Friday, March 30, 2018

Quisling therapy for hyperpolitical disorder

To be an MRA of the male sexualist persuasion is to be extremely isolated. We don't share society's values in the profoundly important area of sexuality, so we are not one of them. Our open hostility to laws that most people around us have internalized (whether they obey them or not, funnily enough) makes us quislings, and I mean that literally. But lacking either an effective male sexualist insurgency or an external enemy with whom to collaborate, and also assuming we don't want to stage an unsuccessful coup and get killed or imprisoned, we are faced with the need to manage our hatred. This post is concerned with strategies for such hate management, the most promising of which I call quisling therapy.

The fact that I am a quisling is already determined. A country with all these hateful sex laws and which on top of that has abolished the jury of your peers in criminal trials is not my country. Indeed, just the abolition of the jury is more than enough justification for civil war. Now, what do I do with this conviction? How do I live my life with such an all-consuming hatred against the government?

We don't strive for a "cure," because the only cure is war, which currently can only lead to death or imprisonment because resistance to feminism is so ridiculously scarce that MRAs can't even muster a small peaceful protest. Furthermore, we don't have an "anger management" issue, since we don't act impulsively. (If we were to get violent, the level of premeditation would be just as intense as our views.) Our issue is separate from and runs far, far deeper than anything to do with impulse control; it consumes our very souls. This is more a rhetorical figure than a proposed psychopathology, but it helps to have a name for it:

Diagnosis: hyperpolitical disorder

Diagnostic criteria: Over a period of at least six months, a person has experienced daily intense hatred against laws and their enforcement, hatred which is distressing and interferes markedly with quality of life.

I have met these diagnostic criteria since at least 1998, when Norwegian legislators began working in earnest on sex law corruption, with the first huge feminist victory being the rape law reform of the year 2000. Since then, the misandry has only accelerated, culminating in the abolition of the jury in 2018 (which alone should be enough to make any decent person hyperpolitical, obviously, but bizarrely isn't having that effect on most of the population) and still getting worse.

The aim of quisling therapy is to correct the quality of life part, but not the hatred, because the hatred is righteous. I am, without question, the person who hates the government the most out of everyone I have met or ever heard of aside from actual terrorists. The only reason I did not become a violent activist myself is due to circumstances and nothing else, as I am cut from the same ideological and moral cloth as those who do take that path. It is important to emphasize that a pragmatic decision to obey the law such as I have made does not equal a peaceful disposition. I would be the first to take up arms against my government if such resistance were realistic (and if I had access to arms, which I don't). Integral to quisling therapy, then, is to still feel like a warrior. That is the first step, which assures that we retain our pride and integrity. And of course we can incite within the limits of the law, like I have done with great success at avoiding a criminal record.

But I am still thinking about the other steps. Quisling therapy is a work in progress, and I welcome input. There are basically three ways to deal with hyperpolitical disorder, or three endpoints: become a terrorist, let the hatred destroy you, or get quisling therapy (I guess a fourth would be to change your political views, but I am not interested in that one). Thus if we develop a helpful quisling therapy, we may prevent some tragic fates, so this is important.

Most people are only noticeably bothered by odious laws when they are accused of breaking them or at least at strong risk of being so. I can't fathom how they do it because I am very, very different -- I am truly hyperpolitical, or oversensitive to laws. My soul seethes with hatred almost to the point of self-destruction. I am talking about the negative health effects of stress hormones associated with a constant state of intense raw hatred. This is a problem, because we have to admit that hate is toxic to the hater as well as the hated object. The childish safe spaces employed by liberals serve a similar purpose, but they only help naive people who are bothered by ideas and not the monopoly violence of the state. There are no safe spaces against laws; that would be like trying to hide from gravity. So we have to come up with a different strategy.

The number one, and most obvious strategy is (non-violent) activism and political activity, and I do that, but it isn't enough. So I started thinking of myself as a quisling -- honestly the worst quisling since Quisling himself -- which helps more, but can be refined. I have also thought of converting to Islam as a step in my quisling therapy, but haven't committed to that yet.

PS: After I wrote the above, I googled "hyperpolitical disorder" to see if someone had thought of it before. I got two hits, neither of which describe what I am talking about. One of them referred to Ben Carson, but his views are just hyper-dumb, not bordering on insanely hostile.

PPS: Gally was found guilty and sentenced to two years and three months in prison (which he is appealing, so this is not final). I plan a separate blog post on that hateful verdict, which is a very good example of why I am hyperpolitical.


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holocaust21 said...

Terrible to hear about Gally, that is one barbaric sentence. It sounds like Norway is becoming a right feminist shit hole. Maybe worse than UK. Actually in recent years I have been hearing less about men being arrested for possessing "indecent images of children" in the UK. Though sexual harassment scandals and men bonking minors continues to dominate the news. My understanding is that a lot of people tended to get off with suspended sentences even when it was news every other day, though some were treated very harshly and publicly vilified. Mind, I assume Norway still has no Sex Offender Registry? That is possibly the worst part of the punishment... Still, 2 years & 3 months is a long time for looking at a few girls in bikinis.

As for Quisling therapy I suppose in a way I have been doing the same. Political activism is a sort of therapy for me. The other form of quisling therapy I think of is trying to become a billionaire. If you achieve that then maybe you can pay people to become political activists for you and thus a real male sexualism movement is born! Nearly could have done it with bitcoin, if I wasn't so short sighted, damn it. But I guess that technology still holds a lot of potential, and I like some of the other ideas that come out of it, not just of a decentralised currency, but decentralised internet and even governance occurring on a blockchain or similar technology. A kind of anarcho-capitalism where feminists can have no influence because their ideas have no market value, they normally only gain influence by corruption and blockchain is incorruptible.

Eivind Berge said...

No, we don't have a sex offender registry in Norway. It's a little strange that they haven't thought of that yet, but we have vetting for all sorts of positions having to do with kids. Of course only sex crimes show up on these reports, not comparatively harmless stuff like murder.

Gally's verdict was historically harsh and includes lots of arguments for why child porn needs to be treated more seriously than it has been so far. The judges were open feminist activists, arguing among other things that since downloading is becoming less common as people now use more streaming instead, just a few pictures need to be punished the same way as an entire collection in the past. The maximum penalty is three years, but it seems like that will soon not be enough, because these scumbags have zero touch with reality and are single-mindedly focused on punishing sexuality ever more harshly.

Not buying or mining bitcoin early was the biggest mistake in my life too, but with the current downtrend, maybe we can get a sort of second chance? Not to be rich, but 10 times gains should be possible again if it goes down to something like 1000 dollars. I am trying to sell most of my miners, which are no longer profitable, to get into bitcoin trading instead.

John said...

Well I guess I'm an expert in hate. hatred(righteous) USED to be a friend of mine. motivated the FUCK out of me. now it CAN'T be used in THAT fashion any longer for me,the business of making money that is)loooong story that most wouldn't believe but it ALL happened,i CAN'T forget about it and i wish i could forget about the bad parts of the business ive been in for 30 very stressful years,but it's mostly been good. we remember the worst,and that's a common problem/practice.
"misery is the river of the world,everybody row".
~Tom waits.
Anyway,stay angry long enough, it gets hard, harder still, then damn near impossible to hide the hate off your face! And that's where I've been.hence the palpable fear,especially from these dirty lying wenches,and dirty,I'm VERY self aware of how I'm perceived. no self deception here, no self delusions.
"people think I'm insane because I'm frowning all the time"
~Ozzy .anyway,I deal with it by hiding mostly, big stunner there huh? Pills used to help but benzos are well known for losing their effectiveness over time. Is staring into the tv any way to "live"? Nope no sir.ranting to myself on Twitter? Well we all know I'm not "allowed" to even do that anymore.feminists+cops= not good.BAD combo there.the lesson here is do NOT bring children into this world,especially if you don't want them. that's an actual crime right there at least in my book.I'm definitely NOT obsessed,as the bitch claims in San Fran, unless you define obsession as a lust for revenge."rape" I don't want to "rape" any of this trash. unless it's with a sword.i could get into that.course ALL these bitches are just afraid of that- being raped when we all know REAL rape,forced, is very rare. "Rape culture" Jesus what a stupid backwards nation I'm,that guy in Africa you tweeted about yep that's an actual rapist! too bad about gally, thats what im trying to avoid, going to prison for doing NOTHING.

Eivind Berge said...

Thanks for a great comment, John. You are right, hate can easily become self-destructive, but a the same time we don't want to let go of our righteousness and become like the other zombies who care nothing about the injustice of the world. It seems you have gone too far on the hate side. So we need to strike the right balance somehow and keep up the political fight.

John said...

True! carry on I suppose. The future looks very bleak though.

John said...

Lol, eivind, WE'RE the dinosaurs! If you don't want to live in a militarized police surveillance state where cops can kill at will and idiot women run everything, we can ALWAYS leave! Problem is, the entire fucking world is getting this way,and FAST.

John said...

Wow. #metoo #timesup and now..Amnestys...
#toxictwitter ! Well i got purged right off Twitter. I'M the one not safe on twitters 'platform'.i remember when Twitter wasn't ran by censoring feminist shit. those were the wayyyyyy behind the times,haha.IF I ever go back on twitter 'anti feminism' I can no longer include on my bio, period. just leave the profile blank or put something witty up there.can't use #mgtow either! thats just asking for yet another account to be either suspended or compelled to deactivate.
Thing is, if I can't be myself on there I don't WANT to be on there.the feminist pigs are winning again.

John said...

Haha! Trump has declared april
"National sexual assault and prevention month"! what a lousy feminist.

Gally said...

Thanks for your support, guys.

I don't have much time left to finalize my appeal, so I'll be concentrating on that, but you can expect to hear more from me sometime after next week.

Oh, and Charlie Bronson's book "Solitary Fitness" was bought months ago.
As was Robert Greene's book that deals with psychopathy and social power balances, "The 48 Laws of Power".

Along with a few other books.

The biggest mistake you can make, is allow your adversary to lull you into thinking he is easy prey.

theAntifeminist said...

Great post Eivind, one of your best.

Regarding converting to Islam to 'get back at the state'. Perhaps my 'anti-Islamic' stance on my blog has been something of a mistake, but remember that the feminist state has been importing Muslim migrants en masse for decades in order to create an anti-sex quasi Islamic state in which young women don't go out unaccompanied and are always covered up.

Perhaps being very pro-Putin/Russia might be a good way to get back, especially in the UK, although I was reading just the other day about a 'scandal' in Russia where a female teacher was 'caught' having a lesbian affair with a 17 year old pupil. At least, as far as I'm aware, Gally wouldn't be going to prison now for looking at pictures if he lived in Russia.

@Gally - All the best mate, hope you come out of prison a stronger person. In the UK, early release for 'sex offenders' is usually conditional on them having 'successfully' attended hours of feminist courses. I don't know if it's the same in Norway. Hopefully you wont come out a 'reformed' paedocrite arguing that these laws make sense and are necessary. A lot of 'MAPS's do already!

And regards the Charles Bronson book. You do know he boasts about torturing and killing 'nonces' in prison and so on? Hopefully you didn't pay for it and put some money into that beast's hands.

W said...

"And regards the Charles Bronson book. You do know he boasts about torturing and killing 'nonces' in prison and so on? Hopefully you didn't pay for it and put some money into that beast's hands."

I ask that someone please write a list (if possible to be updated every time) with that kind of wretches and manginas, for example here manginas Eastwood and Sean Penn, Tim Robbin and Kevin Bacon in a movie (based on a book of another wretched mangina) that is just a blatant apology about kill "pedophiles" (aka anyone who has sex with a minor):

All the film is "men are evil pedophiles" but a example:

“he beat a child molester to death after finding him having sex with a child prostitute in a car.”

Eastwood is the prime example of the transition between a man to a mangina: of starring a movie where a 30-year-old man fucks a 17-year-old girl (in the modern version directed by a woman that girl disappears) and being a director in another about a 50 years old man date a teen girl and it's ok, to one of "men are evil pedophiles, kill them!". F*cking manginas!

John said...

'Woman interrogated for gender critical tweets'.
simply unbelievable,but the pigs questioned me so I've been there. seems like the UK is moving even faster towards an insane police state faster than the u.s!

Gally said...

"And regards the Charles Bronson book. You do know he boasts about torturing and killing 'nonces' in prison and so on? Hopefully you didn't pay for it and put some money into that beast's hands."

Haven't gotten to that part yet, but to be honest (and don't take this the wrong way), they say boring people talk about other people, average people talk about things, and interesting people talk about ideas.
I'm mostly an "idea" person, so I don't really care who or what Mr. Bronson is, he could have two dicks for all I care, I'm just happy he doesn't take money from the State, stolen from hardworking honest people, to work as a criminal psychopath like our finest raw sewage in uniform.

Also, they say there is nothing that destroys the spirit quicker and more thouroughly than bad treatment, and I would not be surprised to learn that Mr. Bronson in effect is the end product of more than one Bad System.

Apart from that I bought the book for the lessons in it, not to support Mr. Bronson's publisher or whatever he choses to use what little monies he can make of such a book. And if it keeps him from knocking down some poor sod and going off with his money in between his stints in prison, all the better.

Anyway, back to ideas:
Saudi Arabia Just Announced Plans to Build a Mega City That Will Cost $500 Billion:

The prince said the city project, to be called “NEOM,” will operate independently from the “existing governmental framework” with investors consulted at every step during development.
The prince, 32, made a rare public appearance at the conference to promote the project, telling the bankers and economic policy makers in attendance that the kingdom is moving to a “new generation of cities.” NEOM will be powered by clean energy, he said, and will have no room “for anything traditional.”

There are people looking ahead, and who see where the shift of power is going.
And it ain't in the west, Dorothy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but the accused women is a feminist, she deserves it, but those who denounced her are dangerous psychopaths and corruptors of minors who are paid and protected by the state:

"She was reported to the police by Susie Green, the CEO of Mermaids UK, who took her own 16 year-old son to Thailand for “sex reassignment” surgery in 2010."

If you take a 16-year-old to Thailand (or the neighbouring state in USA or another country) you will be persecuted by the entire police force and interpol as a child rapist and abductor. Also In Thailand age of consent is 18. If you touch a person under 18 you are a subhuman pedophile sentenced to 40 years in prison but you will not serve because you will die stabbed to death in a prison, raped and in between feces of others felons.

Sex at the age of 16 is rape, but you can consent to a sex change. Our enemies are just sick, dangerous and murderous.

John said...

No doubt. and one of the pigs told her "it doesn't involve castration". Uh yes, yes it does, police just lie about every goddamn thing. but yep sickos ALL around now.

Anonymous said...

Tom's statement :

Eivind Berge said...

Wow, I don't quite know what to make of that, but it's a life sign at least! Is he serious or is this more trolling? He never seemed paranoid before, so I think we can rule that out. Either they are after him or he is up to something else.

Eivind Berge said...

Three more videos:

A Message to The Israeli Government

A Message to Fellow Israelis

Tom Grauer: Western Intelligence Agencies Have No Plausible Deniability

Now it is almost April Fools' Day... But he sounds serious.

Eivind Berge said...

And finally:

Why I Had to Delete The Blog (Obvious)

Foreign spooks are really trying to kill him? Sounds crazy, but if true, the rest of us male sexualists are also in danger. If anything happens, they will have a hard time denying it, however. This is one reason why it is so important to use our real identities like Tom and I are doing. The CIA may be able to assassinate us, but it will be a scandal for them if they go that far, if that is any consolation.

I still think he is most likely trolling about these spooks, however. He is a self-described troll, after all. I personally never saw the need for anything other than sincere activism, but realize there are also other ways to get our message out.

John said...

Amazing! Well, might as well use one's actual name. only time I was 'doxxed' was by *my* feminist. not pleasant though and she couldn't have done it without twitters assistance/tacit approval. I see you also get asked frequently if yours is a 'parody' account, which I got a lot also. being anti feminist/gynocentrism is one thankless *job*.these millenials & a lot of 'adults' also) think all this shit is normal. and who in their right damn mind takes their son to Thailand for sexual "reassignment'!? crazy ignorant fools (Women mostly)

Anonymous said...

Chinzork said...

There are 3 possibilities regarding Tom IMO.

1. He is doing an April Fool's joke.

2. He is trolling as part of his usual M.O.

3. He is being serious.

I think No. 1 is unlikely because Tom takes his "trolling" very seriously (bit of a paradox I know). No. 3 is also unlikely simply because it would be a lot of effort just to assassinate one guy with a blog. The American and Israeli governments are full of dirty spooks, but even they have resource/time constraints. That leaves No. 2 as the most likely conclusion IMO.

All that said, I'm glad to see that Tom is okay and well.

Eivind Berge said...

I think he is more serious than April Fool's, less serious than murder. Those posts by the "CIA agent" bring up some good points.

Anonymous said...

I am also full of hatred, so after years of pain and suffering to endure all this I have had to develop my own philosophy/movement: Relationships Only With Minors. (provisional name) Just as MGTOWs reject women to flee the system, mine is to reject anyone of legal age.

In other words, to make a movement based on the fact that we only have to have relations with minors, and to reject adults, including the whole adult world', we must only sexually and emotionally care about, be interested in and desire minors.

They try to eradicate all sexuality with persons under 18, so we must counterattack them by sexually rejecting those over 18. When we go for an over-18 is that we've given up, they've earned their goal: to force us to go to the over-18s. It is understandable cases like Eivind and others because these alone are hard, you can't be perfect 100% of the time but we must see this as something active: we must teach, promote and go only with persons under 18.

Just as there are websites, manuals, etc. for PUAs to learn how to flirt with women, let's do the same to learn how to flirt with people under 18, MGTOWs do their own.

My Only-Minors movement differs (mostly but not restricted to) from your MRA/Male sexualism and even the "MAP movement" (which others defend) in:

1. We do not support the legalization of sex with minors, but then we have sex with adults, we only have sex with minors, if that only leaves us 16 and 17 years old in most countries, so be it. (If you live in one that the AoC is 18, GET OUT OF THERE).

2. We are not trying to convince enemies to stop being enemies, it is useless, we must convince others thats is a moral imperative have only sex with persons under 18, and we must build a global and internet structure to help that moral imperative: only relationships with persons under 18

Eivind Berge said...

How about MFMO. Men fucking minors only :)

I can see the appeal as a protest movement, but it does have its limitations. All your relationships would be very short, and it's hard to resist the temptations of older girls, particularly in the 18-23 range. Funny idea, but I think I will stick with male sexualism.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about the suggestions of your countryman Varg Vikerns? As you may know he went to the countriside and suggests everyone to do the same and lead a frugal life. That way you hurt the banks by not taking loans and hurt the government buy paying as little tax as possible.
His other suggestion is not to read things that only piss you off.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, how did you find that Five Eyes blog so quick? It was only made yesterday, all posts are dated at 31. March.
Anyway, if it's real, and not some alternate reality game, then I have the feeling that it won't be online for long. I made an archive of it:
It's probably a good idea to also make a local archive of the posts. And to save Grauer's videos too becouse if he really got murdered, his videos might get taken down anytime as well.

Eivind Berge said...

I already live the frugal country life. As to not reading things that piss you off, well, that would defeat the purpose of being an activist, but I do limit my exposure to the news because it is so infuriating. You cannot open a newspaper without seeing an article calling for ways to criminalize sexuality more harshly, so it is a huge tribulation to read that crap, but at the same time we need to be at least somewhat updated about what is going on. I don't do this more than necessary, however, and I don't have TV.

What pisses me off the most is the sex laws themselves, and judgments based on them, and it would be foolish to pretend that those don't exist. We should also not pretend that politicians aren't constantly trying to make them worse. But I agree, the rest is largely noise which can be ignored.

Gally said...

Well, has anybody of you thought through what these sex laws are a product of?

Also, how quickly do you think I can read 80% of this book:é-Årnes/dp/1119262380/

(which I pre-ordered whilst in police custody BTW)

John said...

Yes it's either pro female boosting liberal bs or trump bashing, I mean I get it, he's a true idiot,zero empathy,check. but i knew that a couple decades ago, hardly news.the shooter(s) is "insane" nary a word mentioned,of course, it would mean your career)that it's merely the end result of coming from a broken home,raised by a single mother(usually nuts/slut/on drugs herself)combined with verbal abuse at school,which one of the 'march' 'leader's bitches admitted to doing to this guy! i CAN'T get rid of my tv though. doomed to live alone? Well you need some background noise,and it's mostly for me a radio! at least 50 music channels are in my current 'package'.ive watched toms videos. i don't know what to say about his 'cia' assassins other than they've killed and set up people for far less! And totally agree we need a moral revolution of course.

The Mighty V said...

Whatever you say, pedophile.

Sex crimes are always violent because they violate the victim’s psyche and their personal autonomy. The emotional and psychological damage is worse than the physical damage. Good luck getting through life without a soul.

Statutory rape is an abuse of power. And although it is consentual it is illegal for a reason. There has to be a cut off line and that line is adulthood. It’s why we don’t let minors vote, drink alcohol, join the armed forces, enter contracts, etc. Don’t be so obtuse.

John said...

Oh look.yet another Twitter "warrior" aka man hater."enjoys boxing" and
"Smashing the patriarchy" and cats! there's no patriarchy TO smash fool.

John said...

"Men should be glad all of us females want is equality,not revenge". you got that long ago, now you merely want all men locked up or dead because you're a misandrist. tell me, what 'rights' do I have that you don't? Can't block me here!

theAntifeminist said...

@The Mighty V - You're making a false assumption that sex is as of great a consequence as fighting in wars, voting and the rest. A 17 year old girl's decision as to whether or not to drop her panties for an older man is not in the same league as a 17 year old boy's decision to sacrifice his life on a foreign battlefield, the geopolitical causes of which he likely doesn't understand. Especially when that girl is on the pill, can have an abortion if she does become pregnant, supported by the welfare state in any case, and suffers little or no 'slut shaming' for pre-marital sex.

We allow 12 year old boys to fight in the boxing ring, but we don't allow them to fight in wars. Left-wing parties increasingly demand that 16 year olds or even 14 year olds be given the right to vote. But even there voting requires a far greater level of maturity and knowledge than the decision as to consent to sex.

Further, none of these laws that are ostensibly about protecting 'children' other than the age of consent result in all normal men being demonized, criminalized, and tens of thousands put in prison as the lowest of the low.

Women always have the sexual power over men, even (or more so) young teens. Certainly any 'imbalance in power' could be more than adequately safeguarded against by laws similar to that in place in Germany, where the age of consent is 14 but clear 'abuse of power' situations can be prosecuted over that age.

You know you don't have actual rational arguments for a high age of consent. This is why feminists resort to slurs, shaming language, and above all, threats, when these issues are discussed rationally

Lara said...


Funny how you say you’re against illegal activity, isn’t ephebo sexuality considered illeagal? How does a teen who’s brain hasn’t fully been developed and still doesn’t know how to make decisions like an adult be subject to this? No teen should ever have to suffer like this. This is sick and twisted. And who ever ingages in ephebo sexuality will be found and reported to the police.

theAntifeminist said...

@Lara Troll Bot - Well firstly, there is no such thing as ephebophilia. It's a made up term used by confused young males with poor social awareness who have swallowed the feminist lie that most men don't find young teen girls sexually attractive. Secondly, it was recently reported that scientists have concluded that the brain stops producing new neurons from the age of 13. You need your troll bot alogrithm rewritten.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump talking about Teachers Having Sex With their students

Eivind Berge said...

At least Trump has the right idea about female teachers having sex with students. The new law against free speech online was a huge disappointment, however.

Anonymous said...

As for you, Gally, I am very sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

Eivind, what are Norweigan prisons like? Is there a huge difference between a place you go to for detention (like you did) and a place you go post sentencing (where I assume he will go= or are these similar? I mean, do same people come to these, are the conditions same etc? Scandinavia is often seen as having the best prison system in the world, but you were in solitary and suffered (from what I've seen on that one video in 2012)?

Eivind Berge said...

Apart from the first few days in police holding cells (which are always solitary and very bad, plus it often extends beyond the two days they can legally do this), while in pretrial detention you go to regular prisons and mingle with other prisoners who are already convicted. Unless the court has ordered isolation, which the police often requests and gets (they tried that with me too but it was denied), in which case you are in a regular prison cell but can't mingle with the others.

Assuming you are not in isolation, the only difference between pretrial detention and serving a sentence is that the latter prisoners are coerced into slave labor. So that is actually one benefit of serving your sentence prior to conviction: You don't have to work. Studying is also an option though, so it doesn't have to be so bad. I wonder if Gally will get a chance to read all his books or they will make him work or study something else? He could still refuse, but then there would be consequences like no money.

In general I have to agree that Norwegian prisons aren't so bad, apart from the abuses of police holding cells and isolation before trial. This latter isolation isn't the sort of solitary confinement used in American prisons where they put you in a tiny cell with sensory deprivation, but it still breaks you down. After you are convicted though, there is little risk of such torture. I only know of one Norwegian prisoner in permanent isolation (Breivik).

Anonymous said...

Slave labor?

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, it can be making pallets for example. That's what they did in Ålesund prison where I was, but luckily I didn't have to do it since I wasn't a convict. And another difference is you can't be punished if you manage to escape from remand custody. I don't agree that escaping from prison should be a crime for convicted prisoners either, and it used to not be in Norway when I was young, but was sadly criminalized some years ago. The progression of the police state is not limited to sex crimes, but keeps getting worse in so many ways. Now that we don't have the right to a jury anymore either, we are truly living in a dystopia.

John said...

I've been trying to get just one of these "smash the patriarchy" femtards to tell me exactly what rights I possess that they don't
For ten years, with no luck yet. please "ladies" enlighten me.ohh, wait... I think I remember's that I can walk down an alley at 3 in the morning without fear of being raped, lol. just killed, which once again,is nothing compared to being raped,haha. is that THE 'right' I have women don't? Well,back to reality. women have it ALL now. the media, movies, their metoo extortion racket, the courts are theirs,abortion on demand, great time to be female, horrible time to be a man (average joe)

Eivind Berge said...

And that risk of being raped is due to being far more valuable. Just like a rich person walking down an alley is more at risk of robbery than a homeless person, but we don't call the homeless privileged for that reason. Yes, women have it all including delusions about how they are oppressed.

Anonymous said...

Eivind Berge said...

That was from 2009 and presumably went nowhere. Apparently the age of consent in Puerto Rico was raised from 14 to 16 in 2004, and then there was a tiny bit of protest before everyone got back on track thinking about how to make the sex laws harsher once more. This is how it usually goes. Some people will notice the bad effects of hateful laws for a few years until they become the new normal and no one ever questions them anymore except us male sexualists. This happened in Norway too after the giant rape law reform of the year 2000, particularly to the new invention of negligent rape. But now that hateful law is fully entrenched and you have to be hyperpolitical to oppose it, while the mainstream is busy trying to figure out how to make rape law worse.

holocaust21 said...

Well, on a more positive note Japan went the other way and introduced a Jury system in 2009. So I guess abolishing juries isn't necessarily happening everywhere... I've seen the occasional feminazi guardian article advocating abolishing juries in rape trials in the UK but those don't seem to have been put in action yet. I think it would be quite a big change and with that fat ugly old hag Alison Saunders having quit recently (and I noticed a few of the news stations reported on it suggesting she'd be fired for locking up innocent sex offenders) I'm hopeful that the femihags are going to lie low for a bit before introducing their next round of rape law reform.

Actually they seem to be getting quite obsessive over "equal pay" right now. That will be interesting because if the government decide to force all male and all female employees to be paid the same for unequal work then they could crash the economy. Either that, or businesses end up being fined repeatedly and effectively forced to pay a "gender equality" tax which will then be used to employee more SJWs on the government's payroll. Actually, I think the latter is the most likely...

John said...

Yes and they also run Twitter! Blocking, reporting any/all men with anti feminist sentiment.Twitter gets worse every we recently witnessed one feminist turning another feminist in to the police in the u.k and they actually interrogated her. physical meeting places for men only are done and dusted, and feminists goal is to drive straight, white men offline and WILL sick their white knight slug cops on you if "necessary".

Anonymous said...

holocaust21 raises the million dollar question: should we convert to islam?

Other point out that instead of turning to Islam we should turn to fundamentalist Mormonism.

What do you think?

Eivind Berge said...

I think Islam is our best bet. While Mormons do evangelize, they don't back up their religion with force. They can't even produce sensible sex laws in their home state Utah! Or even allow their cornerstone practice of polygamy anymore.

Anonymous said...

Eivind Berge said...

Tom Grauer wrote on his new blog, The Triweekly Antifeminist:

"In the article titled “All It Takes is One Country,” I stated that the purpose of my strategy is to have one Male Sexualist country in the early 2100s. Yes, we seek to change the oppressive laws prevalent everywhere; but unlike our adversaries, we have no good reason to force ourselves on the rest of humanity."

I agree that we don't necessarily need to reform all countries. Male sexualism would be a success if one country based its sex laws on our ideology, at least if this country also had a friendly immigration policy.

But few or none of us will be alive in the 2100s. That kind of timeframe is not very encouraging.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria is an oasis of "gender equality" and "secular state" in the Islamic Middle East, gender equality is a state law.

its first steps were based on banning male sexuality, directly:

bitcoiner said...


She's 13 years old and very young, how dare you talk about fucking at that age? You know that's a crime?

Russian said...

I'm a man and I tell you that no man today will go for a 13-year-old girl, that's something barbaric today, like going back to cave times. I explain to you: When a little man and a little woman wanted to get married but some of the families opposed it, they run away each other because the little man "stole the flower", so there was nothing else but just another wedding, but in this 2018 you are crossing the line when the girl is 13, it would have been bearable 75 years ago, not now.

Anonymous said...

I love how all of this demented scum that comes here to "attack" our ideas (hard not to put it into quotation marks given the actual amount of anything resembling even basic logic, effort or cohesion) has these names of things Eivind is interested ("bitcoiner") or claim to be citizens of some of the few sane places left on Earth ("Russian"). I'd bet you're far likely to be Americans, chaps, and you have the imagination and reasoning ability of those garden slugs who also happened to have been born retarded. Though I like how the other ones tries to play on the stereotype of a Russian with faulty English skills.

" You know that's a crime?"

Saving the Jews in WW2 Germany/German occupied areas was also a crime. These laws are no less evil.

Anonymous said...

*interested in

Anonymous said...

I like this YouTube hater.just too bad she didn't do much more oh I dunno waste a pig or two before she killed herself.

theAntifeminist said...

@Gally "Well, has anybody of you thought through what these sex laws are a product of?"

Well nearly every single individual around the world dreaming up and lobbying for these laws, and increasingly even passing them in parliament, is a middle-aged woman. I'm sure there's a clue in that.

Maybe you are aware of the NSPCC, the leading 'children's rights' society in the UK. It played a big role in many of the child porn, 'grooming' laws etc. getting passed throughout Europe via the EU and the Council of Europe and so on. I researched their staff several years ago and virtually every single one was a radical feminist.

Oh, and Russia is going to introduce life sentences for 'paedophiles' and make posession of child porn a serious criminal offence :

Lobbied for by Anna Kuznetsova, and introduced into parliamen by Irina Yarovaya.

Then the 'Russian Men' scream at their penises that its a good thing and about time. Even though a society in which men are too afraid to go near a young woman or girl is going to see its catastrophic fertility rate collapse even further. Soon Russia truly will be 'the Upper Volga with missiles', at least population wise. Or 'North Dakota' with missiles might be more apt. Maybe Russia will embrace other American progressive values such as homosexuality and transgenderism too. Perhaps the commentator 'Russian Man' will become a 'Russian Woman' eventually. After all, we don't live in caves anymore.

theAntifeminist said...

I would also agree with our leader Tom's assesment that paedohysteria is partly due to Deep State operatives promoting their nefarious interests and such like. But I still think the root cause is femihagism. We could draw a comparison with Islamic terrorism. For sure Western states have let Islamism fester or even directly provoked it for dark motives, including to gain more power over the people through 'anti-terrorism laws', exactly as with paedohysteria, but the root cause of Islamic terrorism is still Islamism. Just as the root cause of feminist paedohysteric laws is feminism, although the State is happy enough to promote and exploit it for its own ends.

John said...

Yes and the YouTube hater has already been labeled/classified as insane/ "domestic terrorist"
You can NOT show anger in America no matter how righteous it is.ESPECIALLY if you're male.
People see me as quite insane because I hate pig cops and feminists.really? I should show them love and respect I suppose. now,even though illegal immigration is at its lowest point in 50 years,Trump just HAS to send the national guard to the border. what a ginormous waste of money.

Eivind Berge said...

The YouTube terrorist is actually quite remarkable. Firstly because she was a woman, and secondly because it was for a good cause (free speech). I am not saying killing random employees of these corporations who control our speech is a great way to go about it, but it is definitely far better than most of the senseless gun violence we have seen lately.

Nasim Najafi Aghdam seemed to be a fellow sufferer of hyperpolitical disorder. In fact, she went beyond that since she attacked a corporation and not just laws and the government. It has actually never crossed my mind to attack a corporation, since I always assumed we have free speech or whatever if the law says we do. But in practice it doesn't work like that, so I see her point even though there was no legal issue with her videos. I think we need a new word to describe activism against corporations. It isn't really politics, so what do we call it? More like hyper-anarchic disorder or something along those lines. But if the corporations tighten their grip on speech to the point where political activism becomes unfeasible, they do become political.

Eivind Berge said...

Well, the white race hasn't proven itself very worthy of saving, since they are the ones who invented feminism, so I am not attached to it. I agree there is something to be said for high IQ, however. Mainly, high IQ is what enables survival through harsh winters -- since you have to plan ahead or you die -- and people living near the equator didn't have the same selection pressure for intelligence, so they ended up with lower IQ. High IQ also incidentally produced technological civilization, but now that we have it, there is less need for everybody to be so intelligent.

This does not mean people near the equator are stupid, however. IQ means nothing in isolation, because humans always live in an environment, and true smartness is a measure of your interaction with your environment. I visited Nigeria last year, and people there didn't seem any less smart to me. They just have a different environment to deal with, and they are very well adapted to it. Of course they will do things differently, and some of those differences would be less smart in a northern context, but it is close-minded to see it that way in an absolute sense. What you call "genetic waste" is actually a superior adaptation where it is coming from. Racism is stupid and we should rise above it as male sexualists.

IQ will once again matter if industrial civilization collapses and you have to be a subsistence farmer or die. And then nature will sort it out once again anyway. So let's not worry about immigration. The hateful sex laws of feminism are what's truly worth fighting over.

John said...

Oh I'm not personally concerned with immigration.i don't buy that they're a threat in any way.i just don't like standing armies when were not supposed to have ANY.cops are one, now let's have the national guard long until Trump sends national guard to Chicago? i guess I just don't like endless invasions/occupations, a militarized pig army, and a personal visit from those fucks telling me to get off Twitter at the demand of a feminist.who btw, can have me locked up any ol time she wants.yep, it's a feminist police state and the individual is powerless, helpless really, against it.

John said...

Unfortunately a LOT of anti feminists are ALSO neo Nazi racists. which gives anti feminists another black eye.

Eivind Berge said...

Gail Tverberg is still saying the same things:

But it isn't happening, so I have to conclude that she was wrong about the timing and possibly also the nature of collapse. I now think a long descent seems at least as plausible as a sudden collapse.

Meanwhile the case for a Singularity is weakened as well, even if we don't collapse. Technological development is slowing down, with Moore's law now replaced with a 20-year doubling time for processors:

There are still other optimalizations to be made faster, but it seems the truly impressive rate of development is over.

Anonymous said...

Paul, you make some good points so allow me to try and explain why the white race is gullible enough to fall for feminism or to believe that something like racism is a bad idea/malignant. As you can see here, even the vehemently anti-PC posters like Eivind or John use the term "racism" and in a pejorative sense. But being "racist" is how everybody operated even 50 years ago. Before cca 1960 a large majority of both blacks and whites were for segregation. Being racist in saner times was just called being a person.

This has to do with the fact that whites are actually much more inclusive and less tribal than other races. This is what enabled them do thrive when it was done in moderate amounts but it also ironically made them extremely pathetic when they went too far. This is good post on this
As you can see, areas west of the Hanjal line were the ones that started becoming more advanced since around 16th century and boomed in the 18th century.

Gally said...

"Well nearly every single individual around the world dreaming up and lobbying for these laws, and increasingly even passing them in parliament, is a middle-aged woman. I'm sure there's a clue in that.

Maybe you are aware of the NSPCC, the leading 'children's rights' society in the UK. It played a big role in many of the child porn, 'grooming' laws etc. getting passed throughout Europe via the EU and the Council of Europe and so on. I researched their staff several years ago and virtually every single one was a radical feminist."

With respect, I disagree.

I believe you are not merely confusing correlation with causation, but worse, you are focusing on the symptoms not the illness.

In brief, with the first machine age steam-power made male muscle power less relevant, and education more important - as in literacy, being able to read instructions for operating machinery and following safety protocols. Or else, risk turning not just your own day's worth of work to waste, but actually that of a decade's worth of manpower to ruin.

Which is why female influence started becoming on pair with that of men, even overcoming it.

Now, I wonder, what are your - and others' - thoughts on the consequences of the coming of the second machine age, cognitive computers replacing human repetious labour?

PS! Also just finished writing my comments to my lawyer on the appeal of the verdict and the request for a second hearing, and I got his feedback and it seems obvious to me (IANAL) that this verdict has no grounds to stand on.

theAntifeminist said...


Well I'm happy to stand corrected if you can provide an argument as to why I'm confusing causation with correlation. Feminists are the direct cause, are they not? The piece about manpower being less relevant tells me nothing, or at least nothing that I don't already know. It might, for example, explain why men have been reduced to so little value as compared to women that a man whose about to go to prison, sentenced by a female judge (if I remember your description correctly), under laws lobbied for near exclusively by women, and passed in parliament either by women or by male politicians seeking female votes, still refuses to blame women for his plight.

'Ephebobhiles' must surely be the only victimized group in the entirity of human history to be so wilfully blind and pathetic as to refuse to acknowledge who their tormentors are. Perhaps there is some deeper 'illness' that is obviously down to some evil males manipulationg women, but the fact is, you are a victim of feminists in the same way as a German or Polish Jew was the victim of the NAZIs. At least most Jews, as they looked around their concentration camp at their NAZI guards, or as they were ushered into the gas chambers, didn't scratch their heads and ask each other as to what deep, hidden social-economic factors had placed themselves in that situation. Rather I'm sure they looked their NAZI persecuters in the eye and knew who was responsible.

Gally said...

Well my most sincere apologies Sir, but actually at the moment I am knee-deep in having to devote my time to "other stuff", as I am sure you are understanding of.

I will however return to this topic at an appropriate time so that I can expand upon it, because I believe - as I have joined the ranks of your movement and you have accepted me - that I do have quite a lot to contribute.

But, first things first, and I must do some planning and scheduling of my time.

I would love to write up a twelve page argument for how industrialization lead to gender power skew, but I wish to prefer to do that in "my dojo", if you get my drift.

So let's set that on pause, for now, and I estimate we can return to it within a half-year.

theAntifeminist said...

@Gally - fair enough, and I understand you'd be better served spending the precious time you have left as a free individual before your sentence on more worthwhile things.

I am known for my impatience in debate, something that was a fault of mine during ten years of blogging. And it's wrong for me to take that impatience onto Eivind's blog, especially when I no longer allow comments on my own site.

I'm completely aware of the 'labour power' argument as to the rise of feminism and the decline of men. In fact, Eivind and myself probably both contributed to developing in it as we were among the first 'MRAs'. Still, it doesn't mean that the direct cause of paedohysteria isn't feminism, even if economic trends that begin in the 19th century did facilitate the rise of feminism.

As for 'accepting you into our movement', well my feelings on 'MAPS' and 'ephebophiles' are known. I just read your lengthy post here (Declaration of Existence) for the first time, and well, it just left me puzzled. You start by declaring your affinty with a female warrior, then put forth a long rumination on dna and the size of the universe, apparently to prove you can change, whilst pointing out you identify as a 'virtuous MAP'.

I understand that you must be under a lot of stress, and it was more a therapeutic expression of emotion than anything of else, but as a declaration of war, I don't think it will have your enemy quaking in their boots. I mean, I don't think you've even identified your enemy yet.

To be honest, I think maybe it's wrong to even talk in terms of us having any kind of movement, as Eivind I think concedes in the excellent essay he posted this week. As he said, we can't even muster a small street protest. Even the 'official' hijacked men's rights movement rarely can. If the MAPs here now compose half of our movement, we have to admit we don't even know who we are protesting against. Some sex laws that we feel are becoming increasingly excessive (and even there many MAPs seem to be on the fence as to that), and we don't know what malignant force is behind them (we shouldn't jump to the conclusion that it is feminists, even if it is feminists creating the laws, because that would be sexist).

Well, there is no male sexualist movement, there is just a handful of bloggers such as myself, Eivind, and Holocaust21, and hopefully now Tom Grauer, shouting into the wind - very bravely in Eivind's and Tom's case as they are doing it in public view. Whether 'MAPs' have anything to add, I doubt it very much, but I respect Eivind enough to admit that if he thinks otherwise, then it might very well mean I'm wrong.

theAntifeminist said...

@Gally - I'm sorry that I've sounded harsh when you must be going through hell, and I apologize to you and to Eivind. It's just frustration on my part. If we can't get through to somebody like you, who is having his life turned upside down by the feminist state, and who is defiant and seemingly wants to fight back, then there doesn't seem much hope for our cause.

Gally said...

"I'm sorry that I've sounded harsh when you must be going through hell"

Actually, I am not.

I estimate that I have the necessary skillset and cognitive capacities to, like an angler fish, have lured my enemy into under-estimating me.

Also, I kind of enjoyed being in prison. I got to met a lot of interesting people, hear their stories, and so on.

And the funny thing was, I thought people would be hostile to me, but as it turned out, they were capable of seeing me as harmless.

And were friendly to me, to the point of defending me against false accusations.

I did not expect that.

So, yes I am going to jail, but I don't worry about that as I have lots of books and I know how the code goes.

John said...

I feel much empathy for her in fact.she was a vegan animal lover.she just got pushed over the (her) edge.

W said...

True John. And I am a vegan and 100% Anti-feminist.

Chinzork said...


I generally take most English media sources with a huge grain of salt when it comes to reporting on anything (even RT's English division), especially sex related matters. Due to a mixture of incompetence and corruption, English media sources rarely report the truth about anything going on outside the Anglo world. Also, the hysterical comments on that RT article were likely written by Anglos IMO.

Also, even if this law gets passed its impact will likely be minimal since Russia doesn't have the massive police-prison industrial complex that the U.S. does.

Chinzork said...

Actually, I don't think pedohysteria by itself is that much of a problem. The reason why its so much of a problem in the Anglosphere is due to the unfettered profiteering of its legal systems and their common law basis. America, for example, has by far the highest incarceration rate in the world and major problems with police brutality despite being "the land of the free" due to its police-prison industrial complex. Simply put, pedohysteria is a great way for police, legal officials, corporations and prisons to make tons of money. The common law basis of Anglo legal systems also gives judges unlimited power to hand out harsh sentences in many cases. All of these factors work together to make Anglosphere life so toxic for men.

holocaust21 said...

Chinzork I think you have got something massively wrong... Russia DOES have a similar massive police-prison industrial complex to the US. The Russian prison population is huge, not quite as big as the US, but for comparison the Russian prison population is 415 per 100,000 but in the US it is 666 per 100,000. In contrast the prison population in the UK is 142 per 100,000 and in Norway it is 74 per 100,000.

Unfortunately Russia has a strong history of this with the Soviet gulags and I don't think those have ever really gone away.

John said...

So,I get home and first thing I see after I turn on the tv is this fucko retard Trump,rambling on (off script, a REAL no no with this putz)repeating the lie that "millions" of illegals voted in the election which btw, has been debunked by EVERYONE. anyway,it gets worse! Trump announces that women are getting raped at record levels! mister
Newly minted feminist,apparently concerned about losing that precious female vote in 2020 proceeds to lie, kinda exactly like Obama did regarding these "rape
stats" no wonder women are shaking in their lil boots about the mythical(but supported by last 2 presidents) "rape culture".more fun facts: illegal border crossings are at THEIR lowest levels since 1970! This twit fuck is getting OLD I tell ya!

Eivind Berge said...

The US government is more sex-hostile than ever under Trump. The latest target: Backpage.

On the plus side, with nowhere left to advertise, escorts will get so desperate that you will be able to get cheap sex, if you can find them :)

Chinzork said...

"but for comparison the Russian prison population is 415 per 100,000 but in the US it is 666 per 100,000"

Personally, I think most of Russia's prison population is a result of the "rogue capitalism" era of the 90s in the immediate aftermath of the Soviet collapse. Russia did have an unrestrained police-prison industrial complex back then which was similar to what the U.S. has. Putin has been somewhat successful in restraining the Russian oligarchs, and things have improved, although there is still a long way to go. The general direction for Russia is positive one I think unlike the U.S. (and the rest of the Anglosphere) which is heading for disaster. The lies and false/misleading statistics that underlie America's economy (and American life in general) can only hold up for so long.

Chinzork said...

Also, it is important to note that a police-prison industrial complex can only exist in a country that uses "private" prisons a lot. Based on this Wikipedia article, private prisons are mostly an Anglo phenomenon.

holocaust21 said...

I guess that depends how you define police-prison industrial complex. As the Soviet Union proved what one might call a police-prison industrial complex - at least in so far that huge numbers of people are pointlessly incarcerated - can exist in a far left society with no private prisons.

I can't say I know enough about the Russian political situation to be sure where it is headed in the coming decades, though with it continuing to hike sentences for child sex crimes to ever more insane degrees I doubt it is going in a particularly positive direction at the moment.

I'm not hugely convinced Anglo countries are doomed economically, they still have a pretty pro-business attitude, lots of technological innovation going on, low taxes and a strong head start on many other countries in terms of current wealth which means VCs are going to be able to throw more money at your startup.

Anonymous said...

Ephebophilia doesn’t exist, it’s like being attracted to 20-year-olds. a guy named wrotes: “there is no such thing as ephebophilia. It’s a made up term used by confused young males with poor social awareness who have swallowed the feminist lie that most men don’t find young teen girls sexually attractive.”

Response of a guy in TOC blog:

"according to the professionals people it does."

Nice argumentum ad verecundiam.

John said...

Man the shit that is going on....��
because "human sex trafficking"
As eivind mentioned above,the fbi seized and shut down
And most people try to tell me it's NOT a police state?
It's just my 'opinion'.
and yep Facebook reads your messages,and the censorship is expanding rapidly, oh yes-- "imo"��

Eivind Berge said...

You would think people would want a little privacy in a private chat. But Facebook is not giving them that, and still they don't seem to care. This is not even about targeting ads, but specifically so they can police sexuality:

I suspect Gmail is doing the same thing, since it says other internet companies use similar methods. It is really time to ditch these platforms now. This is no way to live our lives, in the grips of absurdly sex-hostile monsters who monitor everything we say. They are fine for things we WANT to publish, such as these comments, but we can't trust them with anything private. It is surreal -- they are not even pretending to be trustworthy, but openly saying we have no privacy anywhere on their services!

Anonymous said...

Twitter private messages are scanned too?

John said...

It would be great if, one day, the only
"People" left on Twitter were feminists/manginas/celebrities. Just an entire pack of me too pukes and of course Trump. well,women bitched,whined until they got what they wanted yet again: straight white men expelled/expunged/shadow banned right off Twitter! frankly, the only thing left is violent revolution.imo, of course, but am I Wrong?

Anonymous said...

Note: Age of consent in Vatican is now 18 courtesy of Pope Francis. Also he just condemned prostitution (only the man, not the woman), who curiously just made those statements when the US government made a crusade against prostitution, what a suspicious thing, right?

theantifeminist is a FRAUDTRELLE said...

Again, Theantifeminist shows himself a selfish man, only preoccupied with the interests (sexual or otherwise) of people of his kind, that is, ephebophilic heterosexual adult males; similarly, on his blog, like David Futrelle does, he defended rape and sexual slavery, assuming of course that the victims are underage female and get married (he would not want to be raped or enslaved himself).
On his web, through several posts he tells that a “French” guy, with the help of two the most-known leaders of the ephebophile activism two guys named “FeldMarschall” and “Dissident” and the FSB, wants to assassinate him for his “male sexualist” views. Really, if the FSB wanted to kill him, it would just do it without telling him in advance.
He thinks himself an important person, like a leader of a movement.
For all his “male sexualist” talk, he fails to denounce the main harm done to male sexuality in the world: half a million of male fetuses are aborted in Russia, without their consent, of course.
He is a crackpot, and nobody should promote his ideas.

Eivind Berge said...

That comment is full of nonsense. Since when was abortion a male sexualist issue? I don't think our movement needs to have an official position on abortion. My own view happens to be that abortion should be tolerated because the world is overpopulated and abortion is one of the more benign ways to do something about it, but I respect different viewpoints as well.

John said...

I agree completely.abortion is a big deal,unfortunately,to many 'mras' because "god" and all that religious claptrap.right now I'm feeling really down about the latest news. 'Homeland security is going to start tracking bloggers,social media(like they aren't already but let's make it official) so glad I'm finished with any form of online activism. I despise Paul Elam and that hideous beast Hannah Waller so much,in addition to the army of feminists I have to stay offline!I see now they're trying to get kricfalusi arrested, led by his ex who was apparently 16 when she was "groomed". soon,I'll also have to stop even reading
twitter.i get pissed off man...

Eivind Berge said...

I see.

"For a brief time, 25 years ago, he had a 16-year-old girlfriend."

Oh, horror of horrors: normal male sexuality. Of course he must be destroyed in the current hysteria, which is now so "normal" that it feels strange he could get away with it for 25 years.

Anonymous said...

The only paranoid crackpot in this me movement is me :). Your attempt at reputation destruction (using lies, as usual) against TheAntifeminist will not work, and you should probably switch tactics to intimidation.

In fact, TheAntifeminist doesn't support the legalization of rape. I do, though I am against male-on-male rape, because as builders and maintainers of civilization, we men should respect each other. I said so in the article titled "Respect is a Key Concept in My Rape Philosophy." As for slavery, I think that concubinage is a legitimate sort of dynamic.

Next time you guys (JTRIG) post a comment on my blog, don't bother using a (fake or otherwise) Israeli IP. I know that you are butthurt over my activity, but as I said, only bullets can stop me. Go ahead, faggots. Also, nice diversion from CIA/MI6 to FSB - you guys really show your colors.

Tell your boss that he's a cocksucker.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, Eivind, the sharpest brains in Great Britain's intelligence community are nervously observing the rise of the Male Sexualist Movement right now, and are devising plans to thwart it. They will use reputation destruction tactics against us (for instance, they will call me paranoid for being concerned about the threats they themselves sent to me), and when that inevitably fails, they'll use intimidation - which they already have done, in fact. Over the following period we are going to see a lot of trolling, and it won't be the "organic" sort, if you catch my drift.

Meanwhile, I'm building more and more blogs - such as the one I'm posting from, for instance. In a way, getting me to delete DAF was not all bad - being only Treeweekly, I shall spend more time doing all kinds of activities besides writing to advance our cause. They will be sorry for intimidating me.

Perhaps I should upload a video discussing the vile conduct of the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group. I'm sure JTRIG will appreciate it. :)

John said...

Yea I should post links to these latest metoo stories. This bitch is on Twitter and she's s
hock of shock! Retweeting screenshots of him "threatening" her and she's got ALL kinds of support from the usual pack of femtard garbage including of COURSE Kelly fuckin Ellis.yep queen bitch herself.and the "victim" is also busy calling the cops and everyone's all outraged he's not in prison YET anyway.this is the new thing now on Twitter as I'm familiar with, bypass Twitter altogether and just call the cops. great country huh?

John said...

Great to see Tom back!

John said...

Here's kricfalusi "victim" Robyn bird
@topographicfish on twatter. shes really milking this! She's a "reformed cartoonist".
Of COURSE he's pissed off.25 years later and she just decided she was "groomed" and "abused" ?!

Hellion said...

I totally agree with you.

At the age of 18, women of legal age cannot be considered to be adults, so another "age of majority" should be set for them, for example 25. Not because we consider them retards, no, but to protect them.

Also, if an 18-year-old woman wants to sleep with a 30-year-old guy (I agree with you that it is an aberration), I think it would be great to use the full force of criminal law to punish those motherfuckers as if they were paedophiles, even though in principle such mutually agreed acts do not harm anyone.

John said...

Ted Cummins 51,former teacher who ran off with one of his 15 year old students, oops I mean "kidnapped" the poor lass has pled guilty and is now looking at a minimum of ten years,possibly 20 for the dreaded offense.a guys life totally destroyed for sex with a willing "victim" who once again,apparently has ZERO responsibility for her actions,cuz she's just a lil tiny baybee...

Chinzork said...

I posted a different version of this comment on Tom Grauer's blog and wanted to post it here as well.

There are 2 basic requirements for being a Male Sexualist that I see.

1. A Male Sexualist must either advocate for abolishing the AOC or a maximum AOC of 10. This reflects the fact that both pre and post-pubescents are sexual beings.

2. A Male Sexualist must completely reject the Feminist-Puritan definition of “consent” and must also reject the notion of “sex crime” itself.

Eivind Berge said...

I would be slightly more inclusive. Advocating a maximum AOC of 13 is permissible in my view, and it is OK to support the traditional definition of rape, where the requirement is not just lack of consent (which is indeed a meaningless "crime" in itself), but also being forced or threatened with death or serious injury. If there is no credible threat of serious violence, the victim must resist to the best of her ability in order for rape to exist.

Beyond this, male sexualists categorically oppose all sex crime legislation. And amongst ourselves, we may well debate whether the age of consent should be lower than 13 and whether even rape deserves to be a sex crime, but I would not exclude anybody from our movement just for disagreeing on this.

Eivind Berge said...

We may also recognize abuse of power to coerce sex. I mean actual abuse of power, like the kind police and jailers have access to, not the bullshit student/teacher or doctor/patient excuse to manufacture sex crimes. Such abuse of power may not always rise to the level of rape, but should perhaps be still recognized as a sex crime.

Chinzork said...

Max AOC of 13 is fine with me. I forgot to add that a Male Sexualist must be in favor of sensible punishments (e.g. a fine) for AOC violations.

Accepting traditional definitions of rape is also fine since they consider rape as a violence crime or theft and not a "sex crime."

Chinzork said...

"Such abuse of power may not always rise to the level of rape, but should perhaps be still recognized as a sex crime."

I would more appropriately consider this a form of blackmail and deal with it as such.

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, sensible punishments for the violations that we agree with is just as important as getting rid of the bad laws. We don't engage in the lie that children "can't consent" and are always "raped" even if they do consent and that kind of nonsense. A fine would be very appropriate in most cases, as the actual violation is to take something of value rather than inflict abuse and suffering like the "trauma" fantasists would have it.

I agree that abuse of power can be dealt with in other ways as well, and a separate sex crime for that is not essential.

Anonymous said...

What is your opinion about Senator Rob Portman?

Eivind Berge said...

Don't know much about him, but he seems like a nasty puritan-feminist. Wikipedia says:

"Portman voted for reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act in 2013. He wrote about a proposed amendment to the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 which would seek to terminate human sex trafficking, writing:

Our idea is to bring Republicans and Democrats together in this fight to respect and protect human dignity. [...] When it comes to human trafficking at home or abroad, our government's policy must be one of zero tolerance. It is an issue with special meaning for me. I grew up with my mom's stories about her great-grandparents, Quaker abolitionists who lived on a farm north of Dayton and helped slaves seek their freedom by way of the Underground Railroad. In fact, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, located on the banks of the Ohio River in Cincinnati, is home to a permanent exhibit on human trafficking. [...] A few years ago, the Ohio Trafficking in Persons Study Commission estimated that more than 1,000 Ohio youth are victims of sex trafficking every year, and that many more are at risk."

And here we are with free speech online being shut down because of that effort. These nincompoops might be as naive as they sound, but that doesn't make them any less harmful. The current crop of politicians will never snap out of their obsession with making worse sex laws, so the only solution is to replace them with male sexualists.

Chinzork said...

Being inclusive and compromising are important to an extent, but I do not think that we should place too much emphasis on that. Male Sexualists are trying to overturn a very fundamental aspect of human morality that has been in place for the last few hundred years. Therefore, there is no middle ground that can be had with other groups. Anyone who is not explicitly a Male Sexualist should be considered a Puritan-Feminist by definition. There are only two possible outcomes in the end. We either win and change the world, or we lose and are placed in the dustbin of history. When push comes to shove, there is no reason to show anything but mercilessness and hostility to anyone who is not a Male Sexualist. Of course, Male Sexualists can still compromise and such within our own group.

This is a position that is a bit cultish and dualist, but that is the nature of the battle we face.

Eivind Berge said...

"Read the text from the 14/15-year-old bitch, seriously, read it, do those garbage bags really deserve our attention even for a minute?"

I read it, and doubt it was really written by the girl. At least, she must have had help from a professional feminist. That sort of crap does not happen naturally, so yes, I think teen girls still deserve our attention. Men can't help but look up to them as goddesses, even if they get corrupted by feminists, which is always a risk now. As she puts it herself:

"After talking with close friends on the subject over the course of a month, I realized what a power dynamic it was."

Yeah, feminist brainwashing will do that, and ONLY feminist brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain your points any further, Eivind? I think it's vital that you get more deep in that.

Eivind Berge said...


I agree we need to be hardline. The "MRA" movement went ridiculously wrong, and we don't want to let male sexualism get similarly misdefined. This is our chance to get it right and create a group consciousness in favor male sexuality that actually means something. So far, nobody is trying to co-opt the label "male sexualist" for feminist purposes, but that is something we need to watch out for and fiercely resist if it should happen.

Eivind Berge said...

I think it's obvious that 14-year-olds don't think and write like this:

"I want to address something that I’ve kept in the dark for too long. I am Lily, I am 14 years old and in 9th grade. I was taken advantage of by a 21-year-old player for the Overwatch League. He abused his power as a player to coerce me into sending him nude pictures and engaging in explicit facetime activities."

What she goes on to describe has nothing to do with coercion -- just willing flirting -- and the "power dynamic" crap is not something they would think of either. The only thing I can see a girl get naturally pissed about is the part about him having a girlfriend already, but they wouldn't express it like that.

Indeed, nobody thinks like this unless they are indoctrinated by feminism. I don't know how it specifically happened in this case, but this isn't something teenage girls come up with on their own. It really looks like a team effort to make an "abuser" out of this young man. Notice the screenshot where someone else "warns" him about her age. Looks like an outgrowth of the Me Too movement and somebody is trying to cash in.

Anonymous said...

Feminism has surrealistic levels.

I just read this title in a newspaper:

"Why women over 50 should have a younger sexual partner (but not the other way around)"

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, you're Ephebophile and you'll die Ephebophile. No matter how much you cry, put on your blog, go out and advocate 'Male sexualism' every day of your life, even if your friend Putin says that being 'ephebo' is a lie. You will live and die Ephebophile and work for us until your last breath. Fuck you, motherfucker, and cry all you want because this is never gonna change. Go to sleep, you'll still be Ephebophile tomorrow, as you should be. Despots and criminals like you know where they end up.

Chinzork said...

"but that is something we need to watch out for and fiercely resist if it should happen."

I think we should always be on the lookout for concern trolls, infiltrators, snitches and in general anyone who claims to be sympathetic to Male Sexualism but tries to inject Puritan-Feminist talking points into the discussion. The reason why the other "men's" movements (e.g. fake "MRAs", virtue signaling "philes", Manosphere 1.0, alt-right) turned into complete jokes is because they were not explicitly against the Puritan-Feminists and did not guard against infiltration and subversion.

Again, this is somewhat cultish and even Stalinist. However, that is the position we are now in.

Eivind Berge said...

Another dishonorable mention (to put it mildly): Craig Sawyer



He is running sting operations to entrap men, with law enforcement cooperation. And look at the sadistic pleasure he takes in it. Scum of the earth.

Anonymous said...

Why Facts Don't Convince People (and what you can do about it)


Eivind Berge said...

I think the point of male sexualism (and of my current blog post) is that we are NOT one of them, because what the rest of society is doing to male sexuality is so hateful that there is no common ground. We tried appealing to a sort common tribalism with MRA, and it didn't work. I mean, it sort of worked to be seen as part of the same tribe, but we lost our ideology along the way. It is time to admit that male sexualists are a different group than everyone else in a profound way -- that we are divided from the rest of society by mutual hatred and enmity.

Anonymous said...

NEWS: "Three 11-year-old girls invent a sexual abuse case to get a teacher expelled."

Women are liars and scumbags. Adults, teenagers, little girls, who cares?

John said...

Guilty! I have so much hate now it's difficult to even BE in public anymore. thanks to me,myself and I,i'm in a financial situation i don't HAVE to be,except for shopping, getting fuel etc.very hard to fake that smile now.

John said...

Many years ago,I actually considered attending an avfm conference.I'd rather go to church!
Meeting Elam and Hannah wallen?! haha no,nooo I'm good.

John said...

Ha, American "hero". anybody who works with/helps these pig cops in any way shape or form is pure traitorous trash.fucking police need to be abolished or at least a shit ton of reform is a MUST. bad enough men are going to prison just for having actual
sex, but some are going to prison for sex that never even occured! One sick fucked up gyno cuntry.

Anonymous said...

Eivind Berge said...

It is possible that this guy was raped. He sure does romanticize it a lot, milks it for a lot of creative writing and blames more problems in his life on it than I think is justified, but there is a reason why I agreed to keep the basic definition of rape, and this might qualify. He isn't claiming he was traumatized because he was under the age of consent, which would have been bullshit, of course.

Chinzork said...

I think that rape should simply be considered as a sub-category of violence/blackmail crimes with no special significance. When you get down to it, rape is just the use of extreme violence/blackmail to acquire sex as opposed to acquiring other things (e.g. money, valuables, political favors, etc.). Therefore, there is no reason (other than demonizing men) for rape to be placed in its own special crime category.

Eivind Berge said...

Firstly, you mean extortion rather than blackmail. I don't agree that blackmail should be illegal at all, if we define it as threatening to do something legal. I agree with the philosophical arguments put forth here against blackmail laws (including blackmail to get sex, of course):

After reading that and thinking it through, my firm ethical position is that the blackmail paradox must be resolved by abolishing blackmail laws, because it is unethical to punish someone for threatening something they have a right to do. The height of insanity in current law is to make sexual blackmail "rape," such as feminists have done in Norway for example. In Norway it is "rape" to threaten even honorable things like reporting a woman for a crime she actually committed in order to get sex, and I don't have words for how much I seethe with hatred against this feminist corruption of justice. It is also "rape" to threaten divorce or starting a rumor about a woman and other things men are perfectly entitled to go through with, so this is the most grotesque use of the blackmail paradox, and it should help you see that we simply cannot tolerate blackmail laws in general.

Extortion is another matter (threatening with something illegal), and extortion to obtain sex should be illegal, but it doesn't have to be a sex crime. If the threat is death or serious violence, then it is traditionally called rape, but I am not terribly attached to keeping this crime. It would be fine to punish this and other forcible rape under other, already existing nonsexual laws (since comparable violent crimes carry as much punishment as rape deserves anyway), but I am still not completely committed to advocating this. I see a huge upside in cutting away all the bullshit rape definitions, but I am not sure a perfectly rational justice system would do away with the crime of rape altogether. Since feminist justice is what we are up against, however, I do support the eliminativist position for tactical reasons. As long as we can't turn back the feminist reforms to where the level of coercion in the crime of rape requires resistance to the best of the victim's ability unless she is credibly threatened with death or serious injury, then it is certainly better to abolish rape laws altogether. Lesser sexual coercion, and of course simple sex without consent, is emphatically not rape, and I have always considered this the most important issue for men's rights.

Anonymous said...

In the Middle Ages, in Europe, rapists were hanged hanging from a tree. It was the people themselves, in the councils (there was more democracy in the European Middle Ages than in the current countries), who dictated and executed sentences.

Thus the culture of rape was eradicated in my country, because rape (of a woman, a child, even a man) was considered an act of inhumane and soulless people. In other cultures, unfortunately, I do believe that it exists, and that it has evolved to a worse degree, such as the Taharrush of Muslim countries, or the acts of mass humiliation of the native population by those who call themselves 'asylum seekers', and which I call invaders.

Anonymous said...

Male sexualism: odious, wicked, evil, atrocious, monstrous, disgraceful, abominable, detestable, contemptible, reprehensible, despicable, horrible, horrific, horrifying, terrible, awful, abhorrent, loathsome, outrageous, shocking, shameful, hateful, hideous, unspeakable, unpardonable, unforgivable, inexcusable, execrable, creepy, iniquitous, villainous, nefarious, beneath contempt, beyond the pale.

Eivind Berge said...

I don't think so. Words I associate with male sexualism include fair, righteous, sensible, magnanimous, noble, brave, reasonable, ethical, altruistic, wise, intelligent, realistic, prudent, optimistic, melioristic, aesthetic, tasteful, beautiful, creative, auspicious, joyful, ambitious, judicious, level-headed, impassioned, passionate, compassionate, lively, vital, virile.

Yes, we are also hateful, but only against something that really deserves it.

Anonymous said...

Chinzork said...

So after reading Tom Grauer's latest blog post, I have rethought the requirements to be a Male Sexualist. All of these requirements are non-negotiable IMO.

1. Must advocate for an AOC that is no higher than 13.

2. Must advocate for sensible and proportional punishments for AOC violations. Basically, AOC violations should be treated like speed-limit violations.

3. Must completely reject the concept of "sex crime." What is now considered rape can be more appropriately categorized under violence, extortion, and/or theft crimes. "Sexual harassment" is a nonsensical concept and should be done away with entirely.

John said...

Yep I agree with all of that no problem. When/where is our first meeting? I don't think I'd be invited or even allowed to join. you have to have a blog seems to be the major requirement. guess I'm out! And HIGHLY unlikely I'll ever be back on twitter.the message there is to stay off and stfu.remember,the next generation of males will be fully indoctrinated into sjw/feminism/52 genders/white male privilege/male sexuality is cancer insanity.better start recruiting in extremely large numbers and soon to end THAT.much bigger problem than aoc obviously.

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, those requirements are an excellent foundational summary of our movement, and they are non-negotiable. Age of consent no higher than 13, and AOC laws have the moral force of speed limits if present. Other laws singling out sex as a crime in itself must also be abolished. The litmus test is: would the type of behavior in question be a crime without the sexual aspect? If not, then it should be legal, and if yes, that other crime is how it should be categorized and prosecuted.

I had to delete a couple of troll comments here now (one of which corrupted our AOC maximum requirement to 1). Trolls: please don't waste your time. This movement is now unstoppable, and such tactics are just a nuisance.

Also the "antimalesexualist" blog linked above was deleted by its author before I could read it.

Anonymous said...

Our enemies are getting really desperate. Don't be surprised, Eivind, if you start receiving threatening messages posted from an IP right next to where you are. Don't fall for it - it's deception.

They are now trying to figure out what our personal hopes, fears, and proclivities are, in order to psychologically manipulate us. They actually sit down and discuss things like "what is Eivind afraid of? how can we use his fears against him?" and so on. It's all deception, and they will not succeed.

I really, really advise everyone to read and reflect on the various JTRIG manuals published over the years. It's truly revealing. I myself have probably been deceived by these people. Or so I want them to think...

Anonymous said...

A "rape"case where the abolishment of the jury is very relevant:

"Juryen svarte nei på skyldspørsmålet, men fagdommerne satte avgjørelsen til side"!

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, that is exactly the purpose of removing the jury: to make it easier to convict men of rape and facilitate that kind of miscarriage of justice. The case referenced shows that the old system was also deficient, since the professional judges could still set aside the jury verdict. But at least the independent jury served as a deterrent and warning, as the malevolence of the professional judges was highlighted for all to see when they went against the jury. Now the professionals get to hide behind the laymen that they influence to give the verdict they want, so this system is actually worse than removing your peers outright. It is deceptive, with tyranny theatrically disguised as justice. But make no mistake, Norway no longer has a justice system.

And Tom, thanks for the warning. I am prepared for attempts at psychological manipulation. Luckily they can't get very far by attacking individuals anymore, since the movement is now strong enough to go on without any one of us.

Anonymous said...

Go to tomocarroll's blog, they are gathering and publicly denouncing Tom Grauer and holocaust21. I don't think Eivind because he's a more serious and "correct" guy, but they Grauer y holocaust21 both talk openly about supporting literally rape and letting rapists go because are "incels", I personally think they have some kind of sociopathy or serious emotional problems.

Chinzork said...

I think that anyone who doesn't agree with any of the three requirements above should be considered a potential enemy. This includes the fake "MRAs" (e.g. Paul Elam), virtue signaling "philes" and LGBTP types (e.g. TOC and his ilk), Manosphere 1.0 (e.g. Roosh V), the alt-right as well as overt Puritan-Feminists.

tomocarroll said...

Please delete me from the blogroll and ignore us, we MAPs don't want to hear any more about you and your Male Sexualism. We have nothing to do with you and your aberrant misogynist ideology.

Eivind Berge said...

I remember Tom Grauer wrote an article on his old blog stating that he supports Tom O'Carroll even though the latter does not support us. That is my position as well.

I have often found that those who need our ideology the most do not support us. If we polled convicted sex offenders, there would be no male sexualism. This is not a valid argument against male sexualism, however. History is full of oppression that met minimal resistance from the ones most oppressed. We need a radical male sexualist ideology from ideologues, not pederasts.

Witch-hunts did not end because of an uprising of "witches," slavery did not end because of a slave rebellion (though those did exist), and feminism will not end because sex offenders fight back. Only an "aberrant" ideology will do, ideology which transcends the norms of the times, to which people like Tom O'Carroll are sadly in thrall.

Chinzork said...

Well, if MAPs and such are going to ignore us, then I am okay with ignoring them back. That said, they are always potential future adversaries just like any other group that isn't Male Sexualist.

holocaust21 said...

I think the guy above who is claiming to be Tom O'Carroll isn't him. For one, why is he asking you to delete his site from your blogroll when he still has you listed on his blogroll!?

There are many sick impersonators appearing these days. Like the guy who pretended to be omnipolitics16 after he had committed suicide...

Anonymous said...

We are being targeted. And I'm afraid that blog-hijacking is within the realm of possibility. We need to establish alternative communication channels.

We'll figure this out.

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, I agree it is unlikely to be him. The comment from "tomocarrol" only had a link to his blog which anymore can enter, so it may well be fake. I always try to post from a verified account like Google or Twitter whenever possible, so if any comment appears signed by my name then you should also distrust it if it could have been posted anonymously.

For the spooks to hijack those accounts or our blogs they would either have to hack us or get Google/Twitter's cooperation, and I suppose that could happen, but haven't seen any evidence of it yet. I use two-factor authentication on my Google account, so I think it is very secure.

holocaust21 said...

By the way Eivind, I liked your criticism on Twitter of the use of the word "misguided" in this article:

I've seen that term used so often in any publication aiming to be vaguely "mainstream" that criticises feminist sex laws. It's clearly NOT bloody misguided! Feminist sex laws are passed INTENTIONALLY and they know EXACTLY what the consequences will be! The politicians want to inflict pain, violence and suffering on vulnerable men who become victims of their laws. That's the whole point. There is absolutely nothing misguided about these laws. These laws are acts of terrorism!

Now I wonder if I can get a feminist jailed under the terrorism act for advocating a sex law... Bah, probably the police will never arrest them, the prosecution service will never prosecute them and the judge will find any excuse not to convict them. It would be nice if the stars would align just once though...

Eivind Berge said...

Thanks and amen to that. It is extremely annoying that even the few people in the mainstream who understand how bad these laws are can't bring themselves to criticize them with a stronger word than "misguided." Sadistic is more like it, and egoistic in the case of women who feel their own sexual power threatened by escorts and other more freely available sex.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

More CP insanity:

Bomb Squad blows up computers confiscated in child porn cases

Billionaire´s wife hands over computer allegedly used for child porn

Anonymous said...

The last article is excellent news actually: if there are billionaires such as Macklowe watching (or looking for) CP, we may yet have hope!

Anonymous said...

Here in Europe we experienced the Middle Age and came through it a long time ago.
In the US, on the other hand, they didn't have any Middle Age, so they are going through it right now, at the same time of the digital society.

Gally said...

"We are being targeted. And I'm afraid that blog-hijacking is within the realm of possibility. We need to establish alternative communication channels.

We'll figure this out."

"I will lend you power":

There are ways to avoid being tracked and identified.
Some are easily implementable and cost well under 100 USD and just a day's work to set up (or less), others are more complicated but still possible to learn.

The deadline for the appeal for my case is Thor's day next week, after that I shall have a few beers and fix some other stuff I have neglected to follow up on, but then I will be available for advice on information security.

With the caveat that I shall *not* give advice that can be used by the prosecution in my case, to possibly argue that I am informing people on how to break the law and get away with it. I will only be giving advice on how to communicate securely and freely, which should be everybody's right really.

Eivind Berge said...

Is it illegal in Norway to inform people on how to break the law and get away with it? I am curious about which law would cover this, because I have never heard of it and thought our freedom of speech was at least strong enough for that.

Gally said...

"It would be nice if the stars would align just once though..."

Lol, I am sorry, but that reminds me of this youtube gem:

Gally said...

"Is it illegal in Norway to inform people on how to break the law and get away with it? I am curious about which law would cover this, because I have never heard of it and thought our freedom of speech was at least strong enough for that."

Well, I am not entirely sure, but I think it would be poached on as an "encouragement to break the law".

The case so far has been way outside of any semblance of normal, rational, legal thought.

The judge himself used the argument that I called a bitch in the police for a "cunt-brain", which is in the law counted as an insult of an official servant and qualifies for a fine but not prison time, as an "excacerbating circumstance" that should count towards the prison time for the other offense, the downloading of child pornography (of which 99.9% I estimate was level 3 on the Copine scale BTW).

This is clearly a case where they seek presedence, and thus, political ("Skunk Anansie: Yes it's Fucking Political: ).

Eivind Berge said...

No, the incitement law does not cover information. That is the law I was accused under, and I don't think they have even tried to use it that way, much less gotten anyone convicted. It also failed them in my case and it is actually very uncommon for anybody to get convicted at all under that law. It doesn't even happen once per decade. I think the last time was in 1988 unless somebody got convicted recently. I know they tried with Krekar but he wasn't convicted on that, and another Muslim was also acquitted.

Of course, it would be possible to incite and provide information at the same time, but information on how to break the law is legal as far as I know. Keep in mind that it is legal in Norway to advocate violence such as I do against the state, so we do have pretty strong freedom of speech except for child porn and racism. Incitement is when you directly call for specific acts that is imminently likely to be carried out, so as long as you avoid that, you can freely support and inform about crime.

Gally said...

"Incitement is when you directly call for specific acts that is imminently likely to be carried out, so as long as you avoid that, you can freely support and inform about crime."

Yes, and well, this is where it gets complicated because the judges are IT-incompetent nincompoops and swallow every claim the police comes up with. Which is why Stine Nystrøm at NTNU is calling for a mixing of infosec with law education: They are clueless.

And in fact, if I may say so myself, it's even worse than standing accused of rape: If you are accused of rape, at least they can evaluate the credibility of the two sides, but for things about data?

The prosecution wins by default by ignorance on the part of the legal system.

I do have a tactic (or two, or three) though, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Eivind Berge said...

At least you can call your own expert witnesses, and then the judges can evaluate the credibility of them versus whatever the prosecution comes up with.

Gally said...

"At least you can call your own expert witnesses, and then the judges can evaluate the credibility of them versus whatever the prosecution comes up with."

Mm, slight problem with that: Experts are embedded (or, in bed with) the police.

You don't get lucrative cases if you defend CP downloaders, so.

Gally said...

Actually it looks like my mother needs to sell her house in order for me to raise enough cash to defend myself, and if that's the case I'd rather go to jail because effing hell, when you are over 60 you need a nice and secure place to live, not rent.

Eivind Berge said...

Your criminal defense will be paid by the state. If you are thinking about a civil suit, then yes you probably have to pay, but you get it back if you win.

Gally said...

Well, yes, true but that does not mean that my defense will actually be willing to defend me - or competent enough to do so, in a manner that a judge will understand means that there is reasonable grounds for doubt - and so on.

The police actually sat in the court and lied through their teeth.

I have no words for how little I value them as human beings, worthy of human rights.

They are retarded psychopaths, plain and simple.

Gally said...

I may have posted this video before, but I feel in this case it is appropriate to repost it:

The lyrics appeal to me, and as I have ASMR ("Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response"), I feel, well, rightousness in protesting against draconianistic justice.

I have done nothing wrong, in fact I have taken sensible steps towards not being in any danger zone at all, and the justice system wants to punish me as if I was a child molester?

Next week the appeal will be filed. After that, I feel more free to talk about things, and I may even have a discussion with Amos Yee (although I am not so sure about that).

Anonymous said...


Sia sucks!

Why dont you post some actual information about you case and a link to the verdict instead of all the nonsense that you post?!
To me it sounds like you were stupid enough to get caught doing something illegal, and you should tell us what you did wrong in you oPsec instead of posting links to worthless pop-music youtube videos.

Eivind Berge said...

Gally, of course you are not a danger, but the laws don't care about that. Even so, if we had a jury and they were sensible, the only defense you would need is that what you did is not worthy of punishment, and then they would acquit no matter what the law says. I certainly would if I served on such a jury, and a real justice system would ensure that people like me could end up there.

Gally said...

"Why dont you post some actual information about you case and a link to the verdict instead of all the nonsense that you post?!"

Because it is fifteen pages of mind-numbing idiocy, and in Norwegian and I do not have neither the patience to translate all of that now, nor do I prioritize it over all the other shit I have to do.

"To me it sounds like you were stupid enough to get caught doing something illegal, and you should tell us what you did wrong in you oPsec"

Absolutely nothing. At the time, the police did not have the tools to monitor the darknet I used; now they probably do and there are vulnerabilities that have been discovered.

So. May I respectfully request that you let me handle my business, as opposed to attempting to goad me into revealing details about my setup that is in very, very poor form to reveal?

You never, EVER talk about your personal setup, period, FULL STOP.

Gally said...

Also, doubt me?

You have no idea what I know.

John said...

Enough to get you sent to prison! I no longer do the internet.since its ran by cops and feminists,that's that for me!

John said...

Oops,almost forgot! "Congrafualtions" goes to Trump,the neo cons,arms manufacturers,etc for consolidating & exerting even more control of the world(without bothering to get congressional approval) & striking Syria.and to think, Trump said,and so many idiots actually believed, that the the u.s is leaving Syria. NOT THIS century.and clearly, it was a message to Russia to get out,hardly some "humanitarian" Bombing,lol

Anonymous said...

You dont have to translate it because I read and speak Norwegian. So post the verdict, thank you!

If you think that you will get off the hook on a technicality, which you seem to do, you have no idea about the justice system here in Norway.

Anonymous said...

Men, the normal and the decent ones (both of which you lack) is that we like at least women in their 20s, not girls who are still in their teens.

Not that I don't understand why the law still allows sex with 16-year-old girls, I can assure you that my daughter is not going to date any older men when she's 16.

John said...

Put a chastity belt on her and teach her,if the schools haven't already) that all men are rapists and pervs.make a good misandrist out of her and tell her to get on Twitter and hate on men.she might just make a good career out of it.good money hating on men these days.

John said...

Yea,she's probably obese with tats all over her arms, piercings and green hair. That's the look for smashing that patriarchy! How fucking ridiculously stupid to believe ALL men have this "white male privilege".I never had it and never will, but whatever these women say is good as gold.GOTTA believe them AND automatically respect their asses few years watching this blossoming matriarchy should be very interesting. men might have to walk behind women,and they'll do it to! Don't want to be 'harassed' at work? Make it a fireable offense to wear makeup to work then. but nah, women get to do/say/wear consequences, no responsibility is the feminist way!

John said...

I really do believe Hillary would've EASILY been the better President.didnt even require hindsight. i knew Trump was useless trash going way back. spouting feminist bullshit? I didn't see that coming!also, the CEO of back page is going to plead guilty to "human sex trafficking" that was quick! It's lock every man up for anything going forward.gotta conform NOW if you want to stay out of prison.

Anonymous said...

Child sex dolls have been pulled from sale by online retail giant Inc after widespread criticism from a watchdog and charities in Britain over concerns that people who use such lifelike dolls may go on to sexually abuse children.

England Children’s Commissioner, Anne Longfield, said Amazon should explain how the dolls were permitted to be posted on their website, and ensure they cannot be put back up for sale.

“Such dolls are clearly built for one purpose, and that purpose is a clear danger to the safety of real children,” she said in a statement after a BBC investigation into the issue.

Full article:

John said... big a pile of horseshit as the claim that weed is a gateway drug to harder drugs. but,I'm positive if you ran a poll,most Americans would still deny this is a police state. pretty damn obvious to me anyway that we are MUCH less free than before
9/11. The threats to America are internal,imho--radical leftists,militarized pigs,sjw insanity,the unprecedented inequality, the war on men, and never before seen levels of censorship.any good news I wonder..

Gally said...

"You dont have to translate it because I read and speak Norwegian. So post the verdict, thank you!"

Okay, I will consider that.
However, not until after the appeal has been filed, and the deadline is 19.04.2018.

After that I can post it with some anonymization as it actually is not barred from being in the public domain.

That good enough for you?

Oh and just as a PS! to any fools out there who may be in some kind of delusional drug-induced haze that would lead them to believe that seeking me out would benefit them in any way, shape, or form: Either do think again, or plan it well and bring more than three people to help you out, because this little princess ain't laying on a pea.

Gally said...

"Enough to get you sent to prison! I no longer do the internet.since its ran by cops and feminists,that's that for me!"

Yeah, emission-blocking tents are fucking expensive. Luckily you can sort-of-compensate for that by some trickery, and unless somebody is aiming a directional antenna straight at your rig, you can duck-and-cover from TEMPEST attacks.

Unfortunately surveillance gear is getting so miniaturized these days they are down to the size of stamps, if not smaller, so it kind of becomes a question of not avoiding being exposed to "interested parties", but more a question of "can we construct a parallell investigation"?

In Norwegian parlance, referred to as a "white entreance".

So, no, at least while there is no final sentence, any intrusion / surveillance would be an obstruction of due process - you can't really listen in on what a suspect talks about when his case is still up in the air.

Anonymous said...

"Men, the normal and the decent ones (both of which you lack) is that we like at least women in their 20s, not girls who are still in their teens."ž

So not wanting girls younger than 20s, which is completely unnatural and would be something that previous generations would be unlikely to even imagine, is somehow "virtuous"? You really are insane.

"Not that I don't understand why the law still allows sex with 16-year-old girls,"

Oh, don't worry, laws will soon change to suit your lunacy.

"I can assure you that my daughter is not going to date any older men when she's 16."

Just amazing... But will you take care that your daughter is married as a virgin, that she respects her husband, that she is a good mother and a wife and not a slut? Is that something you worry about at all? No? What matters is that she doesn't date at 16? Later on she can become a cock gulping worthless slut like almost all modern Western women?

You scum.

Anonymous said...

"What makes you think any man wants to fuck your fat, ugly daughter? It's not enough that she's underage. She has to look good also. Your ugly, fat daughter is safe."

You go too far. Given the way laws are going, the amount of insane people like our anon and the bad taste in men even teen girls have today even a fat, ugly teen is a huge prize.

Anonymous said...


Sure it's okay that you wait until the 19th to post the verdict. Im curious about what is wrong with the evidence in the case, so yes, do it.

I dont understand why you have to wait until your appeal is handed in, as it makes no difference, but okay.

Anonymous said...


It's not the young age in itself that attracts. It's the physical assets of these underage sluts that attracts all normal and honest(non-manginas)men.

Anons fat and ugly daughter is just as worthless as any fat, ugly feminist in her 40s even though she's underage.

Gally said...

"I dont understand why you have to wait until your appeal is handed in, as it makes no difference, but okay."

It shows elementary respect for due process - the appeals court would feel somewhat, um, "forsmådd" is the word in Norwegian, which roughly translates to "belittled" in English, with the added undertone of ignored, were I to publicise the appeal before they receive it - and of course (in my eyes), the appeal should follow the publication of the verdict.

Or else we would be sitting here pointing out obvious errors, maybe even bickering about their import, and in my view that's pretty much a waste of time and also draws too much attention to details that I would rather wish one could avoid doing as I mentioned, I don't want to become a person that somebody "commits suicide to", that is to say, crosses my doorstep with ill intent and ends up suddenly realizing they have five minutes remaining of their life, max.

There are certain areas of the body where a medic can't really save you even if you are standing right next to a fully equipped ambulance, if "something bad" happens to you.

Anonymous said...


It is the verdict a want to see and asked for first and foremost. Not the appeal, although that would be interesting too.

Anonymous said...


Are you writing the appeal yourself? If so, Im not sure it's a good idea. You should at least have a lawyer write something too-

Eivind had a very good lawyer I remember. One that really did not give the court of appeals any reason not to take the case. But then again, he had the law on his side, as Eivind of course had made sure he absolutely did not break any law in the first place.

Gally said...

In the meantime, I attempted to have a conversation with Amos Yee, which did not go as well as I had hoped.

Amos Yee, emails

Subject: "Well hi there"

Now, I haven't viewed all your videos, so my apologies for not fully knowing all your opinions.

I just thought I would say hi, and briefly introduce my case.

I got caught having a bunch of cheese pizza, of which about 99.9% were on level 3 and below on the

Currently, the Norwegian police is trying to make this a case of presedence, on the grounds of the amount, and has tried to push for two and a half years out of the maximum three, for a paragraph / section in the law (#311) that includes way more serious stuff such as production and sharing, of which I do not stand accused of.

Which is really way out there, so an appeal is underway, and maybe in time I will comment on that on the blog

I'm posting there under the name Gally, by the way, and had this guest-post a few weeks back:

Keep up standing up for your opinions and good luck to you.


Oh damn, a hot blogger unjustifiably arrested. That is spicy. I definitely condemn your arrest

Not to want to be accused of shilling (lol), but I'd recommend you donate a dollar to my patreon and join my fan club. There are loads of pro-cp pedophiles in there that would willingly discuss and promote your case

Hi and thank you for taking the time to respond.
No doubt you get lot of shit in your email, so wading through all that must be a major PIA.

[previous mail quoted]

Yeah actually I was more wondering if you were willing to engage in a debate with somebody who actually knew a damn, instead of these politically correct mongrels you've been laying down on the judo-mat of rethorics.

Give it a thought, I can connect over some channel or another that carries sound, with no worries about revealing my identity. Could also be, there would be little delay, somewhat depending on choices for connection.


What you wanna debate about? What disagreements do you have?

[previous mail quoted]
Cognitive psychology, Piaget's development theories, Maslow's Hierarchy, Memory restructuring for starters.

Don't pseudointellectual me fuck for brains
[previous mail quoted

Gally said...

[previous mail quoted]
That, I did not expect from you, but then again you're a teenager who is obviously going through puberty with what all that entails.

I honestly thought you were familiar with such basic concepts of human psychology, as my impression was that you read books.

Then again, we are all prone to misjudge others based on ourselves (as Dunning-Kruger explains), and for your information I read 7700 pages of books while 16 weeks of police custody.

So, I guess you have nothing to offer me then and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours to stretch your fifteen minutes of fame into supporting yourself through meaningless controversiality and aiming for having absolutely no education or plans for a stable income.

Oh and you know what? The percentage of pedophiles who support an abolishment of Age of Consent, is way lower than you gamble your "not shilling (lol)"-begging for "support" on.

You do the math: If one percent of the male population are pedophiles and 99% of them do not have sex with children, your potential support-base is an abyssimal 0.00005 percent of the population.

So yeah. "Fuck for brains?"

You should come visit sometime. There you will find people who have actually thought through your arguments, as opposed to the muppets you are content with talking to now.


Oh gosh. Yeah fuck off. Cheers
[previous mail posted]

Gally said...

Make of this exchange what you wish, but I'd like to point out one thing.

I managed to manipulate myself out of police custody after four months, when accused of breaking a law that carries a minimum penalty of six months (that has so far resulted in a sentence of two years and three months), and Amos managed to double his time in police custody, and still hasn't gotten around to officially applying for immigration AFAIK.

Also, his basic argument that people "MUST" support him if they support free speech is legally flawed, the exceptions to article 19 (of which there are only three) in the universal declaration of human rights states that speech which is deemed to "go against morals" can be made exceptions for and restricted.

In my view a silly exception, but it is still there.

Gally said...

"Are you writing the appeal yourself? If so, Im not sure it's a good idea. You should at least have a lawyer write something too"

My previous lawyer has already written most of the appeal, which in my eyes is crystal clear on the issue that there needs to be a retrial. Supposedly he was meant to finalize it today, but possibly the nice weather we are having means I'll get it tomorrow instead during normal office hours.

From my point of view I wrote about 16 comments that I sent him, to which he responded that much of that was in line with his own objections to the verdict.

Chief among those, is the argument that perhaps carries the greatest weight, that the maximum penalty is three years under a paragraph that involves production and sharing (something which I was not accused of), and I have been sentenced to over two years.
As such, at some point one has to conclude that the amount of material in mere possession can not be what determines the severity of the sentence.

Which is what the prosecution is trying to create presedence for, because... well, let's just say some people consider unprecedentedly harsh sentences a victory, and let me just add that the judge called me only two days after the police had received the sentence and it had not been proclaimed to me, and wondered what I was going to do now.

Anonymous said...

New norwegian law could yield multi-year prison sentences for revenge porn:

"Vi åpner for bruk av fengsel ved hevnporno. Vi vil åpne for potensielt flere år i fengsel. Om grensen skal være to, tre eller fire år skal Stortinget få debattere når den tid kommer. Men ingen skal være i tvil om at regjeringen prioriterer dette. Vi trapper opp kampen mot spredning av nakenbilder. Vi må huske hvor alvorlig disse sakene er. De som sprer disse bildene ødelegger andre menneskers liv. "

"Lovverket ligger etter utviklingen i samfunnet vårt. Det er viktig å få økte strafferammer og et tydeligere regelverk mot hevnporno og deling av denne typen bilder."

Gally said...

"New norwegian law could yield multi-year prison sentences for revenge porn"

I'd like to add a brief comment on that, if I may.

From my point of view, these reactions to societal shifts (in sexual communication and being drawn closer together), are somewhat parallell to what happened when the Monarchy and the Aristocracy was challenged, in the Enlightenment process that Europe experienced as a consequence of the Printing Press.

There is a fascinating book about that which lays out how it drew Europe into 200 years of political chaos as people in power could be argued against, which I am looking very much forwards to reading in prison.

Anyway. The thing is, how do you legitimize excerting power / suppression / manipulation / exploitation over others?

Well, if we compare with how the Monarchy was defended:
The Monarch derives his legitimacy to exert power because he is approved of by god's representatives on earth.
Oh but with protestantism we have more than one variant of christendom and you can't exterminate entire villages for not agreeing with your interpretation of the bible anymore nor can you restrict it to being taught and published in a language that only your vetted lakeys speak, meaning latin only so check mate on the information front; your argument that god has your back ain't gonna cut it anymore

Okay well the king rules because he and his court and advisors are so much more enlightened than everybody else
Well that argument is flawed too because here, look at these intellectuals and literate people and philosophers and realize that you are comming up short against their arguments

Well the king rules because he is more moral than anybody else and preserves the morals of society which is the very glue that binds us together without which there would be chaos and DOOM, DOOM we say!
Nope, no doom, no sky turning the colour of blood, no cats and dogs mating in the streets just because we accept that humans have variation and that sexuality is part of that, and a development process

Check and mate.

Currently we are at 3), for the present political order.
We can and will do better, in time, with people being able to interact and making decisions for themselves without always being forced to having to go through intermediaries such as politicians.

Eivind Berge said...

It seems to me that progress would be to go back to an absolute monarch at this point. We would need to be pretty unlucky with the monarch to get the kind of hateful laws that our politicians are dreaming up, based on retarded lies like "pictures ruin lives."

So the latest escalation is that revenge porn will be punished like child porn is currently. Does that mean child porn needs even harsher sentences, or will they be equal?

My view is that if we accept the assertion that women (or children) are ruined by nude pictures, then women should bear equal criminal responsibility for posing or taking them in the first place. All obscenity (and clearly this includes any and all nudity, since all of it turns into "revenge porn" the moment a female regrets it) should be banned at the moment of creation, not just when it is found in the possession of a man. The official male sexualist position is to oppose all sexual legislation, but my tactical one on revenge porn is this. Also we don't need a child porn law when all nudity is banned anyway. I know the man in the street can't help himself from supporting ever more draconian sex laws, but can he at least agree to hold women equally responsible for creating this material that ruins women? Women are damaging themselves, putting their reputation at risk by sharing a picture with even one person, so clearly they are just as culpable as whoever keeps spreading it.

Anonymous said...

"I know the man in the street can't help himself from supporting ever more draconian sex laws"

It is so true and it's so pathetic! I have only hatred for these so called men who support these sex laws.

Gally said...

Well I wouldn't mind being crowned "King Gally the First", but *ahem* I may be better suited for other tasks than mere management.

Such as, moving towards becoming a relevant factor in the societal debate - as my identity, what with the exposure from multiple sides and all - becomes more known.

Don't come to my door trying to beat me up, drag me into the street, pour petrol over me and light me on fire though, please.

Eivind Berge said...

I recommend maximum openness around one's identity not just for activism but also for safety. The scariest enemy is the police, and they are more reluctant to mess with a public figure because they know any abuses and fuckups on their part will be all over the news. When I was arrested, the first thing I said to the press at the courthouse was "full name and picture," which they all complied with and I am very proud of how the publicity went in my case. I was unable to create an effective men's movement against the sex laws, but at least the police were humiliated. The media is on our side, gentlemen, even when they try to portray us as monsters.

Other enemies can be successfully defended against, and if anyone is stupid enough to assault you, Gally, I hope they win a Darwin award.

Gally said...

"I recommend maximum openness around one's identity not just for activism but also for safety."

Well sometimes it just so happens that one can be misrepresented and misunderstood, which I am in the process of rectifying.
I have extremely good relations with my neighbours, and I put quite some effort into appearing as a rather reliable and trustworthy person - which I am - and, well.

Haters gonna hate, but yes, Darwin awards can be handed out.
Not to go into too much detail about that, but in our modern day society we are so far removed from understanding what "deadly force" actually means, and how to protect against it (much fail, such death) that, well.
To put it bluntly, you don't need more than a screwdriver to end somebody, if only you know how.

And it could be that I have more than just a mere screwdriver. Anyway. As John McAffee just recently posted on twitter, "disinformation is a discipline".

Gally said...

Oh, and one other thing: I think maybe Amos is suffering from a mix of personality disorders. Such a megalomania, for starters. He blocked me from simply responding to him with some facts, and... at the same time calls out others for being "cowards" (or what ever he calls them) for blocking him?

Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be about him (best of luck to him though, but I don't see his host-family tolerating him for much longer).

I have received the final version of the appeal and I wish to add to that by some comments, within Wednesday noon.

In Norwegian, if somebody wishes to translate that do feel free but I have more than enough on my platter right now to even begin to list it all.

I will say this though: By the end of this whole ordeal, I do believe I shall have made some points that most can at least nod a little to.

Others, may of course seek out my IP-address (or identity) but good luck doing anything of importance with that.

Chinzork said...

"I recommend maximum openness around one's identity not just for activism but also for safety."

The thing is that this strategy only works because you do not live in a police state Eivind. In a police state (e.g. America), this strategy would be useless because the police can get away with doing whatever they want regardless of exposure.

John said...

Yes I never once used my real name on Twitter, but the bitch that stalked me right off Twitter doxxed me NO problem with help/tacit approval of Twitter itself.and then of course called the actual cop pigs on me, and I still haven't done anything to that cunt yet. but one can dream!

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