Monday, October 29, 2018

Reverse sting

[New footnote to the title, which I cannot change, but want to explain: I see now that the term "reverse sting" is in use already in a different sense than I am intending here, referring to one particular sort of sting where cops pose as sellers or providers of illegal goods and services rather than buyers -- all of which I had just known as sting operations. That is NOT what I mean here; by "reverse sting" I mean that a citizen is trying to hurt the cops and the politics they represent by trolling or otherwise subverting their sting operation. Perhaps a better word would have been something like "sting ambush," but I like the term "reverse sting" and think we should claim it for my usage.]

First a little background for this post to make more sense. Me and my girlfriend have recently broken up and I am now dating again. We broke up because we disagree about having children. She is childfree and I am childless, and that wasn't working out for life.

So naturally, I am now on Tinder, and looking for women who do want to have children. Even though I only look for 16+ women and this site has an 18+ age limit, I have already been a victim of attempted entrapment. Am I vulnerable to temptation? Apparently not, since I actually said no, but with methods like these no man is safe. I am putting this interaction in its entirety out there for all to see what monsters are out there. It is in Norwegian, but the gist of it is this:

I match with an 18-year-old girl and ask her for sex. She says she is actually 15, I consider meeting her anyway but end up telling her to wait until she is 16 and legal. Then she tells me that she is actually 16, and I say I want to meet her, but then she changes her age back to 15 and I give her a definitive no, after which she claims to be police. I say I will expose their scam, they get nervous and start backtracking, but here it is on YouTube (go fullscreen to make it legible).

In the short time I have been single, I have already hooked up with a beautiful young girl on Tinder and had a one-night stand. She was 22. I like a variety of ages and am the first to admit that normal men are also fully attracted to teen girls, regardless of what the age of consent says. In fact a good bit of my activist career has been devoted to normalize this already normal fact for normal men, but I stay within the law for practical reasons while campaigning to have it reformed to end the criminalization of our healthy sexuality.

This video is notable for showing some incredibly deceptive efforts at seducing men by first using a picture of a legal-age woman (this one can't be younger than 17 if you look at her Instagram, which shows her 10th-grade prom two years ago; most likely she is 18), and then lying that she is younger than she is in order to brand the man as a "pedophile" and "remove him from society" as she says. Men are considered so worthless that simply believing a woman's lie is supposed to be enough to have us imprisoned, and not even a very credible one at that. Which is nothing but a bizarre thoughtcrime, the crime of being a normal man.

Now tell me who any normal person would see as the bad guys here?