Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sexual Utopia in Power

"Sexual Utopia in Power" (The Occidental Quarterly Vol. 6, No. 2) is possibly the best article I have ever read. My blogging against feminism is almost redundant after F. Roger Devlin has put it so well. This is what I have been thinking ever since growing up in the hateful climate of feminism -- and hate breeds hate, resulting in the angry man I am today. These are my views exactly on everything from sexual harassment to divorce. The Occidental Quarterly is clearly a great, paleoconservative journal. It is heartening to see some sanity in this age of feminist terror. I am especially thankful for Devlin's recognition of "the forgotten men" -- the losers -- "of the sexual revolution" (p. 29). I am one of them and it is indeed time for us to speak up. Perhaps we really ought to form gangs which engage in antisocial behavior, as Devlin suggests, to increase our chances with women. It is perplexing and dispiriting that this has not already happened. Where is someone like Catiline when we need him? Or perhaps Spartacus would be a better analogy. We have to do something. Individually, we can improve our lot somewhat by working on our game, studying the material of David DeAngelo, Neil Strauss and the other pickup gurus, but that can only change the order of the hierarchy while the fundamental scarcity of women remains. We can't all be alpha males, by definition. It does not seem to me that the gurus realize this, as evinced by this line from The Game: "By socializing guys like Sasha, Mystery and I were making the world a better place" (p. 87). No, Style, you are not making the world a better place. If Sasha gets lucky, it means some other man will be frustrated instead, and that is just as dangerous. I doubt that there exists a large reservoir of untapped female promiscuity ready to materialize once we all become pickup artists. Perhaps a few spinsters could be converted, but all of us improving will mostly just raise the bar and there will be about the same number of losers as before. To improve the overall situation of men, we have to assault feminism at its core. We must destroy the independence of women which permits them to be so choosy. Of course this means ending welfare and affirmative action, but serial monogamy, which is just as bad as polygamy and has led to a record number of childless men, must also somehow be discouraged by making divorce more difficult. Women will still be hypergamous and men will seek promiscuity, but a kind of sexual egalitarianism will have been brought back when no woman can afford to price herself out of the market. Another strategy is to improve the sex ratio, as Angry Harry is advocating, and that appeals to me even more than restoring monogamy. And why stop at 15%? Let us breed women like cattle! Meanwile, we do still have the option of foreign brides, and that is probably what I will resort to as soon as I can afford it.

I disagree with Devlin's optimism about the tipping point being at hand, that "we have reached the historical moment when we men have the upper hand in the battle of the sexes" (p. 33). The way I see it, we are still in stage two of the sexual revolution -- the reign of terror -- and I think it must get even worse before it can get better. Most men still don't realize what has hit them and many even consider themselves feminists. There has been some reaction, yes -- or you wouldn't be reading this -- but men's activists are still far between and mostly ignored. The men's movement has yet to make the transition into a mass movement, though I concede it could happen at any time and am reasonably confident that it is inevitable. The feminists are still able to pass any law they wish without significant outcry from men. The persecution of men is currently only limited by the imagination of the feminists, as we shall see.

While the other evils of feminism of course also deserve attention, the number one priority of the men's movement should be to fight the feminist definition of rape, in my view. At least this is what enrages me the most, along with their constant assaults on the justice system to bring juries into line with the corrupt laws already passed (Norwegian feminists are even lobbying for abolishing the jury in rape trials in order to boost convictions). In the latest further corruption of British justice, video recordings of statements made to police by alleged rape victims can now be used as their main evidence in court. The feminists at the BBC censored out my comment to this article, so I shall publish it here instead:
This further corruption of justice may help to increase the conviction rate for a while, but it will also help to increase the amount of hostility towards not just feminists (who deserve it) but all women, and hopefully there will be a devastating backlash sooner or later. There is a limit to how far you can go before men will fight back. Personally, I lost sympathy for "rape" victims long ago. It is impossible to take rape seriously the way the feminists have redefined it, and the "justice" system is now clearly just a special interest group for the feminists, or it would be concerned with getting at the truth rather than simply finding ways to convict as many men as possible based on the assumption that everyone accused is guilty, and probably all the rest of us too.

Eivind Berge
Bergen, Norway


Anonymous said...

Women aren't that picky. But it helps to have a basic understanding of them. With that, and general good hygiene, manners and non-pickyness on your part you will find someone.

Read this:

Anonymous said...

This is some of the more frustrating and messed up things I've read and the scary part is, I've been down that lane myself, althou, not that far.

It seems to me like you blame women/feminists for a lot of trouble and grief in your life, but still, you'd like to feel a woman's soft skin on yours. Hmmm...

First of all, the claim that we can't all be alpha males. Well, by definition this is totally correct. But, why not happy about just improving yourself? And most important, don't do it to achieve this and that, do it for yourself. DDA's Deep Inner Game is some rather good stuff. Look for torrents if you don't want to waste the money.

I haven't read the article you are referring to yet, but let me tell you this, friend. It is completely possible to have a good life without a lot of women in your life. Many men thinks it's enough with just one.

Secondly, why should you care what anyone else (feminists) think? It seems to me you've made them the source of all your suffering and grief. My advice to you will here be to read the book "Iron John" by Robert Bly. I hope it might give you a slightly different view on the world. I personally found it interesting.

Third. Women are, strange as it might seem to you, not the indifferent, hateful monsters one might believe after meeting some of them at the wrong time of the month. Maybe you should get to know some? bzzlink have some good points. :)

Anonymous said...

You may also be interested in "The Feminine Sexual Counter-revolution and its Limitations" available at: (file name: Shalit.doc) and "Rotating Polyandry and its Enforcers" at:

Anonymous said...

if they are not feminists, what are they?

Kamal S. said...

I can't blame you for your bitterness. In particular living in a Nordic country, from what little I've read the sexual politics in Northern Europe seem particularly weighed towards a radical gynocratic agenda.

Though I've read Devlin before, I haven't come across this article. I have a slight aversion to the Occidental Quarterly due to the general implication in their editorial stance that my kind are, eh, an inferior breed, if you will.

I do check up on it from time to time though, there are some articles of interest in it.

After reading this article, I frankly found Devlin and his points quite cogent. The article runs the line of most of my male friends' standard coffeehouse diatribes against the peculiar quaint quirks of women.

Misogyny and bitterness were the second stage of my sexual growth, the first being an absolute absurd worship of the female. After Misogyny came understanding, but with intense bitterness.
After this, simply calm, lucid, understanding. I still have pangs of bitterness, but I understand that I was simply lied to about the nature of sex and femininity. And so were many women. I reserve my scorn for those crafting the lies.

What follows is a hypothesis - one I cannot rigorously support. I do suggest that an intelligent mind can winnow similar pictures out of the state of things as they now stand.

On current Western family dynamics, what Devlin seems to treat as a tragic and horrible byproduct of botched attempts at sexual utopia, my thoughts run cynical. I see systematic and deliberate social engineering performed with foreknowledge of the eventual inevitable results, by cynical elites. Why ?

Speculation gets us nowhere, though I have my own ideas and reading Devlin and some of his other essays more closely, one can see a general outline.. but it is useful to recall that certain strata in Western society see the middle classes almost as much as an inferior breed as the lower classes. They are useful as middle management, but the substantial bulk of Europe's wealth remains in the same circles it always has, the Nouveau Riche of the West are simply middle management, old money never left the west, it simply just became more discreet. It protects its interests always.

I suggest that though high IQ members of the Nouveau Riche and middling classes may see some good in the eugenic regimentation of their societies, they themselves are perhaps subjects of a long eugenic experiment run a bit out of control, concerning which they are utterly unaware due to their opinion of their own quality.

An elite's encouraging the proles and middle classes to fornicate indiscriminately whilst controlling their actual breeding (study Western birthrates lately) in effect gives us our cake, and allows us its tasting, while giving our elites the comfort of knowing that only the most select of us will successfully breed in this environment. Lower class breeders are always needed to serve McDonalds burgers, but in general reproduction trends will slow. Replacement populations from other populations who can be controlled as political blocks and who have fewer systemic protections, enables the machine to continue to operate. These people are being used, as we all are.

Reading a good deal of older aristocratic literature and keeping in mind who actually funds the sort of NGOs and foundations that perform the sort of sexual social engineering Devlin notices, is key to this hypothesis - and I admit it is a hypothesis, a cynical one. The attitudes towards class and breeding that I read in high English literature two centuries prior seem so rigid and serve the interests of those holding these attitudes so well that I cannot believe the progressive egalitarianism that pervades elite discourse is any more than skin deep.

Basically the queer communities, feminists, and sexual revolutionaries are simply useful idiots in this scheme. Social Darwinism never left us, and the most compassionate way one may see of controlling certain populations is to give us our flesh's desires and make it impotent.

Those "alpha" males and females most fit to breed, under this scheme, will naturally do so, eventually, after sowing considerable oat, of this outcome most will be janitors and burger flippers, a few bright ones tracked through elementary and high school and pushed by the systems inevitable logic towards management, and the lowest will simply die mostly childless..

A perfect environment for a hedonistic rake, and a miserable social funeral for those who retain scruples.
And for others with enough of a lucid detachment to observe and understand, a living unfolding of the historical processes by which a civilization implodes.

Chat up the barista in your local coffeeshop, invite her up to our hill, pull up a chair lawn with the rest of us, grab a cold one, and toast marshmallows on the fire, as we all watch the slow miserable end of an age, in the valley of broken dreams and sadly smitten hearts.

Anonymous said...

"Chat up the barista in your local coffeeshop, invite her up to our hill, pull up a chair lawn with the rest of us, grab a cold one, and toast marshmallows on the fire, as we all watch the slow miserable end of an age, in the valley of broken dreams and sadly smitten hearts."

Blah blah blah.

Denise said...

check out my blog:

PS: Robert Bly used to beat his wife.

Why are you anti-feminist?

check out Robert Jenkins, Lundy Bancroft, and Jackson Katz.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand, can you clarify what, exactly, you think the role of women should in fact be?

Unknown said...

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