Monday, November 25, 2019


My commenter Jack who always pops in to say something antinatalistic is going to hate this, but I made a dating site specifically for reproduction. I had to delegate the coding since I don't have that skill, but the project is under my creative control and we know what we are doing, so this is going to be great. The brand is magic, it's already a stylistic and technological marvel (especially the unique geographical match) and the current version is completely free too. I have an idea how to monetize without interfering too much with the user experience and especially not for women, but of course we can't do that before we have a decent amount of users.

So come check it out, and please help spread the word if possible:

I know, a dating site with no users is boring, but we have to get started somewhere and unlike so much crap out there I am not going to waste anybody's time with fake profiles. Even supposedly serious ones like Tinder does that, not to mention actively work against you if you aren't among the most attractive. My site is honest and real all the way, and even works in accordance with male sexualist principles (except we had to make it 18+ in order to stay in business in today's world). Perhaps the only way to grow a real men's movement is to have a big family, and now you got the perfect platform to find a woman for that.

It also goes to show what can be done with the kind of focus that comes with nofap and a generally positive attitude such as I promote. Can incels really be incel if they didn't try starting their own dating site? Well, that won't work if everyone does it, but it's one obvious example that they probably didn't think of because they were too busy fapping and complaining about things they CAN change.

Monday, November 04, 2019

Why do we let the feminist sexual taboos control us?

Feminism is synonymous with antisex bigotry, and they have subjugated our culture completely. Why do we let this happen, and then just sit there and tolerate it indefinitely?

Every day I wake up to more contrived sex "scandals." Today it is McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook who is out "for consensual relationship with an employe." With no justification other than: a taboo exists. Ostensibly it is there to accommodate women’s hysterically frail nature which supposedly makes them infinitely traumatized by the most infinitesimal reference to sexuality, but much of the time even women have no use for the taboo, and a good bit of the time it is now women who are the victims of the senseless antisex norms.

So why do we let this taboo control us? How did feminist sex-hostility gain complete mastery of our culture? Why do men go out with a whimper of acquiescence to the odious taboos every single time, while the rest stand by and do nothing also?

Why is antisex so compelling? Because it must be compelling in order to have so much power, probably not due to the current justification for the taboos most of the time, but some sort of control freakery over sexuality wins out every time and drags in everyone from the alt-right to the feminists themselves.

The only dissidents are us, the male sexualists who don't even register on the radar. What little opposition to the mainstream that exists and actually gets noticed is concerned with inane drivel like race theories. That is what the alt-right thinks important, while they tolerate feminist sexual taboos as much as the traditional right and left. Even a reputedly less bigoted conservative man like Jordan Peterson is no help either -- just listen to this antisex rant where he claims it is bad for your soul to have more than one woman! His kind of bigotry is no doubt very differently rooted than the feminist kind, but the result is the same, antisex all the way, supporting the same laws -- with a small exception for pronouns in his case, to underscore that he takes no issue with anything of any real significance.

I know I am very different for rejecting the sexual taboos of my culture. In practice I am not alone by far -- just look at everyone who gets caught for violating these taboos in some way, and look at uncensored comment sections to articles that attempt to promulgate the female sex offender charade -- but in terms of systematic ideology I am that special quisling, a criminal soul, an enemy of the state. As absurd as it feels to use so strong words for advocacy of healthy sexuality, that is where we are.

Friday, November 01, 2019

Yes, masturbation makes you blind

Whoever said that (male) masturbation makes you blind was right. Not the kind of blindness that doctors will currently diagnose, but that is because they care very little about men's sexual best interests. The kind of blindness we are talking about consists of not seeing women's beauty properly and therefore not behaving as you should with regard to them. The other faction of the Men's Movement can make fun all he wants, but it remains true. When I started writing this post I meant to make a distinction between literal blindness and a metaphorical kind, but the more I think about it I see that this blindness isn't metaphorical. It is real, rising to the level of anosognosia even, which is a downright hyperreal sort of blindness.

How can we expect society to be anything but blind to male interests when so many men are themselves blind to male interests, including a faction of supposed male sexualists? No wonder they only see the harm of male sexuality -- and blow that absurdly out of proportion -- when sex-positive male sexualism (which should be redundant, but when we have a faction which doesn't think it is important to chase pussy...) is so rare I'm practically the only proponent (aside from other nofappers, but they lack the ideological awareness). If you don't realize that male masturbation is detrimental to sex, then you are part of the problem and already halfway in agreement with feminism.

Vision is so much more than your eyes doing their job. What you do with that information is what really matters, and when your brain is impaired in that respect, it is also real blindness. Masturbation, certainly when you also use porn, leads to neurologic -- not psychological -- harm in the male viewer. Crudely speaking, masturbation literally impairs men from seeing women as sex objects, and that is a kind of blindness so sinister that it would be hard to replicate with optic blindness. Indeed, since medically defined blindness would probably cure the masturbatory kind, I am almost tempted to second the biblical wisdom:
And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out,
and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for
thee that one of thy members should perish, and
not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.
--Matthew 5:29
But luckily, all you need is nofap.