Saturday, May 05, 2018

How to not be incel

If you are incel and want to know how to change that, this post is for you. I mean actually changing it, not making a political statement like Elliot Rodger. He may be the patron saint of incels, but that doesn't mean you want to end up like him. Even if you could influence politics and not be dead from the process, it would have a modest effect on your individual life. As important as politics is, you should also do the best you can within the constraints you find yourself in. The latter effort probably accounts for something like 80% of your outcome, so unless you are particularly altruistically inclined it should be your first concern.

I spent my entire teenage years incel, as well as some shorter periods later. Looking back, it feels absurd that so much sexual vitality could be wasted. Indeed that should be impossible, and I think it is. I now subscribe to the explanation that I wasn't so virile after all. Society is sex-hostile and the system is rigged against men, but unless you are literally confined away from women, there is still no excuse for not having sex as a healthy teenager and young man.

If you aren't having sex by at the very latest 16 or so, you simply aren't healthy. It is pathological to go so long without doing something constructive about the sex drive a boy is supposed to be equipped with. I was a sick teenage boy, though I didn't know it at the time and no one else around me did either. Only with the benefit of hindsight do I know that the incel-enabling pathology was masturbation.

I had all the qualities needed to get sex except I didn't know that masturbation was harmful. Because of one big lie I had been told, I didn't know how to fix it. Society tells you that masturbation is harmless because they are both clueless and uninterested in helping you have sex. If anything, they consider a sexless adolescence a good thing, so if they knew the truth about masturbation, they would conspire to hide it!

There are three components to sexual behavior: attraction, motivation and performance. Masturbation is harmful to males because it degrades all of them! Incels wouldn't know about the performance problems, and there is always some attraction left (however it may be corrupted into thinking fat women are unattractive, for example, and sometimes weird paraphilias appear such as an interest in anal sex), but their feckless behavior is clear proof of a major motivational deficiency.

Your brain is a general-purpose sex-getting machine, and assuming you have a healthy masculine brain it will figure out how to get it given enough motivation, or at least how to die trying rather than waste away in inceldom. All you need to do is let it do its work. Let your natural instincts kick in and the rest will usually follow. Worrying about politics or pickup tactics before you have fixed your motivation is putting the cart before the horse. Your first priority should be your motivation, and the good news is that your libido might still be salvaged, or at least some remnants of it depending on your age.

Even with an intact libido, it is entirely possible that a good strategy involves violence. Historically and prehistorically this has often been the case, which helps explain why there has been so much of it. We are now living at a unique time when very little violence is needed, however, and you should take advantage of that first and foremost. So cast aside the ER fantasies for now. At the very least, you should be able to get paid sex, an option he didn't go for because something was wrong with his libido.

All you need is one simple rule: "The vagina is the only outlet." This should be your creed and your mantra and your way of life. It maximizes all good things, assuming you share my values. This is the value system of male sexualism, and though I don't seek to impose it on anybody, I tend to think it will make most men the happiest. I think so because it basically consists of thinking with your genes, which is to say thinking with your dick rather than the surrogates and degenerate ideas society throws at you, and biology has arranged spectacular rewards for doing just that.

So follow the advice given at Your Brain On Porn (and see the evidence for it there if you don't believe me), which is no porn or masturbation. If it doesn't work, come back and ask about the finer points of picking up women. I have never heard of a committed nofapper who is an incel, however. If all men gave up porn and masturbation, we would be back to the kind of cutthroat competition seen in prehistoric times, but for now so many men are wankers that it is ridiculously simple to give yourself an almost unfair advantage just by not being like them.

As far as I'm concerned, nofap is the self-help counterpart to male sexualism. Our politics can't do you much good you if you don't have a sexuality to protect anyway. To help you understand that masturbating to porn is as good as asexuality, watch this video of male jewel beetles similarly letting a glass surface hijack their sexuality. Since all humans are to some extent fooled by porn, it helps to see this kind of behavior from the point of view of another species to realize how pointless and maladaptive it is. The incel is his own worst enemy if he does it.

I realize that it also depends on your comorbidities. If you have other issues such as autism or anxiety or depression, this isn't necessarily a panacea, but it should go a long way. I strongly believe that an incel without comorbidities, such as I was (well, aside from hyperpolitical disorder), will be almost universally cured by nofap. Just imagine what kind of sex life you could have had if you did it right, and it becomes painfully obvious. I am convinced I would have slept with a hundred additional women and had lots of descendants now if I had read this post at age 12, or better yet had it instilled in me from infancy that masturbation is harmful and sex is good. No doubt there are many incels who have it in them to be a stud if it wasn't for this unfortunate maladaption. Now is the time to get in touch with your inner stud or lose it forever, dear incels.


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Anonymous said...

I can't have sex with people over 18. Sex with anyone over 18 is rape. It's rape because it's "mandatory", it's sexual abuse to force someone to have sex, right? so is having him over a certain age. I can't morally, it's inconceivable in my mind. And I can't understand why others would either. " Sex between adults" is a code for rape. It is what most conditions my life, I can assure you that everything is different if you see it that way. My only ideology is exclusive sex with minors. I want to remove my "inceldom" but it must be with that condition if I do not prefer death to being morally raped.

That sex is legal and free as long as it is between "adults" (18 and over, so therefore not with under 18) is an aberration, I will never be able to do it, it is immoral, it is stupid, it is so easy to get (paying for it or to a lesser degree, using a dating application, that both are illegal with persons under 18) that it seems to me like lowlife scum, of proletarians, I am an aristocrat, a supreme lord (not a supreme gentelman), that's why sex paying money is worth nothing, it's like masturbating, prostitution is trash like pornography (another under 18 no-no), sex only has value when it's done for love.

You have to help us get laid with under-18s ONLY.

Anonymous said...

I hope the post above is just a troll...

In any case, thank for saying what I've also been pointing out for years. Masturbation is extremely harmful and dangerous, and I'd venture to say it is more harmful than drugs like heroin, since most people don't use these but many young men engage in masturbation. Masturbation brings short term pleasure but long term sloth, lack of motivation, lack of penile sensitivity and various other problems. It is a synonym for a disaster when it comes to incels.

It is up to every sane man to decide that from this day on he will only ejaculate in a vagina. Believe me, even the legal risk this might occur is more than worth it since the alternative is just a pure disaster.

I wish we could get more men aware of just how harmful masturbation is. When I first had sex after over a decade of it I could barely feel a vagina. When I stopped having sex from mid 2013 to late 2014 I just reversed to more of the same. Were I to ever raise a son I'd make sure he is weened off from masturbation from around the age of 12.

Eivind Berge said...

Yes. How could I forget that?! LOL! That's a fourth component to sexual behavior, that masturbation also degrades: pleasure. Arguably the most important one.

Anonymous said...

You talk about vaginas.. but for me vaginas disgust me. I can't have vaginal (or anal, which is worse) sex. That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life. Not because I've seen it in porn alone, but in real life, when a girl showed it to me I almost fainted, that's why I'm a "vagina virgin". If I wanted to have kids I'd have to artificially inseminate the girl, seriously, guys, I hate vaginas.. Who can I can do if I hate vaginas, I can have a girlfriend even if I hate vaginal sex? Who I can have satisfactory sex without vaginal? All help is wellcome guys

Eivind Berge said...

So you like girls, but you don't like vaginas? That is seriously messed up, yes. Not sure how to deal with that but the best I can think of is exposure therapy. Get exposed to them gradually and see if you might like vaginas after all.

Are you sure you are straight? Or perhaps you are the same troll as above?

Anonymous said...

For this riffraff, women are just "objects" reduced to sperm canisters. But what can be expected of these mentally ill people? Take a look around: It is the human garbage so-called "caamib", which says that all women must be raped and killed if they do not consider themselves to be the cattle of men.

Stop spreading your Homo neanderthalensis corrupt DNA. Do the world a favor and jump off a bridge.

Child sexual slavers advocates like Tom Grauer.. (advocate rape 8 years old little girls... sick being.. you deserve castration and forced to eating your penis...) Wife beaters and rape advocates like caamib. You are the scum of the earth. You guys are sick. The only way to stop you kind is with a bullet.

The world will not go back to the past, no one will ever own anyone, no woman will ever be owned by a man, no child would suffer being a sexual slave, you pro-slavery and reactionary coward pieces of shit. Rapists deserves rape. Go to hell.

Eivind Berge said...

All right, somebody posted a song but I think one line will suffice, so I am going to delete the rest of the lyrics and replace it with a video to save bandwidth.

Who are you? Who, who, who, who?

Anonymous said...

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, the 1980s were charmingly innocent, weren't they? Pedophilia was considered so harmless by itself that they needed to dream up Satanic rituals to make it scary, and child porn wasn't even a concept back then, let alone illegal unless it happened to go under other obscenity laws which mostly didn't exist either. It was just mainstream culture. Yesterday's comedy is today's heinous crime.

It even depicts the 80s version of the now atrocious crime of sexting as just another funny plot element: "At one point, she [17-year-old Jennifer] takes a naked Polaroid of herself and gives it to Matthew in public." How backwards for not portraying Jennifer as a victim of her own sex crime and Matthew as a total monster!

"Blame It on Rio" is grandfathered in at the moment (one can hope), but nothing like this can be legally made today and the police are ready to prosecute anyone who dreams up that kind of storyline in any medium. Certainly in Norway they are.

Anonymous said...

The star of that movie is a piece of pedocrite piece of shit:

"I am so stunned. I’m a patron of the NSPCC and have very strong views about paedophilia."

What "strong" wiews? "Pedophilia is evil, period"?

He starred in a movie about a relationship with a 17-year-old girl, the most abhorrent act that a man can do... according to NSPCC policy he's a dangerous child rapist.... if NSPCC found out...

Anonymous said...

"The only way to stop you kind is with a bullet."

Actually the first correct thing you said, probably in a lifetime. No corrective therapy or idiotic insults like yours will change us. The problem is, those who use the sword often die by the sword. If you're mentioning a sword know that the other side might have a sword as well.

"The world will not go back to the past,"

Yes it will, you fucking moron, because the current model is unsustainable, as smart people have been saying for a decade. The issue is whether it will return to 1750 AD values with modern technology (which we are for) or to 10,000 BC in all of its forms - technology and thinking (which you might not be for but will produce).

"no one will ever own anyone,"

Of course not. Tell that to slave owners and slaves in Libya.

"no woman will ever be owned by a man"

Woman being owned by a man is one of the strongest turn ons by them. Be careful what you're opposing.

"no child would suffer being a sexual slave"

Of course not. Million of child sexual slaves right now just don't exist because a nutjob like you said so.

"you pro-slavery and reactionary coward pieces of shit"

What are we cowardly about again?

"Rapists deserves rape."

No. Some rapists deserve to die (those who rape good women in patriarchal societies) and some rapists deserve a medal (those who rape malignant women in feminist societies).

"Go to hell."

You don't believe in one. I know how you think. Don't forget I started out as one of you.

Anonymous said...

Also, you have to stop with this "condoning rape" nonsense. You condone rape yourself, on a much broader scale and much more brutally. I'd never condone a rape of a newborn Amish or Orthodox Jewish girl for example, because I know they wouldn't be a threat to society but a positive force in society.

You would let them be raped from the time they were born, since you're basically an anti-white Hitler who supports the rape of certain groups of people he finds privileged by groups you don't find privileged.

I understand you hate the idea of me raping somebody. But you also hate the idea of me asking a woman for coffee or talking to a woman but you adore the idea that groups you find underprivileged do whatever they want to whites or any age. And I don't just mean rape but outright genocides of hundreds of millions of people. You are much worse than national socialist Germany ever was, as it never wanted to kill as many people as you do.

Anonymous said...

Enabling pedophiles and incels to be proud isn’t what society seems as a human right. You’re fighting for the most abhorrent of causes. Is there no better use of our energy?!how denegrated can your life actually be? And if so, signs are obvious you should take a different path. Clearly.

John said...

The most abhorrent act a man can do is have sex with a 17 year old"?!
Once again a member of the "peaceful christian" nation speaks drivel.I personally believe it's much more abhorrent to drop napalm ,bomb & kill millions of kids in Iraq Yemen Syria and America supports these zionist pigs shooting live rounds at Palestinian kids, but consensual sex with a 17 year old is just unacceptable?! WHO are these idiots?

John said...

Hey hey asswipe.i happen to be one of those 'incels' and I'm not a terrorist either fool.shouldnt you be in church praying for more Muslims to be wasted by your cowardly war machine? or better yet fight for more radicalized feminists.we need more of those shits.

Anonymous said...

"Enabling pedophiles and incels to be proud isn’t what society seems as a human right. You’re fighting for the most abhorrent of causes. Is there no better use of our energy?!how denegrated can your life actually be? And if so, signs are obvious you should take a different path. Clearly."

You know, the amount of insanity you morons can pack up in a few short sentences is truly astounding. It amazes me. It's like with those people who can pack up 20 pairs of jeans in a small bag.

I don't want pedophiles and incels to be "proud". I want pedophiles to try and satisfy their urges but in a manner that doesn't hurt anybody. I don't want them to rape babies, as this would hurt their bodies, but also know that child porn wouldn't hurt them.

I want incels to understand how incel comes about and what to do about it. I want them to stay away from insane places like and understand it's not about looks or height but feminism changing female preferences to human scum. I don't want them to be proud of this painful state, I want them to change it. But to do so you need to know what causes this problem. Incels have always existed, the issue is who are incels. In healthy societies like 7-4 century BC Athens and Roman Republic incels were usually actors (who were then seen as scum but aren't today), seducers, lowlifes and similar scum of the earth - and women avoided such men. Men who had something to offer in material terms were seen as good and weren't incel.

Also, I never said it's what society sees as a human right, never though about in those terms as I'm not a fucking lunatic like you, but now that I read it... yeah, enabling somebody to be proud is what society sees as a human right. See what happens when you're too stupid to even understand what you're talking about? You know why they don't let retards play with knives, because they might cut themselves? Well, you should stop playing with words, since you also cut yourself on them all the time. Take your keyboard or smartphone and throw it out the window. It will be better for all of us, believe me.

"You’re fighting for the most abhorrent of causes.#

Hahahah, once again stop saying stupid shit that makes no sense. There are people fighting for incredibly vile causes, like liberals who want all white males dead, and you're saying that I AM FIGHTING FOR SOME ABHORRENT CAUSE?

" Is there no better use of our energy?"

OUR energy? Please don't put yourself in any group with me. We share that we're both biologically human, unfortunately, and that's about all we share. A fact I'd gladly rectify by turning you into manure.

And, yes, deciding what ideas/laws will prevail and what kind of people will produce/what kind of cultures will prevail is the single most important thing on this planet. If you know of a more important one please, write it here. Is it the Kardashians? Marches against Trump? Your stool sample?

"how denegrated can your life actually be?"

My life is pretty fine. I have a girlfriend and a job now. In fact, what bothers me a lot is that I don't have enough time to write online compared to what I had before. Also, the nature of my relationship, since my girlfriend is a modern Western woman I unfortunately have to share with Muslims.

"And if so, signs are obvious you should take a different path. Clearly."

But it isn't so. All you said in your incredibly delusional, albeit thankfully short post, is a staggering bunch of incorrect claims without a single argument. Go fucking hang yourself, you incredibly braindead scum.

Anonymous said...

"or better yet fight for more radicalized feminists."

It's just what I'm writing about right now on my blog. That Alek guy should have learned from Marc Lepine, who is an actual saint and did everything just right as far back as 1989.

Anonymous said...

We should find a way to reproduce by spores and suppress sexual desire so that we can ignore women completely, until they become extinct by their own uselessness. I refuse to regard such vile and miserable beings as equals.

Anonymous said...

Vet ikke om du har lest denne Eivind. Men det er i hvertfall én annen blogger som har forstått idiotien med § 311.

Eivind Berge said...

Ja, men Tjomlid er en del av problemet siden han i prinsippet støtter kriminalisering av barneporno. Han bare kritiserer noen av de verste absurditetene i dagens lov, men han er ikke noen mannsaktivist. Jeg husker tidligere innlegg der han kommer med en stor og stygg disclaimer i rød skrift om at han vil ha en barnepornolov så lenge begrepet er fornuftig definert -- så feig eller feministisk er den mannen.

Eivind Berge said...

Jeg finner ikke igjen det gamle innlegget, men her er litt om den kontroversen han skapte i 2014:

Og der står det at Tjomlid bare vil ha tegninger unntatt fra barnepornoloven, og nå også sexdukker da, så han er bare marginalt mindre mannevond enn resten av feministene. Kritikken hans er så tam at det er latterlig å kalle det noen debatt engang.

Gally said...

Akkurat naa holder disse tullingene som sitter og hacker for staten uten kontroll, bare paa med aa irritere meg for aa se om de kan fremprovosere en reaksjon fra meg.
Brannmuren min satte de paa for full blokkering av all utgaaende trafikk, de har laget egne regler i sikkerhetspolicy'ene, de har nedgradert trafikk fra HTTPS til HTTP, blokkert spesifikke nettsteder, forstyrret VPN-forbindelsene, de har blokkert lydkortet mitt og naa sist har de blokkert tastaturet saa jeg maa benytte eksternt - mulig noen glemte aa fortelle dem at jeg har circa 8 forskjellige tastaturer.

Jeg tror en gjeng med innavla idioter hos PST benytter anledningen til aa kjoere paa med leketoeyene sine og bare sitter og kuker rundt.

Tjomlid begynte bra en gang i tiden med fornuftig (dog ikke helt 100%) samfunnskritikk, og personlig likte jeg spesielt at han satte fokuset paa at med lovene slik de er, saa beskytter de mindreaarige mot utnyttelse av voksne, men ikke mot andre mindreaarige.

Som jo er et problem i Oslo naa, hvor jenter faar hasj mot at de maa suge kuken til hvem det skulle vaere som har gitt dem hasjen.

Men det snakker vi ikke hoeyt om, for det er ikke-etniske gjenger med tilknytninger til mafia som ogsaa politiet er en del av, og man vil ikke begynne aa noeste seg frem til for klare koblinger med politiet sine "bi-inntekter" der.

Som ogsaa er grunnen til at man tar en avdanket politimann (Jensen) og slaar paa stortromma med, saann for aa sende et signal om hvordan politiet skal klare aa unngaa aa bli tatt for aa sammarbeide med narko-mafiaen.

Og, selvsagt, bakgrunnen for hele Dark Room-saken som er ulovlig varetektsfengsling og brudd paa mennneskerettighetene som hele helvetet, Bergens-politiet er saapass alkoholskada spontant-aborter-fremkalling av at morra drakk for aa bli kvitt fosteret, at de tok ikke beskjeden om aa slutte aa drive business med narkomafiaen, at man maatte sette inn utenbys ressurser for aa sparkle over hele greia og kjoere moralsk panikk paa barneporno istedenfor aa risikere at pressens avdekket hvor korrupte og kriminelle de er og hvor mye som har forsvunnet av narkotika fra beslag.

Gally said...

...aaand turning off my wifi-cards at random.

What next, will these infantile manchildren throw up GNAA's "Final Solution" for every page I visit? Turn every image upside down, "Upsidedownternet"-style? Jebuss wept.

Anonymous said...

Why dont you post the verdict, Gally? You know its not illegal, right?

Gally said...

I am not posting the verdict because upon reflection:
If it isn't posted officially, there are reasons for that
I have running cases about identification
I do not find it in my interest and IM AM NOT YOUR ENTERTAINMENT*

* Don't take internet, or people on it, too serious business.

Anonymous said...

That aside, to add to the topic at hand, being a "voluntary incelabatory" isn't all that bad.
You avoid all the bitching, you can focus on your interests, and Mrs. Right will always be there ready at your service with no "head-aches".

Also do you know how many people were voluntary incelebates?

Nikolai Tesla
Isaac Newton

I am sure you can come up with more.

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, to each his own. If voluntary celibacy works for you, I have no issues with that.

Immanuel Kant, maybe? At least he never married and seemed to think philosophy was more important than sex. Alexander the Great almost counts too, as he had a harem but scarcely bothered to use it and only had one or two children, probably just one. My goal in life is to do better than Alexander the Great, which should be doable. That means I need to father at least two or three children.

Anonymous said...

Well the concept of "success", or "life fullfillment" can be argued - from different sides.

From the purely genetical, Ghjenisk Khan of the Monguls killed all the males and raped all the females, so today there are 17.5 million direct descentants of him (and his secondary sons).

Was he "Successfull"?

...I'm just going to leave this here.

John said...

And Schopenhauer.he had no children,lol. he may be the very first "mra".in other "breaking news" I have officially joined I am now officially a misogynist terrorist! Congrats to me.

John said...

It appears Schopenhauer was a volcel, while Nietzsche was an incel perhaps.anyway,he was clearly too intense for women,probably died a virgin after he went(officially) insane.

Dikkeworst said...

I'm confused. So now you're saying, any man can be a pussy-slaying alpha male if he just refuses to masturbate? I guess your views changed a lot since your "rape is equality" days.

Eivind Berge said...

I don't see a contradiction between those views. I just didn't know how empowering it is to not masturbate. Whether rape is right or wrong, nofap enables you to rise above such tactics because so many opportunities open up. It gives clarity of mind to do what you should to be as alpha as you can get. You realize the insane opportunity cost of wasting your efforts on anything other than real pussy, and from there everything tends to fall into place.

Eivind Berge said...

Nature has equipped men with a fantastic sex drive, which if you let it work its magic will lead you to sex or make you die trying due to constructive risk taking. Unfortunately, evolution didn't inoculate men against today's porn because there was nothing like it in our ancestral environment. Any visual of a woman was safe to pursue because she would be real, so men naturally evolved to need sight alone to get aroused. Masturbation on its own is no big deal because it's not very compelling, but combined with modern technology it can seriously disrupt your sex drive. This is the equivalent to obesity when your relationship with the food supply goes wrong. Both are monstrously maladaptive and prevent you from being healthy, and in both cases it often takes some conscious effort to avoid falling into the trap. And trust me, you want to avoid those traps.

Anonymous said...

I may have been in the wrong world for a long time, but I’ve never seen any person support people who have sex with children, nor I understand why we should do it.

I doubt that being a man means being a pedophile and prey 14-years-old kids, they are still in their childhood, as a man I find it horrifying to even think about it. I’m not even attracted to women under 23 or 24, I like a mature woman who knows how to talk about something smart and have a stable relationship, not that she spend the day playing the xbox and talk about kid’s things.

Which I think would be quite sensible a age of consent of 21, I do not think that a child under 21 is able to have a relationship, even with a peer, much less with a grown man, is demonstrated by psychology that brains do not develop until 23 or even 25, so they are unable to understand their long-term actions. There you see girls of only 18/19 in magazines like Playboy or Penthouse and then regretting to have done it, the worst are the men who are not even horrified by it. I personally denounce it.

I’m not a pedophile and IMHO sex with a child of 16 is abuse and all civilized society thinks same and I’m glad that this is being taken seriously, I dislike that some old relatives tell me that before there were men who dating girls as young as 13 and nobody do anything to avoid it. Only muslim do that.

I repeat, I am a grown man and I like grown women that is normal and natural, not underage children, if there are laws against sex with minors it’s just because it is understood that before 18 kids are vulnerable to perverts, nothing more.

Dikkeworst said...

"Nature has equipped men with a fantastic sex drive, which if you let it work its magic will lead you to sex or make you die trying due to constructive risk taking"

I'm very skeptical Eivind. Perhaps blue balls will force a man to hit on women more aggressively but this won't neccesarily enhance his level of attractiveness. If you're a beta or omega male, women may even get more repulsed because now they feel you're behaving like a "creep" or "desperate".

In the end, the guy may feel more beta rage than ever before because he feels "he gave it all" and still failed.

Eivind Berge said...

Wrong, it it is masturbation that will make a man come across as a creep because then his desire will be fake and backed by dysfunction. Not masturbating gives you the right kind of aggression backed by actual virility, which is equal to confidence, which is attractive. Of course, you may still be turned down, but you won't be a creep and you will keep pursuing more and more women and soon get it right.

John said...

Right assuming as you said there are no comorbidities and theres a ton of those in beta/incel men.#nofap is great if you're normal/socialized. If youre not? Keep on fapping away.also of course there's height/looks/status and some luck involved.low status man? Yea, might as well keep watching the porn.

Eivind Berge said...

You should give yourself a chance to see if those other problems were so big after all. Remove the obstacles that you definitely can do something about, and this is a huge one which may well be all that is stopping you anyway. Porn is so toxic that it can make even teenage boys impotent sometimes. And at best it removes some reserve capacity, giving you problems earlier than you should have. Kind of like donating a kidney cuts down your renal capacity that you will need when you get older, masturbation cuts your sexual reserve capacity short, sometimes spectacularly short to the point where you can't have sex before you have begun.

John said...

Yep,one can become habituated to porn.even if a really good looking woman(SLIM odds of that) were to throw herself at me I don't I could get it on! Anyway,everybody's on their damn cell phones now,damn near impossible to form friendships.I go to coffee shops
And it's a tad difficult to conversate as everyones face is buried in a device.i don't even Know any women.ive had a couple opportunities in the past but after going out on a really short date,she had to be at work in the morning,when I drove her home, before I could even come to a complete stop,she had RAN to her door so fast she didn't close my car door!so,I wasn't angry and I called her the next day and asked why and she said "you freaked me out".haha,well if you're not properly socialized at an early age.. oh well,dying and living alone isn't so bad.

John said...

And yes,as Mr caamib pointed out, these incel forums are,to be generous, not very intellectually stimulating, packed full of youngsters. i'm already bored and pretty much done posting on so,I've never done Facebook and never want to, I plan on coming back, yes to Twitter, once again! back to watching everything I say,making sure to immediately block the insane female who claims I'M stalking her and somehow stay off her big old radar.

jack said...

Quote: "I am convinced I would have slept with a hundred additional women and had lots of descendants now if I had read this post at age 12 ...". Strange statement coming from you Eivind. I would have placed you as some sort of antinatalist. What do you make of Benatar's principle that "coming into existence is always a harm"? Let alone creating new life! I really think MRAs, MGTOWs and sundry male activists should take a serious look at antinatalism as a personal philosophy (on top of their activism to improve the plight of men). Antinatalism is consistent with depriving women of their grip on Society.

Eivind Berge said...

No, I don't like antinatalism. You can argue that having children is mostly a selfish decision, but I still think it is the right decision because it leaves you so unfulfilled if you don't have them. If you are like most people.

Eivind Berge said...

John, why not pay women for sex as a start if you can't get it for free? After practicing nofap for at least three months, of course.

I was just watching a video by Jordan Peterson where he makes a number of good points, one of them about free will.

Free will is something we have very little of in the moment, but you can set long-term goals that will change you and turn you into the kind of chooser you want to be. You literally don't have the free will to have sex right now because you've made so many bad choices beforehand that determine your present behavior, but if you reprogram yourself over enough time to repair some of the damage, it becomes realistic. After three months, you can have transformed yourself into the kind of man who will choose to pursue women instead of watching porn. Free will exists, and this is where is located, in the distance where our present consciousness can actually change the kind of chooser we are.

For example, I turned myself into a men's rights activist, and later a nofapper, by free will. It didn't happen overnight, but it was a conscious choice which now greatly influences the kind of decisions that I make every day.

I am now the kind of person who reacts in horror to feminist sex laws and hates their enforcers. Asking other people to feel similarly by some kind of impulsive decision is unrealistic, because that is not how free will works and they don't have that choice. We need to focus on long-term ideological conversions.

John said...

Well,I turned into an anti imperialist first because it's obvious (to me anyway) that America is hell bent on global hegemony using military force whenever on whoever doesn't obey the u.s.where it's not applicable to use force,America is happy to use economic sanctions to starve a country into submission.america="christian" country.i was actually something of a feminist wayyyyy back in the day,when it wasn't so overtly misandric/radical.that didn't happen overnight for paying for it, I feel I'm lowering myself and if I did do it I'd tell her no fake moaning please,I turn the sound off on porno for just that reason. Nofap? I've done that for much longer periods than 3 months.but I'm not going to go into some bar and leave with some hottie.thats just not going to happen.and I work for myself,30 years of that next year, so I don't meet women at work,which is good right now anyway.on the free will,I believe we have free will over the smallest of things like how much salt we sprinkle on fries and such.the larger issues are cause and effect,with genetics playing a huge Peterson has pointed out, and many others,if you're not well socialized by age 4,5,you never WILL be. i was "raised" by a mother that never shouldve been allowed to have children.she dumped her first 2 kids at an orphanage before going on to have me and my brother!And she never bothered informing me I had a half brother.i only found out after he killed himself.then, before the divorce with my dad was finalized,she kidnapped me and my brother and drove to florida.i haven't seen my dad since and as many times as I told her I hated her guts, I'm quite sure she died thinking she was an "awesome" complete
denial,And fuckin nuts.

John said...

Ok,my last post wasn't 'timed out'good!
Because it often is and that's irritating.on the antinatilism,I just watched an interview with Sam Harris and an antinatilist(I forgot his name)
Well,I wouldn't want to bring any kids into this shit but especially not boys!
Can you imagine, asking your kid, what did you learn at school today? And he says: "I learned about women's studies, and the evil white male privilege".uh.. no ten years America,as well as being a full fledged police state, will also be a lousy matriarchy.

John said...

Of course,one could argue it already IS a police state and matriarchy,and I wouldn't disagree! So,Mr Hanson, just for having the THOUGHT EXPERIMENT of "sex redistribution" has been viciously attacked,no surprise there,these sjw/females/liberal twits can't think, just overreact and quick to condemn.they also hate/fear Peterson and he's not "alt right" nor a "nazi"!
These people aren't true liberals of course, they are fanatics,and why are 'women studies' even being financed at these universities? That's outrageous and is going to produce a generation of manginas.not good.

John said...

And....speaking of this police state, the YMCA is going to start screening all guests and members for being on the sex offender list! well,America has pretty much EVERYTHING covered in their war on ALL men.although i've never been accused of a sex crime,I most certainly CANNOT "trespass" on any schools grounds,and I would never work at any school,and am very wary of public
parks. And Disney world? Haha that's for go there alone,it would be very uncomfortable knowing they're watching you every minute you're not in your room.anyway,that's my rants,happy mothers day! Haha

Jack said...

The real fight is that in favour of legal and affordable prostitution. Joining the fight against porn addiction (or against drug use) should be a nth priority. Our motto should be "give us access to women, we'll know what to do with them". Prostitution is necessary because there are not enough young desirable females to go round. Telling men not to fap is a bit like telling men to "man up" (a common feminist theme). Also, the more men give up fapping, the more rabbit the competition between men for a dwindling pool of accessible females. More male-male infighting. Not good.

Eivind Berge said...

I totally agree with legalized prostitution. Nofap is just advice for those who want it, not a fight to change any laws in that direction. The fact is that many men *don't* know what to do with women (or are physically unable) because of too much porn and masturbation.

John said...

That is true.they wind up getting hand jobs from the prostitutes they visit because it's what they know.

John said...

So,to sum up, IMO."how not to be an incel" = a combination of genetics,looks height)and/Or at least having 2 SANE parents that actually stay together, and also I've noticed this personally, and this has been backed up by research, getting along with your mother is very important.and of course socialization with your peers at a young a bonus,the lucky rare guys that have sex with their teachers--VERY helpful in future sex endeavours I'm lieu of any of this, being born into wealth virtually guarantees you won't wind up an 'incel'.

John said...

Oh I almost forgot! NOT being fucking circumcised is have to be cut to understand.extreme lack of sensitivity from years of interacting with underwear.

Eivind Berge said...

I think you are confounding circumcision with masturbation damage, John. While I am against circumcision, it shouldn't degrade your sex life so significantly if you do everything else right (and no, you don't need to be rich, tall or particularly good-looking). What it does do is summarized here:

In flowery language worth quoting:

"These results show clearly that women preferred vaginal intercourse with an anatomically complete penis over that with a circumcised penis; there may be many reasons for this. When the anatomically complete penis thrusts in the vagina, it does not slide, but rather glides on its own ‘bedding’ of movable skin, in much the same way that a turtle’s neck glides in and out of the folder layers of skin surrounding it. The underlying corpus cavernosa and corpus spongiosum slide within the penile skin, while the skin juxtaposed against the vaginal wall moves very little. This sheath-within-a-sheath alignment allows penile movement, and vaginal and penile stimulation, with minimal friction or loss of secretions. When the penile shaft is withdrawn slightly from the vagina, the foreskin bunches up behind the corona in a manner that allows the tip of the foreskin which contains the highest density of fine-touch neuroreceptors in the penis to contact the corona of the glans which has the highest concentration of fine-touch receptors on the glans. This intense stimulation discourages the penile shaft from further withdrawal, explaining the short thrusting style that women noted in their unaltered partners. This juxtapostion of sensitive neuroreceptors is also seen in the clitoris and clitoral hood of the Rhesus monkey and in the human clitoris."

John said...

Yes I agree much damage can and is done by masturbation(too much,wrong lubricant) It's also a confidence issue also I believe having an intact member. and I agree that no you don't have to necessarily be tall,handsome, rich.however women do list height as their #1 ''turn on'.

Anonymous said...

Gally said...

No doubt rapists are going to refrain from killing their victim as an attempt to cover up their crimes, when the penalty for murder is the same as statutory rape.

Oh wait, my bad, they are being forcefully motivated to kill and the politicians creating such laws instead of offering help, are the real evil ones - calling somebody mentally ill and making them kill children when they become convinced that they are bound to abuse.

In other words, "Kratocracy": 'Rule by the most inept and incompetent, whose incompetence is so insane that it is indistinguishable from malice' .

John said...

Well,since I can't get anyone to talk to me in real life(all their goddamn faces STILL buried in devices) I'm back on Twitter until I get banned again.fuckin *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Hi Eivind, I'm bringing you this "Answer to Amos Yee" to see what you think about:

John said...

Perhaps women are different in Norway I don't know.but here in imperial America, looks height and status mean everything.i could have NEVER masturbated and I'd still be an incel.

Gally said...

'looks, height and status mean everything'

Yeah, and funnily enough when you look at the genetic variation between the to sex-chromosomes and compares with known rate of mutation, you cannot conclude with anything other than that only 50% of men have succeeded in procreating, compared with 80% of women.

Doesn't matter what you do if you are outside of the spectrum of what the female breeding machines are programmed to accept of input.
You can be a genious and socially charming as hell and women don't want anything to do with you because you are not psychopathic enough to come out on top in negotiations with other men for the distribution of scarce resources, which is... *drumroll* exactly what women are programmed to do: Exploit men in every which way so that they can live in comfort and security and support THEIR offspring.

The human penis is shaped the way it is in order to pump out OTHER mens' semen from the vagina, and a man never knows if a child is really his, but a woman always knows that the child is HERS.

And just like the penis, the laws are also shaped around dealing with that exploitation - here in the west, in the womens' distinct and undeniable favour, in the east somewhat more debatably in their favour because when it comes to the end of the day, a man is like a sperm: Disposable because there are so many shooting blanks whilst so few women not becoming mothers.

John said...

Yep that's how it is.
i like this:
"men test ideas,women test men"
And "men are disposable,women are recyclable"
Of course it wasn't always like this,but I highly doubt were returning to the 50s.
I'll have then engrave "he was a good guy, beta incel" on my headstone,lol!

John said...

As I mentioned earlier, I'm back on Twitter, home of the scumbag feminists, cop lovers, manginas,Trump lovers etc.. yuch.for now I'm
@Mgtow_Time until I'm ran off again.since I'm not *allowed* to have friends or go anywhere near these females I'm back on a platform that I am most definitely NOT safe on but that's how it is for myself and
millions like me in the same sinking boat.could be worse! I could be in Gaza catching zionist bullets in my ass and inhaling tear gas.but I'm not "free" how can I be in a shitass police state under constant surveillance? The only question left is WHY do i go on? It has to be purely primitive survival instinct, because logically I should be dead.

Eivind Berge said...

About that "Answer to Amos Yee" video, I didn't watch it all yet but it's hard to take her seriously when she thinks a ridiculous concept of "informed consent" is necessary which means you have to wait until four years after puberty.

Anonymous said...

Four years since puberty refers to 16 or 18 or where exactly?

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, so basically just advocacy of the worst current sex laws. She also says "society is not in the business of letting exceptions dictate the rules they live by" -- which I agree with -- but then she is hypocritical when she wants to force everyone to live by the rare exception who can't handle sexual decision-making before age 16-18. And of course, the gender equivalence gives the pseudoscience away. If these agecucks wanted to be taken seriously at all, they would at least distinguish between males and females and concede that age of consent should not apply to female offenders.

Anonymous said...

French menopause cunts are moaning:

Eivind Berge said...

So it's less bad than we feared. No pretense that children can't consent. But still, this escalation is very bad, with an expanded definition of "rape" and a doubling of the maximum punishment for non-rape:

Under the proposed law, judges could rule that rape results from an "abuse of vulnerability" of the victim. The bill bans sex between an adult and a minor under 15 but accepts the possibility that a minor under 15 is capable of consenting to sex. In such cases, it would be classified a "sexual assault" and the maximum prison sentence for that is doubled to 10 years.

And what does "abuse of vulnerability" mean? Sounds so vague it could be applied to anything, except age itself. All they need is one additional excuse and it would be "rape."

So the feminists only partially won this battle, but they are winning the war and will no doubt try again soon.

Anonymous said...

New regulations in Europe come up in 25 may, one is that people under 16 years of age cannot consent to giving their data on the Internet:

"one of the ways in which the RGPD seeks to better protect personal data is to raise the minimum age of consent for processing personal data to 16 years in many EU member states".

Raise the minimum age of consent for [insert X here].

Protect. Protect. Protect.

Repeat these words until the end of times.

We're talking about convincing people that minors can consent to a simple sexual caress if they don't even consider them capable of making an account in an internet game?

holocaust21 said...

By RGPD I assume you mean the GDPR?

Fuck, I didn't know that they secretly rose the age of consent for data to 16. Seriously what is this shit?

I actually really hate the GDPR in its entirety. It's costing the economy an arm and a leg too. You know every single fucking business in Europe is now obsessed with GDPR? I think that's all they are spending their time doing, they jusy go "must comply with GDPR, must not get fined £20 million or 4% of revenue whichever is higher". Not one of these fucking retards has thought "oh, the GDPR is evil and is destroying both the economy and our freedoms, maybe we should protest?".

The GDPR pretends to not apply to small businesses, but in reality it applies to small businesses, as any business that process personal data must still comply with the GDPR, which is most businesses!!! Every business needs a designated "data protection officer" something only huge corporations can afford. The EU's real goal with the GDPR is control.

It's so depressing. We have lost our freedom in every area and either no one cares or people are powerless to stop it or, most likely, both.

John said...

I've changed my Twitter handle and bio.i really don't want to go with 'mgtow'. most of those guys are alt right morons and I'm more an incel. however I don't want to self identify as THAT either. and 'mra? Nope that's simply I went with just
Anti_feminist.also, mgtow are single minded, repeating the same old shit over and over, while I have many other concerns namely American imperialism/military industrial complex and prison complex especially under this asshole trump administration.

John said...

Ah ok.i see NOW why Paul Elam was suspended FOREVER now. no big loss of course.i was just curious as to happened when I wasn't on Twitter.he was obviously no "leader" of the "mras" anyway. i'd prefer to see a certain feminist bitch banned but she never will,if they would just get rid of Hannah w allen! I'm avoiding her,and many many more since returning as I would just get the ax again if I unleashed.

Anonymous said...

Get off of Twitter and get a real life a job etc. No offence just an advice.

John said...

I've got a job.i run my very own business in fact.30 years offence, but get off the internet,get a job, and life too.

Anonymous said...

200 years. Even more than a child murderer. Lunatics. Nazism was never defeated with words, it was defeated by sending millions of men to die killing as many Nazi bastards as possible.

John said...

Frickin insanity.did you see that Nassers 'victims' all 360 of them or was 3600? Lol whatever.they are receiving a record $500 million dollar settlement to be split amongst however many there were.uh maybe that will help with their 'treatment' expenses, WITH enough left over to buy a new house,new car(s) a trip around the world or two.nassser was sentenced pretty much daily during his 3 weeks of humiliation, and it brings to my mind the images of the Nazis who were made to wear oversized pants for even more humiliation when they were in court for the attempted assassination of hitler.they mostly wound up hanged on meat hooks.i guess Nasser is in a single cell for his protection.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hey eivind.well, somefuckinhow my feminist stalker found me on Twitter yet again and threatened to doxx me again and call the police on me.i blocked her and this time I called the San Francisco police dept and you know what they told me? Deactivate your I had to.also I'm going to just go ahead and quit social media for at least the next ten years.i MIGHT continue to post on here but I doubt can't fight women they ALWAYS ALWAYS win.

Anonymous said...

The very high age of consent comes with a series of social benefits that we already understand as rights acquired in recent centuries.

For example, the abolition of child labour and the very high age of entry into employment. Or even the very long period of compulsory education.

You can't understand one thing without the other.

As here (for better or worse) we have all had the right to be children, we live in society and we don't live in the caves, because if a 15 years-old girl get us a boner on us we get a handjob when we get home and do something else. Just in case.

Gally said...

"The very high age of consent comes with a series of social benefits..."

Yes, it's called "learned infantilism" (similar to "learned helplessness"), where you spend your mentally developing years learning to absorb falsehoods and carry out meaninless tasks in order for you to be used to unpaid overtime and blind obedience to incompetent authority figures.

And protesting does nothing good for you but make you a target for retaliation and to be made an example out of.

It's called "education", which is a euphemism for "indoctrination".

And it's getting worse, with it becoming almost impossible to get a job without a master's degree, and rising costs of college means students in the US are now targeted with ads for giving blood to pay for tutorial material.

And in the future?
All of those "social benefits" will be taken away, because the economic growth will go back to below 1% per year just as it was before the industrial revolution, because cognitive computers take over the jobs and innovation is stagnating.

You might want to learn to grow your own vegetables if you wish to avoid having no spare money at all.

Gally said...

Let me just list a few reasons why Norway is going to hell in a handbasket:

1) Demographics
a) The number of elderly needing care will double within 10-15 years
b) We have imported a number of people coming from cultures where women don't work, but make children - and in any event, an average woman actually costs the state some 20-30k per year, whilst a man produces values of around 120-130k

2) Education & Employment
a) Education keeps becoming more costly because it is lengthier - as society is making unskilled labour almost non-existent, unemployment increases, in effect creating a self-enforcing death spiral for the middle-class
b) We are making things more efficient and public servants are going the way of the dodo as you can do so many things online yourself today

3) Prison capacity, increases in length of sentences and adding more moralistic-based crimes to the list
a) The queue for serving has gone from 5000 waiting to serve for 4000 prison cells, to 300 available cells and 6000 cells from renting a prison in the Netherland to building three-four new ones
b) Moralism - when a society starts to punish being different, the political system is attempting to legitimize its existence by pretending to be the guardians of Right & Wrong, and that's because people read what they are doing - which includes a hell of a lot of wrong things

4) The Skyscraper index
a) When ever an economic crack is coming, the states starts taxing property and starts building projects like crazy - right now twice as many houses are being built as will be needed, and the private property market is where most Norwegians invest their money. It's going to tank so bad only rich people will be able to own their own houses without having to worry about never being able to pay back the debt to the bank.
b) Much of the same, but with the government investing in oilfields that have uncertain profitability, and: Not wanting to present a proper calculation for the estimated costs and benefits

In twenty years Norway will have spent all of its famous oil fund on trying to maintain the wellfare state, all the really rich people will have moved their money out of the country, and we will be well on our way to going down the exact same route as Venezuela.

And in the meantime they are desperately trying to cover up these things by talking about meaningless scandals such as how two years ago somebody partying it up in a cabin sent a drunk SMS to a politician.

Not only do the emperor have no clothes, all those sheeple trying to pretend to be smart (such as Gunnnar Roland Tjomlid) don't want to admit to it when it is explained and presented to them backed by real, professional statistical analysis.

They just fire the statistician having provided the facts. True story.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they have effectively silenced me right off Twitter again at the demand of ONE feminist cunt bitch.i was only back on for 5 ten days! And she threatened to call the police on me again, so that's my 3rd account I've voluntarily deactivated(under pressure from her and these pig cops of course) I didn't contact her in any way, shape or form,yet she literally RUNS Twitter. I hope someone kills her or she has stage 4 pancreatic cancer.either one or both would thrill me!imagine a bitch stalking you claiming falsely that you're stalking her.its fucking infuriating and the cops ADORE this fuck.

Anonymous said...

If Norway is fucked, America is doomed.the plan is to gut Medicare to pay for walls(of all the stupid goddamn things) more bombs to drop on the global community and of course support these scumsucking killer jews) no jobs here unless you're a goid billionaire who hides the money offshore and pays zero taxes,yet beloved by the vast majority of americans-- truly inexplicable when one understands they are shit fuck oligarchs NOT "heroes" to look up to and admire/worship.stupid stupid americans WANT ALL the money in a few hands.well very soon they will get their fondest desire.

Anonymous said...

Anyway,to get this back on track.
'Inceldom' is a social phenomenon, NOT a "bunch of "radicalized psychopathic misogynists" as this feminist media is busy instructing the sheeple you risk your ass and any account you make online be it mra, incel and of course 'anti feminist'.probably by next year EVERYONE with anti feminist views will be banned from twitter,GOOD.i hate being banned alone.thing is I can't even go on there and chat about fucking movies.but there's nothing I can do about it.and if join Facebook? Well I've never been on it but I'd say if be banned within a week.i support Jordan Peterson and that alone would do it.

Anonymous said...

An old story, but an example of pedohysteria in action:

"Child sex trafficking" means consensual sex with 17-year-olds.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Peterson has SUGGESTED enforced monogamy.well, I'm all for that.AND wealth redistribution AND sex redistribution. Of course none of this has any chance in hell of actually happening.the LAST of these possibilities,believe it or not, of ever occurring would be the wealth redistribution. THAT makes americans blood boil.'let them eat cake and they will happily do so.can you imagine americans storming Versaille? No fucking way...

Gally said...

All this talk of revolution is completely wasted, virtually no revolution in history has been carried out from the bottom, not the French, American, Chinese, Egyptian.
All influenced by powerfull leaders and political movements having more than a one-trick pony to flog into the ground (and foreign interest support in more cases than not).

The only exception I can come up with is the Romanian. And they aren't really very much better off because of it.

Anyway yes the US is truly fucked. Latest issue of Scientific American estimates 170 US cities will become inundated in 20 years, with large parts of the hurricane-risky areas becoming uninsurable.

Followed by the rest of the world as the MILE thick ice on Greenland melts, and the glaciers become lubricated by streams of water pushing their way down through opening cracks and slides straight to sea.
By-by London, Shanghai, Venice, The Netherlands, and a thousand other important resource and trade terminals and military harbors.

In other news I put my first potatoes into the ground today I got myself a plot of land 70 meters up high so I don't give two tugs of a dead dog's dick if I have to go to jail for two years and three months - which by the way four months of police custody will be subtracted from, and the last four months you can serve at home with a foot-chain thingy, so that's one and a half years max. And the sentence is insane in itself so it has to be reduced or else we are writing a new chapter in Norwegian legal interpretation of the law regarding mere possession.

Will be exiting to see what comes out of it, and I am looking forwards to discussing it with my lawyer given all the various levels of complications and violations of proper procedure, but I can say this: The piggies have taught me that not all human beings have value and that human rights is a charade that cannot be extended to all.

Man is not equal under the law, and the law itself isn't even respected by the ones judging based on it.

As such, all taken together, I am afraid we are moving towards the situation that Dmitry Orlov posed as a question to then prime-mininister Jens Stoltenberg: 'Tell me, Mr. Stoltenberg, if a person from an entirely different part of the world, with completely different traditions and values and ways of thinking and prioritizing, is as much a Norwegian than a native born one, then what is really the value of being a Norwegian, to the nation that calls itself Norway? And, please if you can, explain if this value is different from what Norwegians themselves think is valueable about being a Norwegian.'

Germany has it way worse though, they haven't understood that all of these people coming from areas such as Afghanistan sexually harass and rape women because they genuinely despise them and the culture they live in, they are just there for the money.
And the Netherlands? They bring in they fourteen-year-old relatives to assassinate drug-dealing rivals because the police just have to let them go.

Anonymous said...

Well, Germany being just another nato do boy of America was/is involved in bombing the me and creating these refugees so fuck em.blowback can be a
bitch. and most americans being anti science pro "god" semi illiterates don't believe in climate change led by our moron in chief.but of course it's true.i live 3 miles from the beach and if I live long enough, will have to move to Denver with the other millions.since I own my house I don't have to pay for home insurance and I don't.they don't pay out anyway!these last 2 storms people are STILL waiting on checks to fix their roofs and fuck their mystery deductibles. What I DO want and need is some kind of fucking QUALITY healthcare at a decent price.Trump destroyed that of course. I wish he would have the heart attack many of us have hoped for the orange buffoon,the laughing stock of the world.

Gally said...

'What I DO want and need is some kind of fucking QUALITY healthcare at a decent price.'

Why in gods nine green hells makes you think the powers in charge want you to live a life beyond when you are no longer a maximum productive tax-payer, when the economy is going down the shitter and the planet is overpopulated anyway?

You all should watch 'Failure to understand the exponential function' on youtube someday, and put two and two together. All over the western world social benefits are being rolled back and the age of pension is raised - Russia raised it by 10 - TEN!!! - years just like (*snap*) that, and in the same way as Hitler spent time demonizing the jews (and homosexuals, and communists), muslims (and pedophiles, and yes again homosexuals in Russia, and leftist parties / liberals) are in the process of being picked out as the ones to first through overboard an overloaded life-boat.

The investment in prisons is just to scare the rest into line, to conform and obey, and given shitty TV 'entertainment' and 'scandals' to give them something other to talk about and think about than how their lives are being decimated and their nation is sliding gradually deeper into despotism with the police becoming a Stazi-power what with their hidden spy tools and hacking.

They took all of my computers for the third time, for no good reason, and they still haven't presented with me with any kind of charge or a ransacking order, effectively denying me the right to have an attorney represent me.

Whilst having stolen everything.

Norway is in no way, shape or form, a nation ruled by law, 96% of the reports against the police for commiting crimes are simply flat out refused handled, and just like catholic priests molesting children being moved from place to place instead of fired, incompetent police lawyers are also moved around when they have fucked up peoples' lives for long enough in one district.

The police are taking on the roles of spy agencies and the clergy, all roled together into the kind of wet dream that a sociopathic dictator would wake up from with smile on his face and a rock-hard erection in the middle of the night.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm painfully aware this country wants me dead and gone! And will lock me up without a moment's notice for doing fuck all I've mentioned several times, the plan is to gut Medicare social services to build a wall we don't need and more nuclear weapons.and tv is a wasteland more than ever now.ive definitely received the message I'm dispensable, but I still want healthcare that I'll have to buy just like everything else here and it's going to be expensive.

Anonymous said...

In fact, here's just how badly they want me dead.i visited "my" doctor about 3 weeks ago.a cash visit,naturally.and she ordered an echocardiogram, first I've ever had(cash again).anyway called the office and told them I'd pick up the report in person and I did.the diagnosis? A lol something they call 'diastolic dysfunction, grade 1'.so, my doctors office, not her, she's either too good to tell me in person and/or I don't have insurance and that's just how you're treated when you don't.anyway from her recptionist: it's no big deal, not a problem at all, that's why no referral.ok, so I hit the internet and it's actually surprise! A really big,after what I researched I made my own appt to see a cardiologist I'll be seeing this Thursday($$$$$) however ALL I've read about this condition is that there is NO effective treatment, but that I should go,to sum up my very own doctor wants me dead as diastolic dysfunction, even "grade1" means I have a 50% chance of being dead within 5 years, and only 10% are still alive after ten big deal indeed.i reckon on 2 thousand to cover my initial visit and that should cover the 'stress test' which appears to be the next step/test that's, the internet is my actual doctor yet again.this is why I must buy insurance that I wish was "free" in advanced countries, but alas, I'm in America a backward shithole that caters to womens needs primarily.

Eivind Berge said...

Sorry to hear that, John. I see it means your heart fails to relax properly after each beat. You should definitely see a cardiologist and get proper care; at least lifestyle modifications might help.

I am also worried that my hyperpolitical disorder can lead to that sort of thing. We should reduce stress and try to relax more, because all this hate is not good for our health.

Anonymous said...

Thanks.yes I'm going to my very first cardiologist appt in a few days. I already never smoked,never drink and I've quit probably 90% less sugar than I was ingesting just 2 years ago.i agree stress is a killer and isolation is also unfortunately.

Gally said...

Might want to invest in a wristband that measures your vitals.

Heard story once.

A guy who could look into the data his fitlet wristwatch collected did that and took a look at the data to see when and under what circumstances his heart acted up.

Turns out it did so after he'd had a glass of whiskey. So he dropped that habit and kept monitoring his heart's health, and did some other adjustments to his habits and daily rhythms. And lived long and prosperously after.

Good story.


PS! I have no doubt in the future, if your car doesn't have automatic braking or intelligent cruise-control, your premium will skyrocket and you might not even be allowed to drive in cities.

Anonymous said...

Yes I've researched(between deactivating accounts on Twitter to appease my fuck bitch feminist stalker cuntrag) this condition so much I'm practically an expert on it now.they might also have me wear a halter monitor,and yes I also need to get my very own blood pressure monitor, whether the cuff version or the wrist.

Anonymous said...

Whether they prescribe beta blockers, ace inhibitors, diuretics, calcium channel blockers,the mortality rate is not affected! 50% are dead within 5 years of diagnosis and I've probably had this since 2016, so I am good and fucked. I better get insurance later this year or I'll have NO chance.

Gally said...

Mortality rate is based on an average estimate - so don't be average, then.

Besides, the one problem with informing people of their average expected lifespan when faced with illness, is that - lacking other information - we can assume that half give up and half make improvements, so... that kind of would tend to make the statistic a self-fullfilling prophecy, amusingly enough, as the two approaches to life's hardships tend to manifest itself.

How about you take up a hobby that excludes getting annoyed with particular people (on the internet, of all places) and / or the world in general?

Get out more, see some different places, don't be afraid to try something new and be aware that you are not making an ounce of difference no matter whether you are John, Mr. Anonymous, Noam Chomsky or Adam Curtis.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm well aware of ALL that you've mentioned.i just don't like feminists,or ANYONE sending the police right to my door for simply being anti feminist,or ANYTHING on twitter.i leave the bitch very much alone but I get it.even though I've never met the cunt(cuz she wouldn't be among us) she can control me on Twitter.i think that would piss ANYONE off.twitter is NOT banning,suspending or locking my account.its just for my medical condition,I think have a very good chance of living well being their average.i don't smoke or drink, AND for the last 2 years I have been taking supplements daily.quality supplements.its impossible for me to be deficient in any vitamin,mineral, amino acid, I don't believe I'm their typical heart patient.i also have no history of heat problems so anyway,I'll know much more after Thursday and even more after the probable stress for getting out more? I'm actually not very comfortable in social situations.i guess I can't keep the hate & disgust for people I have off my face,and am something of a neighbors for instance are terrified of me, lol and I've never done anything to them to feel that way.if you live alone, you're just considered a freak I ISN'T "normal" I can see that.

Anonymous said...

My only symptom in fact has been shortness of breath(dyspnea) mostly upon exterion.and I AM going to go back on twitter.and as soon as she finds out I'm back(How exactly I don't know) she'll threaten to call the cops on me again and I'll simply deactivate another account.whatever cunt wants cunt gets!

Gally said...

Well, what can I say.
As you may have noticed, I kind of have my problems with the police and those are real problems as opposed to your choosing to let some airhead mess with you.

Then again, I guess my personality is weird. I actually enjoyed prison, in some ways, especially since I get to met so many different people in there and disappoint so many psychopaths who tried to intimidate me, up to the point of yelling "PEDO!" after me in the prison yard - I just smiled and walked on - sitting down with me and cold staring me in the eye telling me how they have killed people and stabbed them and so on.

Funny people, in their own way.

Right now I'm best buddies with my next door neighbour who full well know my story - because I have told him, that's what a scaredy-cat I am - and he gives fuck all because just like the people in prison, he has also experienced shit and assholes, and knows an asshole when he talks to one and I ain't even a blip on the edge of the "shitheaded fucker"-radar of any sane person (that does not include you psycho-piggies reading this, you failed abortions).

Oh and did I mention they put me in a cell where I got a feet-bacterial infection on purpose, that I have had for nearly a year now? Yeah that wakes me up from the pain at two O'clock in the morning quite a few days, but you know what?

I try not to give small-minded people the satisfaction of my attention.

I got better things to do, such as watering rhubarbs and planting relishes and potatoes.

You should find something you enjoy doing too, instead of getting caught up in negativity.

And hey.

It could have been worse. You could have been living in a shithole such as India, Venezuela, China (well many parts of it are), or god forbid, Yemen.

So if you want to count your curses go right ahead, but if you don't count your blessings too then you will amount to nothing but a bitter complainer.

Anonymous said...

Oh lol.ive had my problems with the lolice.thats been a long story in itself.the worst part came when one of them attacked me,literally, physically tore my elbow out of of my goddamn society very very painful.then this psychopath threw me down, jumped on my back and that immediately gave me an l1 compression fracture.then, he just dumped me at the hospital.NO charges.NO resisting arrest, NO arrest.and yep I tried the last 2 years to sue them to absolutely NO success.and I mean I TRIED and called and talked to over 50 actually took the case but after a year decided to drop me.theres no money in actual justice.these pig lawyers just want you to come in after you've had a vehicle accident.because THAT'S EASY money.and yep, my back is still and forever(unless I maybe get an operation which MIGHT help) weak as fuck, and bending over is elbow? Ruined.its stiff 24/7.i won't be playing tennis ever again.and Why? You'd have to ask the pig I'd enjoy torturing to death that question.

Anonymous said...

Ok, that would be SOCKET.not 'society' btw,I don't recommend it.and guess what happens after you get attacked and seriously injured for nothing? You get REAL ptsd.not the bullshit kind feminists get from watching a Jordan Peterson video.and it's no fun and it will make a hermit out of you and it did in my case.

Gally said...

Yeah... well, you know, sometimes you kind of get the vibe there's not just more than one side to a story, but that the presentation... leaves a bit to be desired.

That not being neither here nor there though, given that this isn't the "I got screwed over the most"-olympics, my point which you seem to not want to comment on (at all) has for the last three posts been: Try and make your life less centered around being annoyed and angry and more about living a full and happy life with interests that you can actually talk about to other people.

There are, after all, not that many people who are interested in negativity.

Maybe you could start small, get a flower and put on your window-sill or something and water it and see if that takes some of your twitter-obsession away.

Anonymous said...

WARNING: Extremely revolting

Eivind Berge said...

So the Wisconsin court affirms that 9-year-olds can consent to sex -- except only for the purposes of punishment, of course. Just the usual hypocritical bigotry at work. It does undermine their own logic, but sex-hostility is so powerful now that they don't care.

Eivind Berge said...

We have to conclude that puritan-feminism is a fundamentalist religion that cares nothing about either internal inconsistencies nor inconsistencies with reality. Just like Creationists are able to ignore both all of science AND biblical inconsistencies and still believe all their scriptures are literal truth, feminists believe children can consent to sex exactly like an adult with all the responsibility that entails when it suits them, yet be utterly asexual in other contexts. And since the most important thing to this religion is to punish sexuality, obviously consent is reserved for punishable roles while children magically become victims in all other situations. So now we have the ultimate absurdity of a child pedophile with an adult mind preying on another child, and the inconsistency doesn't even register to these morons.

Gally said... words.

This isn't even in the realm of the anti-logic on the Bizarro-planet in the Marvel Universe, this is approaching full blown Deselector-instincts, like how when crickets get too many too close together they turn into locusts, and how when there are too many ants in one place the fungi Cordyceps breaks up.

We are officially approaching the end-game of human civilization on this planet when the systems fueled by population-reduction instincts are turning against children.

Welcome to a world dominated by the constant, cascading triggering of group-genocidal policies untill the population stabilizes at a resource-consumption managable level:

Anonymous said...

Well,we'll see how 'positive after you've done that prison time.that NEVER changes anybody, oh no ,,except for the good of course, right.and getting a good beat down for doing nothing? That will make anyone..happy!I mean I could've easily been killed that day or in a wheelchair! See? Bright side to everything.and on a brighter side I now hide and that's the way it's going to be, and no parks for this guy ever again,not local, or national.great news!

Anonymous said...

One thing you NEVER expect is to be attacked by the cops unless of course you just robbed a bank, stole a car and took the pigs on a nice long chase.but even then you shouldn't be injured in ANY way.especially after you're handcuffed.but that's happened countless times.the 100s of times caught on video is bad enough.of course if I'd known beforehand I was going to get mauled by some pig I would've been armed and shot him in the face.but then it's off to life in prison IF they don't kill you first. 'Conform or die'should be the new anthem for the u.s.stay offline, unless you're a feminist.i get it believe me.hey,the cops told me to! So I've gotta do it, since freedom of speech is long dead, IF it ever existed, I'm not sure it ever did.and above all: #ibelieveher cause the cops ALWAYS will so you have to also!

Gally said...

All flesh is like grass,
and all flesh's Glory is like the blossom of grass
The grass withers,
and the blossom falls off
But the words of our Lord remaineth forever

Breathe and Stay:

Gally said...

'Well,we'll see how 'positive after you've done that prison time'

Abraham Maslow estimated that only about one to two percent of the population would be able to reach the 'peak of the pyramid', the level where you transcend and don't consider your own needs so much anymore, but can be a resource-person and a help to others.

I met lots of different people in prison, and the only ones who harassed me were people who were bored or were otherwise trying to make themselves look better.

Not a problem.

The rest were quite cordial, even up to the point of defending me - which I felt was a surprise, but shows how they perceived me as a positive and harmless person.

The prison guards were also very nice, until I got so frustrated by the constant incarceration in violation of paragraph 171, that I got a bit impolite.

Oh and I read 7700 pages in 16 weeks.

So no, I do not fear doing prison time, in fact I am looking forwards to the challenge of making people understand and trust me.

Which they will, because I bear no-one any ill will (except for you little piggies which I do not count as human beings).

Anonymous said...

You are not entitled to have sex with anyone.
Even if youre a:
-have psychological problems
-you're lonely

Because sex is not a fucking right. But you know what is? Women's sovereignty over their own bodies. And that's can not be rented, not sold, not donated.

Anonymous said...

Oh we get it.women do not want sex as much as men do.yep there's actually differences between the sexes! But, you'll suffer too(good) no cuddles for you! Except from cats, who don't give a shit.

Anonymous said...

Being seen/perceived as a harmless person in prison is a death sentence, at least here in the empire.i don't know about Norway.even the lowest criminal in there probably has a higher i.q than than idiot scum that runs America prisons.good luck!

Anonymous said...

And of course sex is a birthright.what else do you think we are here for? To watch tv? I think not.but having to deal with American females is want the kids completely to yourselves to create more manginas.we get it! America IS doomed of course thanks to idiot voters actually wanting even more money going to the 1%.but feminism is a major internal problem.i read on Twitter every day, the hate of the white male, that's THE largest goal of feminism.well have your black babies then.youd be shocked at how little we care.

Anonymous said...

Omg.i don't have a link to this thing on but here's just MORE bullshit:
"Male entitlement is causing mass violence, and women are being blamed"
I shot you not.i have left many comments because this really pissed me off.fortunately I've received 179 upvotes so that's encouraging.i also take exception to the hyperbolic "mass violence" THAT is happening overseas thanks once again to American imperialism but not here!

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing the assumption I "harass" females and I NEVER have.i don't fucking know any TO harass.very hard to live in a country being despised for being male AND living in a country I hate more than they could EVER hate me.i knew of course, after the "war on terror" started we'd ALL be labeled terrorists.and it ALL came true.dobt get any pussy? NOW you're a violent misogynist going to have to invent a backstory, I was married, now divorced, yada yada or even wear a wedding band.females aren't as terrified of men if they wear a wedding ring.they think: huh he can't be that bad".anyway,some fool asked me how I know I have no free will.of course I don't.tomortow is a good going to a cardiologist in the morning, and going to be spending a bundle! And I already KNOW NOTHING can be effective treatment, period.yet I can't stop myself from going!nothing like making a mistake KNOWING it's a mistake while doing it.turns out one of the biggest mistakes I've made was to sell my Sig Sauer, WHEN not if I kill myself it's going to be hard buying one "under the table" as it were.and I'm not into hanging like robin Williams about a cover up/distraction.he killed himself because his exes broke him financially but the news? He was just diagnosed with "parkinsons" a little tremor and he kills himself huh yea ok.

Eivind Berge said...

John, your diagnosis may be as deadly as some cancers, but at least it doesn't impact your quality of life that much? You don't need to undergo painful chemotherapy and all that crap, or die slowly in great pain, so look on the bright side. There are many worse things than heart failure. Just enjoy whatever time you have left. You have indicated that you have some money, so what I would do is spend it on sugar babies (after first adopting nofap, of course). I hear Seeking Arrangement is a good place to find them now. I probably would go to the cardiologist just to get a competent opinion, but then if really nothing can be done I would spend my money on girls, and then some. Indeed, I would die with maxed-out credit cards as well. There's a little redistribution you can safely make to yourself of sexual capital from the rich and women. You might even have time to impregnate some women. Demand that they don't use birth control before you spend much money on them.

Robin Williams had a much more dismal disease than you, Lewy body dementia, which is basically a form of Parkinson's, yes. I totally understand his decision to kill himself. His widow wrote a good account of it titled "The terrorist inside my husband's brain":

You don't have a terrorist inside your brain unless you choose to put one there. And you have plenty reason to think positive instead.

Anonymous said...

Pretty clear to me that Robin Williams' decision to kill himself was at least partially due to his financial decision caused by divorces. A commentator on the Anglobitch blog put it well.

"Like I said, every man in the Anglosphere is a target of this machine, but wealthy American and Canadian men are the hardest hit, because the US legal system gives family court judges wide latitude, which really can’t be appealed, to place arbitrarily high demands on the incomes of men who have been wealthy at any point. This is why Robin Williams committed suicide. At one point he was a very wealthy Hollywood A-lister. But after his two divorces, he was no longer pulling in that kind of money. The family courts didn’t care. They said he once made big money, and in the fantasy unicorn filled land of US family courts, that meant he could just click his feet together and make the same money again. So they made Robin pay out the nose for alimony. By this time he was sick with Parkinson’s Disease he couldn’t make anywhere close to that amount of money, and his lawyer was warning him that prison time was likely coming. So he committed suicide."

Also, my grandfather had advanced Lewy body dementia before he died. He would hallucinate and blabber nonsense a lot, but he never once considered killing himself. He dies a very peaceful death in a hospice center. What I'm trying to say is that dementia, of any kind, cannot by itself cause someone to kill himself. What it can do is exacerbate any existing difficulties in one's life, in Robin's case his financial difficulties due to divorce.

Anonymous said...

Oh no it's way too late for women.i get what you're saying but I can't even be around women or anyone.i never had the choice,I'm going to the cardiologist tomorrow.i HAVE to and why not.beta blockers are probably the first thing after some expensive stress testing but I'll know tomorrow.isnt it "funny" how my doctor thinks, or acts like it's nothing? If I hadn't went online, and just listened to her, I wouldn't be doing anything about it.looks like all females want me dead, probably nothing personal, they hate all of us, but this is unethical, I don't think I'm a terrorist just the entire country does.once again not "personal" but aggravating as hell though.anyway,I could be around for ten years, maybe longer who knows.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree.but what's this about robin going to prison? For what?I doubt he would've went for not being able to pay the bitches he mistakenly married.he would've just declared bankruptcy.yes, he was actually having to consider doing stand up again! He must've been that broke.and when he died, he wasn't even sleeping in the same room as his soon to be ex.but you know she feels zero guilt.women don't give one fuck.

Eivind Berge said...

I agree dementia is not necessarily reason to kill yourself, and most never want to. Obviously having to work your ass off to satisfy some greedy bitches instead of getting proper care would have made it worse. Still, it depends on your values. For some, it is more tragic to lose your mind and ability to take care of yourself than to lose your life, and then suicide is a rational option. I've seen the movie Still Alice which deals with this dilemma. She makes a plan to kill herself, but then fails to execute it when it comes down to it due to being too demented already. The movie does not really judge and I am not sure what would be a better outcome; that's up to each person to decide.

Anonymous said...

Yea you NEVER know.even if it's 'terminal you keep hoping it will get better but it doesn't.the only thing that improves with age is wine.i just saw a documentary on Williams, he was a sucker for love. he fell for his last one like a rock.oh well.

Anonymous said...

Its really weird.i cut the lawn today.its been raining for the last ten days! Rainy season is here and this is the tropics.anyway,I didn't feel out of breath like I did the last Time I cut
it a month ago.also, I have no chest pain, no edema, no murmur.but she should've referred me anyway. whatever.i have to be my own doctor too

Anonymous said... I went to my blood pressure is a lil high and so for the first time in my life I'm going on blood pressure's lack of exercise of course.since I got my back and elbow broken by the psychotic pig(yep STILL no reason,I don't "fight" with cops, never have, never will) I admit to not exercising regularly like I did my entire expected, she didn't want to answer my questions and when she did kept it nice and stress test was ordered,good news! That's expensive and I'll probably have insurance by my next scheduled visit in November so then they can order any tests they like!so that's pretty much it

Eivind Berge said...

It is extremely important to keep your blood pressure under control, but other than that, maybe there is not that much wrong with you if the cardiologist doesn't take it seriously either.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's a wait and see what, if anything, develops about to get this scrip filled but I don't want to take bp pills forever like many do.they are not good for you long term

Gally said...

'Being seen/perceived as a harmless person in prison is a death sentence'

Ah. You have never been to prison, I gather. Because in the big house, different rules apply - those who pretend to be tough, and dangerous, are scrutinized. And often, they are found to be just big boys.

On the other hand, the polite and friendly ones - they are the ones who are the most likely to have understood the game, and the rules, and ultimately... they are the potentially most dangerous ones.

So. You haven't been to prison, and you should keep in mind that some perspectives are earned from experience.

Anonymous said...

Nope.but I've been to jail multiple times,with my last visit in late 2016 for 13 LONG days.the whole keep quiet,mind your own business, don't gamble, etc way of going about ways SUCKS in comparison to being the biggest, or loudest, most aggressive dimwit in there in my experiences.sorry but they get the respect.and btw American jails are horrible. food is garbage and in very small amounts. and zero "healthcare" contrary to what many can take months to get a fucking aspirin.if you have a serious illness in there, they will be more than happy,delighted in fact, to watch you die, on video!just like the guy who died after a week of no water, all caught on tape.and those the decent jails.I'd last a couple days at rikers island, many jails in texas and Louisiana is hell I hear.

Anonymous said...

And ive never been charged with "resisting arrest" why would i? Turn a lousy misdemeanor into something way worse, maybe even a felony? Nope not this guy.but as I've mentioned, it doesn't matter anymore I STILL got hurt and badly,and one would think since it's been a little over 2 years, they MIGHT just come up with SOME kind of charge but nope.i really wish I could sue these fucks but it's nearly imposdible,even WITH video AND witnesses.they are above the law, just like mister Trump, all his cronies and all the wall street banister scumbags.the lesson? Steal BIG.

Gally said...


Well, our disparate experiences can be boiled down to
1) Me being longer in jail (police custody, four months) to your 13 days - which I am sorry to say, is nothing and I believe counts for your bravado-approach to making impressions

2) You not thinking even twice. I always think at least thrice, which is why I get things done, even when faced with adversities on multiple levels. And I love it. First advice given in the book 'The 33 strategies of war', is: 'Let your enemy define you'.

And my goddess-patron is Skaði.
She is a Jotun.
And they are all gigantesses - and killers. And she represents all of Scandinavia, in the high hall of Odin the most wise Allfather.

And I shall honour her to the best of my abilities.

Anonymous said...

Uh.. okdoke! I have no goddess myself.and yes, I said that was the last time i was in jail.of course I've done longer than 13 days in the past.and a LOT of inmates would laugh, sorry to say, at 4 months in jail.there are guys in American jails for YEARS before they even get to trial.most can't afford the bond.some have no bond.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anyone could get the impression that I of ALL people, a career incel,and professional hermit has a "bravado approach" to anything! Sorry, I'm not an alpha male or a rock star,lol

Gally said...

I'm not really here for some kinds of pissing contests.

In fact, I'm just here to present you with the real deal: A person who would be perceived as a 'pedophile', and yet is both harmless, considerate, and also rational.

My advice to you is to diversify your interests - beyond being a 'career' incel (didn't know that was a career-path) - and maybe reduce your time arguing with people over the internet.

I don't know, I guess some people need that social contact, but I would stress that I recommend you supplement it with some other interest.

Eivind Berge said...

I had no problems with the prison population either during my brief stay (21 days), but we have to admit prison life isn't all rosy either. I recently read this article about what they call "prisonisation":

Surviving prison with your personality intact is a challenge that should be neither exaggerated nor trivialized.

"Key features of the prison environment that are likely to lead to personality change include the chronic loss of free choice, lack of privacy, daily stigma, frequent fear, need to wear a constant mask of invulnerability and emotional flatness (to avoid exploitation by others), and the requirement, day after day, to follow externally imposed stringent rules and routines."

Anonymous said...

Well, you're obviously not an don't care and most dont.people like you ask me: "why do you care if feminists hate you"? one dumb fucking question.easy to answer though.feminists vote, and March, and their hate trickles down into anti male laws, lil things like pedohysteria, "rape culture" "stranger danger"(they mean men, btw) their shit becomes POLICY.and now a general fear/hatred smear campaign of
ALL men as ALL "sexual harassers". So see how it "kinda" makes it suck to just LIVE as a male in America now? And all the guys locked up who internalize it( I deserve it, I'm a man, lock me up,please...).but for peace of mind and all that, do go on not giving a fuck! Like you said it doesnt matter, i cant change anything, but i still care about shit like the truth.oh yeah, almost forgot ALL white guys,have this "evil white male privilege" and these cunts have convinced the vast majority in this nation that's also true when of course it's irritates me, I know you don't know why.

Anonymous said...

ALL changed me and most just become more bitter. When I was first arrested,my scumbag family wouldn't bond me out! And get this these trash don't get why I hate them and never see or talk to them! next January, it'll be 23 years since I last talked to, or saw my brother, and I NEVER will again.mother fucker SO stupid he'll NEVER figure out stupid moron.and my sweet momma? She went to her death(I wasn't there) believing she was the greatest mother ever, about denial!

Gally said...

'You are obviously not an activist'

Yeah, I don't know if you define 'activist' as 'somebody who is bitter and argues with others over the internet', but 'activist' can actually include more constructive, long-term plans.
Plans that cannot be made, far less put into action, unless one at least has some self-experience. And if you have even opened a single book on war-strategies and tactics - or even just poker - you will have understood the importance of biding your time and 'giving your enemy enough rope to hang himself'.

The official number for Norwegian prison inmates having anti-social personality disorders, is 95% .
And, when compared with British prisons - which are far, far worse than Norwegian ones - the number isn't much different nor does any of the rest of what Norway does within 'criminal care' make a lick of difference.

Because the same retarded, failed abortion shitheads who cannot get any other job than the easiest one on the planet, opening and locking doors all day long, the absolute bottom of the barrel, the dregs of humanity, the filth accruing in the toilet bowl, those kind of people are put to work in prisons because they are incapable of anything else.
Just talking to them makes you feel you are losing brain-cells.

Anonymous said...

Ok well I do believe we've given the enemy much too long a time period to hang themselves and they are getting vastly more powerful daily.they'll never hang themselves but they will hang men all men sooner than later.thats the real witch hunt going on not the one captain Trump keeps going on about."rape culture" "1 in 3" raped" the "gender wage gap" ALL men are pedos/rapists/harassers/ now it's "violent mysogynists" all this shit is considered fact!. No one in the media dares to challenge it. #metoo is winning.morgan Freeman is today's target.i guess all this crap isn't nearly as bad over there yet."more constructive plans" appears to be men supporting their own destruction, rushing to defend radical feminists online and off.not a good long term plan in my opinion.mariage here is kaput.women aren't having babies anymore.i guess they can't find that "good man" when the media says all men are dangerous, opportunistic scum, might be the reason! And everyone tells me it's no big deal,lol! Oh yes and this sjw agenda has also badly infected film and tv. I don't even go to movies anymore and back in day I went every week.i guess it's just the "girl power" and misandry. I don't want to watch it.
Even commercials portraying all men as undergrads I don't like.i know what you're going to say, no biggie yep uh huh.well, you might be a feminist.

Anonymous said...

Yea thats 'dunderheads' not undergrads.Ya know that's another teeny problem.,maybe just maybe, the reason an incel army is growing is because *gasp* could it be the constant male bashing!!?? is that a really big reason you cant even look at women now?! oh no thats's ME! I'M the reason. I have to change and stop raping, harassing women online, mansplaining,
etc etc ad fuckeum. AND get handsome, tall, wealthy AND be extremely non threatening.a handsome rich, tall mangina progressive!=THE perfect man!
That's all I need to achieve? No problem.oh shit, can't be white either.oh my this is getting more difficult

Gally said...

I hear you and I don't necessarily disagree, it's just that my perspective is different from yours - just as Steven Pinkerton and Bruce Schneier and Cory Doctorow, I have realized that change doesn't happen until everybody knows that everybody knows that everybody knows that things can't go on like this.

Which takes at least one and a half generation, Schneier himself estimates it will take fifty years before we get some real progress on the data privacy and ethics front, and he should be in the best position to guesstimate.

In the meantime the planet is going to hell and in five to seven years we will get the first news of the first major fissure craking in the Greenland glaciers and the annual ocean rise after that will increase from 3mm per year to half a millimeter per year, each year every year.

Which doesn't sound like much but plays havoc with ocean currents.

But I've got it all planned out already because I have taken to heart the advice of Dmitry Orlov: 'Have your collapse and have it as early as possible because then you can pick up the pieces while everybody else is desperately trying to hang on'.

In three years time I will be able to harvest 200 kg of potatoes each year alongside other vegetables, and get enough energy out of suncells to not just serve me but also neighbours, and that way I will be self-sustainable to the max and if the state wants to spend 4000NOK a day to incarcerate me for a year and a half then I sure hope the tax-payers feel they are getting their money's worth out of that because I am going to read books like shit and learn myself in so many things it's not even funny.

Gally said...

Oh and for the techie-heads, there's a reason why the police wants me put away and 'annihilated' by abusing the justice-system (which I can prove).

It's because I read shit like this: . And I understand it.

Anonymous said...

Du virker som en eneste stor bløff. Først lover du å legge ut dommen mot deg sånn at vi på denne måten kan ha en viss peiling på hva det er du snakker om, men det nekter du nå å gjøre. Vanskelig å se bort fra at du bløffer med alle disse psykotiske konspirasjonsteoriene dine når du ikke har det minste ønske om å dokumentere ett eneste element av påstandene dine. Jeg tror du ble dømt med rette ut fra loven. En lov som forresten er helt feil(noe vi andre skjønner, men som du ikke ser ut til å forstå), men likevel. Du ble oppdaget og dømt fordi du sannsynligvis er inkompetent og du er livredd for at vi skal oppdage det, så derfor tør du ikke legge ut dommen. Du er avslørt som den bløffmakeren du er.

Og dette kommer fra en som forakter politi, påtalemyndighet og domstol mer enn noen annen.

Gally said...

I am not bluffin' with mah muffin', I am merely reconsiderating, restructuring my tactics, and not being premature.

It is most commonly called 'being intellingent', as apposed to being an 'entertaining clown'.

That said, I expect you will get your entertainment - but it will be in a time and manner of my chosing.

PS! I have no fears of my identity becoming known, if you should somehow imply that as a reason why I don't share court documents right now.

Anonymous said...

So,now they're going after Morgan Freeman, and he's denying any sexual abuse(smart) but he's apologizing like crazy(dumb) -it make you look guilty.
And, in the latest on the war on men, Harvey Weinstein himself was arrested for ""rape"" like his lawyer said: "Mr Weinstein didn't invent the casting couch". But if he gets convicted? Oh my lordy, that will open the floodgates for just a shit load of lawsuits.I've noticed there's no good news anymore.on the endless war front/terror front, since the LAST thing America wants is peace, Mr pence decided to announce that if N.korea doesn't denuclearize(that would REALLY be a mistake) they'll end up like Libya did!
And Kim Jung un didn't respond well to that, I REALLY don't blame him.and... that's the news of the day from this pitiful dying matriarchy.

Gally said...

Og hva angår dine anklager om 'psykotiske konspirasjonsteorier', så vent tolv år du og du vil lese at disse nye oljefeltene oppi Lofoten som regjeringen ikke vil offentliggjøre kostnadsoversikt og inntjeningsestimat og biotopisk regnskap generelt for, egentlig bare er et skalkesjul for å borre seg ned under havbunnen og eksperimentere med uthenting av metangass fra de MILLIARDENE med tonn av grovkull som ligger der, på 3500 meters dyp.

Det er energireserver som er på flere størrelsesordener over hva alt annet av gass- og olje-ressurser har blitt hentet opp. Utfordringen er å automatisere uthentingen, men der har robot-teknologi kommet langt nok nå, og datasimulering av diverse rundt utsiving av gass i lag, at det er på grensen til å kunne realiseres.

Om ti år kreves det sikkerhetsklarering på nivå med forsvaret for å kunne jobbe på en av plattformene der, og det er nettopp for å skjule hva de holder på med.

Anonymous said...


Hva skulle så grunnen være til å holde det skjult om det faktisk -- slik du påstår -- var metan og ikke olje som skal hentes ut under havbunnen? Ja, oljen befinner seg også UNDER havbunnen, så ikke noe mystisk ved akkurat det, konspiratorikeren.

Jeg har null interesse av å vite hvem du er. Det jeg vet om deg til nå er at du fremstår veldig ustabil og kommer med en masse merkverdig vrøvl i form av diverse konspirasjoner. Jeg selv -- og jeg vil tro Eivind -- har ikke noe å tjene på å bli satt i bås med slike som deg. Det hadde vært fint om du greide å unngå å blande inn disse høytflyvende og usannsynlige temaene når du skriver her inne og ellers uttaler deg som en del av dette miljøet.

Kom med dommen i anonymisert form så vi kan se om dommen er vel begrunnet, hva du ble dømt for(var det gutter du så på kanskje?)og hvordan kunne du bli tatt, du som angivelig er så enormt datakyndig? Og ikke minst, hvordan forklarte du selv forholdene som du hadde blitt tatt for? Eksempelvis tilsto du, beklaget deg og skyldte på at du var blitt seksuelt misbrukt av en kvinne i barndommen? I så fall har du ikke noe her å gjøre og du bør slutte å uttale deg som om du var en antifeminist.

Kom med dommen! Ingenting hindrer deg i å legge den ut. Dommer er offentlige.

Anonymous said...


Det er også rimelig utrolig tullete å stille opp i NRK programmet laget med og av Emme Clare Gabrielsen. At du virkelig ikke skjønner tegninga tilsier at du ikke er helt som du skal være! Og i følge det som fremkommer i NRK programmet, så tilstår du altså at du har hatt i besittelse videoer av voldtekter mot 3 åringer. Dette er ikke materiale som vi antifeminister synes er greit å laste ned eller besitte, så vær så vennlig å forlat dette miljøet straks, Gally.

Eivind Berge said...

Nei, det var jenter han ble dømt for, og i hovedsak poseringsbilder helt på grensen av det lovlige, slik at politiet måtte bruke månedsvis på å skille de ulovlige ut. Helt absurd bruk av ressurser, og barnepornoloven er forkastelig i seg selv, men det sier alt om hvor ekstra meningsløs denne saken er. Gally har tatt valg som jeg er uenig i, både med å delvis innrømme straffskyld og å ikke stå frem som aktivist med fullt navn og publisering av dommen, men ikke noe som gjør at han fortjener å forlate mannsbevegelsen.

Når det gjelder metan eller olje i Lofoten, så har ikke jeg peiling, men gass regnes som mer miljøvennlig enn olje, så hvorfor bruke oljen som et påskudd for å utvinne gass?

Anonymous said...

Hvorom alting er, så finder jeg Gallys påståede "ustabilitet" forståelig i betragtning af hvad han har måttet opleve.

Gally said...

Det du skriver er et klasseeksempel på hvorfor vi har 'Vær Varsom'-plakaten (blandt annet). Fordi når media begår forhåndsdømming, så blir rettsprosessen påvirket av det, og folk tror da at det media rapporterer - som i dette tilfellet er tabloid og fremstilt som ekstremt stigmatiserende (foruten å være påviselig misrepresentativt og feilaktig) - er sant.

Men det er det ikke, og det er åpenbart at det hele anklages inn til PFU. Det er så mange etiske retningslinjer og punkter som er brutt av NRK (og retten) at det er latterlig.

Hva min kommunikasjon med Eivind angår så har jeg vært ærlig og utleverende fra dag EN og all den tid jeg poster på hans blogg så sitter han selvsagt på både dommen (som ikke er rettskraftig) samt anken, foruten mine kommentarer.

Når det gjelder 'miljøet' eller 'bevegelsen', så tror jeg du definerer den litt snevert. En 'bevegelse' bør kunne ha mer enn en sak, den bør kunne appelere til de mange, og den bør være inkluderende og konstruktiv.

I den siste tiden har jeg hørt på podcast-ene til BBC om 'Living with the gods', som er et fascinerende dypdykk i hvordan samfunn holder i sammen når de tror på noe felles, når de har felles verdigrunnlag og er enige i spillereglene.
Dessverre er det slik i våre dager at mange verdier er i ferd med å gå i oppløsning, og mye som tidligere har vært felles grunnlag blir mer 'enhver for seg selv', og da søker man etter det som ihvertfall kan sees på som felles fiender.
Som forklarer mye dette med #metoo og hysteri rundt seksuallovbrudd, som får strengere og strengere straffer ettersom folk mister mer og mer troen på samfunnet, politikerne, fremtiden, og arbeidsplasser samt økonomisk stabilitet og ikke minst klimaet.

Det finnes enorme mengder clathrater (metan-is) samt brunkull der nede på og under havbunnen, det er bare at for å kunne utvinne dette så trenger man å gjøre det i stor skala.
Min mistanke er derfor at siden dette prosjektet der oppe i nord har blitt igangsatt, så er det første steg for å få infrastrukturen på plass og begynne å ta prøver, for dernest å kjøre eksperimenter.
Man vil gjerne hente ut gass kontrollert først, før man begynner å eventuelt frakte opp kull.
Mye av dette er selvsagt teorier uten annen substans enn en mistanke om at blir en stat først desperat så kjører den flat pedal. Og mye av politikken i Norge blir ikke bestemt av norske politikere - som forøvrig er uten yrkeserfaring eller nevneverdig utdannelse - men av EU og ikke minst USA.

Men vi får se. To-graders målet har allerede røket og vi ser fire-graders oppvarming i hvitøyet innen dette århundret, samt masse annet som i sum tilsier at fremtiden som blant annet beskrives i PriceWaterhouse Cooper sin rapport om framtidens arbeidsstyrke ( ), er meget fragmentert - og utnyttende.

Gally said...

BTW har metangass 20 ganger mer drivhuseffekt enn karbondioksid, som er bakgrunnen for klatrat-pistol teorien:

Permafrosten smelter, metan slipper ut, det blir en dødsspiral ut av det og havene blir så sure av all karbondioksiden at skalldyr kan ikke leve der lenger, og da opptas ikke karbon i form av kalsiumkarbonat og det er bye-bye for 90% av den moderne sivilisasjonen (som ikke bor under bakken med atomreaktorer, 'Time Machine' Eloi / Moloch style).

Eivind Berge said...

Det er to måter å motvirke forhåndsdømming og stigmatisering på. Enten kan du være anonym og levere inn klager på feilaktig fremstilling i pressen som du også gjør anonymt, eller så kan du være åpen og pøse på med fakta både i media og andre steder. Jeg ville valgt det siste, og gjorde det fra starten i min sak da det første jeg sa til pressen var "fullt navn og bilde." Nå skjønner jeg at ditt pedofilistempel er mye mer stigmatiserende, men også det er jo feil da du faktisk er hebefil, så hvorfor ikke prøve å forklare i stedet for å gjemme deg?

I tillegg kommer de andre aspektene ved politiets opptreden som offentligheten skulle hatt bedre innsyn i, og som media faktisk kan beskytte deg mot enten de er vennliginnstilt eller ikke. For eksempel løgnene om at de brukte datakraft til å knekke krypterte disker. Og gjentatte beslag av datautstyr uten fornuftig grunn -- slik kan ikke politiet holde på mot folk som bruker media for det de er verdt. Hvis politiet hadde prøvd seg på noe slikt mot meg nå, så skulle de fått kjørt seg i media om hva det er de driver med, mens deg kan de bare plage i stillhet fordi du ikke vil stikke deg frem. Jeg respekterer dine valg og er enig i at mannsbevegelsen bør være såpass inkluderende, men vil ikke anbefale denne anonyme taktikken. Jeg tror du undervurderer makten du ville hatt ved å stå frem. Pressen er også forpliktet til å konsultere din side når de omtaler deg, og du gjør det veldig enkelt for dem å sluntre unna den biten når du går ut av veien for å være anonym.

Gally said...

Jeg har min taktikk.
Den passer det best å forklare etterpå, ikke før eller underveis.

Og, jeg må ta hensyn til at det er jo ikke en jævla kjeft som forstår hva ordet 'hebefil' betyr - eller bryr seg, egentlig. For mannen i gata så er 'ja jeg liker jenter under seksuell lavalder, men...' - noe de gir blanke blaffen i, da resten av forklaringen går dem hus forbi og de tenker 'bedre føre var', og 'den trusselen vil vi ikke ha i nabolaget'.

Hadde jeg stått fram med fullt navn osv. fra første stund, så kunne jeg ikke ha bygget så gode sosiale relasjoner som jeg har gjort - i nabolaget, og andre steder.

Nå er det på punktet at folk har snakket med meg, og selv gjort seg opp et positivt inntrykk av meg, og da slipper jeg tull som steiner gjennom vinduet eller spraymaling på veggen.

Dessuten er det sommer og det er andre ting man kan finne på enn å sitte foran en datamaskin hele dagen lang, samt det var dette med å gi tullinger 'nok reip til å henge seg selv med', for toskeskapet de har holdt på med kan umulig holde vann og jo mer de trakasserer jo tydeligere blir det.

Eivind Berge said...

Og ja, det er skummelt at det er stigende heksejakt på fellesfiender, hovedsakelig seksualforbrytere, og det vil nok bare bli verre etter hvert som samfunnet blir mer desperat. Vi kan ikke redde både økonomien og miljøet, så det går til helvete den ene eller andre veien. Det skulle ikke forundre meg om kullet under havbunnen blir utvunnet, for vi har ikke stort bedre alternativer. Det er vel mest et spørsmål om det faktisk er driveverdig fra en slik dybde, og med bedre teknologi er det godt mulig.

Gally said...

'Det er vel mest et spørsmål om det faktisk er driveverdig fra en slik dybde, og med bedre teknologi er det godt mulig.'

Vel, innen peak-oil tenkingen så har vi jo EROEI - Energy Returned On Energy Invested - som for brunkull tilsvarer at det omtrent har energien til en potet, vekt-for-vekt.

Å hente poteter opp fra 3500 meters dyp er da ikke god jordbrukspolitikk, for å si det slik. Så jeg antar at de kommer til å eksperimentere med å sette fyr på det der nede, for å høste ut diverse avgasser som kan sive opp for egen maskin bare man har utløp og kan kanalisere det.
Men, da med konsekvensen at diverse plasser så kommer ting til å rase isammen og slippe ut ting som man etterpå sier 'dette kunne jo ikke vi vite det er jo ny teknologi men vi forbedrer det og kjører på i samme stil'.

Og i mellomtiden så er det diverse annet som blir gjort, som eksempelvis å bygge vindmøller. For Norge kan ikke brødfø seg selv med de klimaendringene som nå kommer, så da må vi selge energi samme hvor det kommer ifra. Det er derfor vi legger så mange nye kabler til utlandet nå.

Eivind Berge said...

Ja, det må vel bli noe sånt som å hente opp avgasser. Antakelig kombinert med karbonfangst som også har sine problemer og gjør nettoenergien enda mindre. Hvis ikke vi bare driter helt i miljøet da, som godt kan skje når desperasjonen blir stor nok.

Gally said...

Strengt tatt driter vi i miljøet allerede, det er diverse tullball rundt handel med klimakvoter men hele greia er egentlig bare et sirkus.

For Norge sin del er problemet at vi nå har nådd nedbørsmengden som vi projiserte for 2080 - og vi legger kabler til utlandet for dette vil man jo utnytte.

Og jeg vil vel tro at vi allerede har nådd punktet hvor vi innser at de som hersker over oss, driter i samfunnet og befolkningen, og bare sender ungene sine på privatskoler og ellers flytter inn i inngjerda nabolag.

Eller som Emma Claire Gabrielsen og hennes likefolk, bare flytter ut av Norge og er på besøk når det passer henne og ellers fester og gidder ikke ta noe utdanning for pappa har penger.

Som kan være en forbannelse for personlig utvikling. Jeg sa det til henne som et ordtak, før vi begynte intervjuvet: 'Hvis jeg ikke visste at du var blitt født rik, ville jeg blitt skremt av hvor dum du er'.

Men uansett, hun er bare oppleseren, Tove Auestad er den ansvarlige direktøren og der blir det et oppgjør internt i NRK - hvis de har ryggrad og integritet.

Anonymous said...

So,for the hell of it, i decided to try to start a new account on Twitter.
Heh, my account was locked before I could even tweet anything.and they demand my phone number of course, and that's not happening--'suspicious activity'!.how do they know it's me? My provider is at&t so this isn't a unique ip number(I'm no 'techie'& no one is helping, (just criticism I'm not, which REALLY doesn't help) Whatever.anyway,millions of idiots thanked all the courageous imperialists for "our" freedom(these jerks just LOVE constant surveillance and the LOSS of a laundry list of freedoms & rights) on this memorial day.sorry, if you died, or were wounded in the me, Niger,Somalia Vietnam (and a list of other countries) frankly you deserved it.this is the stupidity I have to endur every day.& if there was a god i highly doubt he'd "bless" the u.s.he'd destroy it.who could possibly say that this country is better off since it's gross overreaction to 9/11, And the war on men? Damn the 80s and the 90s are looking better every day.

Gally said...

Your browser probably has cookies from your past activities.
Get firefox from, run it in a, and everything should be clean.

You might want to invest in a VPN as well though.

Gally said...

Oh, and you might want to add the extensions 'ublock origin', 'privacy badger', and 'decentraleyes', easily found from links by which also has lots of good advice.
Check the identifiability of your connection by, and

Anonymous said...

Sure if I knew what I was doing that all might be a bit more doable.i don't like to put on my own tires,lol.but I'll write this info down and seek some assistance.the hoops I have to go through because of one self righteous
Bitch and she's so fake.i did notice she took the painting off her header of a man getting his head cut off by two women I think that KINDA hurt her credibility. She's not unnatractive, obviously well off financially, oh, right she hates all men because she woke up "raped". maybe it was Morgan freeman! well if she was actually raped, it's just too bad he didn't finish the job.

Gally said...

Twitter can be quite fickle, as can a number of other services, requiring not just a phone-number, but a personally identifiable one along with an IP-address mostly the same, and in some cases I suspect a whole slew of tracker-cookies verifying that the person signing up is not a bot and can be identified.

And whilst I sympathize with your frustration and bitterness - to some extent - I don't think it is a good idea to put down in writing that you wish harm upon somebody. Especially not rape, especially not identifiable people, and in particular, not on somebody else's blog.

Anonymous said...

Anytime eivind feels like deleting all my posts and ban me,if that's even possible on here I don't know) he can proceed. wishing isn't a "threat".but laws against men/for women do change daily so who knows if today it is.

Gally said...

My point wasn't quite that either you get to say whatever you want or you get banned and have all your posts deleted, and I have no business opining what you should post on any one specific blog, my point was that maybe it would be in your own interest to consider how you come across.

Because rest assured, we all have opinions - some of which are motivated by emotions more than logic - but we don't need to share them all.

And no, wishing isn't a threat, but when you express wishes of harm upon others in public, you have in the eyes of many crossed the line of graciousness, courtesy, cordiality, politeness, social acceptability... you name it.

I don't mind your swearing, but just like one famous 'Virteous Pedophiles' member has forgotten to take into account for years now - @enderphile, who has had to make up new accounts and faces demands for his phone number just like you - when you are using a service such as twitter, they have to spend time checking complaints against you, and if you cause too many complaints by how you express yourself, they may find it not in their interest to spend those man-hours and wages on your freedom of expression.

For this blog in particular it's not quite the same, but still, I would prefer not to be associated with people who wish rape upon others.
As I happen to be strongly against such kind of things, perhaps more than most given that I have had to think about the meanings of coercion, exploitation, manipulation, and meaningfull consent.

Anonymous said...

Yea because Twitter spent just NO time handling the 100s of complaints against Eivind,lol! Anyway,i dont wish rape on feminists, just death, which is no
problem for them, as they insist rape
is WORSE than death.but I get it, I don't want to offend your fine sensibilities,,I've decided to never post on here guys have a good what? Dozen supporters? Haha well that's QUITE don't need me! So long, and fuck ALL the cowardly "mras" who didn't support me on Twitter, or really anywhere.

Gally said...

Well, I didn't mean for my criticism to be personal. And I did try to make it as polite and objective as I could.
But, I understand that if one has experienced rejection, one tends to have a proclivity to respond in kind - we seek fairness and balance, after all.

Please do keep feel free to post here.

Because, sometimes just existing and talking, is good enough. You don't need to work miracles, and just to quote from memory a passage in a book about transgenders and such ('Galileio's Middle Finger', by Alice Dredger) :'I just wrote a brief note about how we are all human beings even though we may have been born into the 'wrong' bodies, and he when he came to that part in his speech before the audience, he just burst into tears, because all he wanted the most was to be accepted as a human being, just as he is'

I'm not the boss of you in any way, shape or form, and I have no intentions to harm or intimidate anybody here.
I reserve that kind of targeting for bigger foes: 'With a Capital 'T'' ( )

On your astute observation that there are few people here, you are correct but just the same as there are few people on the 'Virteous Pedophiles' forum they still make a difference because they stand out; they don't conform to the norm of being abusive - and men's rights activists, in my humble opinion, should not stoop to wishes of harm upon anybody or calls to violence.

Joska Pista said...

It's gonna be off topic, but I think it's important.
As probably all of you have noticed, oil price is rising again, and rising pretty high. It's getting close to the 2014-levels and according to some forecasts it will probably surpass it too. This already has caused great turmoil in Brazil, and has the potential to start troubles elswhere too.
I tried looking after information on (immediate) causes and likely near future consequences (in short: how much I need to worry about this), but strangely every site that I know that formerly discussed peak oil, this one included, are completely silent about this.
I think this issue is worth discussing. If I may suggest a theme for a new article on this blog, that should be this oil price rise. Also anyone who has relevant information in this matter, please share!

Eivind Berge said...

I think high oil prices are not so problematic as low ones. It is much more frightening when the price falls below the cost of production, threatening to put oil companies out of business, which almost happened between 2014 and now. That would destroy the supply and cause the dreaded peak oil. High prices cause problems on the demand side, but they are not quite so serious.

However, we can expect the demand destruction caused by high oil prices to eventually drop the price again, so expect another round of low prices before long. This is how the world will end according to Gail Tverberg, but she was wrong about it last time. The oil price recovered and here we are with an intact industrial civilization. You can read more at her blog:

And she is still saying the same thing. Whether she will be right this time remains to be seen, but I am not so worried as I was in 2016 when it looked like deflationary collapse was really happening. Maybe this can go on for several more cycles, or maybe something else entirely will happen. Predicting the future is hard, and no one is very good at it. None of the peak oil scenarios came true, but think if any are going to happen, deflationary collapse is as plausible as it gets. That means doom via low oil prices, so we should enjoy the high prices while they last. Of course, oil exporters have most reasons to enjoy them, but they do sustain civilization as a whole.

Joska Pista said...

Yes, I'm aware of Gail Tverberg's website. I also worried much more in the time of oil price fall then now, altrough I think it's much more about getting tired of always expecting the apocalypse.

Altrough if you look at it, both the oil price fall and price rise had it's immediate victims. The 1st one was Venezuela, and now Brazil. And probably the troubles in the Arab world are also connected with the oil reserves running low.

My worry is, for wich I try to get informed in times like this, that a sudden SHTF (shit hits the fan) event catches me off guard. I did some preparations, and I really don't want to wait until the times get apocalyptical here too.

The basic premise of Ourfiniteworld, that an economy based on debt is necesseryly doomed becouse it requires infinite growth from finite rescources, that is true. And also (what Tverberg rarely, if ever mentions, but obvious) the population boom in the 3rd world - for wich the 1st world has great responsibility, and they still keep pushing the same policies that maintain this boom - makes things even less sustainable.
So there are many signs still that we are near the end of industrial civilisation (or maybe humanity altogether), despite the forecast for 2016 was wrong.

Eivind Berge said...

It would be typical for SHTF to happen when we least expect it. I just ate up all my canned food to save on the food budget, can't even last a week without starving. Peak oil writers got tired of predicting doom, so nobody much worries outside the hard core at Tverberg's blog. The stock market is booming and I think I can make a living on cryptocurrencies. Yep, seems like a perfect time for it.

Joska Pista said...

I'm not sure if this post was meant to be ironic or not. If ironic, well, it shouldn't be.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

He seems to have similar opinions to Tom Grauer when it comes to women (property) and some weird Hitler idolization. That said, his manifesto has some good parts. Relevant to this blog post, I quote from it:

Part 1:
"Most career women end up feeling tired and overburdened by their responsibilities. They sigh heavily, as though they are being compelled to carry the weight of the world on their weak backs. They're so different from the carefree young girls they used to be, or the happy mothers whose husbands bring home the bacon while they relax at home and enjoy spending time with their kids. The housewife gets to sip coffee in her pajamas and make her infant smile by speaking baby talk and playing peek-a-boo with her, while the career woman rushes in the early morning to put on her work clothes and go fight traffic. The career woman tells herself that having her own money gives her freedom, because now she can buy 300 pairs of shoes (most of which she'll wear maybe once) without having to deal with a husband complaining that she's making frivolous purchases that bury him in an avalanche of footwear when he opens the closet.

When James Damore published his essay, Google's Ideological Echo Chamber, career women hated him because they couldn't face the truth that they had invested in a path that wouldn't lead them to the kind of happiness and fulfillment they could have enjoyed as tradwives. They were trying to cope by deceiving themselves, and he dropped a truth bomb on them, so they had to get rid of him. But others will take up the fight, and the truth bombs will keep coming until we put an end to the feminist social experiment, which has gone the same way as communism and other egalitarian social experiments.

If women were truly as competent as men, they would not need constant handouts and other forms of affirmative action from men in order to try to achieve equality in fields like STEM. Already, men pay the majority of taxes, yet women want more freebies. They want WIC, and child support payments from men, and all kinds of other forms of wealth redistribution, to bail them out when they make irresponsible choices (such as bypassing all the good providers to go get impregnated by a sexy badboy; or dumping a good husband, rather than raising the kid with him), that would otherwise lead them down the path to giving birth in the rain in dark alleys. Feminists want women to have rights, but they don't want women to have accountability for their choices.

Some might argue, "Women bear the burden of having and taking care of children, so they deserve to have men support them financially." Yes, but one could argue with equal validity, "The men who support women financially should be rewarded by those women for doing so." A lot of men are getting little or no benefit in exchange for what the state makes them pay to enable women to be mothers. The men who make child support payments, but don't get to have sex with their ex-wives anymore or spend any time with their kids, have not received a benefit that is proportionate to what they have to pay. The incels who have never slept with a woman at all, or even held a woman's hand, yet are forced to pay taxes for schools, welfare, and other support for other men's children, are arguably not receiving a benefit at all, because their genetic lines are coming to an end. (This is why they often refer to working for a living as "wagecucking".)"

Anonymous said...

Part 2:
"In fact, those incels' paying for women to have sex with other men and bear children by those other men subsidizes, and thereby enables and encourages, those women's choosing those other men over them. It negates the advantage those incels would have otherwise been able to offer in the sexual marketplace, which was that they could provide for a family. So incels are actually incurring another cost, rather than receiving a benefit, in exchange for their contribution. If only a few women were getting away with this, it might serve their feminine imperative; but since it's happening on a civilization-wide scale, it threatens the survival of the whole race because eventually, women will run out of cucks to exploit.

Feminism has made men less happy, but it has made women downright miserable, by depriving them of the relatively cushy life that used to be their birthright. From 1999, suicide rates among white women and white men increased by 60% and 28%, respectively."

Eivind Berge said...

His manifesto is a strange mixture of sound MRA ideas and white supremacism.

He also oddly wants to legalize insider trading and barbiturates for suicide and end the minimum drinking age, which makes a lot less sense than abolishing the sexual age of consent. I can't get behind all that, but he is certainly better than the other candidates! Nathan Larson for Congress, yeah!

I also very much agree with him about jury trials:

"Jury trial rights

Plea bargains should be abolished, so that prosecutors will be forced in every case to either drop the charges or take the case to trial. The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution says that the accused is entitled to a jury trial. According to some estimates, though, 97 percent of federal criminal cases end via plea bargain. Those defendants who take their cases to trial usually end up with much harsher sentences. This essentially amounts to blackmailing defendants into giving up their right to a jury trial.

Another downside of plea bargains is that there are conflicts of interest between defendants and defense attorneys, in which the latter typically will prefer a plea bargain even if it isn't in the defendant's best interests. Typically a defense attorney is being paid a flat retainer regardless of whether the case goes to trial. A plea bargain means less work for him and ensures he won't have to risk having an unhappy client on his hands due to a trial's resulting in a conviction.

When more cases go to trial, then we can get away from, as Justice Antonin Scalia put it, having "judges determine 'real conduct' on the basis of bureaucratically prepared, hearsay-riddled presentence reports" and instead go back to "the old-fashioned process of having juries find the facts that expose a defendant to increased prison time."
Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 24(b) should be repealed, so that prosecutors can't stack juries through peremptory challenges."

Eivind Berge said...

His views on freedom of speech are also excellent, both with regard to hate speech and child porn:

Freedom of speech
As a dissident politician, naturally I am a strong supporter of freedom of speech. I am against laws criminalizing so-called hate speech, since I agree with what Louis Brandeis wrote, that "The wide difference between advocacy and incitement, between preparation and attempt, between assembling and conspiracy, must be borne in mind." Brandeis, as a Jew, was perhaps intending mostly to help communists by removing restrictions on their speech, but his logic could apply equally to those who speak antisemitic truths. (Since Whitney v. California was decided in 1927, silencing National Socialists would presumably not have been on Brandeis's mind.)
The suppression of hate speech makes people suspect that maybe the censors are trying to hide something. It often increases, rather than decreases, the reach of the suppressed content, as people's curiosity is piqued.
I am for legalization of child pornography possession and distribution, because important truths about the human condition, and human sexuality in particular, might be revealed in this art form. This is especially true given that child porn tends to be created by amateurs who have a relationship, such as a familial tie, with each other. The Vicky series would be an example of this. (Although some in the alt-right might claim that incest is a degeneracy that Jewish leftists are trying to promote, in reality, Jewish feminist psychiatrists such as Judith Lewis Herman, author of Father-Daughter Incest, crusaded against letting fathers have power to do as they wished with their daughters.) The Justice Department even admits that child porn "images may depict children that appear complacent." Leftists used child pornography laws as a tool to try to destroy Kevin Alfred Strom's career and reputation, and a 2012 U.S. Sentencing Commission study found that 89.9 percent of those convicted of child pornography possession are white, so it does seem like these laws are being used to target white America for persecution.
As Justices Brennan and Marshall note in their concurrence in New York v. Ferber, "it is inconceivable how a depiction of a child that is itself a serious contribution to the world of art or literature or science can be deemed 'material outside the protection of the First Amendment.'" At any rate, as a practical matter, technologies such as Tails and VeraCrypt have already made it much harder to gather usable evidence with which to prosecute child porn offenders, so the law is becoming less enforceable.

Anonymous said...

Basically I hear what you are saying and I don’t care. If you think about underage girls, you have a mental disorder that can not be trusted and needs to be contained in a psychiatric ward. Experimented on, electro shock or aversion therapy.

Anonymous said...

Tom O'Carroll about recent Nathan Larson huffpost news, incels and male sexualism:

"I first heard of Nathan Larson over a year ago. His brand of pro-rape misogyny is pretty big online now. Larson and his ilk unapologetically call for the violent control of women. They use the shock tactic of promoting child rape and incest deliberately, to grab attention.

It sometimes works, as evidenced by the Huff Post coverage, which then gets linked (as by Erwin) and further discussed (as be me). It is a successful meme. We are its replicators.

This would be of no great importance as a merely verbal phenomenon. The Huff Post might have been able to justify their coverage on the basis that Larson is a congressional candidate but it is hardly to be imagined that a “pro-paedophile” (not to me he isn’t, fellow Sexnetters!) candidate is going to get many votes even in a country where a self-confessed pussy grabber can be president.

The real danger is the radicalising message that reaches the numerous disaffected males, especially the more desperate younger ones, who have become increasingly pissed off with the uppity women folks of recent times, especially if these guys are “incels” (involuntary celibates) for any reason. Some might be paedophiles, for sure, but these are likely to be far out-numbered by those who are too socially awkward, or physically unattractive, or just too aggressive, unpleasant and narcissistically full of themselves to be attractive to any potential sexual partner.

Among Muslims the anger among such men has found a ready outlet through violent jihad in recent years. Among non-Muslims school and college shootings express similar feelings of alienation, but these have only relatively recently begun to have the feel of a movement, rather than an expression of oddball “loner” deviancy. I guess the movement began to gather momentum following the high-profile coverage of Elliot Rodger’s multiple murder and suicide spree in 2014. A big feature of this was that he explained himself: he uploaded a video, ‘Elliot Rodger’s Retribution’, to his YouTube channel and also emailed a 107,000-word memoir-manifesto, ‘My Twisted World: The Story of Elliot Rodger’. He had been a good-looking guy with a glamorous background, making his sexual frustration in real need of explanation, and he obliged.

It seems lots of guys out there listened to his violent message. So should the rest of us.

I consider myself a feminist in the old-school equal opportunities sense, along with generally liberal/left universalist values that are a million miles from today’s accusatory, divisive, whining identity politics. So it grieves me to witness the stupid, arrogant blind triumphalism of #MeToo’s excesses, which favours a win-at-all-costs approach, despite the fact that those costs include unjustly discrediting college “rapists” who are nothing of the sort and unfairly wrecking the careers of those accused of harassment on the flimsiest of evidence, such as a misplaced hand on a knee decades ago. Even Margaret Atwood has recently come out as alarmed by these excesses.

My disgruntlement is nothing though. Society has nothing to fear from a milquetoast moderate (yes, moderate) like me. But it is crazy to ignore the Elliot Rodgers out there. The way things are going they will soon be as numerous and as lethal as Isis ever was, perhaps more so. What is not needed is for us men to put women back in their place. But feminists need to wise up and start listening to voices of caution and moderation, such as Atwood’s. The revolutionary hotheads will only bring disaster."

Eivind Berge said...

That was insightful, and it's good to see that even Tom O'Carroll admires Elliot Rodger in his own way and the rebellion he started. Yes, rumors that he had denounced us were overblown; we are all part of the same movement, ranging from moderates like Tom O'Carroll via hardliners like myself and the male sexualists to full-blown violent incels.

Anonymous said...

Well,I wasn't going to respond ever again but what the hell.what can I say? You love the cops that arrested you and you're a feminist.Eivind here went to jail for wishing death to cops, so he shouldn't stoop to wishing harm on scum also I assume? as for my being rejected, what do you call jerking off to cp? now maybe I'm wrong.maybe you've got a hot girlfriend who loves cp as much as you do, or you get sex regularly but ALSO like to wack it to cp! Hmmm.i know I'm going out on a limb here but I'd bet good money 99% of cp watching dudes out there never got/get,who knows, you might in that one percent,but I highlyfucking doubt it.and you need to get over your love of the feminists and their close cop pals.this is really not the forum for that.btw,death to pig cops. I understand they see ME and the rest of the bottom 15% of males as disposable trash.i got the message when he broke my elbow and back for no reason I, or them can even DREAM up.they do it because they know they can get away with it, it's simple really.and soon! You'll be happy to hear this, it will be a HATE crime(with plenty of enhanced sentences) to injure one of your beloved coppers.see? They'll be a ok I promise!

Anonymous said...

Yea I don't feel the love support is what mras, (whatever they call themselves) do. but not women/feminists. They stick
together,and get shit DONE.if you're anti feminist on Twitter(or anywhere) you BEST
know you're in it alone!

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, John, I went to jail for wishing death to cops and not only that, I was cleared of all charges -- not for not doing it, but because it is legal -- and granted compensation for wrongful imprisonment. My case serves as an example of *legal* hate speech in Norway, and I am very proud of setting that precedent. Anyone can do what I did with impunity, though it can't be guaranteed that the cops won't try to harass you and whether that is worth it is a personal decision. And you have to be very careful so you don't cross the line from incitement into threats. Having an ideology that calls for killing cops is fine; saying you are actually going to do it is extremely inadvisable. Furthermore, any incitement needs to be limited to unspecific examples. In Norway we are free to advocate violence, but not against specific people at specific times and places to specific followers that are actually likely to carry out the instructions. I believe American incitement law works similarly too.

I agree antifeminists should support each other more on Twitter, if Twitter is really worth putting so much effort into anyway.

Eivind Berge said...

Nothing John has said here crosses the line into criminal speech. However, I don't think his particular struggles are going anywhere either against the cops or the feminists on Twitter. My advice, again, is to practice nofap and take up more constructive pursuits. We only have a few years of vitality left, and maybe that goes for civilization as well, so it's best to spend them well. The future belongs to those who show up, and your descendants won't be among them if you keep up the current unproductive efforts.

Anonymous said...

Oh for sure my efforts against the police and feminists are going nowhere.with very few exceptions, that gets internalized.(most men that commit suicide do so solo, a few take out others, before taking their own life.(I MUCH prefer the latter) in America I make money and that's your prime directive here now-- that's being productive! Kids and marriage are done(except for the wealthy!) and I'm very well aware to not make specific threats, unless ones plan is to not be alive in the next 24-48 hours.I'd never be stupid enough to make a direct threat anywhere, but especially online
As my feminist stalker on twitter insists. but just as "sexual harassement" can mean ANYTHING ,so can perceived "threats" to these perpetual "victims".im pleased at the rise of Peterson. his 'chats' with
feminists are KINDA hard to watch, seeing these idiots exposed is cringey but highly neccessary.the Cathy Newman 'interview' has been viewed 10 million times!

Eivind Berge said...

It's fascinating that Peterson is not even trying to be an activist and still he is pissing the feminists off more than anyone else. I watched that interview, and he is just saying basic psychological stuff like the need to take more variables into account than gender to explain the pay gap, and when you do, any discrimination mostly goes away. He makes feminists make fools of themselves just by being conservative about the truth and not engaging in wild hysterical thinking about women being oppressed. But that's how far gone the mainstream is these days.

Anonymous said...

Yea!it's mostly just common sense!but they cant handle it.probably because it's coming from someone who doesn't identify as an 'mra'(thank goodness)and has credentials,not a member of either party,but he's still atacked with the usual shit- "patriarchal misogynist" and dismissed by progressives like David Pakman. he's just not a fan of identity politics, tribalism, the radical right OR the radical left-the more dangerous of the two,imo,and he's a big fan of Tom waits! I happen to be a huge fan myself. I've only seen him live once, he very rarely tours now.for those not familiar with waits,he's like a much darker bob
Dylan. 'misery is the river of the world ,everybody row! I'm also a huge fan of Gary numan,All of his stuff,not just the 80s.and radiohead..more...

Anonymous said...

Nathan Larson is the World Face of Male Sexualism and Pedophilia

This is what I've come up with in less than 10 minutes of searching:






Anonymous said...

PEDOPHILE for CONGRESS: Nathan Larson | The Pedo Files 6 - POD AWFUL PODCAST

Nathan Larson is pro-rape, pro-incest, pro-incel, pro-pedophilia, pro-misogyny, and pro-Hitler... AND HE'S RUNNING FOR CONGRESS! Jesse interviews him for the full hour, to reveal the man behind the monster, uncover the lies the the Huffington Post might have told in their article about him, and find out if he is truly autistic, or just trolling. This is REAL LIBERTARIANISM™.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing libertarian about nazism, rape and women as property. While he may have some good opinions I dont think he is one to assosiate with.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I'm sorry for pretty much going ghost. I have to deal with some 'things' before I can resume my activism.

The movement is rising, regardless. Patriarchy, incel-awareness, and pedophilia are going mainstream; Nathan Larson, Amos Yee, and YouthLiberation are doing a great job. As predicted, we have created a Manosphere 2.0 after Manosphere 1.0 died of irrelevancy. Now's the time for the real battle - the battle for male sexuality.

I don't necessarily agree with everything that everyone advocates. In my latest post, I outlined "10 Commandments" for successful propaganda. I want to appeal to intelligent open-minded men, and these rules are intended to minimize their aversion to the message and to strengthen our ability to attract a following.

Let me repost these rules here:

"1) Legalization of pedophilia must be advocated within an anti-Feminist context.

2) Work with other people’s belief-systems and ideologies rather than against them.

3) Your focus must be on political success, not on personal self-fulfillment.

4) Foster a sense of asabiyyah with fellow activists.

5) Honor those who preceded you, and be of benefit to newcomers.

6) Do not advocate for boylove.

7) Do not advocate for nepiophilia.

8) Do not advocate for grandpa sex.

9) Do not advocate for transsexuality.

10) Do not advocate for parent-child sex."

I'm sure that most of you have objections about this rule or about that rule. That's okay - we don't have to agree on all things. I do, however, believe that these are sound tactics, based on analysis of how people respond to our activism.

We can win this war.

caamib said...

Hey guys, please read this

Anonymous said...

Jesus what a loooononnngg read.and where's the part regarding what to do about it? Once feminists put the label that incels are "radicalized, violent misogynists". Well,that's -- THAT.just like anyone that is Arab/Muslim whose family & house/shack/remains got hit with a drone, all killed except the father/son/wife, wants justifiable revenge is a "radicalized online jihadist".i am in no way anti semetic, but now after seeing it clear as day on tape the murders, yes I hate the Zionists.thats why they HAD to build the wall.the term 'incel' IS relatively used to be: 'guys that didn't get any' aka "losers" "faggotts".back in the day, if you had no wife/g/f you were always thought of as gay,
NO longer.people, my neighbors, are simply terrified of me now.BAD time to be a white(non wealthy male ,but as we've seen with metoo,some wealthy men are targeted) man now.I've been a ghost for a long time now, but thanks to this WONDER of an internet, even if I did meet a female that didn't run away, I CAN'T use my real name ever again! I'll have to change it again, legally of course, in the near future.

Anonymous said...

A "movement" of disparate anonymous people scared to meet are going to beat feminism? How exactly.

Anonymous said...

We're not (all) anonymous, we're not scared to meet, and our movement will defeat Puritanism-Feminism by convincing masses of people, including powerful and influential people, to reject Puritanism-Feminism and adopt our ideas instead.

The ultimate objective is the creation of a Male Sexualist country, meaning a country run according to our ideas. We will achieve that goal through decades of unrelenting propaganda and, sooner or later, IRL organization.

Anonymous said...

Oh ok.our own country huh? Maybe better to just make our very own male sexualist planet,lol

Anonymous said...

One thing's for sure - we need fewer people who think 5 years ahead (at best), and more people who think 50 years ahead.

caamib said...

John, ffs, you might want to read the article itself. Yes, there is no specific section entitled "What to do" but I mention that we could start our own forums and the difficulties associated with this. It's hard to get people to register on your site as opposed to a huge site like Reddit. Also, even if you get traffic to your site the problem is how to find a host that won't kick you out.

caamib said...

Their disgusting lingo with -cel behind everything even seeped in here now. Ffs, I love these nutjobs calling other cucks while they are so brainwashed that they feel sleeping with minors is evil. You have nothing to see here, fella. This is not a kind of blog where your kind would find anything interesting.

Anonymous said...

Well I won't be here, and since I have no offspring, that's that.i DO know a lot of women are going to be elected in the very near future.

Anonymous said...

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