, what makes you assume everyone here is American? I'm not, and neither is our host.

john q communard said...

uh, maybe because you dont bother spending a few minutes making a profile?
nah, it couldnt be you, it's ME, right?

Anonymous said...

Actually, a few more interesting illustrations of human sexuality come to mind :)

Anonymous said...

uh, maybe because you dont bother spending a few minutes making a profile?
nah, it couldnt be you, it's ME, right?

What a bizarre question. You're the one who's been jumping to conclusions (right along the length of this thread), so who else could it be?

john q communard said...

allrighty then ! i'm all done commenting in this thread ta-ta!

my best advice for you is to go out, get wasted and date raped again! haha

Anonymous said...

my best advice for you is to go out, get wasted and date raped again! haha

You're a real charmer, you know that?

Why you don't have women fighting over you every waking minute is one of life's eternal mysteries.

And I just love the way that every time someone disagrees with you (as if!), you immediately assume that it's a woman. That's in between other vicious, generalised slurs about women as a whole.

Like I said, a real charmer. Not to mention a sexist, misogynist dinosaur without the saving grace of being James Bond. You and Eivind Berge are made for each other - have you considered gay marriage?

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous guy posting here: thanks so much for being there and for respecting women. I guess reading these misogynist sites will makes us appreciate you more.

The anonymous woman.

john q communard said...

hi all! i KNOW i said i wouldnt post again in this thread, but i figured i'd take a minute or two off from bashing wimmin and warning men across the internet to not only NOT marry you wimmin, but warning them NOT to even date you slugs.
you wimmen carry too many std's have the law on your side,and have this nasty tendency to lie 24/7 & make up false 'rape' and dv tales. stories( see- and my blog on this epidemic), especially here in florida!
i can see that using logic and facts on you hormonally and mentally unbalanced wimmmin is a waste of my time.
i dont blame you for hating men! youre raised too! same thing with all the religious retards . if youre raised to believe in ghosts, you will!
i havent been able to convince not ONE of my fellow ignorant americans this country is an imperialist empire!
but it is, and brought 911 down on itself,in fact.
and its a a matriarchy.
women always say they want equality. well, jeebus, their are tens of millions in the u.s ALONE that earn more than i do. o.k since thats a fact, looks like you got your wage equality.

and you can have ME locked up tomorrow if you feel like it.
just call the police and heres what you already know what to say: that guy, pick anybody, doesnt matter, tell the piggies he raped me, hit me, or hes stalking me. the police will gladly come out and slap cuffs on me.or whoever you desire to do this to. and off i go to jail spend a small fortune on attorneys, bail, etc.
and heres the best part!
you vile wimmin, you can retract the story later and all you MIGHT face is a misdemaenor, in other words,a teeny little fine.
now, THATS power,a power i surely dont have.
i wish!
now, for the comment by the one anonymous coward. i find its not surprising,that you used 'james bond' a harmless fictional character to try in vain to disparage me.
heres what you should HAVE said: you sir, dont have the grace or charm, of a o.j simpson, by ALL accounts an extremely charmimg and highly succesful ladies man.
or a ted bundy, BeLOVED by women( as mentioned on my blog)scott peterson, 100O's of marriage proposals SINCE being convicted of double homicide.
tiger woods, a very charming nice guy, by ALL ACCOUNTS, and joren van der sloot, women ADORE this guy, and why not? tall good looking, well traveled. if released tomorrow, women would be LINED up trying to fuck him.
and of course, i could list a lot more, thousands in fact, of good guys like these that 99% of women find irressitable .
and i admit i dont have their charm, plus, i'm not as skilled with raping and slitting womens throats as the these studs do! i admit it! maybe one day i'll travel the world raping women, then strangling them.
then, at least i wouldnt be blamed for not being 'successful' with women.
but. that assumes i want to be! women make me ill. all they have is a stinky fuckhole?
no brains, bi polar. all of em overmedicated drama queen druggies that hate men?
no thanks!
ive also noticed, you wimmin cannot answer a dIRECT question. you ALWAYS change the subject. this isnt about me!
i'm just a man in in a womens world, and have NO power.
now if/when this misandry bubble bursts? i might get equality with women. unlikely though, just as signing petitions, calling congressman.assembling in front of the white house, etc etc to 'demand' america gets out of the middle east, lol.
try to remember, though you love and embrace misandry.thing is, there will be consequences!rape,genital mutilation( hey, genital mutililation happens to all us guys, man up bitches) beating women into a coma are very acceptable to me, matter of fact. id enjoy that very much.

so, in conclusion, you can now attack me,or educate yourself.
but, americans are too self absorbed, self important, have no empathy. or the ability for introspection.

remember, its NOT about me.think of the bigger picture, since this country, thank goodness, is going down the drain!i cant wait, and the world cant wait either.

Anonymous said...

Shorter John Halder: "Raaaaaaaargh!"

Anonymous said...

John, we are mostly Europeans here. We like America, it's just that you guys have gone slightly over the top consuming. When the economic situation stabilizes back to normal (self sufficient), you will consume much, much less and America will be a normal country again. It cannot afford to be a superpower anymore. Too bad for all those men employed in the military industrial complex (the biggest public spending in the US). Of course, that will be the last thing that the US will dismantle.

john q communard said...

i dont know if america has EVER been normal, lol.
true, all those brainwashed soldier boys would be out of work, but can't bomb the world forever without major blowback from somebody. america is running out of militarily defencelees countries to invade/ occupy/ steal from.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eivind, are you ever going to get round to answering all of the points Yvette made when she took your 'Rape is equality' post apart, sentence by sentence?

You said at the time that you were "too busy", but you've found the time to make several verbose blog posts since. And we know your social life isn't all that, so you can't be that busy.

Eivind Berge said...

Sure, I will get around to answering Yvette now and publish it here as my next blog post tonight or tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

up balty's tight backside said...

Luckily, none of this applies in Norway:

"just call the police and heres what you already know what to say: that guy, pick anybody, doesnt matter, tell the piggies he raped me, hit me, or hes stalking me. the police will gladly come out and slap cuffs on me.or whoever you desire to do this to. and off i go to jail spend a small fortune on attorneys, bail, etc.
and heres the best part!
you vile wimmin, you can retract the story later and all you MIGHT face is a misdemaenor, in other words,a teeny little fine.
now, THATS power,a power i surely dont have."

Anonymous said...

Yes, and there is one more threat to men. Men themselves through competition. Willing to fight and to hurt other men for simply being more handsome, or more clever. I would stop focusing on women as you do, I've realized this problem long ago.
I think we should focus on cooperation. Even if we don't believe in religion, or even if we cant prove that some characters existed, the model of cooperation between men is valid. Take example Jesus and apostoles, etc. all the best! I've written an email to you recently.

Anonymous said...

I have an issue with your post. The crux of it is found in this sentence: "In other words, sex is a female resource and the male body has no intrinsic value."

This is simply not true. I understand that what you probably intend to say is that "Socially, we act as though... sex is a female resource and the male body has no intrinsic value."

Well, the problem isn't women, or Feminists, but we men. The problem is not that All Women Are Users. The problem is that Men Don't Value Themselves, and thus give their dick away for free.

Yes, young men have youthful hormones, but so do young girls.

The problem I have with this post is that it is finger point and blaming. A better approach would be to teach young boys to respect themselves and women, but to understand that "respect" doesn't mean subordination, it means holding high standards of courtesy and well as accountability for one's self and for another.

Francis Roy said...

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Francis Roy,

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