Saturday, April 30, 2022

The persecution of Katie Smith

I am interested in how the female sex offender charade got tacked onto the rest of the antisex hysteria without debate. It is the singularly most insane thing any culture has ever done. There is zero evidence that female sexuality can be harmful to anyone, and mountains of evidence that it is beneficial to boys. So how did we go so wrong? That's what keeps me up at night, philosophizing about how society can lose its mind so completely and feeling sympathy for the victims. The latest victim in the news is Katie Elizabeth Smith:

Shocking details have emerged of how a glamorous PE teacher groomed a 14-year-old school boy with Snapchat sexts - as she walks free from prison after almost 18 months.

It is not the details that are shocking, you morons in the media, but the feminist police state's reaction to them!

Katie Elizabeth Smith, 30, bombarded the teenager with sexually explicit messages and sexual videos and photos while teaching at a NSW Hunter Valley school.

Smith also fondled and touched him but was later convicted and jailed after her attempt to blame the affair on the child failed to convince police.

It can now be revealed that Smith urged him to stay silent and warned he would get 'into trouble' with law enforcement if he didn't do as she said.

During their months-long dalliance, Smith lured the boy to a storeroom where they kissed as she placed her hand onto his school shorts.

They met in a car park where she touched his genitals, the Court of Criminal Appeal heard this week.

The boy then returned to class and during their affair sent Smith three photos of his private parts, one of himself naked and and one video of himself naked or engaging in a sexual act.The then 26-year-old teacher responded with five intimate photos of herself and two videos of herself, including one of her performing a sex act.

Multiple sexual images were exchanged between the boy and Smith over at least five months.

The details of how the illegal affair rapidly accelerated days after the schoolboy added Smith to his Snapchat account in late 2018 have now been laid bare after she successfully appealed her sentence.

Smith, who sobbed uncontrollably in the dock in 2020 when a judge sent her away for a maximum three years and ten months jail, has had 18 months slashed off her sentence.

How is it possible to conceptualize this as a harmful situation for the boy and think punishment is appropriate? (To their credit, the Daily Mail does not call it abuse, merely illegal, but they don't object to the criminality either.)

Is it similar to how China seems willing to commit suicide over a commitment to zero covid? Not on the face of it, since covid is a bad thing unlike sex. Illness is worth avoiding; you just need to be proportionate about the measures taken. But if we ignore how the female sex offender charade made zero sense from the beginning, perhaps society's implementation of it is comparable. We blindly follow rules to achieve simplistic goals, whether it be zero tolerance to covid or the "absolute prohibition on sexual activity with a child" that this sentencing judge clings to even when she can see it leads to absurd verdicts. Corrective mechanisms are sorely, sadly lacking, in China perhaps because the state is too authoritarian.

In our case, pathological deference to authority is a major factor too, and we have less excuses about threats of violence for not conforming ideologically. We could end the female sex offender charade if enough people pointed out that the emperor has no clothes. Look, I am not arrested for publishing this. I am not even censored, and experience zero social discomfort, not for the female sex offender charade at any rate! Because there is literally nothing to it -- nothing to sustain it besides a flimsy delusion that people snap out of when they are made to think twice. It is a paper tiger sustained by a trance. All it takes is to make people think, and it shatters at least to where only grift remains. You can do it too, simply say you don't believe in it! And then we refuse to cooperate with the persecution. Be conscientious objectors to the war on sex. We can do it! It's all about the mindset because the thugs in law enforcement are nothing without our superstition. They feed on superstition to do their evil. They need our consent, which is grounded in delusions that can be changed by thought. So, think!

Society is dreaming that female sexuality is harmful, but it does not believe it. We are in a collective dream state. Dreaming is the suspension of disbelief. We've all been there -- one second before waking up still believing wildly untrue things because they are part of the dream. All it takes is the blink of an eye and reality snaps into view. Women "sexually abusing" boys is exactly like that. A conceptual nightmare where feminist theory has replaced reality. The dreamer cannot see the truth, but all it takes is to wake up.