Sunday, June 11, 2017

More on the female sex offender charade

Humans are a curious mixture of rational and irrational creatures. We are smart enough to operate airlines that almost never crash, yet dumb enough to have a justice system which routinely fails to achieve justice because many of the laws themselves are fundamentally unjust. There is no better example of unjust laws than the sex laws, and because sex is obviously something women have and men and boys want, the pinnacle of insane injustice is to pretend women "abuse" boys by giving them sex. The most famous female victim of feminist sex laws is Mary Kay Letourneau. Hers was the case that raised awareness of the utter insanity of feminism, at least for me, and helped radicalize me into a sworn enemy of the feminist state. Prior to that case, I never imagined that the state could be so absurdly and irrationally cruel as to imprison women for being nice to boys. It was an eye opener to the cruelty of the world and the irrationality of the justice system as well as the intellectual dishonesty and moral bankruptcy of feminists.

Now Mary Kay Letourneau is back in the news for getting separated from her former "victim" Vili Fualaau. Which means that their marriage has been amazingly solid by any contemporary standard, even to the point of not needing to deal with custody issues because their kids are all grown up by the time they get divorced. The Mary Kay Letourneau story is a triumph of love over feminism, so compelling that the media has trouble siding with feminist sex-hostility. For example, CNN says:

"Mary Kay Fualaau, formerly Letourneau, was a married 34-year-old teacher and mother of four in Seattle in 1996 when she began an affair with Fualaau, her 13-year-old student. Letourneau gave birth to her young lover's child before she went on to serve more than seven years in prison on charges related to their sexual relationship."

How delightfully put! "Charges related to their sexual relationship," instead of something along the lines of "went to prison for sexually abusing/raping him," which is the usual feminist wording. They even admit that it was a love story rather than an abuse story. I don't know how that subversive tone made it into CNN, because the same cannot be said for most cases these days. The mainstream media usually presents unadulterated feminist sex-hostility with wholehearted hatred, without any room for doubting that they really mean it. I find it deeply disturbing that they have embraced not only the hate, but also the idiocy of pretending that boys can be victims of women's sexuality simply because they are underage, which is so manifestly absurd that it flies in the face of literally all of reality including the experience of the boys themselves. Here is a current case which drives home the full insanity of our feminist legal systems:

It starts out with a normal teenage boy who gets lucky with an older woman and of course enjoys it. Then 20 years later, he "attended a child sexual exploitation course and realised what the Wadsworths had done to him was a criminal act." Feminist propaganda is presented as reality even while admitting that the propaganda itself is solely responsible for making the man think he has been abused!

This kind of coverage is deeply disturbing because the fact that the media can get away with it demonstrates that I am surrounded by idiots. A human being who can take this drivel seriously and think it was "abuse" is so far below me intellectually and morally and spiritually that I regard them as absolute dirt. I can think of nothing more apt to make me lose respect for my fellow man, and sadly, these morons are now so commonplace that it is hard to find a sane individual. Thankfully, I count some of these sane people among my readers, so kudos to you, but the rest of society is hopelessly brainwashed by feminist sex-hostility.

And of course they completely control the justice system, which routinely perverts victimless sex into "abuse" simply because someone is underage, and most absurdly of all, imposes the same standards on women even though the boys are in fact the opposite of victims.

This is the stuff of mad nightmares, and it beggars belief that it can exist. I have thought long and hard about why, and reached the conclusion that it can go on all too easily because there is no feedback in the justice system. If people are sent to prison based on absurd laws that have nothing whatsoever to do with reality, how would we know? The scary answer is that we can't. People are labeled as criminals for whatever reason, go to prison and then the narrative of criminality is self-validating and self-perpetuating, reality be damned. Abuse is abuse because it is abuse and offenders are offenders because they are offenders and that is all the proof anyone needs. Unlike air travel, which gives rise to a sense of immediate calamity if airlines operate unsafe planes that don't deliver passengers to their destination, there is no feedback mechanism to tell us that people get convicted based on gobbledygook. Well, none except a few voices of reason like mine crying out in the desert. That is all we have. It is difficult enough to reverse wrongful convictions when someone is factually innocent; when the law itself is out of touch with reality, it is all but impossible. Laws can be based on any crazy ideology or fiction and frequently are, and sadly there is no corrective influence on legislation equivalent to the laws of physics that keep engineers sane. Societies are perfectly capable of persecuting large groups of people for no sensible reason at all, and this can go on for a long time.

To get some idea of how much it takes to reverse misbegotten laws, look at the War on Drugs. It is still going strong despite droves of sensible people pointing out that it does more harm than good. And the few changes that have been made are marginal and incremental, like legalization of cannabis in a few US states after a tedious battle against a monstrous drug war. There is not nearly as much opposition to meaningless and draconian sex laws, so that gives us some idea of how far away the Men's Rights Movement is from achieving any progress. We are doomed to walk among idiots who think underage sex is "abuse" and that even women can be sex offenders in a society which does its level best to reify those lies, but I for one am on a mission to at least make them feel my contempt and disrespect for them as people. I seethe and roil and shake with hatred against all the dimwits who have internalized the antisexual norms of our times, and this is not a figure of speech, it is literally how I am every day. I have to exercise great restraint to even keep my words legal, as the record shows.