Thursday, December 05, 2019

A gift horse to the antisex bigots

Since everything has failed us so far in our battle to stem the tide of criminalization of our sexuality, it is time to think of novel ways to conduct men's rights activism. For best results it needs to be nonviolent, legal, democratic, and for good measure give the impression that we share society's hysterical concern about "sexual abuse" and "predators." What could be a better fit to all these criteria than to advocate for voluntary sex offender registration?

Society can't get enough "sex offenders," so I don't see how they could possibly turn this offer down. What's not to love about letting men, and why not women too, register as sex offenders without having to convict them first? Let's advocate for legislation to make that happen! Let sexually dangerous people identify themselves. A little Christmas gift from the male sexualists to feminists and society, yay!

The plan, of course, after it has become compulsory for governments to accept sex offender registration from anyone who wants it, is to register en masse in order to sabotage not only their registries, but the entire concept of a sex offender.

Who isn't already a sex offender, anyway? Only the label is missing for most of us, so this is the logical conclusion. I am certain that we could pull this off even while explaining what we are doing, like a Trojan horse clearly labeled as such, so cuntsure are the antisex bigots of themselves in their sanctimonious hatred of sexuality.

We know from the Epstein case that anyone who fancies a 17-year-old is a "pedophile," and anyone who associates with said pedophile is also ruined for life.

We know from the Addy A-Game case that -- I dunno if approaching 20-year-old women in the street makes you a "pedophile" -- but it certainly makes you a sex offender who should be on the registry for ten years.

And if that isn't enough, or you are still young enough not to be incriminated by an age gap, perhaps you touched a girl's arm once in a clumsy effort to befriend her? Or you just looked at a picture of someone you never met? For the women, being topless in your own home is enough to be a sex offender, so they should register too.

The bigots' hubris is infinite. Having defined all of sexuality as abuse, which is to say normalize it, it is time for society to face the consequences. Letting the feminists have their bigotry and use it as a tool of oppression is not necessary, because with such numbers we can easily turn the tables. All that is missing is for most men (and optionally women) to admit that we are the pedophiles and sex abusers that society now considers us.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

The lawmakers and the police have always existed to serve "the system" of their society, and also to "stay in good with" the bigoted majority of the citizen populace.

Hence, the proliferation of all the cliche laws that cater to the "mob mentality" of whatever the present social climate happens to be at the time (think: the Inquisition of the 15th and 16th centuries, the "Jim Crow" laws of early-to-mid 20th century U.S. and such). In order for the government and authorities to be able to gain and retain the support and cooperation they need from the majority of the civilian populace they have to patronize whatever popular prejudices and dogmas their society comprises. That's the only way they can stay in power and retain the control over others they're entitled to by "the State".

...and, of course, it's all at the expense of those who said society "doesn't value very highly".

Eivind Berge said...

Yep, that's how it goes. Sic transit gloria mundi, isn't that what they say? Well, it finally happened for real.

We are all "pedo guys" now just for being older than 30 or so. No sexual accusations necessary either, as Elon Musk has established in court.

His version of transhumanism isn't going to be a pleasant affair. The only thing left now is to root for collapse so it doesn't happen. Here's something to cheer us up:

And when that happens and starvation or radiation or whatever gets us, we can take solace in the fact that the alternative would have sucked even more.

Anonymous said...


“Thomas Hubbard has reportedly called age of consent laws a “sad by-product” of a “self-righteous era.”
“Contemporary American legislation premised on children’s incapacity to ‘consent’ to sexual relations stems from outmoded gender constructions and ideological preoccupations of the late Victorian and Progressive Era,” Hubbard reportedly wrote in the peer-reviewed journal Thymos: Boyhood Studies. “We should consider a different ‘age of consent’ for boys and girls.”

This American university professor was able to make an argument entirely against age of consent laws, that not only was heard publicly, but PROTECTED, and he faced zero consequences (besides some harpies whining).

How did he do it? By advocating for real homosexual pedophilia based on history. BUT he also argued in favor of fucking girls too!

The fact that this guy said these things very publicly and was protected and kept his job shows these people are making headway. This is the best avenue we have to stop the persecution of normal male sexuality. First, people’s lives must stop being destroyed because of ignorance in any way possible. Then, we can work on normalization. The bigger threat must be dealt with first, and that comes through societal acceptance by joining the LGBT folks in recognizing pedophilia as a protected sexual orientation. They have power in Puritan land, and they are currently speaking for us!

If we don’t support them, they will have less incentive to remove age of consent as it applies to girls, and focus only on removing it for boys - a nightmare scenario. Let’s avoid that and support them, they are speaking out for us and winning!

Eivind Berge said...

I hadn't seen this before, and glad you brought it up because it's a neat illustration of what I mean by self-registering as a sex offender:

madTV - To Catch A Predator

We don't need formal registration to do this, of course, and it's basically what I've been doing with my blog all along. Antisex bigotry would wither away if a significant number of men took this attitude. Like a wise poet said:

"Laistrygonians, Cyclops,

angry Poseidon—don’t be afraid of them:

you’ll never find things like that on your way

as long as you keep your thoughts raised high,

as long as a rare excitement

stirs your spirit and your body.

Laistrygonians, Cyclops,

wild Poseidon—you won’t encounter them

unless you bring them along inside your soul,

unless your soul sets them up in front of you.

(Enjoy also Sean Connery’s version and my own.)

Predators like Chris Hansen need our consent to hurt us! We need to play along with the charade and assume the role of the hunted or else he is reduced to the pathetic little castrato that he is.

But The Antifeminist is right, not only do they not take the joke, but at this point most men can't even comprehend the concept of disagreeing with sexual taboos against normal sexuality anymore, so internalized are they, so there is no hope whatsoever.

Eivind Berge said...

And I still don't agree with joining LGBT, because one does not best fight Laistrygonians and Cyclops by other subterfuges either. Such half-assed ruses might weaken the monsters, but not defeat them. All we need is the truth that there is nothing wrong with us for being normal men, if only men would embrace that truth. What I am proposing is not the least bit deceptive, except counting on our enemies to be so dimwitted as to not see that the truth will hurt them, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Your "truth" is not persuasive. You can get to the same truth by other means that are available right now, if you put aside your ego.

How can you say there is no hope based on what I just showed you right in front of your face? You deny the obvious and act like a victim, just like our enemies.

People like this professor are in positions of power and status, and are protected while arguing for an elimination of the age of consent, and you're telling me there's no hope? That's bullshit!

If pedophilia becomes a protected orientation in America, hundreds of thousands of men will avoid having their lives destroyed. That is a fact. You can wallow in your own bullshit, or you can get on the wave and try to help people. Isn't that why you have this blog in the first place, to help people?

Eivind Berge said...

Did you watch the madTV video? Notice how the male sexualist is just being himself, saying what we all think. I wouldn't be true to myself if I said I was a pedophile and that's a minority orientation that should be protected. Because I am neither pedophile nor special, just a normal man. This has the immediate effect of deflating the Potemkin monsters, except the cops like the video also shows, but it is the most direct path to victory and the only one through which we can be true to ourselves. I don't mind if real pedophiles want to make their orientation "protected" (whatever that means and how does it translate to law and why would girls over the age of puberty be included?) but I can't get enthusiastic about that project because I am not one of them. And if it should succeed, well, then they would need to demonize normal men even more in order to have somebody to pit up against the protected groups! So we would still be hunted for liking 17-year-old girls.

Surreal said...

You misunderstand the issue here, Anonymous. Academics and professors in particular have much greater leeway than most normal folks do to deviate from society's consensus. If you're a professor, you can use your position to argue at least for "soft" male sexualist positions, e.g. that the AoC should be lowered to 12 and that incarcerating men for receiving naughty selfies on Whatsapp from 17-year-olds who look 25 is going too far. You probably can't go full-male sexualist and retain your tenure, but the sky won't fall and a hydrogen bomb won't explode if you -- as a professor -- write an article or even a book that uses clever sophisticated jargon (rather than trollish shock-therapy) to advocate for a mild version of male sexualism. That has nothing to do with the LGBTP notion of which you are so fond, and everything to do with the power and prestige of academia.

A manifesto by Eivind Berge could be useful, but a manifesto by Eivind Berge, Ph.D., could be all the more useful.

Eivind Berge said...

Yes. This is also why Tom O'Carroll can get away with advocating for real pedophilia, because he is at least a quasi-academic, has the jargon down and has finagled his way into some of their journals. He is punching above his pay grade, as such. But tolerance for extreme positions in academe has little to do with what positions are on their way into the mainstream.

theantifeminist said...

I remember reading in Chris Brand's blog of some post-grad in the UK who was kicked out of university when the feminists on campus found out he was researching (sympathetically) the ida that sex with young teens was harmless aside from societal reactions. And of course Chris Brand was booted out of his role of professor of psychology at the University of Edinburgh because of publishing the same views (and his heretical ideas on race and IQ).

Eivind - I think you have no idea of the notoriety of Tom O'Carroll in the UK. You seem to believe he is some kind of respected academic who is being listened to because he has a self-published book or such. He is a real paedophile, and a real paedophile activist (sex with pre-pubescent boys), and politicians today who once came into contact with him or his movement in the 70's have basically had their careers ruined.

He started the now infamous PIE movement in the 70's, at a time when pretty much the age of consent in Europe was effectively 13 or such everywhere, even in the UK. PIE was about real paedophiles campaigning for the abolishing of the age of consent (not just the feminist age of consent) and the right to sex with real children (mostly boys).

He's basically done a lot to cause paedohysteria and create the conditions where it's impossible to have a movement that defends normal male sexuality. In the 60's/70's what was needed was a movement to defend normal male sexuality against the inevitable feminist backlash against sexual liberation and the ideas of 'free love' and the (brief) separation of sex from morality. Instead, we had real paedophiles like Tom O'Carroll campaigning for the right to have sex with 5 year olds. Now we're lumped with paedophiles like him, and yourself and the Iranian agent seem to embrace that.

BTW, Tom O'Carroll is a very brave man, and his blog has a lot of intelligence and reason, but he is a real paedophile advocate.

theantifeminist said...

"His version of transhumanism isn't going to be a pleasant affair. The only thing left now is to root for collapse so it doesn't happen. Here's something to cheer us up:

And when that happens and starvation or radiation or whatever gets us, we can take solace in the fact that the alternative would have sucked even more."

You have been predicting peak oil collapse for years, and as far as I understand most commentators now consider that to have been a myth (who needs peak oil scare mongering anyway when we have the much more powerful millennial cult of climate change?).

So Elon Musk is a transhumanist and a paedocrite asshole like 99.99% of the human race. It's depressing that somebody as intelligent and visionary like him is no better than the average tabloid reader, but I don't see how that means transhumanism is irrelevant and we should wallow in misery hoping society gets spited by catastrophe. You're like that paedophile Russian troll who used to post on our blogs years ago, arguing we should all pray cand campaign for humanity to be wiped out by a nuclear war.

If you think there's no hope, then stop calling yourself leader and definer of the movement to combat feminist anti-sex laws. I realistically think there little to zero hope, but I want to have a go. And I can see forward more than ten years into the future and I can see (and I'm very well versed on the subject) that transhumanism is an opportunity for us to punch way above our weight. Transhumanism is going to happen, and quite soon. It's absolutely inevitable. And yet the transhumanist community numbers maybe only a few hundred. Sure transhumanism 'didn't do anything for Jefferey Epstein' (in your words). Do you think if Epstein had subscribed to NoFap then he'd still be on his billionaire island banging 17 year old whores? The FBI would have been so impressed by his NoFap induced masculinity that they would have left him alone. His fat aging bitter whore accuser would still be enamored of him, even though he dumped her when she turned 20, because she would be in awe of his (NoFap induced) testosterone levels??
Jeffrey Epstein probably came closer to achieving Male Sexualist goals than any of us will ever come. He was just born a little early. As it is, he might still be one of the key historical figures who ended the sex war. He funded the Harvard geneticist George Church who is on the road to reversing aging - how ironic it would be if femihags in 20 years are able to turn themselves back into teenagers again because of Epstein?

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, I know, but there are several anomalies with Tom O’Carroll that can only be explained by academic prestige, I think.

How come his blog stays up on WordPress? At a time when PUAs are “exposed” and imprisoned for saying it’s OK to approach 16-year-olds, he gets away with forthright child sexualization. How come his readers aren’t persecuted either, and his content isn’t blocked by national filters? I shouldn’t even be allowed to evaluate his writings, according to the law in Norway, because they would be criminal to access if not for the academic halo.

I know his first (and self-published?) book making the radical case for pedophilia wasn’t so well received, but you seem to have missed his articles in respectable journals. I remember reading two in recent years. One was in an ethics journal where he made the straightforward case that childhood innocence is not ideal, and another was a hilarious parody that he got into one of the abuse industry’s own journals by faking just enough contrition to be published, but not so much that his real agenda wasn’t shining through. There you had the world’s foremost purveyor of “criminogenic ideas” on pedophilia using that kind of lingo to pull the abuse industry’s own leg!

Tom O’Carroll would be alien if not downright creepy to me in the environment of the 1970s when what we advocate as male sexualists was practically legal anyway, but now that the rest of the world has gone insane and/or evil, we must look up to him as one of the sole remaining beacons of reason, intelligence and hope. Despite stating that he has never been attracted to anyone above the age of puberty, which is the diametrically opposite of my own sexuality and what I mean by male sexualism, we have reached the point where the only friends of sexually normal men are pedophiles, and we few remaining egosyntonic men don’t want to alienate them too.

Eivind Berge said...

Apologies to Tal Hartsfield for my not noticing your comment in moderation until now. It's been published as the first comment in this thread, thanks.

Eivind Berge said...

Reply to The Antifeminist's second comment above:

The standard story of peak oil doom was wrong, but according to Gail Tverberg it is about to manifest in a different way sometime soon: via low oil prices and deflationary collapse of the economy and entire industrial civilization. She, too, has been wrong about the timing so far, but it remains to be seen if it will play out.

Elon Musk is a visionary all right, and by now it is clear that his and other transhumanist technology will be put to use against male sexuality. The vision was to find new ways to oppress "pedo guys," wasn't it? Even if they manage to reverse aging (which is much more distant than you think!), don't you think they will find a way to have that and antisex bigotry at the same time? If we can be imprisoned for sexualizing fictional characters right now, and older women who dress up as teens, we can certainly be persecuted for sexualizing 50-year-olds who look 16 due to rejuvenation at some point in the future.

As to Epstein, no, nofap isn't going to achieve all those things, but it certainly would have helped. He made stupid decisions in the end, for one thing. Why did he not have the sense to stay out of the USA and allied countries as the metoo antisex hate grew like kudzu over anyone remotely sexual? Nofap gives you the clarity of mind to know who your enemies are, because you realize how important sex is and how much they hate you for it! Testosterone tells you when to fight or flee! Seek asylum in North Korea or whatever it takes, when you are hunted at that level and still have resources.

Anonymous said...

Eivind, I fount this that might be of interest:

I don't know what you think about the masturbation part, but I doubt that masturbation in children below puberty result in impairment of their libido, as they can reach orgasm without ejaculating. In fact, some boys can even have several orgasms in a row.

Eivind Berge said...

How harmful masturbation is to prepubescent boys is a subject I haven't completely thought through yet, but I can tell you right now that what he is describing there, prone masturbation against a mattress, is definitely very bad, if not to your libido then physically! It is recognized as traumatic masturbation syndrome (TMS) and not just by nofappers, look it up! I did the same thing at the same age as described there (since before I can remember, at least 4), and it definitely messed me up. I learned that it was TMS long before I heard of nofap and quit doing it (which was a huge improvement, but I didn't fully recover from the evils of masturbation until I adopted nofap). Prone masturbation is definitely not recommended at ANY age! And little boys should ideally have their first orgasms in pussy as well, but that's very far from being realistic due to the female sex offender charade and not masturbating is probably not realistic either for many of them (without harming them in other ways by telling them not to before they can understand why), so all right, we can probably consider some amount of masturbation acceptable at that age as long as it isn't TMS.

Anonymous said...

A. Professors are fired/suspended for their views all the time.

B. The university is a testing ground for ideas before they hit the rest of society.

O’Carroll and Hubbard get away with what they say because they’re targeting primarily boys, and homosexuality is in power. We can use this to our advantage, nothing else is working.

If you like girls under 18, they want to brand you a pedo regardless of what you think you are. If being a pedo becomes protected for both genders, that will destroy all the laws that currently put hundreds of thousands of men in jail for literally no crime. It is that simple.

Eivind Berge said...

I thought the academy had tested out pedophile views already. As I recall there were many more academics in favor decades ago, so the trend seems to be in the opposite direction even there.

See this:

What you are referring to has already peaked and now looks hopeless.

Eivind Berge said...

Here an example of somebody who like the typical mainstream view doesn't get nofap, but nonetheless understands TMS. The official advice is really bad since it takes neither porn-induced impotence nor the opportunity cost of lost sex from masturbation into account, but at least they get that boys shouldn't masturbate prone:

Of course, if you practice nofap you automatically don't do prone masturbation either, so nofappers don't have to worry about TMS at all. It's been years since I even recalled that it existed, and that's the healthy way to do it, folks.

Eivind Berge said...

Look how unbelievably easy it is to get an antisex law passed:

Any random feminist can just ask for it and the men in the legislatures will unanimously agree, because all men are pushovers now.

"So we got to work. For the past year, Bumble’s leadership team has worked closely with politicians from both sides of the aisle in our home state of Texas. This past spring, Whitney testified in front of both the Texas State House and Senate, pressing lawmakers to make the unsolicited sending of lewd nude images punishable by law.

The measure – House Bill 2789 — passed the Texas Senate unanimously in May, and became law on September 1st, 2019. Now, the sending of a lewd photo without the recipient’s consent will be a Class C misdemeanor in our home state, punishable by a fine of up to $500."

These nasty women are also behind a $3 billion dating app empire:

Anybody feel like using instead?

Eivind Berge said...

We also have a Twitter and could use some more followers:

Help male sexualists get a piece of those dating app billions, please. Then I promise to lobby for prosexual laws when I get rich.

Eivind Berge said...

We also have a Facebook page, which just got banned from advertising because they really don't like our concept. If you want to help us gain more visibility there anyway, please like:

It remains to be seen if they will shut down viral sharing.

This is going to be harder than I realized seeing how easily we get shut out from mainstream paid advertising, but that just makes me even more determined to succeed.

Eivind Berge said...

The Antifeminist just asked how to counter the "paedophile" slander, and my answer is right here: agree and amplify, because that's how you best deal with shit tests like this. Could it be any clearer when we are "pedophiles" for finding 17-year-old girls attractive? And if as a side effect of society lumping normal male sexuality in with pedophilia we also have to fight for the rights of real pedos, then so be it. Society made their choice and thought they could suppress and shame sexuality like that; now make them live with the real consequences.

"Peadocrite" doesn't punch as hard as self-registration because the latter pulls the entire moral rug out from under them, which eventually will stop the violence too.

Anonymous said...

Meget apropos:

Eivind Berge said...

So it has gone that far in Denmark too. And worse than I knew:

"Så sent som i sidste uge vedtog Folketinget – uden nogen form for offentlig debat – en lov, der giver politiet livsvarig ret til ransagninger uden ransagningskendelse hos personer dømt for sex med mindreårige."

That's a new one -- letting the police search sex offenders at will for life, without probable cause -- which surpasses even American-style sex offender registries.

Meanwhile in Norway it is also getting worse week by week.

Can "have sex" without ever meeting:

Chatting about fantasies is equal to child porn (which is still not the case in Denmark):

Eivind Berge said...

Regarding the idea that pedophilia is legal, and only acts are criminalized, this is a false sense of security when firstly you consider that society wishes unlimited harm on anyone identified as a "pedophile" and secondly that many of these laws are nothing more than labeling exercises. When chatting about fantasies is enough to label you, and possibly soon political views like I am expressing here too (already proposed in Denmark according to that article), it is no longer practically possible to distinguish between the person and the act, which is exactly what they intend and most already imagine to be the case.

The only way I see out of this hell is to let them go too far, which they have already done long ago, and then stand up as proud criminals in such numbers that the laws will lose all moral force and be impossible to enforce.

Anonymous said...

Female left SJW Puritanism meets Male cuck right Religious Moralism, 1900's Temperance/Victorianism on steroids because of technology. Fucking Dark Ages in the "modern" world.

Best to get "pedophilia" protected since the opportunity is still kicking. If that doesn't work, then it's best to agree and amp, like pushing for a 35 year old AOC.

antifeminist says - "Equal injustice for all!"
Lol, this was funny. But don't be retarded, sex with 4 vs 17 year olds is very different, but if making it all protected and legal is what it takes to stop the injustice train against normal sexuality, then it's gotta happen. A parent can easily prevent their child from real pedophilia anyway without the "help" of feminist/cuck sex laws that primarily punish normal men.

Mike Pence is a cuck. By the way, I had incredible sex with a lovely sex-positive left wing feminist. I myself am quite right wing, but of course sex-positive. We agreed on many male sexualist positions. It's really beyond time to drop the word "feminist" because it is outdated; it alienates potential allies, and slanders good people who are on our side. This is really a war of the sex-negative harpies/cucks vs. sex-positive human beings.

As for a counter-term to "pedophile" slander - how about "weird retard" or "old bitch"? How about "sex nazi"? Take your pick. It's better than the other nerd words I've seen.

And yea, study your history - harpies were the mouthpieces for sex-negative laws, but the cuck males were the ones who passed the legislation and gave the harpies the vote.

Anonymous said...

I have a few quick comments about AF's latest article.

It's frustrating that "paedocrite" hasn't entered the lexicon. more so for its creator. My spell checker certainly doesn't recognise it, though you can guarantee that if it was a word they wanted to introduce into the public arena, there'd be no red line under it by now. Anyway, it's s an excellent verbal tool.

However, I've tried to use it online but either any post with the word in it gets moderated out or no-one takes it in. People simply aren't ready for the idea but one might as well continue to use it in appropriate contexts.

As for the incident when The Antifeminist was walking down the street ogling some teenage girls and that bint called him a paedophile and he called her a jealous old bag, IMV this was exactly the right thing to do. The guy who was with her at the time could have found some encouragement to resist and they both knew what the comment was about. The jealousy theme is super-important because it's both indirect (not promoting so-called paedophilia) yet direct at the same time, getting to the nub of femihag motivations in opposing male sexuality.

I believe that quite a bit of the fight for men's rights takes place at the level of daily conversation, especially since we haven't got much else.

At work one time there was a chap, about 42, who commented on how attractive this 17yo female tennis player on the telly was.

There was a 30yo female colleague who was ready to pounce. "She's seventeen. What do you call that?" I don't recall precisely how the conversation went to "What do you call it?" but it did. I just had to chime in, didn't I, and I responded by saying "Normal".

My older colleague laughed and thanked me. There were a few other people who heard but didn't take part.

Surreal said...

"By the way, I had incredible sex with a lovely sex-positive left wing feminist."

Excellent. Male Sexualism 1.0 failed because of excessive, ridiculous negativity. In this 2.0 version which is now being built, we are all about good vibes and self-pride...

Eivind Berge said...

"Peadocrite" doesn't make it entirely clear which side one is on. While the context should clear that up when we use it, I am not so fond of the word because it could just as easily be used to shame someone for their "pedo" tendencies rather than the hypocrisy about same. It is one of those things that are harder and harder to explain because people increasingly don't comprehend that it is possible to be sex-positive about anything that society labels as "pedo."

Of course there is a big difference between actual pedophilia and the current corrupted definition which covers at least anything up to 18, but since society has decided to do away with that distinction and dish out equal hate and increasingly punishments too, I don't see a reason for us to make a big deal of the fact that most male sexualists aren't really pedophiles either. But that is as far as I go. I am still not buying the "protected group" agenda, sorry. That is just not going to happen; it's so unrealistic that we can just forget about it.

"Normal" is exactly the right attitude, and I agree most of the fight for men's rights takes place at the level of our social interactions at this point, since we are powerless to change laws yet. If you had told that bigot who tried to shame a man for his attraction to 17-year-old girls something about "protected groups" instead, well, then that would only have reinforced her bigotry about fake sexual deviancy. I do not care if they call us pedos -- that can be a badge of honor for all I care -- but we are most definitely normal and do not require "protected group" status. We just need to stop the persecution of our normal sexuality.

And yes, we are all about good vibes and self-pride. I just listened to this and it's a bit kooky but I liked this quote: "Sometimes you are taken over by an idea and the idea has stuff it wants to do and you become the connector or vehicle for it." That is how I feel about male sexualism; it's an idea with a will of its own that I am helping along, and those of you who also feel the good vibes are deeply connected to it as well. It is bigger than me and Tom Grauer and all of you because the time is simply ripe for it. I don't get those good vibes from The Antifeminist though. He needs to get nofap first.

Anonymous said...

Skal det danske politi altså begynde at ransage uden dommerkendelser? Jamen hvis de er heldige nok til at finde et tidligere Gestapo-medlem der stadig er i live, så kan de bede om nærmere vejledning i den praktiske implementering af foranstaltningen. Den slags metoder var nemlig senest i brug under besættelsestiden, så det nuværende danske "demokrati" kan stadig nå at lære mange ting fra den tid!