Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Let's make a male sexualist manifesto

Our leader Tom Grauer came up with the idea of a collective manifesto for male sexualism, and I agree that is an excellent idea. I have been wanting to express our ideology in a more coherent way than blog posts, and now is the time. This is a great opportunity to write both individually and collectively. The first step is to come up with a list of topics, so use the comments for brainstorming and general discussion about the manifesto. But please keep it clean so we avoid the fate of other boards which have been shut down lately. I will moderate the comments to protect our freedom of speech above all and avoid impersonators and other disruption. Parts of our ideology may be criminalized and any host can shut us down on a whim, but it is still possible to get our message out there if we use our rhetorical skills for what they are worth, so let's try that.


Anonymous said...

Pederasty, pedophilia and any kind of abuse of a child is the basis of the jewish talmud, the desire to normalize this aberration is the ultimate goal of these subhuman excrements.

For this we are the real fathers and mothers who love our children, not those women who have simply pulled them out between their legs and say they call themselves mothers.


Or those men who think that parenting is giving their child 20 euros every now and then when it's their turn to spend the weekend with them and run.

I said, protect your families.

Anonymous said...

Acknowledge that any woman or man celebrating male sexual mutilation is an enemy.

Eivind Berge said...

So so far we've got:

-Pedophilia (must be tactfully done)
-Religion (I say male sexualism is inclusive to all religions, perhaps except the more insidious ones like Scientology)

And obviously we need:

-Rape and other sexual legislation, probably to be broken down into several topics since this is the bulk of all our concerns
-Prostitution and sugar babies
-Incels and sexual equality/redistribution
-Porn/Masturbation and associated harm to male sexual health
-Pickup (I espouse what I call holistic pickup, which includes nofap and male sexualist ideology, obviously using all one's resources including what feminists call "sexual harassment" to obtain sex and reproduce)
-Marriage, monogamy, and relationships; or perhaps promiscuity if one is so inclined
-Abortion and reproductive rights for men
-Child support
-Drugs and other health issues (if we want to be holistic)
-Philosophy (optional, but holistically useful -- do we believe in anything deeper than sex?)
-Free speech (including porn and CP; this separate from its health issues) and incitement law
-Activism and tactics (must also be tactfully done to avoid censorship/prosecution)

Honesty on all these subjects would be quite something... I am not sure even I am up to writing about all of them, but will do what I can.

Eivind Berge said...

We also need a topic on the link between biology and ideology, with an exposition on how sex is a female resource and why our ideology is the superior way for men to deal with that. And we need a rebuttal of the moronic feminist view that women can commit rape or sexual abuse.

Perhaps somebody would like to write about homosexuality/pederasty as well, but not my cup of tea. Or wait, I do need to write about it since we need to state the minimal and maximal rights for boys.

It is becoming clear that probably no human can be honest and open on all these subjects, but collectively we might be able to pull it off. I am thinking that allowing anonymous submissions might even be a good idea.

Oy vey said...

You are good Goyim.... Tom Grauer knows!

"Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal." - Talmud, Sanhedrim 59a
"Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed." - Talmud, Abodah Zara 26a
"When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves." - Talmud, Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D
"A Gentile girl who is three years old can be violated" - Talmud, Aboda Sarah 37a
"Show no mercy to the Goyim." - Talmud, Hilkkoth Akum X1

Eivind Berge said...

Nope, most men are decidedly not bisexuals. Bisexual men are extremely rare, much rarer than homosexuals.

Anonymous said...

Netflix Under Fire for Suspected Child Pornography Scenes


Megan Fox has reported the film to the police. I repeat:. MEGAN FOX. You can blacklist that bisexual (LGTBers scum again!) old hag.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. Are you familiar with the concept of minimum age of consent? Whatever a 15-year-old creature says, it's rape. Period.

Where's the option to denounce degenerates like you?

Eivind Berge said...

No, male sexualists are focused on a maximum age of consent rather than minimum. We've agreed that no one can be one of us if they support anything higher than 12 or 13 at most as the age of consent. So 15-year-olds are most definitely able to consent, and that is not open to debate. What is open to debate is 12 and below (applicable to girls and male homosexuality; obviously women cannot be offenders), and if you have good arguments this is a good time to share them since we are writing a manifesto. I will be writing and editing one version of the manifesto, starting now. It may even be reasonable to have a separate, higher age of consent for male homosexuality, but not higher than 13.

So I can get behind for example:
Women and boys or girls -- no age of consent whatsoever, since women by definition cannot commit sexual abuse
Men and girls -- 12
Men and boys -- 13

And just as importantly as setting reasonable ages, violations of the age of consent law shall be just that, not "rape," which shall be defined the same way over and under the age of consent. Age of consent must be conceptualized like a speed limit rather than actual abuse, and punished accordingly. Usually nothing more than a fine would be appropriate when there is no actual abuse. And finally, male sexualists acknowledge that age of consent exists for the sake of the parents rather than the children. We don't pretend that children can't consent, but we realize that parents want to control their children and deserve to be somewhat indulged in that desire. So we indulge the parents within reason, which ends at 13 for the purpose of prohibiting sex with their children, as teenagers should have the right to sexual self-determination.

Anonymous said...

Hold kæft, det kalder jeg et udførligt svar på en arrogant indvending!
Men hvad med en kvinde som har sex med en homoseksuel mand eller dreng mod hans vilje? Er det ikke seksuelt misbrug, i betragtning af at kvinder ikke har nogen seksuel værdi for en eksklusiv homoseksuel?

Eivind Berge said...

No, I don't believe sex laws should apply to women and homosexual males either, because while they don't value sex with women, these males have no good reason to be more upset by it than nonsexual violence and abuse. So just use other laws that may be applicable when you ignore the sexual aspect, such as simple assault (in Norwegian now called "kroppsfornærmelse"). Straight men can also use such laws if they insist on prosecuting a woman for forced sex, and perhaps every once in a blue moon there is a reason for taking such a case seriously as generic violence.

Sometimes trolls can be useful for structuring our thoughts and fleshing out arguments that should be included in a manifesto, so I don't delete or ignore all of them.

Anonymous said...

Regarding masturbation... have you read this...?

Anonymous said...

Isn't having proper relationships the right thing to do?
Here where I live, in America, people have exemplary relationships. The age of consent is respected (here in Florida is 18, because we know a thing called the right to childhood and innocence), the feelings of women before and after sex, the laws against sexual exploitation (the wrongly called prostitution), the condoms....
You may call me a feminist, but your country needs better sex education. You have police officers as your enemies, and it seems to be part of your idiosyncrasy to hate the police, whose only job is to protect children and women, but today we have made progress on some things, for example, picking up girls who have just turned 16 is straight up pedophilia and a very serious crime. And that's wonderful that a whole society is rising up against that and not allowing it, because at 16 they are just children and are not old enough to date men, we are in 2018, not 3,000 BC. In others, we go back to cavemen times. We hook up with girls who are 18 because they are "already of age", when what we should really do is take a little time off, and wait until they are 20 or older and more and more mature and can no longer be fooled by a man.
The rules are there to be followed. It's sad that my words sound like fun or science fiction.

Eivind Berge said...

I will respond re masturbation (and simpleminded trolls) later, but now I have an announcement: I am the new leader of male sexualism, because Tom Grauer felt he had to step down:


As I just said on Tom's blog,

I accept the responsibility and will do my best as the leader of male sexualism. Being a male sexualist ideologue is incompatible with most other social and professional positions, but I've already paid that price and adapted to pariahood, complete with legal rulings to affirm that my kind of speech is legal. The only thing holding me back is the difficulty of devoting enough energy to be a compelling leader such as Tom Grauer did so well especially in his DAF days, but having me is surely better than having no leader, and I am open to crowning a new leader if a good candidate should step forward.

Good luck with your personal troubles, Tom, and thanks for taking our movement to the next level. Thanks to you, I now have an actual movement to lead.

Now let us take it another step up, and that means having a comprehensive platform, which I intend to accomplish with the current manifesto-writing.

Anonymous said...

Vive l'empereur Berge!

john said...

ha.like I didn't see that coming from a thousand miles away! well congratulations Eivind, you've made yourself the new leader of a completely dead movement with possibly 2 dozen followers/true believers. I'm one of them, and I'm totally ostracized. oh well! you've got PLENTY of other members:) it is a TAD inexplicable to me that anyone would be terrified of me on another continent though, ESPECIALLY when I'M the one that's been doxxed,and the police sent to my door for no reason! I have been a good lil complier as of late though.i stay off twitter,as demanded of me the queen bitch.by the time I'm permitted to return to twitter,it might be as popular as MySpace. maybe i will
start a blog for the hell of it.I'm never doing Facebook and the incel forums bore me.

john said...

haha, in America we a
have "exemplary relationships"? yeah, things are going just GREAT between men and women now,lol. and police have many more hobbies than simply 'protecting women and children'.many more hobbies, including murder, assault,robbery,perjury, planting evidence, little things like that. your words don't sound like 'fun' or science fiction. they sound more like a naive fool,or just another troll.

vintologi.com said...

"Incels and sexual equality/redistribution" sexual socialism is a terrible idea, most incels have shit genes and them reproducing would be terrible.


Remember: most males support the AoC insanity, etc, they deserve to die as virgins while we have harems.

Anonymous said...

Please don't watch The Simpsons is a disgusting series:

In one episode the monster Chris Hansen appears as a guest making a parody of his criminal and disgusting program.

Here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loan-a_Lisa

It's disgusting, and the creator of the Simpsons is called tolerant! He devotes episodes to apologizing for homosexuality but makes fun of dozens of men who are trapped and publicly embarrassed for seeking out consensual relationships with younger teenage girls.

You're a disgusting creep, your show is crap, Matt Gröning, and you consider yourself? The life of straight men is worthless to you. You're like all modern lefists, a hypocritical double-moralistic son of a bitch. To hell with you, and your leftist ideology. You don't respect anything valuable. Boycott this TV series and its producers and all their future projects!

john said...

I do believe it's a tad too late to boycott the Simpson's.and that show is OLD.the bigger problem with all of tv and movies is the gynocentrism.the Simpson's stopped being funny around 12 years ago when it devolved into the "maggy show" it became all about her, her 'genius' her hopes and dreams and how 'frustrating' it was for her to live with 2 dummies.i only wish boycotting pc/gynocentrism would work.on the same note, I have yet to go to the movies this year.movies just suck now, IMO.i just don't enjoy/appreciate the feminist agenda i guess!

Anonymous said...

Are we seriously sexualizing preteen girls, like perverted fan fic writers who swarm the Internet? Is that what this shit has come to? I'm very upset.

Anonymous said...

Women themselves get horny at 10, and become sexually attractive to regular men at 12. Deal with it.

Unknown said...

I would like to address some of the topics in this matter.

Rape and other sexual legislation:
My position (And is personal) is that people should be free and harm should be punished. As such the only sexual legislations necessary are those that punish harm. A virgin should never be raped nor any non feminist to be honest.
Since sex is a sort of legal tender, rape should be treated as similar to robbery or intrusion with the agravant of violence. Now. That means that the current definition of rape, created by femihags is wrong.
Rape should be considered only as physically forcing an individual to engage in sexual activities or forcing them under threat. Blackmail sex is therefore not rape.
-Prostitution and sugar babies: This should not be an issue, but women engaging in it should be held as less valuable in the sex market and therefore be less protected by sexual protection laws.
-Incels and sexual equality/redistribution: Most incels are incels because their choices are narrow. By lowering the age of consent to 12 or below most of it would be solved. Redistribution and equality are in conflict with male nature of domination, therefore it should be avoided. However, women should be encouraged to accept men who, despite being betas, could have some value to society over chads and betas who have no use. Therefore a beta banker should have more sex market value than a chad drunkard with no income.
-Porn/Masturbation and associated harm to male sexual health: Some men have a libido too high to avoid masturbation even with a sexual partner. It should be advised to avoid porn and masturbatio if you have someone to release those urges with, otherwise, freedom is important.
-Pickup: Use all resources to succeed. As long as one is truthful and has the end goal of forming a stable love life, I see no wrong in pickup techniques.
-Marriage, monogamy, and relationships; or perhaps promiscuity if one is so inclined: Promiscuity is a terrible idea. Women are mentally harmed by it, and while men are not as harmed, women will start imitating it if not stopped. Relationships should be honest and if there is more than one participant, all other participants must be aware.
-Abortion and reproductive rights for men: Men reproductive rights should have priority over women reproductive rights and must be based on pragmatic things.
-Child support: NO! Child support is part of the problem. A woman who knows she will get an income from getting pregnant will ruin herself and others doing so.
-Drugs and other health issues: To each their own, but self improvement and fitness should be socially encouraged.
-Philosophy: Freedom, self improvement, and solidarity without giving up individuality should be a philosophical priority.
-Free speech and incitement law: All speech should be free unless it is an explicit command to inflict harm. In which case it should be punished only if it is carried out. "Child" pornography should not be illegal. I advice against sex acts with prepubescents and against publishing explicit sex acts with someone under 23, but only to increase their sex market value.
-Activism and tactics: My advice on this is to use meme magic. Memes have high influence on people. Also, always be truthful and carry evidence. Another advisable tactic is to push the envelope little by little.
First push for the goals we have more clear while we work on the rest, and push for less drastic means first.
For example. Our end goal would be abolishing the age of consent. We should start by pushing for lowering it to 12, then 10, then abolish it (I would prefer to base consent on the onset of puberty and psychometric tests. It is clear there are femihags out there who might be past 20 and still unable to consent.)

That is my stance on these topics. Use it to the benefit of male sexualism, and use them as you see fit.

john said...

haha.o.k then.lets push to lower aoc.you go first of course,I'm a gentleman,i insist! get out there and campaign for it. write and call your senators and congressman. who knows? in 100, 200 years from now, after several violent upheavals,revolution, it might all come true!

john said...

don't get me wrong now.i approve of almost everything on your list.no child support? great! but the women would go BERZERK.they might already go mad with rage if roe v wade is overturned.i just know that nothing on your list has any chance of becoming reality in our lifetimes or any of well, maybe you have children I don't,their lifetimes either.and solidarity among "mras"?! THAT'S pure science fiction trust me....

Anonymous said...

Ephebophilia is real? Of course, being attracted to children under the age of 18 is a disorder and like any mental illness it is best to recognize it and create a protocol for professionals to diagnose, treat and cure it.

john said...

yes, find a 'cure' for sexual attraction by all means. but the "professionals", who've invented a wide range of "mental disorders" over the last 200 years haven't found a cure for not one of them yet,so don't hold the breathing. in America there is a "cure" for everything though. it's called prison, and women/feminists are giddy to send men to it.

Anonymous said...

The most insane, disgusting and delusional article I have ever read, these people are sick:


Anonymous said...

Extended childhood is not a “lie” but an evolutionary conquest: the more development of the neural system, the longer the child period lasts. That’s why our species is so much work in breeding and childhood is long compared to other mammals. Until they’re 18, they’re kids.

Children are not small adults, this idea was abandoned at the beginning of the last century, and Piaget detailed the evolutionary stages up to the level of typically adult cognitive development.

No, you cannot have sexual or intimate relationships with a child in any way. This immaturity means that, for example, things like sexual abuse have a very negative impact on development (inappropriate sexuality, PTSD, impaired affection that marks future relationships, etc.) and the consequences reach adulthood.

And so with all the areas.

They are not mini-adults, the development of their neural system has not reached that of an adult.

It’s not all about kids, and it has nothing to do with “hiding information” and other platitudes. Some make almost paedophile arguments…

Anonymous said...

If you used 10 minutes of your time to read serious research, instead of resorting to Piaget’s Quran, you’ll discover that child sexual abuse, when other confusing variables are accounted for, has only minor and transitory negative consequences for the involved child, and when the relationship is voluntary and enjoyed by the child, you cannot distinguish between children who have experienced so-called CSA and those who have not. Verstanden?

Anonymous said...

Coming soon to your screens:
Adult male, 21 years old, executed in a public square with great scorn for having sexual contact with a "little girl" of 20.
Of course, a cabinet of psychologists will treat the poor "child" of the trauma created.
If the sex had not been consensual, the brand new penalty of dismemberment would have been applied.

Unknown said...

"Coming soon to your screens:
Adult male, 21 years old, executed in a public square with great scorn for having sexual contact with a "little girl" of 20.
Of course, a cabinet of psychologists will treat the poor "child" of the trauma created.
If the sex had not been consensual, the brand new penalty of dismemberment would have been applied."

This. This is exactly what male sexualism has been warning of. You see. 18 is an arbitrary age for consent, so is 15, 12, or 10. Consent requires the capability of understanding facts, and that is something one develops by gaining information.
And, in case you wonder, once you reach puberty you are not biologically an adult. Almost all scientists acknowledge this fact. And actually any pediatrician sent to deal with a pubescent girl will ask her parents to send her to a gynecologist.
Heck, even I, as a man, stopped seeing pediatricians when I turned 12.

Eivind Berge said...

I see that TheAntifeminist and others of you are very upset by my position on pornography and masturbation:


So I need to explain this more carefully, and I will, because the claim that I am promoting "feminist junk-science" couldn't be more wrong. I am promoting healthy male sexuality, and masturbation, particularly while watching porn, happens to be detrimental to that if you value actual sex. It is true that some feminists also denounce pornography, but they do so for diametrically opposite (and ignorant) reasons than mine. It is really funny that completely opposite values can lead to the same conclusion, but this is a true case of that. If feminists knew how pornography actually affects male sexuality, they would be all for it.

I also need to clarify that I am not advocating any kinds of laws against pornography, including child pornography. All of this should be legal, but that does not mean we can't point out the harms and recommend against watching it. I see it as a personal health issue that is worth addressing honestly, while also keeping up our activism against laws that hurt men, even if those laws happen to be beneficial in some sense. Obviously prison is more harmful than porn, and watching porn only hurts yourself, so it makes no sense to criminalize it. This is my position on the war on drugs as well.

Anonymous said...

I think Eivind is right. It's better never to watch pornography, if you need to fap it's better to watch videos or photos of some model or actress, or whatever, or anime girls or sexy teenage girls, and seeing naked women is not porn at all and not have negative effect either, because all that is beauty, and if you feel like you need to fap and you can't avoid it as a good way out without having to resort to sexual violence (not "violence" as feminists say about violence against women), but of violence that is unpleasant like watching people fornicating like monkeys, anal sex and other unpleasant things, because you can fucked up with insensitivity and believing in a kind of relationships that are not real and that can frustrate you A LOT. That's my advice, fap in moderation, once in a while and without resorting to pornography but just to seeing beautiful women and girls.

john said...

lol! yea,just "fap" to pictures.like in national geographic? that MIGHT work when youre 8 years old, but definitely not as an adult.and anyway, that's not what eivind is saying.oy vey...

Anonymous said...

Come on, John, close xvideos and get out there and get some fresh air.

john said...

I can assure I do.i walk miles every day.im not part of your pathetic"screen culture".MY phone stays HOME.cant even try to talk to people anymore.first,it's dangerous, and secondly, their face is glued to the screen.

john said...

well,anyway,Mr Jordan Peterson is coming to florida,orlando,a mere hours drive.i might go, but I've received his message.there is an upgrade- $200 for a 'meet and greet' with Peterson, but it cant be one on one. gotta have at least 2 security with him.if I did go, and went with the upgrade,I'd ask him why he doesn't take women's responsibility to task.he's big on telling men to man up, not so much females.

Anonymous said...

Pornography is an aberration and those who defend it are immoral and mentally destroyed human miseries.

one of the best things you can do is never see pornographic trash again.

one fine day I did, and I didn't remember that shit at all.

Cut the porn shit for your mental health.

john said...

just quit everything.stop watching tv,don't Jack off to porn even if you're never allowed to touch a female? Not everyone is an attractive multi millionaire.if women don't want you? you'll be looking at porn.

Unknown said...

To the last anon. You literally sound like a femihag. This is retarded, from the biological standpoint what you say is retarded. At least those who argue against porn do have some proof in terms of how many are mentally damaged by hard core pornography and actually grow degenerate as they watch degenerate things (scat for example), but you just say something absurd and literally similar to what feminists say of men.
We can't biologically eradicate one or the other.

However it is true that Mexican media is full of such shit, and it has shaped the minds of women generations from 60s onward (Who were mothers when that crap was broadcasted), but it is also true that those shows are detested by the large majority of men and people born after the 90s.

Media degeneracy has turned global, and we totally must reverse the harm. I got an idea to achieve such, but many of you will detest it. The trick is, since we see people who follow no reason and won't even process scientific facts, we must redirect their hatred and anger toward something else. And we must redirect it to feminism and LGBT movements.

We could use the love of the masses for families, especially nuclear ones, to guide them back to sanity.

Amy said...

Women need Feminism, cuz I was a victim of the evils of child marriage.

He was onto me as soon as I entered the ship at 15, he was part of the team trying to recruit me. It was bordering on pedophilia especially as he asked me to marry before I was 16.

If I was a normal teenager, there’s no way I’d marry that guy. You’d just date and its over. I was 16 in June, and we were married in December. He was 25.

There’s no help for girls like me, who’d only kissed one boy in my life, to having a husband and expecting to have sex.

‘Then it came up that he’d been masturbating, I got in so much trouble for not satisfying him, this was only after a year of marriage. It’s impossible to keep secrets, every inch of your lives you have to tell them about.

Thats Horrifying! A16 year old should not being getting married, especially not to someone nearly 10 years her senior. And then to be punished?! So Every time I hear about antifeminism it just gets worse and worse!

I was a minor. There are laws against this. Certainly morals. Except if you’re a religion in the USA, that is.

Unknown said...

Feminists are always about "me, me, motherfucking me!" when it comes to laws. It is evident here.
One bad experience is enough to classify all bad experiences. On the contrary I could bring up examples and testimonials of women who desire an age gap (In fact someone recently told me she preferred older men because they treat her better). But that is irrelevant in the end.
What matters is not having a taboo on age but picking partners based on behavior and character.
But of course feminists won't allow that because on single idiot is to them all men in a nutshell.
That is exactly what is wrong with feminism and also with puritanism since apparently Amy grew in such a horrid puritanical place that she found it terrifying to realize men have sexual needs.
Guess what, just because you were 16 and he was 25 doesn't mean you were incompatible. First of all it was not pedophilia, yo probably had your first period long before you met him.
And let me tell you a little secret. Back when I was in elementary school I was transferred to a different school because a boy raped an older boy in the school restrooms. So age is not the source of abuse, character is.

If you felt your marriage was abusive, it would have been the same if he was your age or younger. Because it was a matter of personality.
And also consider the following. Research indicates women have worse and less stable relationships once they had more than 10 sexual partners, so do men once they are past like 15 or 20. And that is also a strong argument against pornography. So, no. The current way dating works is not good.

Why wasting your time dating a dozen of morons if you can marry a single paragon?
Maybe if you started to select you partners better your experiences wouldn't be bad. Besides it doesn't sound that bad. It sounds more like you are an emotional disaster and a failed wife. Don't worry. Your next husband regardless of age will be just as sexually dissatisfied with you.

You don't even tell us more details of how he acted and who he was as a person, so I assume all comes from your puritanical notion that having sex is bad. Well, it isn't. That is how new humans are brought to the world.

And not counting the sexual expectations placed on a somehow frigid (or stupidly naive) teenager, what else did he do that hurt you? Did he hit you? Then I agree dissolving the marriage was understandable. But, let's say he didn't expect you to fulfill his sexual needs before you felt ready. Would that make the marriage horrible?
If he supported you and protected you, wouldn't that be better than being single actually?

I don't believe your testimonial as much as mine should be believed by the likes of you. I think you made it all up. If it is all true either you are a terrible partner or you are omitting relevant. Because honestly, based on the amount of teenage moms I see out there, who fuck with idiots their age, I don't believe a 16 year old was afraid of sex.

Anonymous said...

Ok my two cents for the manifesto:

Abortion, should be punishable by prison, except malformations.

For that, abortion should be punishable by imprisonment for aggravated manslaughter with infanticide, 20 years' imprisonment.

Only abortion should be legal in case of fetal malformation, in the other cases: rape, that the mother if she does not want it because it is the result of a rape gives the child to the State, danger to the health of the mother, in that case the priority is that the child lives before the mother, who has already had the opportunity to live and the born has not had it, if one of the two has to die, better that the mother dies before the born, it is HARD but it is the fairest. In these two cases, abortion should be punishable as murder.

The woman who gets pregnant and does not want HIS CHILD to give him to the State.

Abortion is a State CRIME, a Genocide.

Eivind Berge said...

I disagree on abortion. However cruel abortion might be, the world is overpopulated or will be soon and it is also wrong, from a libertarian perspective, to force people to support unwanted children, which is what happens when children become the responsibility of the state. Something has to break when sexual freedom (which is the male sexualist basic value) meets resource constraints, and in this case the rights of the fetus are the weakest consideration. So abortion should be tolerated. This doesn't mean we regard abortion as a good thing, but it shouldn't be criminalized either.