Sunday, February 19, 2023

Time to (mostly) ditch Google

Sad news and a watershed moment for MRAs and sexualists. After 15 years of blogging, for the first time the feminists have managed to make Google take some action against this blog. Not quite censorship, not a claim that we did anything illegal or broke any rules for what can be published here, or even an "18+" type of restriction, but three of my blog posts have now been put behind a “sensitive content” warning which requires an extra click before you can read them. Today I received three emails like this:

One was for a silly early post of no consequence, but the two others hit nofap threads that I am fairly proud of and consider important: Anosognosia and Is nofap misogynistic? Even though it has done no real damage yet, the message is clear: Google is hostile and hateful to male sexuality and sexualism. We must therefore move elsewhere for our activism. Thanks to my current programming course it is piece of cake for me to make websites like this now, except the comments which require a backend that I haven’t learned yet (but will in the coming months) plus it would be difficult to deal with spam on my own even with advanced coding skills. I shall endeavor to at least make an archive and home for new essays elsewhere (by me and others such as Angry Harry, probably on my already registered domain while perhaps keeping comment threads going here, heavily moderated so we don’t get hidden behind “sensitive content” warnings or worse -- and please think before you write to make it easy for me! You can rest assured that new comment threads will eventually be archived along with the old ones at our new site too, so Blogger can’t permanently delete anything. If I manage to write some incredibly bland new blog posts, I will also post them here as long as my blog stays up. Nofap will be off-limits, though.

Nofap is the most hard-hitting sexualist measure available to men today, so I’m not so surprised this is targeted first. It may have been accidental, perhaps a result of using new AI to analyze all content, but this is definitely how intelligent feminists would attack us as a first priority: suppress nofap information from men to weaken male sexuality maximally, ensuring that most men have low sexual ambitions and exist in a state of near-impotence. The notion that porn is bad for you is heresy in a world governed by feminist antisex bigotry; so much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if they manage to memoryhole the entire nofap movement now that Gary Wilson isn’t around to fight for it anymore (that post didn't get flagged for some reason, nor did any of my overt MAP activist posts such as my praise of NEWGON). No, they got their priorities straight alright. Intelligent feminists can’t let the public know that prominent MRAs/sexualists/MAPs are anything but porn-loving masturbators themselves, depriving us of the opportunity to be role models in the self-help department. To be clear, and at the risk of this post also getting a “sensitive content” warning, I practice nofap and recommend this for men who care about sex. You are frankly not taking sex seriously if you think masturbation is okay or watch porn. There I said it again, come hell or high waters for this post, but now let’s be bland from here and move our edgy content to where Google can’t touch it, trying to salvage what we can of legacy clicks. The main reason for sticking with Google was visibility anyway, which they have undermined enough with these warnings that I won’t feel like I’m missing out by switching to my own servers for new work.

Comments are still open, including for discussion of this new situation, but please don’t make me stop your comment by saying anything “sensitive,” okay? Whatever that means, which I honestly don't know the boundaries of. It does feel a little anticlimactic if our whole movement gets silenced in the mainstream because we advise men not to masturbate, but this is serious and apparently some of our enemies are also getting smarter, or their AI tools are. It is meager results for the antis to only get this little nag screen after reporting almost everything I wrote over the years, but it is unacceptable for me to blog behind a content warning. This blog is for general audiences and seriously contains no sensitive, NSFW or any other content which can reasonably be restricted from everyday browsing. It is also a red flag for using Google for anything else, such as Gmail or work documents, because they appear to be losing their sanity, liable to restrict our content for unaccountable and sometimes bizarre reasons going forward. It is time to begin looking for alternatives now while the sanctions are relatively benign. These little warnings on a tiny part my blog don't qualify as evil yet and certainly don't compare to the vicious bigotry of Elon Musk, but Google clearly cannot be trusted anymore.