Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Feminist Police State vs. Female Teachers

The amount of hysteria our society is able to generate over victimless sex crimes continues to astonish. When I read about Stacy Schuler (gym teacher sentenced to four years for sex with high school senior football players) a few months ago, I thought we weren't quite at that level of insanity here yet. I was wrong. The feminist police state of Norway is now charging a female teacher with "sexual abuse" of a 16-year-old boy, a consensual affair for which she faces up to six years in prison. The cutting edge of feminist hatred lies in criminalizing intimate relationships between students and teachers, with feminist prosecutors having a bonanza going after women too (male sexuality is already so thoroughly criminalized that it's difficult to expand that way). This type of feminist justice has played out many times over in Anglo countries for years, and now sadly we are set to repeat and perpetuate the charade. By hateful feminist logic, being a teacher magically transforms sex into some sort of heinous "abuse." In Norway (Strl. § 193) this is punishable by up to six years (actually, they also have the option of asking for preventive detention for such crimes, which is a potential life sentence), even if the student is over the age of consent (which is way too high, but that's not the point I am arguing here) -- in fact, this law is applicable to "victims" of any age, and the position supposedly being taken advantage of can be not just an official job but any type of trusting relationship, even a friendship. This law is thus a silver bullet which accusers and the feminist state can use against anyone they damn well please whenever our absurdly expansive definition of rape falls short. It's not even an obstacle to prosecution under this law that the "victim" was the one seducing and instigating sexual contact with the "abuser."

Of course, the motivation behind passing this law, as with other absurd sex laws, was to hurt men and empower women. But when you play the equalist charade, you are bound to have some women accused from time to time as well. The feminist police state, in this case represented by Tore Løwengreen, dutifully assures us that although he has never seen a case like this before, the cops regard it as a very serious felony, which they investigate and prosecute with the utmost zeal, just like they would against a male offender.

- Vi ser veldig alvorlig på denne saken, sier politiførstebetjent Tore Løwengreen i Østfold politidistrikt.

At this point it is difficult to decide whether to laugh, cry, or go on a rampage. Frankly I am at a loss as to how it is even possible for a human being to see this as a case of sexual abuse, even with reversed gender roles. How can such deranged feminist bullshit take hold of a man's brain to such an extent that he actually internalizes it? I'm really stretching my suspension of disbelief here trying to give him credit for some sort of humanity; emotionally he appears as just a feminist zombie spouting the party line. Now, it is conceivable that Løvengreen is simply parroting political correctness because it is his job, which he values more than his dignity, and he does not deep down actually believe this boy is a victim. I should give him the benefit of the doubt that he might be a hypocritical scumbag before pronouncing him a moron. But it is also possible he is genuinely brainwashed by feminist ideology, being a gullible fool. In order for the regime of state feminism to work its hateful ways, at least some of the actors need to believe in its lies, I think. There could also be a false consensus effect at work, where political correctness as dictated by the top feminist ideologues holds sway without the general public or even the enforcers much believing in it. Under this theory, the cops and courts operate under the banality of evil, but a more likely and sinister explanation is that the feminist abuse hysteria has honestly infested law enforcement and jurisprudence at all levels. This is where I feel heightened empathy and love for erstwhile humanity, and am impelled to write this post and engage in all sorts of activism against the feminist reign of terror.

Let me therefore interject some sanity. In a sane world, sexual relations between teachers and students would not be regulated by criminal law. It might be defensible for schools, if they are feeling particularly sex-hostile, to have a policy against student-teacher sex, where the worst consequence would be termination; but escalating the hysteria to the level of a crime is never justified. Moreover, a sane society would take sex differences into account, and not pretend a man and a woman copulating are doing the same thing. Since the sex act does not even physically look the same from the point of view of both genders, it takes a tremendous amount of feminist brainwashing to even entertain the notion that there is no meaningful difference. As previously stated, in my opionion women fundamentally cannot under any circumstances commit rape or sexual abuse against males. Since sex is a female resource, males are always lucky to get it from a woman, or at least it is absurd and unacceptable for the law to treat them as victims of female sexual acts per se. Female sex offenders are thus categorically excluded from my ontology. Admittedly this is an extreme position, but it is at least as extreme on the part of feminists and the state to deny any sex difference whatsoever. The proximate explanation for why it's wrong to impute sexual predatorhood to women is just plain common sense and human experience. Nobody can fool me into thinking boys can be abused by pussy, because I remember how much I wanted to fuck the female teachers when I was that age myself. Boys want sex and in the rare event that they get lucky with older women, their peers and grown-up men alike naturally envy and applaud them rather than pity them as victims. The profound visceral rage, hate, and jealousy this case invokes in healthy men like me based on life experience is strong evidence all by itself for a police state gone insane. The ultimate explanation for why women cannot sexually abuse boys, however, can be dispassionately and logically formulated as parental investment theory. The minimum necessary parental investment for each sex explains why each additional mating is beneficial to men and tends to be detrimental to women. As a result of these fundamental restraints, evolution has equipped boys with adaptations to welcome and enjoy opportunistic mating opportunities more, whereas girls are designed to be coy and picky. Boys are objectively as well as subjectively and socially empowered by sex with the teacher, whereas girls are objectively if not subjectively more or less exploited (but not so much that this deserves to be criminalized, either). Any concept of "sexual abuse" which flat-out denies this biological reality is sick to the core. It is insulting and demeaning to men on so many levels. To me, the female sex offender charade is right up there with the lie that rape is about power rather than sex as the most aggravating aspect of feminism. Draconian sex laws against men are bad enough. Going after women for being nice to boys adds a whole new level of insult to injury, and promotes an even colder world for boys to grow up in than I did. It also constitutes a perverse waste of taxpayers' money and, of course, hurts innocent women who are locked up for sharing their sexuality with more or less ungrateful brats while the frustrated majority stands by wishing they could only be so lucky.

There is still a silver lining, sort of. By insisting on equality, feminist legislators and prosecutors make buffoons out of themselves for all the world to see. Besides a select group of MRAs, no one gives a damn when a man is imprisoned for a victimless crime, because men are regarded as worthless in our society anyway, but when a woman is a victim of the system built to empower women, alarm bells start ringing in a wider audience. It takes just a tiny bit of humanity to comprehend that this is a police state run amok. Even the copy in feminist newspaper Dagbladet is slanted against the police state between the lines. Evidently it occurs to some feminists now that things are getting out of hand. Yet experience from other countries indicates that the populace is willing to absorb considerable escalation of the feminist police state against women also. As is often the case, a revolution eats its own children. What was meant to be a utopia for women and children is starting to give the victim class a taste of their own tyrannical medicine. The feminist state is spinning out of control, turning against new groups of offenders based on new kinds of phony crimes at a staggering rate. The abuse industry is even increasingly preying on children, destroying childhood in the guise of protecting children. Some examples from just last week:
A 9-year-old is suspended for sexual harassment because he told another student that a teacher is “cute.”
A high school student is handcuffed for wearing a hoodie that did not match school colors.
a 13-year-old student is arrested for allegedly burping during class.
a 7-year-old is investigated for sexual harassment for hitting a boy in the groin who was allegedly choking him.
How did we come to this? How did a movement intended to promote "equality" devolve into a reign of terror persecuting women and children as well as men? How can women continue to support the feminist police state and its odious laws, seeing that they may well be its next victim? Yesterday a law was proposed to criminalize possession of rubber gloves if the cops feel we might intend to use them for terrorism, along with another slew of new powers for the police state. That level of hysteria has already been implemented with regard to sexuality. Grooming law similarly empowers cops to arrest men for hypothetical crimes, and even provoke fictitious crimes altogether just to get innocent men imprisoned. It is time for the people to fight back on every front, because the feminist war on male sexuality has proven what depths of tyranny our government is capable of. So has the war on drugs, but that is a story for another day.