Monday, December 05, 2022

Elon Musk is a bigot and liar

When Elon Musk acquired Twitter and proclaimed himself a free speech absolutist who would offer a general amnesty to suspended accounts, I got hopeful that I would be let back on. The criteria were to be “provided they have not broken the law or engaged in egregious spam,” so it should be easy. Not only have I not broken the law, but my @fertiledating account was even suspended without Twitter citing a specific instance of my having broken the "Twitter rules." Though they will not tell me, I suspect the reason is I had just said 13-year-olds can consent, perhaps along with a determination based on the the entire account that I am a sincere and incorrigible advocate along those lines -- in a word, because I am a sexualist.

However, Musk's promises proved to be deceptive. When I appealed my account suspension to the new management, all I got was a reply stating "Twitter reserves the right to permanently suspend accounts that violate the Twitter Rules or Terms of Service without further notice. This account is permanently suspended and will not be restored."

So, Musk was outright lying. He will suspend accounts or keep them suspended "without further notice" or explanation, which is as far away from free speech absolutism as you can get. He is a tyrant who has also been known to ban people simply for making fun of himself.

I believe that Twitter should be nationalized, perhaps even supernationalized and run by the UN, and truly function as a town square, where it would take a conviction in a court of law to have you removed, provided that you are willing to prove your identity and tweet openly as yourself as I have been doing. The bar should be the same as imprisonment or higher, preferably higher because speech is really a more fundamental right and prisoners as still allowed to make public statements. If anything should be removed, it should only be the specifically criminal tweets, not lifetime bans for arbitrary reasons like Twitter is doing now.

Given that I have only been banned twice in thirteen years of active tweeting (and never on Google or YouTube for saying the exact same things), it should be obvious that my kind of rhetorics is relatively inoffensive even though I profoundly disagree with normie dogmas. Whether you get banned by leftist "woke" management for saying the things I do is hit or miss, which goes to show how extreme Elon Musk is for not giving me a second chance or even explanation at a time of supposed general amnesty. There is still the prospect of restoring my first account @eivindberge, which lasted ten years up to 2019 and I haven't yet appealed, but I doubt it.

I now feel extreme distaste for any Elon Musk product. I would never consider getting a Tesla or anything like that, and I hope he fails in all his endeavors. It is a tragedy for mankind that someone so evil gets to control so much resources. I hope Twitter goes bankrupt so we can start over, but I realize that anyone rich enough to run something like an Internet town square would probably be a tyrant, and even if they truly believe in free speech, the entire model of private ownership is flawed because advertisers would decide in the end. So we would need to try something more robust, like government of the people, by the people including courts of law at their best, which there is probably also no hope for anymore.