Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Julian Assange: A Case Study of Feminist Corruption of Justice

I am pleased that the Swedish feminist justice system is making a fool of itself in the eyes of the entire world as we speak. The hubris of feminist prosecutors relying on feminist sex law knows no bounds, but they are setting themselves up for a fall.

It is important to understand that the persecution of Assange is not some kind of aberration. It is not a conspiracy having to do with international politics. Nor are the accusations technically false. What we are witnessing is simply the normal workings of a feminist justice system. In Sweden as well as Norway, women routinely accuse men in this fashion in order to bring down upon them the violence of the state. Thanks to a succession of feminist rape law reform, women don't have to make up some sort of story about being forced to have sex in order to have a man prosecuted for "rape." All a woman has to do is show up at a police station, state that she has had sex and is unhappy about it for some reason, and the cops will gleefully trump up rape charges; or if they won't, feminists higher up in the system will make them proceed with the case. Finally, the cases they lose or are forced to drop because the accusations are too absurd even in Scandinavia are portrayed in the media as men getting away with rape and a relentless campaign is waged to further extend the scope of sex law and preferably even abolish the jury in order to convict more men.

What is so heartening about the Assange debacle is the refusal of the rest of the world to buy into the victimology of the accusers (Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén). This finally shows the limits of feminist sex law. There comes a point when the definition of rape is so diluted that it is plain for all but the most radical feminists that the real villain is the legal system itself. I am glad this is getting so much publicity, because it will hurt women and benefit men in the long run to expose the nature of a typical Scandinavian rape prosecution. Our feminists are smart enough to shroud these cases in secrecy and will usually not name even convicted rapists publicly, but now they can't help but receiving full scrutiny.


Eurosabra said...

The interesting point is that Assange could easily be fed into the military justice system via Guantanamo, or (if he needs to go as a civilian) under the Espionage Act of 1917. Ex Parte Quirin is settled law in the United States, so if he is extradited to the US, only eight signatures, including the President's, will be needed to execute him, legally speaking. Leavenworth awaits.

Eivind Berge said...

It sure will be interesting to see where this ends. From an MRA perspective it would be best if Assange is dragged through the courts in Sweden and convicted (without a jury of peers since Sweden doesn't allow one, which alone is horrifying for most people to learn), exposing them as the feminist barbarians they are and dealing a catastrophic blow to the false-rape bubble and abuse industry worldwide. My guess, though, is Swedish prosecutors are now realizing what they have gotten themselves into and will not press charges. There is no way the Swedish system can stand up to that kind of scrutiny and preserve any notion of Sweden as a civilized state. So if they know what is best for women's power, they will try to drop all charges as quietly as possible.

It has already gotten more than a little embarrassing for the Swedes:

"Make no mistake: It is not Julian Assange that is on trial here but Sweden and its reputation as a modern and model country with rules of law."

It is one thing to enforce their bizarre and draconian sex laws against emasculated men in Sweden, but when you instigate a manhunt and international extradition process against a major world figure on the basis of the cutting edge of feminist perversion of rape law, you are in deep shit.

Eurosabra said...

I would not be surprised if the Swedes were offering him 7 to 10 years for voldtekt as a plea bargain, on the grounds that further developments in US case law relating to unlawful combatants in the interim might make it less likely for him to simply legally DIE via Quirin a week after arrival in the USA. It would be a reach--for espionage, you normally have to prove potential or real damage--but if they can prove he accessed American DOD networks, he's a cyber combatant, Quirin, lethal injection. One of the freaky things about America is how easily you can wind up executed for crimes that harm national security, and how things that normally act as protections (non-US citizen civilian status, for example) don't.

The US Private who leaked him the information betrayed an oath to the US Constitution and he will probably die in Leavenworth by lethal injection.

Eivind Berge said...

I don't think Sweden does plea bargaining, at least not officially, but yeah, that would probably be preferable to getting into the hands of the USA.

Everyone who hasn't already should watch this dumb blond Swedish prosecutor Karin Rosanger make a fool of herself on Al Jazeera, though this is from August when they initially decided it was rape and then not before now deciding it might be rape again. You really have to see it to believe it. It would be funny, except these feminist nincompoops really do command the full force of state violence to ruin men's lives.

Anonymous said...

Very good to read your writing; I'm familiar with you from The Spearhead. I like you're writing style; it is intellectual and proves you did not waste your money on your education. I am a little bit older than you, I'm 41. I'm a dual citizen of Canada and the US. Right now I'm living in Vancouver. Anyway, I merely wanted to pass on from one man to another, hang in there. Life will get better. I know all too well the life of sexual frustration. I even had to expatriate myself for eight years and live in Thailand simply to procure a steady supply of sex. Well, I got older and had to face the fact I needed to return home to be serious about career and settling down, etc. Anyway, life is hard for the young man now, but not so bad for men as they age. You will find you think of sex less and less, and women's power will fade. Yes, it is terrible if you always wanted a family, but being a bachelor isn't exactly a hell, either. I have an excess supply of money which I spend on only myself, so now I am taking art and cooking classes. I simply wanted...no, I felt a responsibility to my fellow man to let you know that I think life will get better for you as you get older. I did not know this side of Norway, so I thank you for sharing. I wonder what happened...we have this image over here in North America that Norway is a land of men; tall, broad shouldered men who don't take shit off of anyone. Now you are writing something which subverts that myth. You are implying that Norway is a nation of men who prostrate themselves before a Despotic Vagina. How did this happen?

Also, from one man to another, and I mean this as someone who was raised Christian, so I have well intentions: Do you not think it a touch provocative to write about how happy you were to see a police officer killed? Norway is a small nation, and you are not anonymous. Did you have reservations before you posted that story? I was once as a young man charged and convicted with being in control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated. I was drunk, yes, but I had the foresight to park my car. Anyway, a police officer came by (I guess someone must have tipped him off) and I gave him a breathalyzer sample; I was charged with being in control of a vehicle while drunk, even though the car was parked. It is on my record permanently, for the rest of my life. It has not negatively affected me, yet.

The point I am making is - you are a young man. Don't you think you should be thoughtful about posting a story about being cheerful a policeman was killed, in a small nation like Norway? Please consider your future. I am trying to be well intentioned here. I am not a fan of the police, either. But this man also had a mother, a father, and maybe brother and sister. I can only presume that Norway must be some kind of Hell for you to write that, because you are obviously intelligent with a sharp mind.

Perhaps you could inform me, or your readers more specifically, the sexual scene in Norway. Right now, in Vancouver, we also have raging feminism. But there is no law to make Boardrooms 40% female. That will never happen here, in my opinion. Also, if I really must get my rocks off, I can look at Craigslist escorts and make a phone call; asian massage with happy ending is $80 or $100. Prostitution is not so bad here; Canada is liberal but very realistic. Canadians know deep down that sex must be procured by men or else there will be even worse problems.

Anyway, I've spoken enough. Keep writing; you are talented.

And also, do not worry so much if you are concerned about being an aging bachelor. If you maintain your health and keep saving your money, you are untouchable. When you get older you can do whatever you want. Six months in Indonesia, Philippines or Thailand, and six summer months back in Norway. Or whatever you want. The point is, you sound distressed; I want to know why. Being a young, healthy white man shouldn't be so bad.

Eivind Berge said...

Thanks, but something you say only underscores the desperate urgency of finding a woman now:

"You will find you think of sex less and less, and women's power will fade."

That is anything but reassuring. More like a memento mori. So far, though, I only think of sex more and more as celibacy is crushing my soul to the point where nothing but hate is left of me. I refuse to go down as a fading loser, no matter what happens. I am still relatively young but not for long, and health is not guaranteed to last, either. I don't feel I have much time at all. It is depressing in itself that men get much less violent with age, but then again Sodini was 48.

I don't think you can comprehend the depth of sex-hostility in this society, and while feminists make the laws, cops are the enforcers. Not neutral enforcers just doing their job; they actively prioritize enforcing feminist sex law over real crimes. They have even taken to entrapping men for trying to fuck imaginary females that they enact in stings online thanks to newly expanded power. I detest cops on an intensely personal level, and I am not afraid to provoke them because I have nothing to lose. How can you hurt a man who has no realistic prospects of having a sex life? Honestly, I positively look forward to a lethal confrontation with Norwegian policemen whereby the seething hatred and homicidal rage roiling inside me can come to fruition. You have to understand there is currently no way I can have sex without being a criminal anywhere in the word. The criminalization of buying/bartering sex applies worldwide for Norwegian men, even where it is legal -- such is the extent of feminist oppression and hubris. They have the will and law, if not quite the power yet, to hunt us down to the edge of doom for having sex. They want to bring Norwegian expats fucking whores to justice in their kangaroo courts like they do Assange. The ramifications of this are profoundly hateful and violent. Does it really surprise you that I want to kill the enforcers of this status quo, the enforcers of my celibacy and loneliness? It is becoming very clear that having a girlfriend, here in Norway at least, is not a realistic life goal. And when love is not attainable, you start dreaming of revenge instead. It is easier to kill a pig than to get laid. It is A LOT easier. Much less meaningful too, of course, but it counts for something. I am not one to go gentle into that good night as an evolutionary dead end.

I am distressed because feminism has made women so picky here that I don't stand a chance. And they are determined to use the full violence of the state to make sure it stays that way. I am determined to fight them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for responding to me. I want to pursue this a little further, and then I will let you be.

"I refuse to go down as a fading loser, no matter what happens."

I understand you; I had to take a good hard look in the mirror when I approached the age of 40 and still with no wife or children. Moreover, no girlfriend, as I realized all my time spent in Thailand was a joke. And if you are thinking I am some fat, bald idiot, let me disabuse you of that notion. I am 6' tall, 185 lbs, and what most people consider handsome. While I am not overly educated, I do have a BA, and I can carry myself well in a conversation. In other words, I am painfully aware that being a bachelor can be construed as being a loser. Can you please refresh my memory: are you 32 years old? What is your age?

I ask you this because as I've said, I can understand what it means to potentially have to live alone for the rest of one's life.

As absurd as it may sound, it's not so bad. If you are 32 yrs old, then yes, it sounds like hell on earth, because you have 12 million spermatozoa racing through your blood just dieing to get out. This is now. In a few years it won't be so painful. Let me tell you: just as in most western countries, my best friends were married briefly, then their wives left them shortly after the first child was born. This is standard now; I'm sure you've seen this in Norway. My point is, who would you rather be: them or me? I have no child support payments. Sometimes I wonder if they are better off, with their visitations of twice per month to see their kid, and a few days each summer. Or me, who has no kid to see. What do you think? Personally, I prefer my situation. I also have my limit, and can lose my temper when triggered. If a woman tried to steal my kid and regulate my visitations I feel I would have no choice but to kill her. So, to make a long story short, it is better for me to have no kids and no child support payments.

But I've digressed. My original claim is, you do not sound like a lunatic. You sound like you were raised in a two-parent family in what is considered a 'normal' environment. This is why I sense you are being hyperbolic in your writings. Are you?

"You have to understand there is currently no way I can have sex without being a criminal anywhere in the word. The criminalization of buying/bartering sex applies worldwide for Norwegian men, even where it is legal..."

Are you serious?

"They want to bring Norwegian expats fucking whores to justice in their kangaroo courts like they do Assange..."

Again, are you serious?

I saw many Norwegian having the time of their lives in Thailand. Sadly, as I found out, Thailand is not a place where one finds true love. Sex is freely given away; you don't need a prostitute to get a woman in Thailand. But it is not you they love; it is the status a white man brings them that they love. This is why I left. I met many a raging alcoholic Norwegian men who were stuck in this same predicament: they found a Thai woman who was fucking them sometimes several times a day, but in the final conclusion they, like me, realized it was not true love. No choice but to come home and start over. Some Norwegian men stayed anyway, and chose the loveless sex, because it was better than no sex at all back in Norway. What are your thoughts?

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, I am 32 years old. I don't want to feel better without achieving my goals. I don't want to give up as you have done. I disagree: It is not better to have no kids than to pay child support. I know it happens a lot, but might not, and in any case men should attack feminism and the enforcers rather than a woman taking advantage of the system, in my view. Attack the structural problems while personally making the best of a bad job. I suspect you may regret having no kids yourself some day. Are you prepared to have "obit sine prole" written on your tombstone? And who will inherit? Then you lose everything anyway.

I was indeed raised in a two-parent Christian family in a normal environment, albeit in a society increasingly controlled by feminists. The war against male sexuality has radically escalated since, without much resistance. Norway now scarcely resembles the place I grew up in. The sex laws have been reformed beyond recognition since I was a kid, and as a keen observer my hate has grown every step of the way since as a young boy I heard it was now illegal to rent housing to prostitutes. We have since reached a level of absurd sex-hostility where Norwegian men are criminalized even for visiting legal brothels abroad. I am not joking. There might be a slight touch of hyperbole about the realistic enforcement of this law abroad, but the intention is clear enough. If they can prove I had sex for money or gave the woman anything in return anywhere in the world, I am guilty. (While the whores of course are innocent "victims" who can sell sex in Norway legally without even having to pay taxes.) My seething hatred engendered by feminism and celibacy and directed against cops is not the slightest bit exaggerated. I am usually very forthright in my writings. And I am not a lunatic. It is quite healthy and adaptive to react with decisive violence to involuntary celibacy. Being happy in this situation would be pathological. I have my values fully aligned with my genes.

I think you might have a point about Thailand, though I have yet to see for myself. The whores are much cheaper, but a whore is likely all I can get there. I won't end up raging alcoholic, however, since I have quit drinking, and of course loveless sex is better than no sex at all here in Norway. I am thinking about maybe going to Cambodia instead. The more backwards, the better for picking up girls.

Anonymous said...

You have to understand there is currently no way I can have sex without being a criminal anywhere in the word.

Well, maybe you should have thought of that before you decided to make yourself the poster boy for rape apologists.

I'd be astounded if any sane woman voluntarily wanted to have sex with you after Googling your name for a couple of seconds - but you brought it entirely upon yourself.

Anonymous said...

You've got evolution all wrong. It's not about the survival of the individual. It's about the development of traits that benefit the species. And apparently your traits are not beneficial to humanity.

Eivind Berge said...

I didn't bring the feminist reign of terror upon myself, you stupid mangina without the balls to even sign your name to politically correct comments around here. Anyway, a poster boy for anything can get laid, given enough notoriety. Particularly after proving his violently criminal bona fides. No cause was ever too wicked or crime too horrific to attract female admirers so long as it made a man famous. And no, it doesn't have to benefit the species. Female attraction is a simple matter insofar as alpha status is just as effective whether it is applied for good or evil. In the present feminist police state, what you call rape apology is a force for good, and I am the only one brave enough to stand up for it. This is not ultimately an unattractive quality to women. One local woman already commented she was impressed I had managed by my blogging to make myself a little bit interesting despite being a totally uninteresting person.

Meanwhile, Googling does not deter same night lays, which is the only way I have gotten laid here in Norway anyway (except one woman I asked out on a date who would have had time to look me up, but she too only wanted a one-night stand). My other two success stories consisted of isolating a drunk girl who would have never done it with her judgment intact. The problem now is not my public views, but the practical difficulty of preying on intoxicated women after having quit drinking myself. And sober women sure as hell don't need to read my blog to know they don't want to fuck me. Feminism has made them so choosy it would be out of the question anyway, and prostitution prohibitively expensive as well as illegal for johns. The sober truth is women need to be coerced into sex in a feminist society unless they are drunk or you are alpha (and even then they can easily turn around and cry rape, as they did with Assange). Gender equality can be achieved only through robbing/incarcerating men and raping women, and somebody needs to blow the whistle on this.

Fred said...

I'm the 'anonymous' one from earlier who wrote the long-winded posts. So now I'll go by 'Fred' so you don't confuse with me with other 'anonymous' responders.

Straighten me out on this, please. Are you saying prostitution is illegal in Norway? Are you saying there is absolutely no way you can procure sex? If this is the case well then yes, I sympathize with you. Maybe you could plan weekend trips to Sweden and indulge yourself there, or are they even worse?

As far as children are concerned, I stand by what I say: the day will come when you see children as a burden, and you lose respect for men who have had offspring. It really is no great feat. Stick it in, ejaculate -that does not mean a man should get a gold medal for simply fertilizing an embryo. This may sound nihilistic, but if you only knew the average and ordinary men and women who had kids that I have met over the years, you would see things as I do. Most families in Canada and the USA do not even have the means or the time to cook a proper meal; they are so harassed and harried trying to maintain their position within the middle class that they have time only for microwave meals or MacDonalds. Do you understand what I am saying?

The only reason you give so much value to having children is because you are young, and that is understandable. For hundreds of years men and women had large families. There is a larger theme to be extracted from your writing. This is what you should concentrate on, since you are educated. It is like panning for gold: most of what you collect will be dust, but every now and again you will be rewarded with the theme. The real question you are asking which your writing is all about is not 'how to get laid' nor is it really about sex. It is about what is the meaning of life, don't you think? Your writing is not so much political as it is philosophical. I should tell you, even if you got a steady supply of sex, not even that would satisfy you, as mankind always wants more. A man with a bag of cocaine grows tired with simply a bag; soon he wants to run the operation, do you see what I mean?

Just out of curiosity, you do not need to answer: what is your family's role in the Nazi occupation of WW2? Some resisted but we all know many Norwegians sided with the Nazis. I won't judge you on this, it is just my own devilish curiosity. For what it's worth, my Grandfather is Irish and the only reason why they chose 1916 as the time for their uprising against the British was because they knew it was a moment of weakness as the Brits we already occupied with WW1. So was your Grandfather a Quisling?

Eivind Berge said...

The legal status of prostitution in Norway is everything is illegal except selling. Whores are free to sell, but johns are criminals (and so are pimps and so on). It was Sweden who invented this feminist model of criminalizing buyers but not sellers ten years before we did, so it hardly helps to go there. Moreover, this Norwegian law applies to Norwegian citizens everywhere in the world. Try and comprehend the absurd overreach of this: I am a criminal and can be convicted back in Norway even if I visit legal prostitutes in another country. Now do you understand why I'm itching to bust open some copper head? Not that I give a shit about breaking the law, but the criminalization drives up the price of sex and increases the difficulty of women before they will put out across the board, which is the real purpose of the law. I currently cannot procure sex in any way except rape. The local prostitutes are prohibitively expensive and I cannot afford to travel.

I am also amazed that droves of mediocre men somehow manage to impregnate women and attain fatherhood. However, I reach the opposite conclusion based on this. It means I am not even as good as they are. I abhor condoms and do my best to impregnate any woman I can and the result is still zero, while these bozos have found a way to do it. The closest I came was with an American girl I was with for six weeks (right before I had to leave the country after six years as a student) who actually wanted to get pregnant, and at one point thought she was. Then she got a pregnancy test and we were both very disappointed.

While I may touch on philosophical issues sometimes inadvertently, I am really just concerned with sex at this point. MRAism, as I see it, is above all about getting laid, as well as what happens when you do (like getting feminist rape law quashed). The central question for all of us in the men's movement should be access to women's bodies and reproductive function. Basic needs must be addressed before you can contemplate the meaning of life in a larger sense, and sex is a basic need. Reproduction is certainly the proximate, if not the ultimate, meaning of life. Mankind always wants more; it is true, but studies show that past a certain point of wealth, your happiness does not really increase much. What I am talking about, however, makes a huge difference. I have had to sleep alone for years at a time; right now it has been about 600 nights since I had any intimacy. What you are saying is the equivalent of telling a homeless man he shouldn't worry about finding a house because then he will just want a mansion and be equally unsatisfied; he should instead sit down and think about the meaning of life. It doesn't work like that. Covering basic needs makes a world of difference, and having a woman and family is just the basics. I know from experience this will make me happy. I am a man of the world stuck in a feminist hellhole, not some stupid virgin who can be fooled into thinking women aren't all that important. The American woman mentioned above was also a single mom and I practically lived with her for six weeks. We were like a family and it was the happiest time of my life.

My grandfather was a sailor in the merchant marine during WWII. He was torpedoed by the Germans and survived, got medals for it. As far as I know, nobody in my family was a Quisling and I don't understand where you would get that idea.

Anonymous said...

I didn't bring the feminist reign of terror upon myself, you stupid mangina without the balls to even sign your name to politically correct comments around here.

It's not "politically correct" to find rape abhorrent, you absolute moral cretin.

But I see there's little point in arguing with you, because like many genuinely insane people, you clearly have no idea of the level of your insanity.

Thankfully, you seem to be in a minority here - and I take being insulted by you as a sign that I must be doing something right. For starters, I suspect I get laid more often in a week than you manage in a year, if not decade.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how your assertion that you get laid more than the author of this blog has anything to do with anything. It's just an ad hominem attack.

Whether you get laid or not is often subject to the entire genetic lottery. Lottery losers become excluded males like the blog author here. Excluded males are a growing percentage of the population, by the way. This could get ugly.

My point is that what views someone holds and sometimes even what actions they take often have very little affect on their sexual market value. If they did, explain the not insignificant amount of women that fawn over serial killers, serial rapists and other criminals.

Ted Bundy was quite the ladies man, as an example. According to you he should have been worse off than this blog's author.

Anonymous said...

Whether you get laid or not is often subject to the entire genetic lottery. Lottery losers become excluded males like the blog author here. Excluded males are a growing percentage of the population, by the way. This could get ugly.

The weaker males have and should be excluded, that's much how evolution works. The problem is when hyper intelligent guys like Eivind are excluded because very smart people often appear different than others. And that above average and average ability salt of the earth guys are expected to make Norwegian roads, buildings, produce and transport anything worth having, pump up all the oil from the North Sea etc., while living involuntary lonely lives because their only worth is supporting a system that treats them with contempt. Why the hell would they want to support a system that's a parasite which starts biting once it feels it hasn't sucked out enough juice from their hosts, or whenever it feels like inflicting some random pain?

Meanwhile, their natural partner(s) are doing the alpha cockhopping carousel, only to become bitter and lonesome once their looks and youth are gone and they understand they were no more than a usable axewound in a piece of flesh, no more interesting today than the remains of yesterdays dinner.

So yes, this will get very ugly unless something changes, because while suppressing non-resourceful men is a time honored tradition, suppressing resourceful men will usually result in conflicts when those men band together and start thinking like Eivind. Big conflicts.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how your assertion that you get laid more than the author of this blog has anything to do with anything. It's just an ad hominem attack.

My apologies - I was under the impression that ad hominem attacks were fine and dandy round here, if only because our host is so free and easy with them himself. Indeed, I believe I was responding to just such an attack.

And my point was a serious one. Eivind can rant and rave all he likes about how men who actually respect women and treat them as something more than wet squishy holes are "manginas", but it's pretty clear who's having the last laugh, usually in bed with another human being wrapped round them entirely voluntarily. And it sure as hell ain't Eivind.

Anonymous said...

My apologies - I was under the impression that ad hominem attacks were fine and dandy round here

And where did he say they weren't allowed? Nowhere. He just pointed out the obvious logical implication, that they were of no consequence concerning the issue, which goes for the rest of your post and a most of the other stuff you post as well. Ad hominem attacks work just fine for chasing away dribbling idiots, especially when displayed with a touch of class, but they don't add much to the discussion in terms value.

Eivind can rant and rave all he likes about how men who actually respect women and treat them as something more than wet squishy holes are "manginas"

How about discussing the issue at hand and not just try to make yourself look good and discredit your opponents arguments?

usually in bed with another human being wrapped round them entirely voluntarily. And it sure as hell ain't Eivind.

I've had a lot more desirable women than average. Fortunately it hasn't made me delusional to the point that I think I'm correct every time women are being discussed.

Maybe you should pay more attention to the discussion than your internet claims of personal love life success if you feel you have anything to contribute in the future. It's not that interesting to hear about for the rest of us, really.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! I think you've encapsulated the mission of this blog and our challenge.