Monday, August 10, 2020

Why are empty accusations compelling?

Sexuality has been criminalized and demonized so hard in this feminist age that the vast majority of sexual accusations nowadays are empty. That is, we can grant them complete truth and they are still meaningless. Most often the emptiness is hidden from normie consciousness because people are so brainwashed with antisex bigotry that they don't notice that the allegations merely describe normal sex, but there are times when the charade of emptiness is made explicit at least by defense attorneys.

Male sexualism is the political movement against empty sexual accusations. Unlike the normies, who at most might be concerned with false accusations, we notice and are disturbed by such emptiness all the the time. But let us pause to consider why humans go along with empty accusations?

The root cause of why empty accusations are compelling is because humans need to belong to a group. You go along with with what your group says -- at least outwardly -- or (if they can't punish you into submission) get ejected and die of predation or exposure (unless you can join a new group, which often isn't feasible either unless you are a young woman). It is a rare individual who can survive on his own for more than a few days, so if you aren't planning on conforming to the group, and also don't want to fight or go to prison, death is the only realistic alternative. Of course, there are gradations. If you are reading this, there is still room for some dissent, though this simple little speech act of resistance is increasingly imperiled by purges that have already silenced most of my fellow activists. And a lot of times, there is no need for coercion because people are brainwashed anyway. Other times the accusations are just too darn convenient to go along with even if you understand they are nonsense, because they serve some selfish interest or another, which is perhaps the single most important reason for why empty accusations are compelling.

We can conduct entire wars based on empty accusations, the WMDs of Iraq being a recent example (though you might argue those were false rather than empty; that was a bit unclear at the time). So imagine how defenseless the individual is. It is astonishing how far the authorities are able to stretch the emptiness while getting the dimwitted populace to sing along, these days best exemplified by the witch-hunt against anyone who ever came into contact with Jeffrey Epstein, which has now caught up with Ghislaine Maxwell:
The indictment describes Maxwell's relationship with three victims, identified only as Minor Victim-1, Minor Victim-2 and Minor Victim-3.  
Maxwell, along with Epstein, is accused by prosecutors of luring the young girls into their circle, inquiring about their schools and families, taking them to the movies or shopping. After developing a rapport with them, she would allegedly steer the relationship into sexual territory, talking to them about sexual topics or undressing in front of them, followed by encouraging them to give Epstein's massages, during which the girls were fully or partially nude, the indictment says.  
Those massages, some of which Maxwell participated in, according to the indictment, sometimes developed into sexual encounters. In both the indictment of Maxwell and that of Epstein, federal prosecutors described the Epstein's resulting abuse from these encounters, which allegedly included touching a girl's genitals, using a sex toy on them or directing a girl to touch him while he masturbated.  
The indictment alleges that Maxwell participated in "multiple group sexual encounters" with Minor Victim-1 in New York and Florida between 1994 and 1997, gave Minor Victim-2 an unsolicited massage in New Mexico in 1996 while the girl was topless and encouraged Minor Victim-3 to give massages to Epstein in London between 1994 and 1995, "knowing that Epstein intended to sexually abuse [her] during those massages."
The only word that might be other than empty here is "abuse," if it meant something, which it doesn't. It's just more of the same emptiness which here consists of the delusion that minor girls can't decide to be whores. If you are going to believe that, at least be consistent and also deprive them of the ability to be naughty or criminal in other ways. If I enticed one of these glorified sexual victims to rob a bank with me at the same age because I told her we would surely get rich, she would be held responsible as an accomplice and robber. But the certain reward of a little harmless sexual activity isn't something their brains are able to evaluate, so that the enticer then bears all the responsibility and the girls none, in the bizarre worldview of feminism. Or really not so bizarre when you consider how self-serving it is of women and power. The authorities are playing us for fools pretending teenage girls are selectively blind to sexual offers out of proportion to anything else they are considered able to do. Unfortunately, most men are foolish enough to condone these hateful and illogical laws.

And so like they did in Iraq the powers that be keep up the illusion in normie consciousness that they are doing something more than exercising brute force. Even though they started out with empty accusations the words sound solemn and serious and get amplified further in vulgar use. Sexual accusations feed on themselves ad nauseam and keep going not only despite being empty, but even sometimes after they are dropped as well, which is how Assange is still in prison.

The rape accusations against Weinstein were empty, but at least the court blew those off so far and only convicted him of a similarly empty crime -- "third degree rape." In Norway, empty rape accusations tend to lead to first degree rape convictions because the legal definition is more corrupted, which is how they spun the empty accusations against Gaute Drevdal into what is legally treated as real rape.

My advice to you gentlemen is this: don't be afraid of empty accusations. The violent power behind them, yes, that is a different matter, but don't be afraid of the accusations themselves. And how to determine if the accusations are empty is if they refer to something you are egosyntonic about, and you are a reasonably good person. Yes, there are impulses and actions a good person shouldn't condone, but those who act like that are not the target audience of male sexualism, which refers to normal and healthy male sexuality -- not real harmful deviancy and not personally maladaptive crap like masturbation either (to which we can now add occult reasons for why it's unhealthy thanks to this funny post by John Michael Greer). We could turn the tide and perhaps even win the sex war just by showing that we are not afraid of empty accusations, for example by self-registering as sex offenders. That formal step is not required, however; just be proud of who you are, and openly so!