Monday, October 15, 2012

Antifeminism in Norwegian

I can possibly thank the editors of Kuiper magazine for my freedom right now. This spring, they invited me to write an article (in Norwegian) on gender issues for their literary magazine, and so I did. It was supposed to appear alongside articles by feminists who were also invited to contribute. But as it turned out, the feminists didn't complete their work, and the editors did not want to publish my article on its own without any arguments from the opposing side. This is the excuse I received for not publishing my article:
Vi har nå bestemt hva som skal være med i Kuiper-nummeret, og har dessverre ikke funnet plass til din tekst likevel.
Det er det to grunner til: Da vi ba deg om å skrive en tekst, var tanken at vi skulle ha en debatt-seksjon i dette nummeret, hvor vi la skjønnlitteraturen til side og skrev om mannen i samfunnet. De to andre tekstene vi hadde tenkt at skulle stå til din tekst, blir heller ikke trykket. Den ene var for dårlig, og den andre ble aldri levert. Slik er det noen ganger når man lager et tidsskrift uten penger til å betale bidragsyterne våre for arbeidet de skal gjøre.
Vi vurderte å trykke din artikkel på egen hånd, men flere i redaksjonen var motvillige til å gjøre det på grunn av innholdet - og da særlig når din artikkel fikk stå uimotsagt, uten det motsatte perspektivet. Jeg beklager at det ble slik.
All because Kuiper declined to publish my piece on the gender war, or more accurately because some feminists couldn't be bothered (or were unable) to write decent articles, I am at large today and free to pursue more activism. So it all works out for the best, even though I was somewhat disappointed at the time.

Now I am traveling to Oslo to be on a TV show (Trygdekontoret) to debate feminists. Since this program tends to be more a comedy show than serious debate, and there is only so much you can say on a 40-minute TV production with several participants anyway, I thought this was a good time to promote my unpublished article before it is criminalized. Interested Norwegian-speakers can hereby read my article "Mannskamp" for a succinct overview of what men's rights activism is all about.

This article may or may not constitute criminal incitement if it were published in print media. The cops certainly believe it does, as they included it in the case documents in their attempt to prosecute me, and the lowest court (and only the lowest court) agreed with the cops and found probable cause sufficient for pretrial detention. But at any rate, as the Supreme Court has ruled, whether it would fit the criminal definition of incitement by §140 or not, everything I have written is legal for now as long as it is only published on the Internet. And thanks to Kuiper, I haven't published anything in print. The medium, rather than the content, makes all the difference and keeps me out of jail. So here is the link again for those interested in more than the satirical treatment of my views they may get on TV: "Mannskamp."

Comments are welcome on both the article and my appearance on TV, which will air on Wednesday, October 17 at NRK.