Monday, November 25, 2019


My commenter Jack who always pops in to say something antinatalistic is going to hate this, but I made a dating site specifically for reproduction. I had to delegate the coding since I don't have that skill, but the project is under my creative control and we know what we are doing, so this is going to be great. The brand is magic, it's already a stylistic and technological marvel (especially the unique geographical match) and the current version is completely free too. I have an idea how to monetize without interfering too much with the user experience and especially not for women, but of course we can't do that before we have a decent amount of users.

So come check it out, and please help spread the word if possible:

I know, a dating site with no users is boring, but we have to get started somewhere and unlike so much crap out there I am not going to waste anybody's time with fake profiles. Even supposedly serious ones like Tinder does that, not to mention actively work against you if you aren't among the most attractive. My site is honest and real all the way, and even works in accordance with male sexualist principles (except we had to make it 18+ in order to stay in business in today's world). Perhaps the only way to grow a real men's movement is to have a big family, and now you got the perfect platform to find a woman for that.

It also goes to show what can be done with the kind of focus that comes with nofap and a generally positive attitude such as I promote. Can incels really be incel if they didn't try starting their own dating site? Well, that won't work if everyone does it, but it's one obvious example that they probably didn't think of because they were too busy fapping and complaining about things they CAN change.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Cool! But when I try to sign up, there is noe Place it asks me to make a password, and when I'm trying to log in With the screen name or my e-mail adress it asks for my password which I never put in anywhere?!!?

Eivind Berge said...

The password should have been sent to your email. Did you not receive it?

Eivind Berge said...

We may need to involve an investor to get marketed properly. Anybody rich here who is interested?

Eivind Berge said...

And get in fast before we are criminalized like the rest of male sexuality, which feminists are just itching to do. Just look at this piece of pure hate...

Male sexuality is hated in all its forms down to and including artificial insemination. Making this site is more political than I realized -- no wonder it took a male sexualist to come up with it!

There is even a foundation dedicated to hating internet sperm donors, a branch of the abuse industry:

How long until sperm donation outside of regulated clinics is banned as another form of "sex abuse"? That is the only area they haven't covered in hateful draconian laws yet, so this is our last stand.

Eivind Berge said...

We also have a Twitter and could use more followers:

And a Facebook page, which already got banned from advertising because they really don't like our concept. If you want to help us gain more visibility there anyway, please like:

It remains to be seen if they will shut down viral sharing.

This is going to be harder than I realized seeing how easily we get shut out from mainstream paid advertising, but that just makes me even more determined to succeed!