Sunday, November 09, 2014

I'll Take My Stand

My compensation case is going to trial.
On the Fourth of July in 2012 I was arrested, jailed and charged with criminal incitement because of my no-nonsense approach to men's rights. I have stated bluntly that cops are our enemies and I hate their guts. I have said in no uncertain terms that I wish them the worst, making it clear that I morally support violent activism against cops, for revenge and more importantly with the aim of influencing legislators to reverse feminist sex law reforms. Make no mistake, the gender war is a civil war where it all comes down to sex laws such as the definition of rape, age of consent, child porn laws, sexual harassment laws, grooming laws, criminalization of the purchase of sex and so on, and law enforcement is our actual enemy in the real world. As men's rights activists (MRAs), we are intensely aware of the fact that our ideology is mutually hateful to the prevailing norms of (feminist) society. I know I am so different from the man in the street, or should I say the mangina in the street, that there is no political party I can vote for. Our mutual hatred is far stronger than most people realize, because the great unwashed do not fully comprehend the scope of the sex laws that they tacitly support. But MRAs do, and that is our defining characteristic along with the hatred that these laws breed in us. If you conform to political correctness like most people, we hate you for criminalizing our sexuality and your willingness to hurt us just for being normal men. To mince no words: I am ideologically aligned with violent activism. Please understand that this is an exposition of my moral convictions and not an incitation to commit such crimes. I believe the most honorable response to state feminism is for men to inflict damage on society (and I hasten to add preferably not by violent means; simply refusing to contribute to society can be sufficient if enough men do it) to the point where all the odious feminist-reformed sex laws do more harm than good to women when you include our activism in the equation. Our hearts and souls are seething with hatred against the feminist state and its enforcers. Simply put, men's rights activism is all about politicizing and radicalizing sex offenders -- which by now is synonymous with men -- in order to hurt the state enough to give up its war against male sexuality (and to some extent female sexuality as well, since some women also become victims of feminist sex laws).

My published opinions are perfectly sincere and I was certainly guilty as charged as far as all the facts go, but there was one problem with the prosecution's case: None of this is against the law. While I am not exactly concerned with respecting the law in a moral sense (quite the opposite; in fact my entire blog is about resisting the normative power of laws and turn back the tide of feminist legislation), I know intuitively what freedom of speech is, and as a practical matter I made sure not to cross the line into criminal speech as defined by the Norwegian penal code. Thus I never wrote a sentence without carefully crafting it to conform to freedom of speech. Considerable restraint was required as I was fuming with hatred, but I always made sure to obey the law.

The police are the ones who disregard the law. They abused their power and arrested me without any legal basis, as confirmed by the Norwegian Supreme Court, who ruled that I had done nothing illegal and ordered my release. Having already been cleared of all criminal charges but denied compensation, now I have filed a civil suit against the state seeking to be compensated for wrongful prosecution and imprisonment. My allegedly criminal utterances (or the supposedly most egregious of them, anyway, that were also most widely quoted out of context in the media at the time) were part of a philosophical discussion, far into the comment section under this post pertaining to the Breivik trial titled "Thoughts on the trial." Old and new readers can judge for themselves, as every word that triggered my arrest still appears exactly as it did the day I was arrested. Having read through that old thread again now, I see that my comments in the discussion are actually a fairly comprehensive and quite persuasive description of why I came to be radicalized into an antifeminist. Those statements will now receive renewed publicity in connection with my compensation trial, to my benefit and the detriment of the scumbags in law enforcement, which goes to show how futile it is to suppress speech by means of cops and prisons. I fully admit to glorifying crime, which is legal, but my rhetoric did not cross the threshold of section 140 in the criminal code (or §147c for that matter, which would actually be a closer fit), whether it was "public" or not (I won't rehash the technicality of whether the Internet is "public" here except to say it is irrelevant; see my posts on Lex Berge if you want more background on that non-issue).

I did not make the decision to become a militant political dissident lightly. I realize that openly and avowedly advocating the murder of police officers is the sort of behavior that is likely to get you killed or tortured or imprisoned for decades, so I was lucky to only be imprisoned for 22 days. Nevertheless, I did nothing illegal, and now I am suing for compensation. Just like communists can say they support a revolution (which incidentally would have to involve killing many more cops than I ever contemplated), and Muslims can legally say they support beheadings of infidels or whatever terrorist acts the Islamic State is up to, as affirmed by a recent ruling, I can legally say I support killing cops for antifeminist reasons. Islamists and I share the same enemy and we are both equally sincere and serious about our ideology, which can also be expressed with equal legality. I am proud of what I have done and make no apology for it. But at the same time, I realize it wasn't necessarily wise. To beat the cops at their own game -- violence -- is not for amateurs. It also doesn't matter much as far as risk goes that my alleged incitement was and is legal, because as evinced by their baseless prosecution of me, cops and prosecutors do not respect the law. As John Michael Greer said in a slightly different context of peak oil:
Violence against the system. It’s probably necessary to say a few words about that here. Effective violence of any kind is a skill, a difficult and demanding one, and effective political violence against an established government is among the most difficult and demanding kinds. I’m sorry if this offends anybody’s sense of entitlement, but it’s not simply a matter of throwing a tantrum so loud that Daddy has to listen to you, you know. To force a government to do your bidding by means of violence, you have to be more competent at violence than the government is, and the notion that the middle-class intellectuals who do most of the talking in the peak oil scene can outdo the US government in the use of violence would be hilarious if the likely consequences of that delusion weren’t so ghastly. This is not a game for dabblers; people get thrown into prison for decades, dumped into unmarked graves, or vaporized by missiles launched from drones for trying to do what the people in these discussions were chattering about so blandly.
For that matter, I have to wonder how many of the people who were so free with their online talk about violence against the system stopped to remember that every word of those conversations is now in an NSA data file, along with the names and identifying details of everybody involved. The radicals I knew in my younger days had a catchphrase that’s apposite here: “The only people that go around publicly advocating political violence are idiots and agents provocateurs. Which one are you?”
These are points well taken. I have played a deadly game, and I was aware of the risks. Those were calculated risks, of a kind I was more willing to take in my younger days. I have toned down my rhetoric since I got out of prison, just to be on the safe side, though I continue to express forthright hatred against cops and I still glorify violence against them because this sort of speech is so unequivocally legal. Now I will also have my day in court to promote my cause and seek compensation for wrongful imprisonment. My lawyer and I have started preparing the case. All my readers are welcome on November 24th at 9 AM in the courthouse. I would especially like to extend a cordial invitation to all Islamists and sympathizers of ISIS (as noted in a previous post, the Men's Movement ought to join forces with jihadists since we share a common enemy), who are also often maliciously prosecuted for bogus speech crimes. If you hate cops for any reason or just support freedom of speech, now is a good time to show up and exhibit your contempt towards the police state. Let us jam-pack the Bergen courthouse to prove that the Men's Rights Movement is a force to be reckoned with, promote brotherhood against feminism among men of all ethnicities and religions, and help legitimize hateful public rhetoric against the scumbags who enforce the feminist sex laws.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

The Tverberg Estimate of Future Energy Production

This is Gail Tverberg's estimate of future energy production. For reasons best explained by Gail herself on her blog, I believe this graph represents the most accurate prediction of our future. Now imagine what it will be like. Imagine the human suffering embedded in this graph! All the debt defaults, bankruptcies, unemployment and poverty. Broken supply lines and entropic decay to our infrastructure which will never be repaired. Famines, pestilence and violence. Fascism, failed states, and bloody insurrections. Imagine billions starving to death or otherwise meeting their premature demise. This is the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse represented as an energy graph, and it is our near future. In 2035, the energy production available to humanity will likely be down to 25% of what it is today. If you thought peak oil meant maybe you would be driving an electric car in 2035, think again, because that kind of green delusional future would require more energy consumption rather than less. And we will get less. A LOT less. The 7000 jobs lost in the Norwegian oil industry thus far is only the beginning, as even the mainstream media is catching on to now.