Sunday, January 03, 2010

The abuse industry groweth: animals

Legislators are constantly at work finagling further erosion of our liberties, and this New Year's Day the turn came to animals. It is now illegal in Norway to have sex with animals. It is illegal to use live bait or pet food. You have to be 16 to be responsible for a pet, and it is illegal to fail to report any kind of animal abuse or neglect -- snitching is mandatory. The punishment for breaking this law is up to three years imprisonment.

So what are people going to feed their snakes now that live food is illegal? No problem, Norway already banned reptiles and amphibians back in 1974, no exceptions.

Last year we banned bottle rockets, but that's all good because there is nothing to celebrate anyway. Each year just heralds new prohibitions and more feminism. This year in feminism we are expanding the 40% female quota to apply to the boardrooms of 1500 more companies. Readers of my blog already know how I feel men should react against that.

Happy New Year.