Sunday, July 21, 2013

Feminist rape gets a reality check in Dubai

As we all know by now, in Norway and other feminist countries it is a simple and routine matter for any woman to have her regrets after sex, cry rape and count on the police and justice system to do its utmost to convict the accused man regardless of how willingly she had sex. A young woman from Norway, 24-year-old Marte Deborah Dalelv, naively thought she could do the same in Dubai, but was shocked to learn that what passes for "rape" in Norway is criminal conduct for women in Dubai. The courts in Dubai didn't agree that her story constitutes rape, and sentenced her instead to 16 months in prison for fornication and drinking alcohol. This case was first widely publicized here in Norway, and now CNN reports it as well. It beautifully showcases the entitlement of feminist women to have all their regretted sex prosecuted as rape. And it also predictably brought the manginas of Norwegian politics out of the woodwork, who vehemently protest this verdict while they are perfectly happy to imprison men for false rape in Norway. In short, this case highlights all the reasons why I became an MRA: Normal male sexuality makes us all rapists in the eyes of the law, and the entire system here conspires to promote this misandry.

One side of a story is almost never accurate, and here we only have the woman's story quoted. Even so, Marte's story does not add up to rape even if she is telling nothing but the truth. She describes only token resistance in going to the man's hotel room before willingly going to bed with him, and then blacks out and implies no resistance at all until she has her regrets the next morning as she wakes up naked. There is no violence; only drunkenness and regret. The case could hardly be more stereotypical of regretted drunken sex redefined in retrospect as rape thanks to feminist rape law -- minus the feminist law. The accused rapist is just a normal, persistent man, behaving like I have done many times and any of us would. Only with perverse, misandristic laws can this be rape, and I am pleased that Dubai rejects the hateful precepts of feminist rape law that Marte thought she could get away with.

Marte Deborah Dalelv was at worst taken advantage of while drunk and careless, like any normal man would do, but she was not raped. I am happy that she is now experiencing a backlash for her hateful attitude that she is entitled to have men imprisoned for our normal male sexuality.

Remember also that admitting it was not rape amounts to confessing to the crimes she is convicted of, so she has a powerful incentive to remain a false accuser, even as she probably understands by now that she made a foolish mistake by calling the police.

In Norway a woman is never at fault for her actions, no matter how irresponsible. If a woman has any sexual regret at all, for any reason whatsoever, a man is always guilty of rape. Kudos to Dubai for standing up to this feminist ideal. While I am no fan of the sex-hostile moralism of Sharia law, their system is clearly superior to ours and admirably equitable. I don't agree with criminalizing fornication. But if we must have so repressive laws, it is much fairer to hold the woman responsible along with the man in cases of regretted sex (and in this case the man was sentenced to prison as well, just not for rape). Sharia law is the lesser of two evils. Rather than institutionalizing false victimhood like feminist law does, it holds both sexes accountable to rigid moral standards. I would take excessive moralism over excessive misandry any day. Thus, as an MRA, I applaud Dubai and I welcome Islamization of Europe too, over feminism at any rate.