Wednesday, June 02, 2021

RIP Gary Wilson

Just a quick note to relay the sad news that Gary Wilson has died. He was the founder of the nofap movement, not a male sexualist per se but a public health advocate who helped millions of men including myself understand that porn/masturbation is bad for us. I consider nofap to be the self-help branch of male sexualism and have incorporated it into our ideology. Thanks for making our philosophy complete, Gary.

The press release from

ASHLAND, OREGON: May 21, 2021: After years of battling chronic illness, public health advocate Gary Wilson passed away on May 20, 2021.

Gary Bruce Wilson is the author of the best-selling book Your Brain On Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction*,* presenter of the immensely popular TEDx talk “The Great Porn Experiment” (14+ million views), and creator of the website, a clearinghouse for the latest research, media, and self-reports on pornography’s effects and potential harms.

Gary Wilson is survived by his wife, Marnia Robinson, his son, Arion Sprague, and his canine companion, Smokey. He was born in Seattle, Washington, and resided in Ashland, Oregon. In his personal life, Wilson was a wonderful husband, father, and friend, and he was loved by many.

Gary Wilson taught human pathology, anatomy, and physiology for years and has long been interested in the neurochemistry of addiction, mating, and bonding. Wilson possessed a gift for teaching, a passion for compiling information, and an unwavering desire to help others. After he noticed many young people online experiencing adverse effects associated with excessive porn use, he created in late 2010. Since the corresponding book was first published in 2014, Your Brain on Porn has been translated into Arabic, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Japanese, and Russian. In 2016, Wilson co-authored an academic paper with seven US Navy doctors entitled “Is Internet Pornography Causing Sexual Dysfunctions? A Review with Clinical Reports” and another journal article entitled “Eliminate Chronic Internet Pornography Use to Reveal Its Effects.” Gary Wilson’s tireless work in cataloging the research surrounding the effects of porn use touched countless lives worldwide.

Gary Wilson cannot be replicated or replaced, but his legacy will live on through the enormous impact that he had. He successfully pushed for more research on pornography to be conducted, gave a voice to people silently struggling with excessive porn use, and raised awareness about porn addiction to millions.


This press release was written by family members and friends of Gary Wilson, including Noah Church, Gabe Deem, Darryl Mead, Alexander Rhodes, Marnia Robinson, Mary Sharpe, Arion Sprague, Staci Sprout, and Liz Walker.

The public will be invited to share their condolences on an online memorial being set up at www dot GaryWilson dot life