Saturday, December 19, 2015

Free Jennifer Fichter!

A case has been brought to my attention which illustrates the depths of insanity of the American justice system and feminist sex-hostility. The female sex offender charade, which was invented by feminists in the second half of the 20th century AD, is the most irrational of all human endeavors, and the case of Jennifer Fichter is at the cutting edge of this madness. This disturbing case makes my blood boil more than ever before with the hormones of hate and aggression against the state and the feminist ideologues responsible for this kind of injustice. These hate hormones give rise to very unpleasant and unhealthy physical effects that make it difficult to write about the subject, but I pulled myself together over the weekend and wrote this essay because the case is so egregious that it cannot be ignored. Jennifer Fichter is a teacher from Florida who has been sentenced to 22 years in prison for sex with 17-year-old boys. If this travesty does not make you want to fight back against the state, then you are a monster.

Are Americans really so primitive in their heads and indoctrinated by feminism that they actually believe there is a victim in this case (besides Jennifer), or is there something else going on? Whatever the purpose of this sort of prosecution may be, it has clearly nothing whatsoever to do with justice. It is pure, unadulterated insanity -- a manifestation of irrational sexual taboos and nothing else. Or just an excuse to lock people up. Even Americans, weaned as they are on feminist anti-sex hysteria, are not quite so brainwashed that the average person really buys into this charade, which is why there is a Facebook campaign to free Jennifer Fichter. But as noted in my last blog post, Facebook is so evil that Jennifer will be banned from using it after she gets released, so it is a bad platform to conduct activism on. If she had merely been a murderer or committed some other crime unencumbered by sexual taboos, she would have been free to use Facebook, but it is their policy to exclude even victimless sex offenders. Still, as long as we can get our message out to more people while also warning them about the bizarre moral depravity of Facebook, I am all for doing so, so please join the group if you are on Facebook.

The entire notion that women can be sex offenders is based on fundamental ignorance about human sexuality. Science and common sense both tell us that sex is a female resource, and every aspect of our lives outside the justice system and feminist theory still conforms to this fact, but astonishingly, this obvious truth is successfully denied by the law and its enforcers. It all got started as willful ignorance when feminists denied sex differences in order to achieve certain ends, and then the mythology of gender equality took on a life of its own in feeble and evil minds, begetting ever more absurd manifestations, such as this one in the justice system. Feminists said women are equal in order to get them into desirable positions, and then gullible fools internalized this claim and took it as a general rule, applying it to situations where it is neither good for women nor compatible with human nature. Thus a venal tactic became institutionalized as a lie which went on to bear monstrous fruits. While it is true that some women can perform most jobs as well as a man, it is absurd to think that women's sexual acts are equally harmful as a man's. Yet this is literally what the justice system has been convinced of thanks to feminism. In Jennifer Fichter's case, the acts (consensual relationship with 17-year-olds) would not be harmful even if they were committed by a man, so it is doubly absurd. It takes a very special kind of dimwit to take the female sex offender charade seriously, one who has had all common sense oversocialized out of her (and yes, believers are mostly female, with men being far less gullible because of course we know from personal experience that female sexuality is something we want rather than fear). Prosecutors don't care, since their careers grow in proportion to the damage they inflict on people. They never pause to consider if a law makes sense or conforms to the most basic moral standards, since their jobs depend on not comprehending common sense, or if they do understand it, they are so evil that they don't care. But what about the general public? How can you stand for this? Why aren't more Americans fighting back against hateful feminist sex laws even when they produce so bizarre results?

I know that Jennifer will not actually serve 22 years, because the scumbags running the system will lose their power in the coming deflationary collapse. It will be impossible to feed and guard her for anywhere near that long. With Brent crude now at $36 a barrel and WTI at $34, and depletion of natural resources being the principal force behind this deflationary trend, it is only a matter of a short time before prison guards will starve to death. Those who make a living by hurting others and produce nothing of value will find themselves most superfluous when business as usual ends. One year ago, Gail Tverberg predicted $20 oil by early 2016 and the collapse of civilization shortly thereafter, and it looks like she will be right. This is a Pyrrhic victory because nearly all our lives are ending in the deflationary collapse, but at least it will put an end to the problem of feminist sex-hostility. It remains to be seen how long a collapsing civilization will prioritize its war on sexuality, and for all I know this will be one of the last things to go, but no matter how hard they try, nothing as wasteful as the American prison system can be maintained for long. Prosecuting victimless sex crimes provides zero benefit except to perpetuate hatred, at a huge expense, so why prioritize it? Humans are not rational, and this sort of injustice may well continue till the bitter end, even thought the end is likely only months away at this point and one would think the powers that be had better things to do with their remaining resources than locking up women for being nice to boys. Men's rights activism (which is really sex-positive activism and good for women too, as this case shows) is therefore relevant as long as industrial civilization persists, and we should think of ways to hurt the state as much as we are able to.

The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. Resistance is therefore best accomplished by refusing to internalize the norms of the oppressors. Please take this message to heart. Don't internalize feminist sexual taboos, like I have not done, and you will be the kind of beast that the authorities cannot contain, the kind of person they will hate as much as I hate them. Or if you have already internalized these odious sexual taboos, deprogram yourself and get this sick morality out of your system. The feminist war against sexuality cannot be successful without our cooperation, and I for one am refusing to cooperate. Yes, this is a perilous course to take, but the moral gratification of looking down on our oppressors with a righteous heart makes it worth it. My heart is seething with hatred against the scumbags in law enforcement, and so they have correctly identified me as an enemy more malevolent than any other, because my mind refuses to serve the oppressors. Sadly, most actual sex offenders don't rise to my level of resistance, but instead participate in their own persecution by tacitly or even explicitly supporting the norms by which they are oppressed (even Jennifer reportedly groveled and pled for forgiveness in deference to the feminist sex laws in court as if she had really done something wrong, but hopefully that wasn't sincere). Very few convicted sex offenders will tell you there is anything wrong with the laws they got convicted of violating, but my attitude is profoundly different even though I have never even been accused of a sex crime. I am no simple criminal, but an activist against sexual oppression, which is far more dangerous for the state. My blog is an effort of resistance against sexual taboos from A to Z, only interrupted by some forays into peak oil. The authorities tried to have me imprisoned because these are dangerous ideas which directly challenge their authority. In fact, I challenge the very foundation of their power, which is the norms internalized in the populace, without which the police state couldn't last a day. If people come to see the police as their oppressors, like I already do, our oppressors will not have access to enough violence to remain in power. My mission in life is to incite hatred against the scumbags in law enforcement, so that they will feel what it is like to govern a populace which hates their guts and sincerely wish them the worst. Only then can we make progress against the feminist war on sexuality.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Facebook is evil

This week we learned that Facebook has kicked out Rune Øygard because he is a convict of the victimless sex crime of having a consensual sexual relationship with 14-15-year-old girl (there is nothing really unusual about this criminal case, which just shows run-of-the-mill misandry and sex-hostility at work, but it received a lot of publicity in Norway because Øygard is a politician). It turns out that Facebook has an actual policy against convicted sex offenders. To me, this crosses the line and demonstrates unambiguously that Facebook is an evil instrument of political correctness, in the business of enforcing feminist sexual taboos. I believe a private company such as Facebook should have the right to exclude anyone they want, of course, but this policy raises the issue of whether it is a good idea for us to spend so much of our time there. The issue is our willingness to give them power over us. Facebook's ostracism hurts because we have trusted them with too much power and now they abuse that trust, but the fundamental problem is our gullibility. The moral is: Don't make yourself too dependent on any morally corrupt entity. This is an inherent risk of centralized platforms, so we should probably try to avoid these whenever possible.

Censorship on Facebook seems to be a trend which extends far beyond sex offenders. Pål Steigan has also reported an incident of censorship and written more about the worrisome political power of Facebook as well as their devious finances and phony charity. Steigan is a communist blogger who ironically has more faith in capitalism than I do, since he does not believe collapse is imminent. Despite his leftist background, his blog is very honest and informative, and at this stage of the game for industrial civilization it doesn't really matter whether one is a communist or a libertarian because neither ideology can accomplish anything when faced with deflationary collapse. What matters is to preserve as much freedom as possible for as long as we can, and for that I commend efforts from all across the political spectrum. Even the mainstream leftist publication Klassekampen is starting to express queasiness about Facebook's censorship these days.

It is ironic that I am not being censored on Facebook despite being an ardent activist for abolishing Øygard's crime, while he, a pathetic spokesman for political correctness, is. Though his actions speak otherwise, judged by his words, he is a feminist brown-nose who truly believes men should be imprisoned if found guilty on similar accusations. Whereas an upstanding MRA would proudly admit to such an ill-defined "crime" and go for jury nullification, Øygard is in complete moral and ideological agreement with the sick law. He just claims he didn't do the crime and that the girl is lying. I believe he is most likely guilty as charged because the accusations are so spectacularly natural for all men, and plausible, too, for a man in his position, but he did nothing worthy of punishment and the law itself is the problem here. A morally corrupt law which fills my heart with seething hatred against the government as well as scornful ridicule for the primitive buffoons who actually internalize the sexual taboo that tells their puny brains that sex with a 14-year-old is "abuse" -- which is to say the many imbeciles in Norway who use the word "overgrep" with a straight face. In their most common usage these are meaningless words, imbued with the malevolent magic of pure irrational taboos and nothing else. It literally does not matter what these words mean, because most of the time, the media will be no more specific than simply spouting these vague terms, and that is all it takes to make every common simpleton hate the accused man. A "sex offender" can mean anything between heaven and earth from something unbelievably innocuous to truly heinous (the latter being only applicable to a tiny subset, while the majority of sex crimes are completely victimless), but it does not matter, because it is the label itself that counts. We are dealing with an irrational phenomenon of creating a recipient for society's generic hatred, someone to oppress and exclude for reasons that are incomprehensible to me. Sort of like racism and witch-hunts combined, only politically correct.

Perhaps Øygard is a simple soul who has been earnestly brainwashed and can't resist these hateful taboos on an intellectual level. But while sexual taboos are highly effective at empowering the police state, legitimizing oppression and turning almost all his friends against a man, they do little to influence actual sexual behavior. Øygard is, after all, a man and acts like it. Normal and healthy heterosexual men do not turn down sex with well-formed females just because there is a law against it, and Øygard is no exception. Now that he has already served his sentence, he has nothing to lose by aligning his ideology with his actions and becoming a men's rights activist, so I would strongly advise him to do so. It reflects very badly on him that he can't take responsibility for his actions but instead keeps supporting the very feminist sexual taboos that he became a victim of. It puzzles me that he is still sucking up to the scumbags who put him in prison, even after he has nothing left to lose by standing up for a reasonable sexual morality. Frankly, he is a hypocrite. So he is not a great ambassador for the Men's Rights Movement, but I support him anyway because he serves to highlight he injustice of the law and the moral turpitude of Facebook.

I recommend using Facebook as little as possible in order to hurt their revenue and diminish their political influence. I am not saying delete your accounts since I am not doing that myself, but I will not use Facebook anymore unless an old friend sends me a message or something like that. A platform which enforces a morally decrepit ideology is not one I will invest my time in. Don't supply Facebook with content that they can exploit to sell advertising, spend as little time as possible there yourself, and whatever you do, never click on an ad through Facebook. I have never been a particularly active Facebook user, and from now on I will make sure to invest so little in my account that it will hardly be missed when Facebook decides to exclude me.

Instead, we should vote against hateful sexual taboos with our feet and use other platforms to publish our writings and build our communities. I have good experiences with Google's Blogger so far, who has never censored me at all even when I was jailed for my blog. WordPress also seems to be OK, judging by the fact that even brilliant activists for children's sexual self-determination such as Tom O'Carroll (who is a pedophile in the true meaning of the word and a convicted sex offender) are free to promote their agenda on it. Twitter also does not exclude convicted sex of offenders to my knowledge and I see lots of them on there, where activism for sex law reform also seems to be tolerated. So I suggest using these services instead of Facebook, while maintaining good backup routines so as to be ready to move all our content to another platform as needed, which can be a personal website if necessary. I don't know of any truly decentralized, censorship-proof social network, but we don't really need social networks anyway. Just using blogs, books, personal websites and email works fine for all our needs.