Sunday, September 10, 2017

Jennifer Fichter is still not free

Back in 2015 I blogged about Jennifer Fichter, the teacher from Florida who was sentenced to 22 years in prison for stereotypically victimless sex of the kind that feminists have been so successful criminalizing. The American justice system has now proven that it really is so obtuse and malicious that it keeps supporting this injustice in a cold and calculated manner and refuses to rethink its insanity at all. I notice that even the parents of the fake "victims" support this astonishingly draconian sentence as if it were normal and now blame problems in their sons' lives on the contrived sexual abuse. If social mores had been slightly different, they would have blamed masturbation, or witchcraft, or low self-esteem or whatever mumbo-jumbo society believed at the time, but they are children of a feminist age and show it fully. The sum of all irrationality seems to stay the same, and now it happens to be sex which is supposed to explain all problems, because feminists told us so.

I do not believe humanity can be enlightened, but can we at least channel our irrationality into forms which do not have so ghastly consequences for innocent victims such as Jennifer Fichter? For example, how about going back to the days when everything that went wrong was blamed on low self-esteem? Those were happy days! It was the age I grew up in, when the humorless, completely insane and utterly malicious sex-hostility we see today was but a distant horror story that I never thought possible. I would never have guessed that men were to be imprisoned for playing with dolls, or writing or reading fiction, and of course I didn't foresee the female sex offender charade. All we were told to do in those days was to think positive, and it generally worked -- not exactly as intended, but it worked to prevent atrocities! No one would have thought of locking up a harmless woman for 22 years for affectionate sex with a teenager, or even a man similarly accused. There were also witch-hunts going on in the 1980s, but they were focused on prepubescent children while teenage sexuality was largely left alone to flourish. The Satanic Panic was nasty in its own ways, but it did not allege that teenagers are damaged by consensual sex. Indeed, the very fact that they felt the need to invoke bizarre satanic rituals to explain abuse back then indicates a far healthier view on sexuality, because now the "abuse" is indistinguishable from normal sexual relations aside from some technicality or another such as employment status or age. This age is so docile and unimaginative in its cruelty that all it takes to drum up the most incriminating "abuse" is to assert that one of the participants is a teacher.

So here we are, at a whole new level of insanity. I don't know what can be done, but I am pretty sure it doesn't help to call for more of the same. It is disheartening to see otherwise intelligent men such as my commenter Jack here claiming that we ought to voice support for the kind of injustice that befell Jennifer Fichter in the hope of ending similar injustice done to men. It just doesn't add up, because history has proven that society is perfectly capable of persecuting women as well as men. Witch-hunts can continue for hundreds of years, and their present incarnation in the female sex offender charade is now as stable as industrial civilization itself and its institutions. As we await peak oil that's not saying much, but it is as bad as it gets.