Friday, August 13, 2021

Yup, Elliot Rodger was a trend

It’s not the first time I have declared male resistance to feminism to be dead as I did in my last post followed by a shock that makes the picture more nuanced. I still think I am right about the big picture though. Men like Craig Murray, Julian Assange, Geoffrey Epstein, Aubrey de Grey and Prince Andrew are all lambs to the slaughter, but Jake Davison is not. He is a slaughterer himself, reminding us that marginalizing men isn’t going to be an entirely peaceful affair to the feminist oppressors who perpetrate the police violence against us. Yes, male sexualism is more geared to the victimhood of princes and millionaires than incels. We realize that the true monsters in this world are the police, which is wisdom incels haven’t yet reached. Jake was, in his own words, a
100 percent a kissless handholdless hugless virgin unless I count the 1 time I went to a massage parlour and had a happy ending although I wasn’t going there for that legit went for massage but I wasn’t expecting

I had opportunities with girls when younger but never took them most where around that age 15-18 I regret massively been in male dominated environments my whole life

had girls into me let it slip unfortunately when I was at college when younger now I have no social group and don’t know a single girl and haven’t spoke to one since I was 18 I’m almost 23 now unless you count cashiers at supermarkets, spoke to plenty of men though unfortunately
So that sets the stage and also shows how feckless incels are. Imagine how passive you have to be to not even expect sex from a sex worker, or pursue that avenue more. Let alone the other opportunities that would indeed be available to him, and were by his own admission except he didn’t pursue them vigorously enough, presumably because he was too enfeebled by fapping and yes, maybe some bad luck of a random depression as well or whatever other comorbidities. I don’t know all else he tried, but he should have just stayed away from toxic shamers like that girl on Reddit whom he tried to charm when writing that description of himself, where on top of all the rejection he faced as an incel he also had to contend with idiots claiming 16-year-olds can’t consent (even though they legally can in the UK where he lived) and even the girls themselves jumping on that bandwagon. That forum, Incel Tears, is a place for the most toxic feminists to brag about how much they can hate the weakest men, so it’s exceedingly foolish to hang out there when you are trying to get laid, but still...

Now we have a direct link between that sort of shaming, which does indeed suffuse our entire culture to some extent, and a mass shooting. It’s not making the antisex bigots look good, is it? But once again, I don't expect any self-awareness from feminists on this. They will simply double down on the sex-hostility like always. Criminalize and demonize more and more and more of male sexuality and yes, men will mostly publicly take it and live a double life with their sexuality expressed in “illicit” ways, but every once in a while there are exceptions who lash out. It is irrational from a selfish perspective to go on a murder-suicide mission when you can go along to get along like most men do while keeping their inevitable feminist-defined “sexual misconduct” hidden as long as they can, so it either takes extreme altruism or delusions like thinking life is over at 22, with the latter actually being more common -- basically what incel culture is about.

But did Jake also fight for men’s rights, in a way that can help men who figured out how to meet women and only face persecution from the police? Well, mostly not. There are too few like him to matter for that, with most incels being as lethargic in other areas as they are sexually. And to be clear, attacking innocent civilians isn’t a male sexualist value in any case. In my estimation, incel terrorism is a symptom of feminism rather than antifeminist activism per se. But it is still notable, even more so because he did it in a gun-controlled country where it actually means something to resort to this. Americans will go on shooting sprees for no other reason than guns being available, if you listen to the liberals who want to ban then, and frankly I have to concede that’s not far from the truth. Which adds another perverse argument in favor of gun control, so political messages won’t be drowned out by the background noise of constant gunfire.

A society which produces incels like this better do some introspection for their own good, even if he isn’t overtly political. Blaming “mental health” would be a cop-out, as even if he did have mental issues, they don’t only appear random here. One thing society should realize -- which corresponds to the male sexualist agenda -- is that criminalizing more sexuality isn’t going to help, and trying to shame men even more for their attraction to girls at peak nubility isn’t helping either. The absurd feminist demarcation of an absolute line at 18 which is treated like a war zone across which any intimacy attracts the full force of state violence is a great way to give incels the idea that they irreparably missed out when still a virgin in their 20s.

You do indeed miss out on something big if you can never experience teenage love; so much is true. Where the incels go wrong is in thinking that can only happen as a teenager yourself. If you are like Jake, please consider a different route. I would advise getting on board with male sexualism, which is to say read my blog and a few like-minded communities. I have written a post “How to not be incel” that is a good starting point. If you do follow all that (which is merely one incredibly simple step otherwise known as nofap), and hopefully but not necessarily pick up the rest of male sexualist ideology and philosophy as well, I guarantee you will discover that you are not incel but rather a late bloomer. You will also realize that the true monsters of this world are the police when operating on feminist ideology. Your mission then becomes firstly to grab life by the pussy and secondly to oppose the feminist sex laws specifically, rather than making short shrift of yourself.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The bigger picture

Let us situate male sexualism in the bigger picture of a collapsing civilization. As I write this on August 10th, 2021, the two top stories at CNN are the usual antisex bigotry that this society still considers top priority, firstly that Andrew Cuomo resigns as mayor of New York because his masculinity has been redefined to "sexual harassment" and secondly that Virginia Giuffre sues Prince Andrew to applause from every last voice in the public because normal male sexuality has been completely redefined to "abuse":

However, global warming is third:

And of course there are lots of headlines about covid, mostly urging us to get vaccinated:

Which is true, by the way. The Delta variant is extremely contagious and kills young people too if they are not vaccinated. I got my first shot and will be getting my second one in a few weeks.

Ironically there is far more opposition to actually protective health measures than hateful feminism. We can now conclude that a men’s movement will play no role whatsoever in what happens next because we have seen what happens when antisex persecution goes to infinity. Before there is any opposition, people simply quit associating the persecution with sex, as if a juggernaut prevents their brains not only from thinking sex-positive thoughts, but from discerning any limits to sex-hostility as well. Julian Assange is still in prison because of sexual accusations that were not only ridiculous and false but also dropped, and the whole thing occasions zero antifeminism, putting my naive hopes from years ago to shame. Craig Murray is in prison for uttering a jigsaw piece that along with other pieces spoken by others might identify a sex-accuser in a trial where the accused was acquitted, yet this is not enough to evoke any antifeminism. It is that hopeless. Yes, people will criticize some of this persecution, but only once they stop associating it with sex. The underlying feminism and sex laws are never questioned even in the most strident dissidence:

They simply can't bring themselves to blame feminism no matter how bad it gets, because everyone is down with the program that sexuality must be persecuted to the max, in every kaleidoscopic infinite recursive way. When it hits some of their friends then they can make a modest protest, but only while carefully avoiding any criticism of the elephant in the room, never saying a bad word about feminism. Clearly, collapse is for the best because humanity couldn’t tolerate sexuality, which is to say we couldn't tolerate ourselves, like a social autoimmune disease turning all police against us. All technological advances and all resource consumption converge on persecuting sexuality, until there is zero tolerance left. There is already zero tolerance by law; whenever you shine a light on sexuality, you always find criminality. All that remains is for technology and law enforcement to get around to incarcerating us all, with technology eagerly devoting every last advance to the cause and even charging users a premium for the privilege of being at the cutting edge of surveillance if they are dumb enough to use Apple products.

There are no heroes left, no one to oppose the antisex agenda with any say in the matter, but the closest you come, who can at least offer some measure of consolation that the antisex bigots will suffer soon is the ultimate accelerationist, Gail Tverberg.

Gail is so badass that she dismisses global warming not because she doesn't believe in it, but because she believes energy collapse will be far more sudden. We are talking months to a few years at most now before the whole thing unwinds, at least enough for antisex to no longer be the number one priority. And it does need to get truly apocalyptic before that will happen, but we are getting there -- just read her blog and learn. Especially her comment section -- just like my blog, that's where the best action is.