Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Misandry of Politics

If you join the gang of violent misandrist thugs known as the police, don't be surprised if they turn on you as soon as you act like a man. Albert Covarrubias learned the hard way how men are treated by feminist law enforcers. The 29-year-old officer was shot by his fellow pigs as soon as they got wind of his relationship with a 17-year-old girl.
Police said he had to be arrested immediately on suspicion of illegal sex with a teenage minor early Saturday because of the seriousness of the evidence and allegations against him.
The officer physically resisted the arrest and fired his gun before another officer fatally shot him at a DUI checkpoint where he'd been working, police said. No one else was injured.
Since his job was to hurt people, I can contain my sympathy for this dead feminist enforcer. But his premature death wasn't right either, and it should serve as a warning for other men trying to decide what to do with their lives. Gentlemen, this is how much our society loathes us just for being men. It behooves us to reflect on our worthlessness as defined by our culture, because it has bearing on what our contribution back to this society should be. Feminist sex law formally codifies the relative worth of the sexes, and make no mistake about it, a man is a worthless piece of shit. What happened to Albert Covarrubias was not an anomaly. Our culture thinks nothing of throwing the life of any man away for the slightest sexual insult to a woman. Whether it is real or based on nothing but statutory fiction or even false altogether is of little consequence. The bottom line is men are despised for embodying anything resembling manliness, and all our institutions exist to serve women at the expense of men. Astonishingly, they even expect men to serve and uphold the system while treating us as pariahs at the same time.

So, too, in politics. The high-profile rape accusation against Helge Solum Larsen is now exposing not only the nature of feminist rape law, which lets women regret sex and bring rape charges regardless of the circumstances, but also the wider misandry endemic to our entire political system. It is as revealing as it is ugly. This scandal has really brought out the worst in the party Venstre and other political commentators. Their hateful feminist values now shine through for all to see. When sex with young nubile women is regarded as an automatic "breach of trust" on the part of male leaders, it is clear that Norwegian politics is a culture which caters only to women. Men may become leaders, but they are not supposed to reap the fruits of their efforts. The depth of anti-male bias in Norwegian politics is perhaps best summed up in this hateful statement by Anders Giæver: "Ikke noe politisk parti kan leve med at en av lederne har seksuell omgang med en beruset 17 år gammel partifelle på et partiarrangement, uavhengig av andre omstendigheter." So there you have it. An earnest feminist scumbag lies down the law for all the manginas to follow. Regardless of the circumstances, rape or not, sex with drunk 17-year-old girls at party events is incompatible with a political career. Why would any man in his right mind sign up for a career in such a system? What is in it for men, if they have to abnegate their sexuality in order to be in politics? Are our male politicians really that stupid? Am I the only one who thinks it's time to start a pro-male party?

Men are only tolerated in our society as long as they behave like eunuchs. When men act like men, we are criminals and when famous men act like men it is also a "scandal." But in truth, the law is the scandal and so is the culture of misandry. Helge Solum Larsen simply did what any normal man would do. This type of situation still goes on regularly despite the hypocritical feminist affirmations of our male politicians; but in this case, the girl had her regrets and since this is a feminist state, it is taken seriously as rape and exposed all over the news. As the details now stand, there is still a tiny possibility that it was in fact rape (and by that I mean the girl was forced to have intercourse despite resisting to the best of her ability). But by defining rape so ludicrously that real rape is drowned out by all the phony feminist-defined rape, it has gotten exceedingly difficult to spot a real rape. The presumption must be that this is not real rape even if it legally is. We are so used to drunk women getting away with calling sex rape simply because they regret it that if a real rape should occur in a nachspiel setting, it requires extraordinary evidence. Feminist rape law reform has done even more than false accusations to destroy the credibility of the accuser. Paradoxically, by taking rape too seriously, feminists have achieved a climate where rape allegations cannot be taken seriously by any reasonable observer until we pretty much get to see it with our own eyes.

Also, can somebody please tell me the identity of Solum's accuser, if you know who she is? I'd like to publish her name and it seems the mainstream news media are conspiring to shield her. I know this is common practice with sex allegations, but it is wrong. All parties should be named and everything should be out in the open.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

No Accuser Needed For Feminist Rape Trial

The feminist police state has once again outdone itself. You would think that no matter how ludicrously rape was defined, it would at least require an accuser. Not so in this hateful feminist utopia. All it takes to charge you with rape is footage of nude, apparently unconscious women on your hard drive. Such is the zeal of feminist rape prosecution that no woman ever needs to come forward and accuse you, or even be identified. Man charged with raping three unknown women:

Politiet mener opptakene er gjort i 2010 og at noen av mannens møbler synes på filmene. De har siktet ham for voldtekt av de tre kvinnene.
Mannen har forklart at bildene ikke sier ham noe, men at han ser at trekket på sofaen ligner og kan være hans.
Politiet mener filmene uansett holder til domfellelse.

This is even more absurd than the trial we saw last month where a man got 4.5 years for a supposed rape attempt which nobody remembers. That case at least had a woman involved who felt violated, even though she couldn't remember what happened because she had been drinking to blackout. Yet even an oblivious accuser is superfluous to feminist justice. This case has no accuser, only the feminist machine seeking to destroy a man's life for its own sake.

I regret expressing misgivings about my initial joyous reaction to Breivik's activism at Utøya. The contrition wasn't heartfelt, and recent escalations of the feminist police state make me feel so sheepish for vacillating that I hereby retract my disclaimer. The feminist state is so flagrantly out of control that it and its abettors most assuredly deserve anything they can get.