Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The nihilist approach

I do not believe men can have meaningful lives without breaking the sex laws. The feminists have criminalized so much of our sexuality that life simply wouldn’t be worth living if we were actually going to obey all that. So what do men do? We are all criminals, obviously. Just to take one of the latest exacerbations, nobody will go through the “consent” formality that Danish (and Swedish, but so far not Norwegian) law now requires every time they have sex. There is an app for it, but the consent proof obtained there is only valid for 24 hours. So if you're in a relationship, how long do you think it will be before the two of you agree to skip that formality? Voila, you are a “rapist”! And remember, thanks to recent legal reforms she has the rest of her life to come to this realization, for example after a nasty divorce decades in the future, plus they have made sure the final safety valve, a jury of your peers, is gone too and you get convicted by professional feminists.

Feminists literally want to make it that easy to convict, with legislators and judges bending over backwards to accommodate them. And this doesn’t even begin to address the possibility that women can claim they didn’t consent to signing the consent document for the same vague and ever expanding reasons as they could claim they didn’t consent to sex before this latest legal innovation, which surely won't be the last either. And even if you somehow manage to prove consent every time, there is the rest of the iceberg of hateful feminist antisex laws that don’t give a damn if she consented, such as the Nordic model that will persecute you for giving her money, or if she is “underage” or a student of yours or so on and on according to a plethora of new-fangled taboos with only the imagination limiting the creation of new laws since there is no Men's Rights Movement outside of blog posts. At this point we don’t even have the pretense that men can be law-abiding, because it is altogether impractical if you want to have a sex life at all.

But what else do men do with this situation other than breaking the law? What do we do politically and activistically? Approaches to activism range from terrorist to nihilist, via quisling therapy and hard determinist therapy that I have written about before. Now that we have lost the jury I am ready for full-fledged nihilism. Because it is not given that we even have to believe in the law’s existence, and things somewhat improve if we deny that.

The violence behind it can’t be denied, but beyond that there is no necessary reality to the law. You don’t have to believe that the law carries any more significance than the growl of a tiger before it eats you. You would be well advised to heed it as a warning, but it has no causal power and certainly no moral force. This removes any moral agency of legislators or law enforcement from the picture and helps you deal with the law in purely pragmatic terms, with zero respect for its normativity. You don’t even have to believe in its language. Law is then one type of signs that some people use to justify violence to themselves and others. What the signs “mean,” if there even is such a thing as meaning, can be discounted. This is one way to try to make life worth living in an environment of total criminality -- simply don’t believe in the law and evaluate the violent agents who "enforce" it as predators instead.

I have previously said we should self-register as sex offenders. Now, let’s mock the antisex bigots further by asserting and internalizing that men can’t have meaningful lives without being sex offenders. It is a powerful realization which pulls the rug out from under the feminists and reduces all their shaming attempts to ashes! Maggie McNeill says 50% of men have paid for sex at least once, which alone makes that many sex offenders. A commenter once told me he had “no skin in the game” regarding the criminalization of men who pay for sex. But did he think through what happens when he gets so old that the only way to be with a young woman is to pay? Then he will surely realize that obeying the law is not an option, that the purpose of the police is to destroy your life -- the implications of which are very profoundly hateful indeed. This hatred must be dealt with by some kind of radicalism, and here I am at long last proposing nihilism. This way you avoid taking the poison pill of hate which mainly hurts yourself like I did for way too many years, and you avoid provoking the monsters unduly at the same time as disrespecting them maximally.

Simply breaking the law without publicly talking about it, like most men do, is also a radical position if you think about it. It is to be a legal nihilist without verbalizing it. There is no way around some kind of radicalism, because the feminists have criminalized our very nature, and failing to express that nature, for the weak men who still mean to obey the law, is also a kind of radicalism (albeit a very retarded one).

In the Robert Kraft prostitution sting, police used a fake bomb threat in order to install cameras. Yes, the cops resorted to literal terrorism just to uncover one unauthorized handjob, and then they had to drop that charge as well. I do not believe the conspiracy theories claiming 9/11 was an inside job, but that’s because there was no antisexual motive to make them credible. If the authorities had had any reason to believe they could uncover as much as an unauthorized massage by going through with all that destruction, then they would, because that is how much this society hates sexuality.

I am not so naive as to think laws are always meant to be obeyed, even when they have no compelling moral basis. For example if you slavishly obeyed speed limits you would be slowing down traffic, and the drinking age is never taken to be absolute, and smoking weed is (or was) illegal and socially accepted at the same time. Part of me wants to believe that sexuality works the same way, and I note that in the company of decent people you can live as if that is the case. But then you have these batshit crazy persecutions to remind us that the feminists do indeed mean the hatred literally and got unlimited violence to back it up. Nihilism can't cure the violence, but it can remove the self-imposed damage from thinking the law exists in addition to the violence. You can even be a mereological nihilist about instances of such violence and see them as unrelated, hence for a moment free yourself from the mental tyranny of living under feminism.