Thursday, September 12, 2019

We are conscientious objectors

Male sexualists are not violent insurgents. Not because society doesn't deserve it, but because then we would be pathetically easy to take out. We don't even incite violence, which is why the government were thoroughly humiliated when they tried to prosecute me. Instead, we are conscientious objectors to the war on sex. We simply do not participate in the persecution of normal male sexuality, nor do we participate in the female sex offender charade, and we promote such conscientious objection for all.

If you are judge or juror in a sex case based on the laws we oppose, you must refuse to convict regardless of the facts. If you are a prison guard tasked with incarcerating such an offender, you must quit your job. If you are a police officer you must likewise resign if ordered to enforce unjust sex laws. And so on throughout the abuse industry, down to therapists and teachers and health care workers and everyone else ordered to promote sex-hostility in every way.

This is how to be a male sexualist. Let it be known that we are conscientious objectors. Conscientious objection is the mindset we must assume, and an easy way to explain why we always go for jury nullification and otherwise refuse to contribute to the sex war.

We take the moral high ground and do what is honorable, what our conscience tells us. We are the conscientious objectors to the war on normal sexuality. We are the male sexualists.

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