Sunday, April 22, 2018

Gally's verdict

Do you believe in homeopathy? Well, this is an even more pseudoscientific concept. You take some "sexual abuse," sometimes real but more often not, represent it in some medium such as photography or text, dilute it and keep diluting it until all you have is ones and zeros represented by electrons flowing in computer networks or magnetic fields on a disk. The more you dilute it, the greater is the supposed crime.

Child pornography is the gift that keeps on giving -- to prosecutors and the police state. The potential punishment for each of these inert computer files is on par with genocide, or soon will be. You could already imprison the entire world based on one image, and penalties keep escalating as we speak. As anyone who has seen Murder on the Orient Express knows, culpability for other crimes, even very serious ones, is diluted to nothing very quickly in the opinion of reasonable men when there are many people involved -- so how come child porn is the sole exception that works the other way? Far from being supported by reasonable people, this injustice is backed by a Voodoo theory of harm from representation, every bit as irrational as the belief that someone can steal your soul by taking pictures, but now insidiously institutionalized in feminist jurisprudence and brainwashed into the populace.

And it doesn't stop there, because e.g. the Norwegian child porn law is also a full-fledged blasphemy law, criminalizing the very idea that anyone under 18 can be sexual. Yes, the law attempts to enforce a lie, in all media including drawings and text. It even applies to fiction. I could make a criminal out of myself and all my Norwegian readers right here and now by stringing together a few sentences from my imagination that sexualize minors -- think about that! Drawing a stick figure would also do the trick. The depth of evil required to support this law boggles the mind, and you have to be an idiot to internalize it as "justice." An idiot of the oversocialized and bullshit-indoctrinated rather than undersocialized kind (who, to be fair, would not tend to believe something so stupid), but an idiot nonetheless.

I am proud to say that I have categorically opposed child porn law from its invention in the 1990s, unlike my spineless peers who let the scumbags in our legislatures tell them how to think, and I seethe with contempt and derision against the buffoons who accept it, which is sadly most people aside from male sexualists (hence I have no illusions about being anything other than a quisling to my society). How can you not see the damage you have done? The mistake was to allow censorship of private possession or expression at all. Once the police has the odious concept of a "possession of information" crime in their arsenal, it quickly escalates into a weapon of mass criminalization. Once you allow punishment for the mere possession of ones and zeros, you open a Pandora's box of police brutality. I saw it coming, and here we are, having to live in fear of what we see, write, and soon also think, prosecutions for which is now only a matter of technological rather than ideological or moral restraint.

Gally's case is a good example, and here [link coming soon] is the judgment from the district court (in Norwegian). It is a study in the depraved minds who support child porn law, try to justify their sick beliefs, and even be hateful political activists who take the level of punishment to yet another level, as he is sentenced to two years and three months. He has already filed an appeal, however, and there will most likely be a retrial. Let's discuss it in the comments. These scumbags even affirm that the cartoons in Gally's possession should be used to imprison him ("Det var også grove tegnede bilder i materialet." (p. 12)) -- it is a morality so vomitingly alien to everything I stand for that I need to restrain myself now lest I veer into another kind of criminal speech.

The persecution of child porn possession is made more tragicomic by the fact that it is men who are ruined by pornography (and masturbation). So the joke is on the police state in more ways than they realize, as they help men pursue actual sex more aggressively and ably by suppressing pornography. The children depicted are not victims of child porn, at least not by the depiction -- but the male viewer is. I recommend that all men avoid looking at pornography -- underage or adult makes no difference -- because it is toxic to your libido and virility. This should be regarded a personal health issue, however, such as smoking or drinking, rather than a criminal matter. I am not so opposed to regulating the commercial exploitation of pornography, but I don't buy the charade that anything magical happens at 18 and can't accept criminalization of possession or noncommercial sharing/expression.