Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The Ukraine post

As awful as it is, the current situation of war in Europe and looming World War III lifts my spirit because I have lived with an unrecognized war my whole life and now the normies get to taste their own medicine. It really helps to normalize my feelings about cops when the average person feels the same way about Russian soldiers and even has explicit permission to incite on social media. Welcome to the warrior club which is really just the human condition anyway. Because I am a man, my sexuality is criminal by feminist laws, and because I am an activist I am acutely aware of that fact. The normies believe their war on sex is not a war because it is just something one does, like human sacrifice or slavery in other times was perceived as similarly apolitical: so successful has feminism become.

Wars of aggression used to be normal too, and I agree it is more civilized to regard them as crimes. The war on victimless sex is a war of aggression which is now completely socially acceptable, however. When someone like Virginia Guiffre employs the violence of the state to loot Prince Andrew, she is applauded like one might applaud the Vikings for marauding or the Roman empire for expanding, if one lived in their times. Victims of the sex laws are afforded exactly zero sympathy no matter what happens to them, be it death like Epstein or looting or anything in between.

I sympathize with victims of wars of aggression INCLUDING the war on sex. I do not share this supposedly civilized society’s blind spot or excuse of fake sexual abuse to justify war. To me that carries just as much weight as any old “reason” to conquer another peaceful group and steal their resources. The feminists might as well state their laws are to provide Lebensraum for women for all I care, because that’s how I read them anyway. Society has no inhibitions: whatever a woman gains by sexual accusations no matter how empty and no matter what a man loses, she is always celebrated and society always screams for more. Individual verdicts are sometimes overturned or reduced on appeal, but the trend towards ever more criminalization of sexuality shows no sign of abating.

I do stand with Ukraine, but in the proper perspective as equal victims to so many men (and some women) whom society does not regard as victims at all. Feminism is about destroying our lives, and their preferred method being a slow death by prison rather than a quick bullet or bomb only makes it more odious, if anything. And I realize that feminism is unlikely to go away without a cataclysmic crisis. Therefore, I welcome World War III as much as I fear it. COVID was not strong enough to slow the pace of antisexual legislation anywhere in the world, but now at least Ukraine is facing a greater priority. If that is what it takes, who am I to complain? Most of us will probably not personally benefit from the downfall of feminism, but we get to die as men rather than caged animals.

In a nutshell, Putin knew his economy was in trouble, but the thought he still had a strong military that could be leveraged. With a pretext of NATO expansion in the mix, he went ahead and staked the country on Plan Z. One month in, it can be summed up as a war of attrition which will either destroy the Russian Federation along with more or less of Ukraine or us all too if it escalates. There is no off-ramp in sight and I have no idea how it will end except I don’t think Ukraine can lose and I don’t think Russia can win.