Thursday, May 23, 2019

The downside of political honesty

Today I had two women from a coparents site turn me down because and only because they googled me. Previously I have lost connection with a very broody 16-year-old girl for the same reason.

My approach to dating has been to treat my political views and reputation as perfectly normal and not even mention them, since there is no issue unless they make one, but that isn’t working very well. It worked fine for the Nigerian lady to whom I donated sperm for (failed) IVF. She either didn’t know or didn’t care that I am a dissident. It also works fine for Tinder dates, who are (so far) invariably contracepted. But when it comes to reproduction, women usually dig deeper.

I am hyperpolitical, which means I prioritize politics over my personal well-being, or did long enough that it can’t be undone perhaps short of changing my name. Hyperpolitical disorder is a kind of overdeveloped altruism, idealism and honesty, afflicting the sort willing to fight for minority principles or at least not hide them. We are no more violent than others since most men can be made to fight by the majority, but hyperpoliticals are what freedom-fighters and terrorists are made of. I didn’t go down that path, which makes me too boring to attract hybristophiles, yet my break with society makes me too freaky for the rest. Or does it?

I have taken steps to reduce my hyperpoliticalism, which works on my composure but doesn’t affect search-engine hits that are out of my control. Of course, if I hadn’t expressed my MRA/male sexualist views, they would still be what they are, and who knows what unexpressed tendencies others have? With me, what you see is what you get. I am neither a hypocrite nor a coward and obviously not a psychopath since they would never express disadvantageous opinions. I don’t hide my politics or unpopular views under anonymous accounts like many do. I am a public figure and completely open about my opinions.

That is just the way it is, for better or for worse.


John said...

And that's why,as I've mentioned before, you'll never be any kind of successful with women(same here of course,I'm considered too "intense" about certain subjects) and it doesn't matter one bit if you never "fap" again or not,we are what we are (we're not exactly 'pretty boys' either) and we won't ever change because that requires free will, which we don't possess!
So,the lesson is, be born into money,and the world can be yours regardless of any defects(Trump is an excellent example of this)
Good luck everyone!

Eivind Berge said...

Failure is an option. Not trying is not an option for me.

I just befriended a nice girl who agrees with male sexualist politics. She also doesn't want to have children, but they are out there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah there are toadies out there.

Eivind Berge said...

I am not a homeowner and I don't live in the UK, but if I were, I would take this personally:

Men who give women rooms for sex now (since January 2019) risk up to seven years in prison.

More criminalization of our sexuality and misrepresentation of female sexual advantage as men being sexual predators. But where is the outrage? As usual with laws against men, only from us no-account male sexualists while the rest join in the demonization choir against sex. Meanwhile laws against women (abortion laws) get struck down immediately. We really need to man up. And as usual maybe somewhere down the line this will be used to convict a woman, expanding the female sex offender charade further too, and still I will be the only one protesting. These antisex laws feed on themselves and create more and more absurd crime, yet no one cares because sex is so singularly demonized in our culture that no criminalization or punishment can be too much.

We are lucky if a man cares about an antisex law because he himself is a victim of it, but even that is exceedingly rare. Men who oppose antisex on general principle are so rare that I am doomed to walk the earth in extreme ideological isolation.

John said...

No you're not, so am I.
only I'm not just doomed to walk the earth in ideological isolation, but in isolation from the entire female species as well. feel better now? Probably not.
I just realize it's game OVER.
Anyway,how's it going with women now that you've been practicing no fap?
Lemme are now wildly successful with the ladies?! No?

Eivind Berge said...

Nofap makes you the best man you can be and is therefore absolutely something you should practice, but doesn't automatically make you wildly successful with the ladies because that requires extra luck and dedication. I do have chances, but not optimal ones yet. For example I just talked to a 41-year-old woman who wants to get pregnant and was open to doing it with me, but says she has only a 35% chance of conception at her age even if we try for a whole year. Since she also lives far away, we decided it wasn't worth the effort and travel expenses.

So I need a younger woman. I'd say 35 is the cutoff age at this point, since my time is running out and I really need good fertility. With nofap and dedication, I think that's realistic for you too, John. We are not "doomed" to anything but ideological isolation, and with families that might not be the case either. Perhaps the only way to grow male sexualism is to have children who will learn our values.

John said...

Me have kids? Haha well I'd have to female wants to even get near me! and I'm too old and don't want kids anyway.
actually right now, I'm just trying to find a flea market so I can at least go back to making money.
No family, no woman is bad enough but no money coming in is really unacceptable.
And it was (of course) a female that got me "banned" from not one, but now 2 different markets,AND twitter of COURSE.
So these females are now really enjoying and using their "amazing" skill at whining and playing victim to the hilt.

"For the safety and security of our vendors and customers, you can't come back".

This is what I hear after a mere 3 days at this market and there were NO incidents, no "fights" not even a mild disagreement.
That old "white privilege" that I never had is quickly vanishing.
Great time to be a celebrity or a billionaire though.
It looks like I do have a lead though.i finally found a sane non drunk that has a valid license! to possibly set up in my stead.

Eivind Berge said...

At least you don't have the financial authorities shutting you down like I do with my bitcoin trade. Due to a new money laundering law bitcoin is regulated so hard, and they process applications so slowly, that only five companies in Norway are allowed to trade bitcoin yet. I need to get on this list before I can trade again:

We thought cryptocurrencies would lead to more freedom but instead they brought more regulation than I could ever imagine. And I have to imagine it before I can get a license because I need routines to deal with it all.

All these difficulties seem to be related to my nonconformism. Unusual interests and opinions lead to unusual problems as well. There are also great opportunities on these fringes, but I didn't quite succeed with anything.

John said...

I hear ya! Our opinions are not at all welcome by pretty much everyone, but women especially.(gotta keep the conversation 'light')
Most women don't want to talk politics.
its a REAL turn off to them.
As for 'no fap' WHO is it for exactly?
not incels,and the wealthy/famous certainly don't need it.
sports stars, celebrities, women throw themselves at.
just look at tiger woods.
he's had hundreds of premium white women,and by all accounts he's a dirty bastard.

Eivind Berge said...

Nofap is for every man who cares about his sexual health. It is not just a tool to overcome inceldom or anything like that -- though it works extremely well to that end -- but a lifelong commitment to be healthy and have as much real sex as you can. If you are a celebrity and women throw themselves at you, then you obviously want to desire and perform your best with all those women, so nofap is highly relevant to them as well.

Furthermore, nofap is a perk of being a male sexualist, an almost esoteric sort of knowledge and practice that makes us elite. We know how precious and fragile our libidos are, so we nurture them against noxious influences that diminish so many other men. The result is a superpower compared to what they have, but really just healthy and normal male sexuality like everything we fight to decriminalize. Nofap is so powerful and empowering to men that feminists would criminalize that too if they knew what it did.

John said...

Yeah but this is no hobby for me.its a being blacklisted is not good.
Now, I have to go further and further, and that's going to cost me and I don't want to! Why should I? I didn't DO anything illegal, immoral, or unethical.i guess I just must start kissing wimmenz dirty asses.or get this guy I mentioned to set up for me.he's a 'yes ma'am' kinda guy so this could work out well.

Eivind Berge said...

This piece of news is very different from what we are used to, the first time in recent memory I've seen a "sex crime" not being blown out of proportion by the justice system, but simply prosecuted as no more serious than it is.

The billionaire chairman of Arcadia group, the retail empire that includes Topshop, was charged with "knowingly touching another person with the intent to injure, insult or provoke" in 2016 and 2018, said Deputy County Attorney Lauren E. Deakin for Pima County, Arizona, to CNN.

Each count of misdemeanor assault carries a potential sentence of up to 30 days in jail, a fine of not more than $500 and up to one year of probation.

This is also how to not have a female sex offender charade. If forced sexual contact with a woman (including intercourse) must be prosecuted, something like misdemeanor assault would be the appropriate offense.

In the current climate of antisex hate, it really boggles the mind that the justice system didn't go overboard with this one. Perhaps the fact that he is a billionaire has something to do with it?

John said...

Not a doubt in my mind.
If it were me?!
Omg forget it.
Women live and love to make life hell for most men.
Billionaires and celebrity men excluded of course.

John said...

Jesus k risstt!! Eivind, did you see this? Florida, the police state of states, wants to start a registry of pimps and John's!?!

I don't have a link to post, but you can't even make this shit up.
Just the latest in this war on men, but this is INsanity.

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, it never ends. The war on men and sex is the ultimate excuse for the police state. No method is excessive to them, no matter how intrusive or dishonest. In the Robert Kraft case the cops made a fake bomb threat to place surveillance equipment in the massage parlor. The police will literally become terrorists to uncover unauthorized hand jobs, is how evil they are and how insanely high is the government's priority of the war on sex. Conspiracy theories are rarely true unless they are in the service of antisex, in which case you can't make this shit up.

John said...

You can't even pick up a whore anymore without winding up on a registry?!
they just can NOT cram enough bodies into these prisons.
and these idiots out here salute these military "heroes" for fighting and dying overseas for "freedom"?

They're killing to expand empire.any freedoms we had here are disappearing fast!
In any case, ANY country with this obscene level of inequality could never be considered "free".
And the surveillance is getting so so bad.

Eivind Berge said...

And as if feminist sex-hostility wasn't enough, look what has happened to one of our own. WTF has gotten into Roosh? He now says he believes casual sex is a "sin" and doesn't want to help men commit such "evil" acts:

Is this a joke that I don't get or has he truly turned into a religious nutcase? Not that he ever espoused all of our male sexualist values, but I thought he at least could be distinguished from the feminists, which is evidently not the case anymore. Whether you believe sex offends God or victimizes women is the same shit and it's sad to see that he has fallen for it.

Eivind Berge said...

More on Roosh’s religious belief:

Things you can no longer discuss on Roosh’s forum:

"-Meeting women with the intention of fornicating with them
-How to bang
-Physical intimacy with women you’re not married to beyond the act of kissing
-Maintaining relationships with multiple women (i.e. spinning plates)
-Cheating on significant others (adultery)
-Using technology to fornicate
-Discussion of travel destinations which are best for fornication
-Stories of sexual activity while not married
-Promoting masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, etc."

Opposing masturbation is highly commendable (we don't need anal either), and it is fine to say that non-monogamy should be carried out without cheating, but it’s clear from this list that Roosh has otherwise gone off his rocker. It is one thing to be religious, but this is a silly way to go about it. If God created man, he did so by natural selection, which means God also created our sexuality. God did not create the male desire to fornicate along with a moral fact that fornication is bad (unless he is evil… and whether God can create moral facts is another discussion that I will leave aside for now). Then again, God created both predators and prey, but I do not believe in a God who takes the side of prey alone. I believe God loves predators and prey equally. This is a gynocentric view of God which makes male sexuality extra sinful for no good reason.

Eivind Berge said...

So Roosh didn't find all his pickup success meaningful and now thinks life would have been better without fornication? He did indeed do it wrong, but the problem is not fornication. Now 40 and not having kids to show for all that sex is a real shortcoming, however. He should have been a male sexualist and embraced all aspects of his natural sexuality. Male sexualists can be religious or not -- just not in a bigoted antisex way like Roosh is adopting -- but in addition to nofap we do know better than to use condoms and we prefer the most fertile women not on birth control. By thus embracing our sexuality completely, we don’t need any “God pill” to make up for bad choices and we certainly don’t embrace feminist-like antisex ideals just because we screwed up. I am still childless too, but trying to do something constructive about it rather than engage in such nonsense that only wastes more time and makes it worse.

Reassess your life, but take the pink pill instead -- male sexualism. Anything else is delusional and unfulfilling. With Roissy gone and Roosh converted to antisex, and The Antifeminist stuck in a masturbatory psychosis, there is not much left of the sex-positive manosphere. But we shall make it great again, and better than ever! Male sexualism FTW!

To real men there is nothing better and more meaningful than sex, but it must be practiced completely, accepting the consequences that in turn become just as important. Trying to have a hedonistic life of sex without any other result than a high notch count ultimately leaves you hollow, as Roosh has discovered, but his error was not “fornication.” The problem is that you never really embraced your sexuality in the first place. Only the male sexualists do that fully. We are the egosyntonic, the few, the proud. “God” saying not to fornicate is equally idiotic as the feminists saying not to break any of their senseless or gynocentric taboos, and male sexualists pay no heed to either of them.

Eivind Berge said...

While the war on sex only keeps getting worse, this is a remarkable victory towards ending the war on drugs:

Natural psychedelics and natural sex should both be legal, of course, but you can count on the government to criminalize at least one of them to keep the prisons full.

jack said...

Roosh renegating on his books? Holy shit. He of all men. Was he threatened? I think he is being blackmailed.

Eivind Berge said...

I wrote a post on Roosh's conversion to religious sex-hostility:

Meanwhile there is a straight pride parade planned in Boston but they couldn't find a straight guy to front it:

So they had to resort to Milo Yiannopoulos. And they're not even MRAs, much less male sexualists, just regular heterosexual men and they couldn't find a single representative. That's how marginal we are.

John said...

Yeah isn't that pathetic? and yes I was thinking about attending one of roosh's 'tour' stops but I doubt it now.I don't need to here his 'wisdom' from either his years of global fornication,or his religious conversion.