Sunday, June 26, 2022

Skepticism vs. ideological possession

Here is a reminder that we don't need to conduct any new studies to debunk false sexual abuse of the sort claimed to lead to trauma despite being consensual and physically harmless. We don't even need the old studies, because they never presented any real evidence to begin with. All we need is plain critical thinking the way it always should be applied to something new. Forget all the propaganda: just treat CSA as a new claim and see what happens. Angry Harry already made this point some twenty years ago when he came up with the idea of "tea abuse." Suppose some people claimed that that having a parent who drank tea when they were children was a later cause of major depression, illness, suicide and psychological dysfunction. Do we need studies to refute this? No, skepticism is enough, at least until someone presents extraordinary evidence for the claim, with the burden of proof clearly resting on them.

There are times when something new really is harmful. Leaded gasoline is a great example, which we luckily figured out and got rid of within 50-100 years, and really should have thought better of from the beginning as it was hardly a secret that lead is toxic. Tea has been consumed long enough that we can rest easy though. And as to sex, we have eons of experience against feminist claims taken out of thin air in the past century alone with no evidence to back them up:

We just need hard-nosed skepticism to refute the feminist claims of CSA. The fact that girls are evolved to reach full reproductive competence at 11-13 years of age (along with the psychosocial maturation necessary to function as an adult in a primitive society), and did so in the Old Stone Age as well as now (only interrupted by periods of poor nutrition in between), sets the bar of skepticism astronomically high to any claim that sex with teenagers is inherently abusive. That skepticism is lacking because of ideological possession, but it is nothing more than what a rational person would apply to either a newly discovered/reputed toxin such as tea or a supernatural claim. All we need to do is cut through the ideology and special-interest politics benefiting old hags and jealous parents and their entourage of parasites in the abuse industry -- in a word, feminism -- and all the "abuse" goes away too, retaining no more force than tea abuse. So what if society has gotten more complicated in other ways recently? You might as well claim we need a degree in quantum physics in order to not be traumatized by taking a shit, so removed from real biology and mentality is our contrivance of "child sexual abuse" -- nothing more than a superstitious excuse to punish whatever you want.

Society is ideologically possessed as if by an evil antisex demon, and I as a man am only trying to defend ourselves against the mad injustice. Look at the ethereal nonsense "sexual abuse" has become, of both children and women and men too, a complete farce that puts the Malleus Maleficarum to shame in the bullshitting olympics of the ages. Look at the latest permutation of "rape" in the feminist state of Norway, which has lost literally ALL the substance traditionally associated with that concept and now consists of sheer nonsense, where perfectly willing girls are even "raped" by charging you money for sex, and the bigger the luxury prostitution the bigger the offense because offering a girl money is defined as a sort of violence used to get her to sleep with you (it is really bad game to pay girls so much, which as we can see makes them treat you like shit, plus he was a sometime wanker too, but he did nothing morally wrong and comes off as a role model on balance, finding ways to swim in premium pussy at the tender age of 19 when many of us were still incels). Supposedly 24 girls have been "raped" with exactly zero grounding in any real rape or abuse... One does wonder, do the normies really, REALLY read this and think OMG A HORRIBLE SERIAL RAPIST or are they able to see through the bullshit on some level and realize that this is just a ridiculously generous sugar daddy, even more silly because he is young enough to go on regular dates with these girls without raising an eyebrow?

Tiltale: Ung mann betalte unge jenter store beløp for voldtekter

En ung mann fra Østfold er tiltalt for voldtekt av i alt 24 jenter. 13 av jentene skal ha fått betaling for overgrepene, hvorav én fikk 300.000 kroner.

Mannen var i slutten av tenårene da han i løpet av et års tid mellom høsten 2019 og høsten 2020 skal ha gjennomført alle overgrepene.

Mannen fra Østfold er tiltalt for voldtekter av i alt 24 jenter under 18 år i løpet av denne perioden. De yngste jentene var kun 13 år da overgrepene startet, og for flere av jentene skjedde overgrepene gjentatte ganger.

Overgrepene besto ifølge tiltalen både av fysiske overgrep og overgrep via nett.

Den unge mannen er også tiltalt for å ha betalt 13 av barna for overgrepene. Flere av dem skal ha fått svært store beløp.

 En av jentene skal i alt ha fått utbetalt 300.000 kroner over en periode på noen måneder, samt sigaretter, snus og alkohol, mens en annen skal ha fått 143.000 kroner.

Mannen skal også ha betalt tre unge kvinner over 18 år for sex.

I tillegg er mannen tiltalt for å ha betalt en av de unge kvinnene 90.000 kroner for at hun ikke skulle kontakte politiet og fortelle at hun følte seg plaget av ham og presset til å ha sex med ham mot betaling.

Det er satt av tolv rettsdager til saken som skal starte 19. september. (NTB)

No, as far as I can tell the normies still don't care how absurd, how hateful, how senseless this is, how empty the accusations (including the retarded idea that girls can be "abused" over the Internet, as if there is any sexual value in wanking), because they are functional morons in relation to everything to do with sex crimes, impervious to any more reason than existed in the darkest witch-hunts. What passes as justice is indistinguishable from witch-doctoring, it is witch-doctoring, and no true believer is even going to read this post or anything else approaching a critical analysis of "sexual abuse" because they are so smug or complacent in their true belief that they think they don't have to. What's next, is holding hands and dancing with a 17-year-old sexual abuse too? Oh wait, that already happened, astonishingly even pioneered by a female "offender" on male "victim," and people are immunized from speaking up because they are conditioned to view ALL of sexuality including all flirting and "grooming" and lack of humorless draconian "safeguarding" and boys getting lucky with the slightest scrap of affection from women as abuse. Are you feeling uneasy yet if you followed those links and admitted a flash of consciousness, or still a normie? Normies cannot spot the intolerance because their mass psychosis dictates that all persecution of sexuality must be for good reasons, so I bet you don't feel it unless you are one of my regular readers or perhaps coming in from the MAP movement who are our only extant kin.

It hit me anew how isolated I am when my grandma died recently and because of the situation I didn't attend the funeral. How profoundly I don't belong, how I have severed all connection not just with society at large but my former family by my activism and the normie reaction to it (though I certainly still hope to start my own family!). As antisex bigotry marches on laying ever greater swathes of sexuality waste it strikes me that the only effect of our activism at this point is to destroy our own families too. They will feel the hate, but they won't pause to try to make sense of it from our point of view, coasting along in the smug conviction that feminism is always right and there can't possibly be anything wrong with the sex laws. When yesterday's sugar daddy is today's rapist, just to name the latest escalation which should shock the bejesus out of any decent person, they don't give a flying fuck about the redefinition of our normal sexuality into criminality, as if it has always been that way and there is nothing to see here. Sometimes I feel it is still worth doing activism just so our families can feel there is something wrong, even if they can't comprehend that it is not me who has gone insane. They will never allow themselves to hear a single rational argument, sticking exclusively to feminist propaganda, with journal articles by Rind et al. also off limits and my blog at best relayed and distorted though the news media where it is simply dismissed as "extremism." They will only ever think that I am sick or at best ideologically possessed, even though it is society who is both and still on its way to ever more extreme feminism.

I shall complete this post printing what I also wrote in Norwegian on Facebook about not going to my grandmother's funeral. For reference, this is the first post I wrote about my family's betrayal: "Why I have repudiated my family," which I now follow up with an update ten years later, the first notably sad consequence since I really did mean to go to that funeral and was even asked to be a pallbearer. But I didn't, and with that I lost the final gathering of that side of the family, which I hear was grand with lots of relatives coming in from Sogn and Sunnfjord to give her a worthy sendoff. It was the end of a whole generation, the one which experienced World War II. It was quite sad to miss the funeral, but at least it gave me the impetus to write this yet another futile attempt to explain that us sexualists are not doing it to be mean or anything like that, but because we are deeply morally convinced and intellectually sure of our activism. Rather than sick violent misogynists we are near-pacifist conscientious objectors to a senseless antisex war which hurts us all, even if your only feel for it is that a family member no longer considers you family (and of course you care nothing about the men in prison).


I dag begraves min farmor, Dorthea Berge (født 1926). Jeg skal ikke i begravelsen. Jeg skulle gjerne gått i begravelsen, men naturligvis vil min far være der, og det ble for stressende. Jeg har unngått min far siden 2012 fordi han da samarbeidet med politiet mens jeg ble arrestert og fengslet for min mannsaktivisme. Og ikke på en naiv tilgivelig måte heller hvor man snakker godt om en person uten å vite at det er dumt å snakke med politiet i det hele tatt, men ondsinnet hvor han tok deres side og fortalte alt han visste i den tro at det kunne hjelpe til å få meg dømt. Det hadde slett ingen effekt da jeg ble blankt frifunnet av Gulating lagmannsrett, og saken til overmål var så grunnløs at jeg senere fikk erstatning for urettmessig straffeforfølgelse i en sivil sak som jeg reiste, men det var ikke takket være pappa at det endte godt for meg, som altså valgte purkejævelens side i straffesaken -- en avgjørelse han må leve og dø med, for det innebærer et endelig brudd, fra HANS side.

Selvsagt, men jeg skal forklare hvorfor i tilfelle noen fremdeles ikke skjønner tegningen. Og han ser ikke ut til å forstå alvoret selv, da han nylig presterte å formidle gjennom NRK i "Gutter mot verden" at «det ikke var meningen å bryte kontakten» med meg. Det var et vanvittig flåsete utsagn som impliserer at jeg burde late som ingenting har skjedd og fremdeles ha kontakt. Det går naturligvis ikke, for hva ville det sagt om meg om jeg gikk med på det?

Det ville være den ultimate ydmykelsen, en fraskrivelse av egen aktivisme som om jeg skulle "innrømme" at politiet hadde rett -- ikke bare i å ville dømme meg som de altså heller ikke hadde loven med seg på (uten at det hadde spilt noen rolle) -- men at feminismen har moralsk rett i å lage de sedelighetslovene vi har. Jeg er mannsaktivist på ære og samvittighet, eller det jeg nå kaller seksualist. Det er moralsk overbevisning det dreier seg om, samvittighetsnekt mot krigen mot seksualitet. Jeg blogget med overlegg og mente hvert ord jeg skrev, som er summen av all min livserfaring og nå altså har blitt postmeditert i ti år til uten at jeg har endret mening. Å late som ingenting har skjedd etter sviket fra familien vil være å "innrømme" at vi egentlig er på samme side og feminismen har rett. Det vil aldri skje fordi krigen mot seksualitet er en høyst reell konflikt og jeg er en av de få som kjemper på seksualiteten sin side.

Å være seksualist kan sammenlignes med å reise tilbake til antikken og være mot slaveriet da ingen, ikke engang Jesus, hadde noen moralske motforestillinger mot å holde slaver. I den forstand er pappa et produkt av sin tid, hvor hele samfunnet nå mener at seksualiteten skal straffeforfølges maksimalt og det ikke er mulig å finne på en sedelighetslov som går for langt i hva den rammer, kort sagt at feminismen har alltid rett. MEN, at han tok politiet sin side kan ikke bortforklares så enkelt heller, for det er ikke noe man gjør mot familiemedlemmer, full stopp. Han ville aldri gjort det mot de andre barna, uansett hva de var anklaget for (og jeg var altså bare anklaget for blogging som ble hevdet å være oppvigling men slett ikke var det heller i lovens forstand). Det blir gaslighting å late som denne normen ikke eksisterer heller, noe den gjør ikke bare i og med at han fikk klar beskjed i avhør om at han ikke hadde plikt til å si noe som helst (som ingen har til politiet, men forskjellen er at retten ikke tvinge deg til å vitne heller), men at terrorlovgivningen til og med inneholder et unntak for straff for familiemedlemmer som skjuler en terrorist etter de verste terroranslag (§ 137), langt, langt verre enn blogging.

Hvis jeg skulle kunne forsone meg med hva han gjorde... Hva ville det si om forskjellen på mine søsken og meg? Det ville si at jeg ikke fortjener den lojaliteten som normale mennesker har til sine familiemedlemmer, og dette skal jeg liksom akseptere? Det vil være en selvutsletting av hele mitt menneskeverd. Det ville sagt at jeg ikke HAR noen venner, og enda verre (da han også mente jeg var "syk"), ikke har evnen til å ta moralske valg, som altså skal overprøves av politi og rettsvesen, til syvende og sist med mitt samtykke om jeg hadde gitt avkall på at det var noen reell konflikt mellom pappa og meg. Det er evnen til å ta moralske valg som definerer en person. Det er det som skiller oss fra dyrene. Hvis ikke mine meninger blir tatt på moralsk alvor og jeg skulle akseptere det så har jeg gitt avkall på menneskeverd, og det er ikke aktuelt. Mennesker holdes ansvarlig på godt og vondt, og hvis du mener jeg er ond så må du innse at det er en reell konflikt, ikke tro du kan "rette" på min moral med annet enn ikkevoldelige argumenter.

Menmen, jeg fikk besøkt farmor på kort tid før hun døde, og det får være nok. Hun var 96 år og har vært dement de ti siste. Det var absolutt hennes tid, men trist at familien ikke går overens nok til jeg kan gå i begravelsen. Enda et vondt resultat av feminismen. Det koker ned til at pappa og jeg har verdier som helt grunnleggende ikke går overens, da han er feminist (eller normie, som nå er det samme) og jeg er seksualist. Det går an å være politisk uenig i en familie, men ikke bruke vold til å tvinge meninger på andre, som han altså prøvde seg på da han samarbeidet med politiet. Om det skulle lykkes så ville det endt som i 1984 eller snarere filmen Brazil... Det ville ikke vært noe igjen av meg, for en slik hjernevasking kan bare utføres over mitt lik. Du kan ikke trylle frem en Eivind som ikke mener meningene sine og heller blir feminist, for den personen eksisterer ikke, samme hvor mye makt du bruker.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

The wonderful Newgon

The meaning of words change over time; only dead languages stay the same. I am old enough to have seen my type of activism go through several names, from antifeminism in the 1990s to men's rights activism (MRA) in the 2000s to male sexualism in the 2010s to MAP activism in the 2020s. Yes, "MAP" has grown on me despite my earlier misgivings about using a special word to denote normal sexuality. YesMAP as opposed to NOMAP, obviously, since we have absolutely no affiliation with the anti-contact crowd. I am not ashamed of the MAP label because I acknowledge that language is evolving and if someone carries forth your activism under an unfamiliar or superfluous name then we should focus on the politics rather than the lingo and be thankful.

I am thankful for Newgon because they ensure that our activism lives on regardless of what happens to this little clique over which I sometimes style myself as leader with varying degrees of seriousness. In truth, we are almost irrelevant, but Newgon is a serious organization. Just look at their page on the female sex offender charade! I could scarcely have done it better myself:

Kudos and praise to high heavens! We are not alone! We have kindred activists out there whose ideology if not precisely identical at least overlaps a good 90% with what we used to call the Men's Rights Movement back in the days of Angry Harry and now refer to as male sexualism here on my blog -- or just sexualism is really what I have landed on. I say 90% because they don't seem to be on board with nofap, but you can't have everything. The Newgon site is much more impressive than it looks at first sight, archiving all kinds of sex-positive writings that may otherwise get lost, and even better, I know the people behind it are solid, enthusiastic activists. So even though I don't expect us to make much political progress any time soon, I can rest assured that sexualism is in good hands irrespective of my own efforts. Long live sexualism as (mostly) synonymous with MAP activism! I still prefer "sexualism" and use that in my own writings, but I warmly welcome our new allies, regardless of how they want to style themselves.

Perhaps we should reflect a little over the linguistic shift from antifeminist to MAP. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes because feminism is now synonymous with the culture in which we unfortunately find ourselves. The normies are feminists without using that word, which is now reserved for only the most newly extreme antisex bigots who probably want to raise the age of consent to 25 at this point and change the definition of rape to all sex without a consent document signed every five seconds. A normie who thinks it is wrong to have sex with minors under 18 does not usually identify as a feminist, even though his ideology is radfem by 1990s standards. He simply does not know how bigoted he is because feminist indoctrination has been so successful at normalizing their hateful criminalization, even instituting the most extreme jurisdictions (typically California) as the norm for the entire world. As such, calling ourselves antifeminists would hardly be intelligible to this society as it would not even begin to describe to them how radical we are. "MRA" doesn't get the point across either since the ones still known under that label are busy celebrating 1990s feminism and applying it to men too. That leaves us with sexualist -- which is a fine word for all resistance to oppression of sexuality, but not in common use -- and MAP, which has actually gone mainstream, at least as a word and identity if not a serious challenge to laws yet.

So, here we are. Lest anyone think I am aligning myself with child abusers, have a look at Newgon's ethos page:

Elective 12 is our (non-binding) Age of Consent position

The best available evidence supports the idea of an elective-emancipation system for young people aged 12 and up. We do not bind participants to this position.

The proposed model is in effect, a passport system where young people age 12 and up, can sign to emancipate themselves in (potentially) a variety of areas. With respect to adults and emancipated minors, this will include legal consent to physical/sexual relations. Other important rights may be included, however, we will not campaign on most of these issues until there are signs of an emerging policy consensus:

  • Education
  • Employment, inc. military
  • Finance
  • Driving a motor vehicle
  • Alcohol, substances, gambling, body modifications and medical
  • Graphic media content bars
  • Voting (this might be dependent upon the above)

We propose that emancipation will be the choice of the young person, assuming they can be assessed by a doctor as mentally competent - broadly in line with their peers. With respect to sexual relations, the age of 12 is identical to the system employed in the Netherlands up until very recently. However, allowing young people to self emancipate gives them the power to choose what aspects of their lives they will be responsible for. Various controlled outcome studies will be conducted by social scientists after these changes are put into effect, creating more jobs.

Not sure I agree with those other areas or the passport model, but it is a refreshing position in this day and age and close enough to our own ideology as to be almost indistinguishable. If anything, they are more moderate than us. I would also say that an age of consent of 12 is non-binding but at least as low as 13 is definitely binding to be called a male sexualist, along with a complete rejection of the female sex offender charade as equally nonsensical as criminalizing witchcraft -- and I do not care how this is received, because my conscience does not permit me to condone the persecution of harmless women. As you can see, neither Newgon or us are currently trying to normalize actual pedophilia in men, but we do not care what the public calls our eminently sensible positions on male sexuality either.