Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Men's Movement has a new leader

The aim of the Men's Rights Movement is to defeat the Puritan-Feminist morality which criminalizes normal male sexuality, and so far we have only failed. Not entirely for lack of trying, as I, for example, have made myself the worst Norwegian enemy of the state since Quisling in an attempt to overturn it, but we failed to affect policy at all. To win the sex war, we need someone like Tom Grauer of The Daily Antifeminist [Update: Tom now blogs at The Triweekly Antifeminist. Another update as of 2020: Tom has dropped out of activism and doesn't have a blog anymore]. He seems shocking at first sight, but now he has explained the method in his madness:

Rape Apologia: Explainig The Method in The Madness

And it is highly persuasive! Actual madness would be to keep doing the same thing while expecting a different result, but that is not what he is attempting. The Daily Antifeminist blog represents a radically new approach, the rationale for which he explains well in the above post. So troll on, Tom, and good luck!

I will, however, leave the trolling to him. One benefit of that blog is that I get to be a moderate in comparison. Of course, I knew even as I was being put in prison as an "extreme blogger" in 2012 that I was not really extreme, but since we had no one like Tom Grauer to compare me to, that was the public perception. Some perspective was sorely needed, and now we have it.

So when he says, for example, that rape should be legal, I can present a counterargument which sounds -- and is -- very moderate and reasonable, but at the same time encapsulates all that is really needed to liberate male sexuality. My reluctance to proclaiming that "rape should be legal" is not due to thinking that we necessarily need rape laws, most of which I have been resisting all along, but the other crimes subsumed in "rape" that we really can't do without. For example, in order to rape a woman (I mean really rape her, not some feminist regret-rape) you have to violently assault/threaten/restrain her somehow, and that means you have already committed other crimes before you get to the sex. So rape would not be legal just because we abolish the crime of "rape," unless we also instate exemptions to a lot of other crimes for the purpose of rape. And that would be insane -- we would have a situation where you could knock someone out in the street or threaten them at gunpoint and then excuse yourself by saying you were only trying to rape them. The reasonable position is that having an extra, aggravating crime of "rape" on top of all other laws that deal with violence is optional, and in any case it needs to be reasonably defined.

I am here to say that feminist sexual legislation needs to be entirely repealed, and only then can we get around to discussing reasonable alternatives. Thank you, Tom, for making it more possible to even have this debate without being labeled as an extremist.


Anonymous said...

Hi Eivind, today I bring here the list of shame: the femihag of the year:


FemiHag of the Year 2017 – Hannah Wallen

The supposed female leader of the modern MRA or MHRA:

"Hannah claims that any man finding 17 year old ‘children’ attractive are paedophiles, and that the age of consent should be raised to 21. The most important issue for men’s rights is the underreported problem of teenage boys being seduced by older women, a crime of such supernatural magnitude (quoting feminist scientific studies) that the boys themselves are not only robbed of their souls, they become paedophile child sex predators themselves…a bit like how werewolves and vampires operate."

She is the proclaimed by AvM as female LEADER OF THE MODERN MENS RIGHTS MOVENMENT!!!!!!

What a f**king femihag!!!

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, I got into a conversation on Twitter with Hannah Wallen last year and can confirm that her femihag of the year award is well deserved. She represents the sex-negative, fake "MRA" movement which is all about pretending that women can "rape" boys and cares nothing about the actual sexual persecution that men endure at the hands of the government.

Anonymous said...

Someone should contact theantifeminist (the last true MRA representative along with holocaust21 and Eivind) of this event so he make his vote about this proclamation to Tom Grauer as The Leader.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

It's my opinion that law enforcement is little more than "the royal soldiers hauling away a peasant for making fun of the king and queen".

Essentially 20% of written laws are of the practical kind: Being against murder, assault, rape, theft, and aggressive trespasses.
The remaining 80% are essentially "anti-heresy"---retaliation against displays and attitudes of "sacrilege" toward one's society.

Anonymous said...

Twitter is "cleaning house", it seems. (Todd Nickerson, a well-known NON-OFFENDING pedophile suspended - along with many others: https://ibb.co/dXAMgm )

Expect MRAs to be next.

You might want to consider alternative platforms, such as discord, mastadon, ello, or whatnot.

Anonymous said...

For en gjeng :-p

Anonymous said...

I'm a 5'9 305 lbs lonely disabled guy who hates women with an undying passion for what they have done to me. Treating me like shit. Always making fun of me. I spend my days planning on how I'm going to get back at all of them. Now I sit here everyday depressed and suicidal. Can't even leave my piss smelling one room apartment, been in this room for 9 years. While all the other guys are getting to feel pleasure with women having orgasms in their mouths, between their breasts, I sit here alone in so much pain and agony every FUCKING DAY!!!! from getting my legs blown off and other things that have happened to me. Sometimes I sit here screaming in the most intense pain you can imagine while My neighbor gets to let go inside his girlfriends mouth screaming in pleasure. And the bitch laughs when she hears me in pain while shes giving this fucker pleasure. Not to mention the stress I'm constantly having with no way to release any of that buildup inside my balls. Going to get back at society one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

Sounds hard to do without legs.

Maybe you could buy a drone or something and drop water balloons at people

I mean if it makes you feel better, Stumpy McBitterson

Eivind Berge said...

Todd Nickerson was very inoffensive apart from being a non-offending pedophile, so that is a bad sign. However, the problem with alternative platforms is that almost no one reads them, so what is the point? If the big platforms decide to silence you, they can do just that because the people have decided to give them monopoly. I hadn't even heard of those you mention, so I am part of that problem, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Funny how you say you’re against illegal activity, isn’t ephebo sexuality considered illeagal? How does a teen who’s brain hasn’t fully been developed and still doesn’t know how to make decisions like an adult be subject to this? No teen should ever have to suffer like this. This is sick and twisted. And who ever ingages in ephebo sexuality will be found and reported to the police.

Eivind Berge said...

Our leader has posted an explanation of what our attitude should be to words like "ephebo" sexuality. I couldn't have said it better myself:


The following paragraph especially resonates with my own sexual orientation and motivation for being in the pro-male-sexuality movement, or a "male sexualist" as our leader suggests we should term ourselves:

Another relevant issue is that some in our movement do not see their own personal sexual desires as their chiefest motivation. Some, for instance, may not be particularly interested in watching Child Pornography, while still thinking that it’s absolutely insane to lock men are for possessing it. There are people who feel passionately about young sexuality, not due to being more attracted to young people than the average person, but rather due to simply possessing a positive view of sexuality. These people see no reason to identify themselves as “pedophiles” or as “MAPs.” For them, it’s primarily an idealistic-political struggle against anti-sexual tyranny, and not an issue of their own self-identification or whatever ‘primary attractions’ they feel. It is pointless (and, again, counterproductive) to identify these members of our movement with terms that, as normally used, to not describe them all that much.

We are fighting for normal male sexuality, of which "ephebo-" and "hebe-" are merely subsets that don't need any special attention except to point out that they of course need to be legal, for basic moral reasons. At this stage of the game, before we have the power to change laws, we are mostly concerned with exhibiting contempt against the human scum who support the current laws. We aim to win the hearts of men and turn them against the feminists, which is better done without pathologizing labels.

Anonymous said...

Okay being attract to post-puberty underaged minors (15-17) is understandable, but minors ages 11-12 is disgusting. Actually I go by the stages of puberty then by the age. Hears how I do it:
Pedo are attractive to childern who are the first stage of puberty
Hebephiles are attractive to minors in their 2nd and 3rd stage of puberty
Ephebos are attractive to minors in their 4th stage if puberty
Teleiophiles are attractive to minors ( girls finish mostly around 15-17, but some do finish early. However stay away from underage girls, especially those under 16 ) and adults who are post-puberty or in the 5th stage.

Eivind Berge said...

I have been saying 12 or 13 is a reasonable age of consent, so no argument here really, but I want to point out that you or I finding something disgusting is not sufficient justification to criminalize it. And even if we do criminalize it, it is not OK to call it "rape" or "abuse" when it isn't. There may be other good reasons to prohibit sex with young children, but I know for a fact that many of the justifications currently employed are bullshit. At this point of existential crisis for the Men's Movement, when we barely have a movement at all outside of our overlap with pedophile activism because feminism has taken over the world, it behooves us to hear what the pedophiles have to say and take them seriously. They might just change some of our beliefs too.

Anonymous said...

"minors ages 11-12 is disgusting"

Have you actually looked at some of them? There are some who look very childish and there are some hot ones. In between those most don't look that childish nor are they hot - kinda like "grown up" women !

And, yes, just because you find something disgusting doesn't it make it wrong. I find many things disgusting, it's irrelevant.

John said...

Hello there.my name is in actuality john.i WAS "David slater" and as I mentioned earlier on Twitter I was forced to voluntarily leave twitter.unfortunately an account on there cannot be deactivated on a mobile device.so,I blocked all my followers then unfollowed everyone and my profile is fairly blank.untill I can get to a desktop to actually deactivated it that will have to do.its too bad when the cops tell you that you could be looking at a federal crime on some cunts word ALONE? Yea,it's over for me on Twitter and the internet period.only thing I'll be doing on the net again is check emails, watch some YouTube and that's it.kelly Ellis way more than a 'femihag' a lying man hating pig actually called the cops on me.i would LOVE to kill her but I'm going to leave that to the guy that's actually stalking her some guy 'gulakov' who apparently tried to knock on her door.if only shed answered!so,she has a restraining order on him and who knows how many other dudes who havent done shit to her.noe,she can get back to her second attempt to sue google.she wanted me OFF Twitter and she won, women ALWAYS win.

John said...

I Was following and retreating Tom grauer.ill miss Twitter,but if it's a choice between prison for doing absolutely nothing, zero or leaving Twitter it's pretty easy choice."freedom of speech" is officially dead now that any female can call the cops and they play their white knight shit of course,and defend an infamous man hater like that? I mean Google the bitch it explains everything but her character is somehow irrelevant!I hate everything and everyone now.and a stage four cancer diagnosis wouldn't bother me one bit at this point.

Anonymous said...

I've had a 100% percent turnaround and invite everyone to check out my new twitter account @MRFEMINIST1 it checks all the boxes, & What an epiphany I've had,thank the lord!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr Grauer is working on Operation Septuagint.
Remember that one?

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, but I didn't think Operation Septuagint involved deleting his blog.

Anonymous said...

Operation Septuagint had two components, according to an article TG himself wrote in his blog. One was the creation and distribution of memes, the other was infiltration of online communities with troll accounts promoting "paedo" views.
For example, a trad co0n blog might have someone suddenly appear and say Look, people, I too am a trad con but I support sexual contact with minors-that sort of thing.
TG said he spent 6-7 hours a day working on his blog so maybe he decided to give it away for a while and work on Septuagint.
I don't claim to know that that is what has happened, but it does seem a reasonable possibility.

Anonymous said...

To my understanding septuagint requires some stealth so maybe he wanted to hide while he actually performs it. Those groups he was infiltrating he might not have wanted them to find his rapidly increasing in popularity site where he talked about his septuagint plans.

-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

wanna PEACE
of Me??