Friday, March 27, 2020

Male sexualism in a time of plague

2020 is shaping up to be a year like no other in my four decades. A year of disaster, to the normies that is. To us male sexualists the past few decades have been an unmitigated disaster until now. For the first time in my life, the world is worried about a greater perceived threat than sexuality. That is progress and relief! But only because our situation was entirely hopeless. As sexualists we have been living in a SHTF situation our entire lives. We have been living under the threat of persecution for our normal sexuality at any time, escalated by increasingly hateful laws every year.

They came for Epstein, Cosby, Weinstein. They came for me and tried (but failed), not just because I am a sexually egosyntonic man but also an activist about it. Of course, I am egosyntonic about my activism as well, which was premeditated my entire life up until its moment in the limelight in 2012 and has been postmeditated since. That’s what it means to be an egosyntonic man, that your actions are not only premeditated but also postmeditated whether you get convicted not, and stay meditated at any cost.

Cosby shows no contrition. Epstein didn’t feign contrition either, and neither does Weinstein, electing instead to speak out on the nature of the persecution of normal male sexuality. That’s why I am upholding these men as role models though there are countless more persecuted for similarly victimless crimes.

Because persecuting sexuality is like shooting fish in a barrel. You can’t make a dent in our sexual practices any more than you can tell fish not to swim, but you can persecute us at will. If you can’t recruit an accuser, you can certainly set up a sting to entrap any given man who isn’t completely asexual, because we are all sex offenders under current laws.

Men who will break the sex laws are a dime a dozen, and many also feel good about it, to their credit, but sadly they don’t follow that up with politics. There are many apolitical sexualists, but only a handful of us activists. The war that men never started fighting back despite our best efforts to incite will only end when the feminists run out of resources.

And now that has finally started happening. They are literally having to release prisoners and quit making so many arrests, not because the antisex pests have turned into any less despicable people, but because they don’t have the means. So rock on, coronavirus! Let’s hope for the worst possible outcome for the antisex bigots and the finances they’d rather use to persecute sexuality but must now devote to rescuing the economy if that's even possible.