Monday, December 23, 2019

Sweden has lost the plot

Feminist sexual taboos grow all around us like kudzu, covering ever more of our healthy sexuality in darkness or criminality. Antisex bigotry is not new under the sun, as it also existed in the Middle Ages for example, but the fraudulent "abuse" or "exploitation" justification is new. Better, then, to merely be a bigot who posits a God to justify her intolerance, than to poison human relations with contrived "abuse" like the feminists do. Even though it tends to prohibit most of the same acts, the concept of "sin" was far less toxic and intrusive to our lives than pseudoscientific pretend-abuse which is supposed to define our very souls and obliterate all lust, love and affection. And nowhere is this feminist bigotry more fraudulent than when applied to female "offenders," who even in principle cannot do the things claimed because human sexuality fundamentally doesn't work like that.

Now Sweden has done it too, gone and embraced the female sex offender charade: Woman convicted for sex with 15-year-old boy. The punishment has thankfully not yet reached American levels -- just probation and community service -- but the conceptual fraud is the same, the pretense that a sexually lucky (and even aggressive) boy is an exploited "victim."

How did society lose the plot so completely on sexuality? How could feminism even be turned against women like that? And worse, how do people go about their lives as if there is nothing wrong? As opposed to convulsing with hatred against the sex laws several times per day like I do? (Despite making an effort not to for health reasons.) The one thing worse than living in a country that has gone off the rails with odious and nonsensical laws is that no one else seems to care about it, and that is where we are now.

As exemplified by the publication to which I linked, there are segments of the population in Norway and no doubt Sweden who believe immigration is a serious problem. But how can they be concerned with such a comparable trifle when the stark hate of feminist antisex bigotry stares them in the face? And worse, Scandinavians opposed to immigration and Islam believe feminist sex law is a useful weapon against their imagined enemies. They thus become pure scum, as if the racism weren't enough, with a complete inability to be critical of any sex law, no matter how insane and misandristic and misogynistic too.

It is conceivable that excessive Islamization can be a problem, and cherishing one's culture does not have to be a bad thing. It is even conceivable that immigrant men from certain cultures commit more real rape and abuse than the locals, but we have no way of knowing when the sex laws are so messed up. These laws are so corrupt that Islam is most assuredly a lesser evil than feminism, and even if we got rid of all the immigrants we would still have the hateful laws. Male sexualism has therefore decided to consider Islam an ally against the antisex bigots. My own culture is now alien to me and I do not consider it worth protecting. I am a Quisling in reverse, the only reasonable, sex-positive man left standing after my culture has been consumed by antisex bigotry of the most pernicious kind conceivable.

Thursday, December 05, 2019

A gift horse to the antisex bigots

Since everything has failed us so far in our battle to stem the tide of criminalization of our sexuality, it is time to think of novel ways to conduct men's rights activism. For best results it needs to be nonviolent, legal, democratic, and for good measure give the impression that we share society's hysterical concern about "sexual abuse" and "predators." What could be a better fit to all these criteria than to advocate for voluntary sex offender registration?

Society can't get enough "sex offenders," so I don't see how they could possibly turn this offer down. What's not to love about letting men, and why not women too, register as sex offenders without having to convict them first? Let's advocate for legislation to make that happen! Let sexually dangerous people identify themselves. A little Christmas gift from the male sexualists to feminists and society, yay!

The plan, of course, after it has become compulsory for governments to accept sex offender registration from anyone who wants it, is to register en masse in order to sabotage not only their registries, but the entire concept of a sex offender.

Who isn't already a sex offender, anyway? Only the label is missing for most of us, so this is the logical conclusion. I am certain that we could pull this off even while explaining what we are doing, like a Trojan horse clearly labeled as such, so cuntsure are the antisex bigots of themselves in their sanctimonious hatred of sexuality.

We know from the Epstein case that anyone who fancies a 17-year-old is a "pedophile," and anyone who associates with said pedophile is also ruined for life.

We know from the Addy A-Game case that -- I dunno if approaching 20-year-old women in the street makes you a "pedophile" -- but it certainly makes you a sex offender who should be on the registry for ten years.

And if that isn't enough, or you are still young enough not to be incriminated by an age gap, perhaps you touched a girl's arm once in a clumsy effort to befriend her? Or you just looked at a picture of someone you never met? For the women, being topless in your own home is enough to be a sex offender, so they should register too.

The bigots' hubris is infinite. Having defined all of sexuality as abuse, which is to say normalize it, it is time for society to face the consequences. Letting the feminists have their bigotry and use it as a tool of oppression is not necessary, because with such numbers we can easily turn the tables. All that is missing is for most men (and optionally women) to admit that we are the pedophiles and sex abusers that society now considers us.

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

The female sex offender charade is worse than the Tuskegee syphilis experiment

We know female sexuality is unworthy of punishment for what feminist justice systems call "sexual abuse" because sex is a female resource (that's the executive summary of my position; for a slightly more nuanced view see my "Devil's advocate" post where I distinguish between sexual exploitation and abuse and conclude that women categorically cannot commit the former and almost never the latter). We know syphilis is treatable and should be treated. Allowing these evils to run their course is unethical. Allowing men's bodies to be ravaged by syphilis and women's lives to be destroyed by antisex bigots despite better knowledge and ability are both unconscionable acts.

The most shocking aspect of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment is not that people could be so cruel as the doctors conducting the study, but that it happened openly and was condoned by society for decades, even published in medical journals while ongoing. The Tuskegee syphilis experiment and the female sex offender charade are both openly published travesties, but only one of them has been rectified.

The prosecutors, judges and jurors in female-perpetrated "sex abuse" cases are like the doctors directly involved in the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, except the latter at least had the extenuating circumstance that they were conducting an experiment while the courts who sentence harmless women to prison are committing an unmitigated evil from which nothing more can be learned (it did indeed shock me in a morbidly curious way, but we know by now that society can be so cruel as to go along with it seemingly indefinitely).

I cannot stop the courts directly, but like the millions of people who heard about men with syphilis who were purposely denied treatment, I am in a position where it would be unethical for me to remain silent about the ongoing travesty against women accused of absurd sex crimes. I therefore do my part as a whistleblower and activist against the senseless practice of punishing women for being sexually nice to boys.

I promised a series of posts comparing the female sex offender charade to other weird things, and this is the second installment. Read my first here where I compared it to female genital mutilation. Next up I will probably do lobotomy.

Sunday, December 01, 2019

The difference between "indecent" and "sexualized"

Here I want to explore the depths of depravity in the current antisex hysteria via the different words used for sex crimes before and after feminist reforms. The shift from religiously connotated words like "indecent" or "lewd" to ostensibly neutral descriptions like "sex act" (or descriptions thereof) is not yet complete in all jurisdictions, but you get the idea. In Norway the transformation has been most complete, from words like "utuktig omgang/skrift" to "seksuell omgang" or "fremstillinger som seksualiserer barn." This transition is more significant than it might seem at first glance, and far less convincing than the reformers had hoped, for the same reasons.

There is a tendency to assume that the new laws carry forth the same abuse concepts, but they don't really. Even I didn't notice for many years that the new laws don't just expand, but radically transform the concept of sexual abuse. The reformers themselves probably think they have merely modernized the language, but in reality they have exposed a gaping hole in the new sexual morality.

Even when the laws mostly apply to the same things, the philosophical grounding is entirely different, to the point of non-existence. For example, the concept of "indecent/utuktig" did not make the claim that minors are asexual. What might be "indecent" in some contexts under the old morality could be perfectly okay within marriage, so it's not sex acts themselves that are problematic, but something more consequential in the scheme of things, at least if one believes in the larger value system in which these prescriptions are situated.

If something is "indecent," then okey dokey, it must be indecent because higher morality and probably God says so given that you believe in that worldview. I ain't smart enough to understand how that works and won't opine before going to divinity school first. But if something is simply a "sex act," or "sexualized," how do you jump to the conclusion that it is wrong and should be criminal? The new laws leave a gaping hole now filled mostly by pseudoscience like the nocebo nonsense of the abuse industry, if at all.

We are to believe that something is wrong because "sex," period. Which is a non sequitur. If you want to make that leap without a concept of the "decent" and "indecent," or some other higher-power framework, you would need to justify it from the ground up in humanistic, rational terms (I wrote a post once showing how it could be done, but it didn't go over well because it puts a damper on abuse hysteria).

What we have is a new supernatural framework masquerading as rationality. Sometimes it is also comedy gold. I mean, how did the Norwegian lawmakers come up with a concept as retarded as the crime of narratives that "sexualize children [under 18]" without considering if the "children" where asexual in the first place? Which if you think about it for two seconds is sheer nonsense, an assumption that the old concept of "indecency" wisely avoided.

It is most instructive to consider how the victimless laws are justified. There is always a maximally exaggerated violation when there is a "victim," but what is being violated when there is no victim, and also no indecency/utuktighet to ground it in? What is being blasphemed against, exactly, in a fictional narrative which "sexualizes children"? Can it literally be something as retarded as the lie that everyone under 18 is asexual and not sexually attractive to normal people?

I suppose the reformers could appeal to the "public morals" and claim that as an ultimate basis for their laws. But this is a vague concept in the extreme. Where do I find justification for the secular public morals? Is it the view promoted by national public broadcasting? Is it whoever screams loudest on Twitter or perhaps alternative media like Before or after moderation, and if after, why do the moderators get to decide what the pubic thinks? Is it evidence-based in any way, and if not, isn't that a problem when use to make criminal laws? And don't even get me started on the female sex offender charade...

The feminists have undermined their own agenda by switching to a clear language of sexual abuse, because this also brought clarity to the lack of justification for their sex laws. They need to come up with actual, credible justification if they want to be taken seriously as other than a display of brute force against sexuality. Or conversely, if they want to be accepted on faith alone, they need to revert to a mystical language which obscures a source of morality that can't be falsified so easily or at all.

The new sex laws rest on a belief in the metaphysical badness of sex, divorced from any larger value system and grounded in nothing but this metaphysical belief itself. To gloss over how philosophically flimsy it is they always postulate a "victim," and to my horror this strategy has been 100% successful to date, even when the "victim" does not exist or identifies as anything but. We can only hope that one day people will wise up to the vacuity of the current antisex bigotry and do our best to expose it.