Monday, December 23, 2019

Sweden has lost the plot

Feminist sexual taboos grow all around us like kudzu, covering ever more of our healthy sexuality in darkness or criminality. Antisex bigotry is not new under the sun, as it also existed in the Middle Ages for example, but the fraudulent "abuse" or "exploitation" justification is new. Better, then, to merely be a bigot who posits a God to justify her intolerance, than to poison human relations with contrived "abuse" like the feminists do. Even though it tends to prohibit most of the same acts, the concept of "sin" was far less toxic and intrusive to our lives than pseudoscientific pretend-abuse which is supposed to define our very souls and obliterate all lust, love and affection. And nowhere is this feminist bigotry more fraudulent than when applied to female "offenders," who even in principle cannot do the things claimed because human sexuality fundamentally doesn't work like that.

Now Sweden has done it too, gone and embraced the female sex offender charade: Woman convicted for sex with 15-year-old boy. The punishment has thankfully not yet reached American levels -- just probation and community service -- but the conceptual fraud is the same, the pretense that a sexually lucky (and even aggressive) boy is an exploited "victim."

How did society lose the plot so completely on sexuality? How could feminism even be turned against women like that? And worse, how do people go about their lives as if there is nothing wrong? As opposed to convulsing with hatred against the sex laws several times per day like I do? (Despite making an effort not to for health reasons.) The one thing worse than living in a country that has gone off the rails with odious and nonsensical laws is that no one else seems to care about it, and that is where we are now.

As exemplified by the publication to which I linked, there are segments of the population in Norway and no doubt Sweden who believe immigration is a serious problem. But how can they be concerned with such a comparable trifle when the stark hate of feminist antisex bigotry stares them in the face? And worse, Scandinavians opposed to immigration and Islam believe feminist sex law is a useful weapon against their imagined enemies. They thus become pure scum, as if the racism weren't enough, with a complete inability to be critical of any sex law, no matter how insane and misandristic and misogynistic too.

It is conceivable that excessive Islamization can be a problem, and cherishing one's culture does not have to be a bad thing. It is even conceivable that immigrant men from certain cultures commit more real rape and abuse than the locals, but we have no way of knowing when the sex laws are so messed up. These laws are so corrupt that Islam is most assuredly a lesser evil than feminism, and even if we got rid of all the immigrants we would still have the hateful laws. Male sexualism has therefore decided to consider Islam an ally against the antisex bigots. My own culture is now alien to me and I do not consider it worth protecting. I am a Quisling in reverse, the only reasonable, sex-positive man left standing after my culture has been consumed by antisex bigotry of the most pernicious kind conceivable.


Eivind Berge said...

"Kill them with kindness" is how Kevin Spacey deals with antisex bigots:

Not too far from my hard determinist therapy, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

That flowchart is a fantastic example of how modern right wing “conservative” religious freaks are still completely fucked in the head, as a majority still believe most things on that chart. You can see how well feminism, a hatred of attraction to youthful females, goes with religious conservatism to create the backwards sexual situation in which we currently find society. Islam is better, even with all its problems pointed out by antifeminist.

My friend did something cool. I was over his house for the holiday, and he has a very loving and dedicated mother, but also very feminist even though she describes herself as conservative. In other words, she is the perfect anti-sexual example. When she asked, he told her his ideal relationship was to marry a teenager (he is in his 40’s and had long term girlfriends, but never married). She immediately overreacted with disgust and disapproval. However, then he asked her, why did she want all the best for her son, *except for an ideal relationship? She had no response, and seemed to calm down. His example is the best one for dealing with anti-sex hysterics - simple, unemotional, and curious.

Feminism works because females are infinitely jealous of younger females, and all the religious conservative males who make the laws/judgments (Mike Pence) are both cucks who believe in the shit on that chart, and control freaks bent on dictating morality. In America, this shit is taken to the extreme and exported around the world. You’re lucky you’re outside the USA. Normie males rail against “pedos” because they’re jealous, and also think that appeasing women will get them laid (aka they have no spine and are beholden to pussy - cucks).

By the way, you need to reevaluate your stance on “racism”. Race exists, along with genetic propensities for behavior, similar to how different breeds of dogs are known to behave differently, including with members of their pack vs others. If you think Africans and Norwegians are the same except for skin color, that is just as retarded as saying feminist sex laws are moral and just. Although your culture may not be worth protecting, your race certainly is - or else you end up like the native Swedes who are forced to drink the urine of their “new Swedes”. This is an incontrovertible fact.

Eivind Berge said...

The sex-taboo flowchart has been replaced with a feminist version that the "conservatives" now also believe in. Someone with better graphical skills than I needs to make a neat meme go along with the medieval version, and just maybe it would open some eyes to what times we are living in.

Let's brainstorm what goes on it:

Is she under 18? Stop, rape!
Has she been drinking? Stop, rape!
Is she over 18 but you are a noticeably older man? Stop, you creep!
Is she a student of yours? Stop, abuse!
Or any other kind of professional relationship? Stop, abuse!
Is she a coworker? Stop, sexual harassment!
Did you pay her? Stop, sex trafficking!

Go ahead, but be careful:

Check for enthusiastic consent every step of the way!
Good luck that she doesn't regret it and accuses you anyway!
Use barrier protection to be sure you don't enjoy it!
Fap to porn so much that you can't perform anyway!

Eivind Berge said...

And speaking of nofap, what does The Antifeminist and other anosognostics think of this?

(Traditional factors that once explained men’s sexual difficulties appear insufficient to account for the sharp rise in erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, decreased sexual satisfaction, and diminished libido during partnered sex in men under 40.)

And this?

(Pornography consumption was associated with lower interpersonal satisfaction outcomes in cross-sectional surveys, longitudinal surveys, and experiments.)

Eivind Berge said...

That last article is basically the definition of anosognosia: decreased interpersonal satisfaction but not intrapersonal, which is to say the masturbator doesn't realize how messed up he is and fails to care about his reduced ability to chase and enjoy pussy. So sad, sad that he is blind; the effects of porn and masturbation are truly horrifying when you can see them.

Porn-positivity equals sex-negativity, and at least the Middle Ages didn't have that problem to deal with. Whatever else negative they might have thought about sex, they didn't encourage boys to masturbate and look at porn, compared to which religion is positively angelically benign.

And like I said, their “sin” concept of sexual taboos is also good-natured compared to the insidious feminist lie that most sex is abuse. The Christian god may be strict on sex, but he does not claim that you do not love your lovers but rather “abuse” them or get “abused” by them. Religious antisex morality exists up above with not much bearing on human relations beyond pretending to obey it now and then. This difference is what makes feminism so extremely odious. At worst, religious moralism might posit something like a “sinner” (oh, but we all are) or a “fallen woman” as an essential category, but it never sinks to the all-consuming “abuse” mythology of the feminist cuntrags who now reign supreme and their conservative bootlickers, which is an entirely different and altogether insufferable paradigm.

John said...

Hey eivind! still wasting your time and energy on a totally lost cause I see.
Well, I hate to sound like a broken record but we have no free will of course, so you will do what you must.
Anyway,how have you been? I'll have you know that I've quit looking at porn but not for the reasons you just bored as hell looking at that I don't "fap" any more but of course, women aren't flocking to me because of that,and they never will.i guess I'm just losing my libido.happens to everyone sooner or later, especially if you're unwanted,strike fear in womens hearts by not not doing anything,not considered handsome etc.anyway,"merry" Christmas, from this monolithic police and surveillance state!

Anonymous said...

>The Christian god may be strict on sex, but he does not claim that you do not love your lovers but rather “abuse” them or get "abused" by them.

Indeed, if you look at the episode of Paolo and Francesca in the fifth canto of the Divine Comedy, they continue to love each other even in hell.

Eivind Berge said...

Hi John, I've been great, now trying to conceive with a 23-year-old girl! So the cause isn't entirely lost for me personally at least. And you can too! But you do need your libido, yes. Sorry to hear that it is declining. I suggest reading this to see if you are just suffering from normal aging or there is a medical problem that should be treated by more than nofap:

Sexuality: Desire, activity and intimacy in the elderly

72% individuals below 60 were sexually active, while only 57% above 60 were active. Others had become completely abstinent at some time in their lives. Statistical analysis revealed significant gender, health and educational status based differences in the sample.

Our study showed significant presence of sexual desire, activity and function even after the age of 50 years; a decline by the age of 60 and above was a finding that reflected more in women. Chronic illness did affect sexual function and desire."

There is a good chance to have a decent libido into your 60s and perhaps 70s if you are healthy and male. Of course, low social status and rejection by women do not help, but those problems can be overcome and it seems premature to give up yet.

Anonymous said...

eivind, religions kill people for “sinning”, literally and constantly. also i agree with john, porn is boring. john should learn game though, you realize like i did that you dont need to do anything at all besides know how to deliver good feelings and escalate in order to get laid. that and approach alot of girls to find the ones horny and available. i often look at the suits in their offices and wonder “what are they doing in there? all the pussy is out here!”

Eivind Berge said...

Another disgusting example of manufactured abuse. CNN twisting a dead man's funny story into an "allegation" against Kevin Spacey:

Like I said, the feminist "abuse" redefinition of sex grows all over us like kudzu, and will not leave the slightest innocent anecdote of sexuality alone.

Eivind Berge said...

"Eivind, religions kill people for “sinning”, literally and constantly."

Feminism literally kills too, Epstein and countless other men driven to death over accusations. But that's not the point. They also poison the aftermath, foremath and evermath of any manufactured "abuse," for both "abuser" and accuser (often involuntarily so), in ways more pernicious than any religious bigotry.

I took a screenshot of the CNN headline about Ari Behn's death to document it because you can't make this shit up. Here is that little joke, mutually flirtatious encounter presented as the thing that defines his entire life because they get to twist it into sexual abuse by their sick definitions. He was a "Kevin Spacey accuser" before anything else. Looks like we are to believe it even had something to do with his suicide, so deep and out of touch with reality is the antisex hysteria.

Anonymous said...

good points. look at this - when talking about the groups opposing the professor in texas who suggested lowering the age of consent - “strange bedfellows: a right-wing homophobic student, a self described left wing revolutionary group & a campus women's group.” the union of the anti-sex right and left wing is stronger than ever before in america.

this sex positive feminist gets it! that’s why i suggest we stop maligning feminists because we insult people on our side.

Eivind Berge said...

Or maybe the sex-positive "feminists" should stop using that label? Because I don't see what they have in common with what is now understood as feminism. Someone like Camille Paglia isn't really a feminist at all.

Eivind Berge said...

I received two comments that I first deleted because they were so silly and insulting, but then I thought they might as well stand because a little humor doesn't hurt and the joke is on the feminists. After all, it is just as silly to think all sex is rape under 18 as over, and just as contrary to the facts that attraction begins at 18 as that it ends there.

So here are the two satirical comments by Anonymous:

"Yuck! A 23 year old WOMAN? Any man who shares his bed with a girl older than seventeen is a CUCK and a victim of FEMINIST rape."

"Probably because they are saving up money to live thirteen year old girls in South America or something. Those suits aren't losers who go after stale meat of eighteen and over. Throughout history the best has been fresh eleven to fifteen. All the rest is feminism. Kid yourself that a nineteen year old college woman is fresher and more beautiful than a sweet darling and freshest of all middle schooler. Know you'll censor this Eivind."

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt 11-15 is the sweet spot that produces maximum stimulation in men. This has been confirmed by several taboo studies that the mainstream anti-sex society wants to bury forever.

But regarding the response to my suits comment, I can guarantee you - in my big city, and in 99.9% of all US big cities, those suits are fags who:
A - don't know game and think a big paycheck still matters to get pussy (old rules)
B - wife up bitter 30 year olds and act like they've won some great prize

The culture is soy.

Anonymous said...

Can goats be sexually abused? According to this, they can:

Eivind Berge said...

Animals can be mistreated but I doubt a goat would care beyond that if it is sexual. Here there is no allegation that the goat was suffering, so what is actually being "abused" is the modern antisex sensibility as usual. Another absurd example of manufacturing abuse victims out of nothing.

holocaust21 said...

Well a couple of pieces of news some on here might want to know...

1. Nigel Oldfield, who was a fearless fighter against sex offender insanity, has sadly passed away. You might also have come across him as "The Real OSC"

2. My blog got deleted by wordpress, but I had already long given up this fight. We can't win it and if you tell the average person they just think you're either insane or should be killed so it's hopeless. Best to just let it burn itself out, which will happen in a few centuries.

Eivind Berge said...

I am sorry to hear that. Thanks for telling us. I am afraid you may also be right about the timeline. There may not be light at the end of the tunnel in our lifetimes, but I still feel it is important to register opposition. I am still here, The Antifeminist still posts, and Tom O'Carroll still gets to express much more controversial opinions than ours on WordPress of all places, so it is possible if you go about it smartly. No use fighting it when already deleted though, so I suggest making your own site and hosting it wherever possible with plans to move on when needed.

Anonymous said...

That give up attitude is bullshit. I thought better of you hcaust.

For example, "child marriage" is still allowed in most of the world, including the US ironically. Yea, there are forces lobbying against it, but the fight is obviously still on! At the very least providing counter-voices, anonymous or not, is valuable because the question of whether it's ok to marry a 12 year old is still unsettled worldwide.

Eivind Berge said...

If you don't plan to contribute anymore, holocaust21, and in any case while you are still around, I want to say thank you for your service. You have made a difference to other activists such as myself even though none of us have managed to stem the tide of antisex bigotry. Now recruitment seems to be lower than attrition via death and quitting, but we surely still matter as role models for the next generation, some of whom are bound to be activists for truth and justice in part inspired by us. Victory against the laws is not the only measure of success, because it is also valuable that there be moral support for victims of antisex bigotry, especially the female ones who have literally no one except the male sexualists to stand up for them in this insanely sex-hostile world.

Anonymous said...

Når vi nu taler om censur, har du så set hvad der sker i Holland?

De har åbenbart tænkt at indføre en ny form for ytringsfrihed der kun gælder når magthaverne hører hvad de gerne vil høre!

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, it wouldn't surprise me at this point if that is the next step. They can call it a "threat to human dignity" and censor anything they want, then jail us if we keep talking. I wonder if they would then censor the trials too or could we at least speak there in our defense?

John said...

No no no.nothing physically or medically wrong.just the usual combination of never getting any,no hope of ever getting any, and dirty looks from women daily.
And no, the LAST thing I want is a kid.raising one by myself? Yeah, oh rather have a cat.i love these Maine coon cats since I've seen them on YouTube they are the only cat I want!
And it's ALWAYS a great time give up on most everything! the earlier the better.the billionaires won long ago, the war mongers,and the feminist scum did too.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the last thing is about but it sounds ominous.
This little ditty might cheer people around here up.
I found it on The Guardian's Instagram account somewhere:
Jessica Valenti
Of the Cognoscenti
No longer twenty
Jealousy aplenty

Anonymous said...

Beware grooming!

Eivind Berge said...

Yes of course, when you define minors' only capacity as to be groomed, abused and exploited, no wonder there is so much of it.

I assume they managed most of this increase by criminalizing simply talking about sex with someone under 16, which happened in 2017:

"More than 18,700 suspected victims of child sexual exploitation were identified by local authorities in 2018-19, up from 3,300 five years before."

But they don't tell you that they drummed it up by nonsensical definitions because the abuse industry is pure evil. And they have free reign because the average person accepts that the invocation of sexuality, no matter how loosely defined, is enough to condemn anybody to either victim or abuser. Or if they don't accept it then they aren't talking, because disagreeing with this program earns you an automatic death warrant, as holocaust21 pointed out.

Eivind Berge said...

And related to the same grooming "news" (actually deceitful redefinitions), on point with the topic of my original post, the Norwegian alt right gobble it up too because they are too blinded by their racism (if the feminist indoctrination wasn't enough):

Indeed they exaggerate even the insane legal definition of grooming as chatting with someone under 16 and equate it with "aggravated rape of children"!:

"Grooming er egentlig bare et litt mildere uttrykk for grov voldtekt av barn, gjerne i form av serievoldtekter eller gjengvoldtekter. Mange av barna har dessuten blitt utsatt for grov vold."

It's hard to imagine any more successful brainwashing than the feminists have done to conservatives...

Anonymous said...

Begrebet grooming er så befæstet i norsk kultur at de ikke engang har et norsk ord til at definere det...

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, we don't have a Norwegian word for grooming because it is actually a non-issue, and then they jump from there to "grov voldtekt av barn" to find a reference point because we are now maximally primed to sex abuse. I should try to set them straight that it is actually communications that those offenses refer to, but it would be worse than debating feminists because the white nationalists are doubly deluded and imagine that they are fighting two boogeymen at the same time. Or actually three since they see it as war of race, sex and religion in probably that order.

Anonymous said...

At least, there is some dissenting voices even in the US:

Anonymous said...

And this is even funny:

Anonymous said...

The painter Paul Gauguin is now under attack from supporters of post-colonialism and feminism:

Eivind Berge said...

All the more reason to celebrate him then. Check these out:

Anonymous said...

I love Gauguin. He also lived out every man's dream in Tahiti, which probably was illegal at the time, but no one cared or had the resources to prosecute it. With today's ubiquity of technology leaving evidence for prosecutors, however, and plenty of leftover Puritans, now the state can get everyone much more easily...

Look at this - the Salem witch trials ended when the governor simply came back from a war, said what the fuck is this dumb shit, and issued a proclamation shutting it all down because it was insane. Also of note is that his wife was accused around the same time. It seems that a hysteria ends when an authority figure shuts it down. This would make sense since a hysteria is basically a bunch of frightened, blind idiots looking for a leader to tell them it's all gonna be ok.

THEREFORE We should be looking for ways to publicly accuse politicians and their loved ones of any and all sexual immorality with minors, in the hopes of getting the politicians to make statements/take actions that minimize it. Joe Biden comes to mind - I would vote for him, the Puritans are maligning him like crazy about this, and I'm 200% positive he is sick of that bullshit.

Another alternative is to make fake press releases and post them on places like Reddit, or intern with a big right wing Puritan organization, gain control over its twitter account, and post something like "let's calm down and acknowledge the fact that teenagers like sex with people of all ages." Anything from an authority that says to chill out about youth and sex. It's not that difficult to do, and it will work as shown by the Salem trial abrupt ending from the authority's declaration.

Eivind Berge said...

I like that sentiment. You make it sound so easy. Have authority figures declare it was all bullshit hysteria and people will snap out of it. Yes, in theory that should work. But we don't live in a little village like Salem anymore, so it would take a whole host of authority figures. And no one wants to go first even if they privately agree with us because they assume, probably correctly, that it would be the end of their careers.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that Gauguin would have go into trouble for fucking twelve and thirteen year old darling beauties in his day? Seems a strange thing for someone who comes on this forum to say/think. Perhaps you mean for adultery or something. Gauguin and Delius understood the power of transient young flesh and this is in their work.

Anonymous said...

It is that easy, I'm gonna start working on it myself. If we all do it, it would really make an impact. Even if an authority's statement is fake, or disavowed later, it will get attention, and people generally can't tell fake from real. Example: a fake press release statement or rogue twitter post telling people to calm down about youth and sex would go viral, and even if the authority disavowed the statement later (my account was hacked, it wasn't me, etc), most people would still think it was real, and the ones that didn't would at least be caused to think about the merits of the statement.

You can thank people like Robert Cialdini for proving these strategies work. Just need to stop talking and start taking action.

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, it's a good idea, but cover your tracks because this can have repercussions. I don't think you would be so lucky in court as Elon Musk against his "pedo guy"!

Anonymous said...

lol you are correct

Anonymous said...

"Aged 14, you are not supposed to have a 50-year-old man waiting for you when you leave school, you are not supposed to live in a hotel with him, or find yourself in his bed with his penis in your mouth when you should be having a snack."

I guess that’s why she loved it so much - she was a naughty little girl.

Now she gets to turn around and reap the 2nd coming of attention by playing right into the English anti-sex hysteria.

Diabolical. But ultimately allowed by diabolical 'men', opportunistic women are simply piling on.

Eivind Berge said...

The second coming of attention plus a windfall of cash for accusations -- women aren't going to give up those privileges easily.

This one won't be having a second coming, however, because the "victim" didn't exist to begin with, as is so often the case:

Note the barbaric punishment just for TALKING to a (fake) teen:

"David A. Hay, 39, was arrested December 29 on charges of using a computer to attempt to persuade, induce, or entice a minor to engage in unlawful sexual activity.... He faces 10 years to life in prison if convicted on the enticement charge."

And speaking of stings, this is the one thing they haven't figured out how to slap on women yet... Except prostitution stings, but those don't get you life in prison. So the female sex offender charade really has room to grow here.

Eivind Berge said...

And here's how to do it if you truly want equal injustice. All they need to do is mix prostitution with underage. Women can't be enticed to try to meet up with teens for free, but if the fake teens offer money then I am sure some will go for it. Why didn't they think of this? Why only entrap men? All they need is to pose as a 17-year-old boy who wants to buy nudes from women, and there you've got a woman-entrapping machine that can be used to fill the prisons as much as desired for very long sentences.

If I were the evil kind of "MRA" who sees nothing wrong with antisex hysteria except it isn't gender-equal, this is what I would be pushing for.

Anonymous said...

Wow Eivind you are totally correct, that is a great new sting. I think they should do it - they should keep pushing forward until the whole system is laughably draconian, kind of like your idea that everyone should voluntarily register on a list so as to make it useless.

I'm grateful for your blog, and the others that allow expression of these thoughts. At least in 200 years, maybe people can look back and say not everyone was hysterically insane about sex.

Anonymous said...

This writer and man Gabriel Matzneff is a REAL HERO of mine, and if anyone ought to assume the leadership of Berge's movement, it is he.

Yes, he delights in the beauty and morality of the transient young flesh I described earlier. He is UNAPOLOGETIC! Of his accusers, he writes:

Let ex-lovers like Vanessa and Aouatife, who no longer have a passion for me, who deny the one who was the great love of their adolescence, who now lead bourgeois lives and thirst for respectability, pay lawyers to write threatening letters to my publishers, it is disgusting, unworthy of them and of what we have experienced, it is sad and disappointing, but considering the little taste that women have for their romantic past, seen that their secret dream is to be lobotomized, it is, alas, explainable and rather banal

THIS is how a true man reacts to these historical accusations. Not hiding away in denial as all these other cowards in the anglophone world have done. You will find the quote on French Wikipedia, final section. And he has a website, but I can't bear to search for it and in doing so come across all the negative headlines.

Berge must draft a letter to him immediately to ask him if he wishes to take on the role as honourable leader.

I am so jealous of this man who has experienced such a full life, and will probably write to him myself to congratulate him.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a somewhat old entry, but I wasn't quite sure where it should be posted because it didn't seem on topic in newer entries. I see lots of people here talking about what they'd like the law to be, but not a lot of discussion on how to make it happen. Some people are talking about writing manifestos and books, which is great, but we need so much more. The Antifeminist wrote an article about the five biggest obstacles to male sexualism and you could make a good case for all of them, but I think the biggest problem is our lack of organization.

Make no mistake, the theory of the sexual trade union being behind the absurdly high age of consent has achieved immense currency in imageboard and incel communities. Beyond them, there are many millions of men who distrust the media and intuitively understand that they're being lied to about the age of consent and related subjects, have independently researched the matter and come to their own rejection of the status quo, or who understand that they're attracted to teenage girls but have been told that it's bad to act on it and they've swallowed the lies and need help to expunge them. The problem isn't that there aren't enough people who believe as we do. There are. The problem is that we haven't yet been able to organize those people into a cohesive political movement.

The first steps of getting this movement organized consist of defending and supporting those who publicly express male sexualist sympathies and get attacked by the feminists and their cuckboys for telling the truth. Article after article gets posted here and on other male sexualist blogs describing the travails of people like Gabriel Matzneff, Richard Stallman, Thomas Hubbard and many others who catch shit from feminists for having the audacity to not be a simp and we need to do something about this. The main reason there isn't a movement yet is because all those millions of men believe the SJWs are too firmly in control for there to be a movement. But if the feminists went after a male sexualist and failed even just once, it would break their image of invincibility and permit the formation of a true movement.

We also need to find ways of financially attacking the agecucks. If those cuckservatives, feminists and Soviet LARPers who went after Professor Hubbard suddenly found themselves with no funding, they couldn't do this shit anymore. I also think there needs to be a special effort to attack Western academia for peddling feminist lies about teenagers being hurt by sexual contact with legal adults - I use that term because teenagers are adults in all the ways that matter - and to raise public awareness of how academia has been captured by the feminist political agenda. I'd like to ask Eivind to write a post dedicated to the subject of methods of counterattacking the feminist propaganda regime so we can have an entire comments section about it, but it's his call.

Eivind Berge said...

Thanks, those are very good points. Writing a post dedicated to "methods of counterattacking the feminist propaganda regime" is now on my to-do list! Even if I can't come up with anything good, it will be useful to have a comment section about it.