Saturday, June 06, 2020

Hulk Hogan's incredible racist award

In 2016, a court in Florida awarded Hulk Hogan $115 million in compensatory damages and $25 million in punitive damages (later settled to $31 million) because a "sex tape" with him had been illegally shared. If it were really just a sex tape, there would have been no trial and the video would have been met with either high fives or yawns all around including from Hulk Hogan himself, probably most yawns given that the woman was middle-aged and the Hulk is a faded celebrity as well. No, the real issue was that Hulk exposed himself as a racist in the video, which ended his wrestling career. As such, the compensatory damages may reflect actual losses, but why would a society which ostensibly cares very much about racism compensate a man who lost his showbiz income because he is a racist? This astonished me at the time, and I could only conclude that it was because the taboo on sex was stronger than the taboo on racism, and because it enabled promotion of the former, everyone went along with a charade that Hogan had been a sort of "sexually violated" to the point that his racism could be ignored and its negative consequences compensated. It speaks volumes about how the manufacture of sexual violation (or absurd exaggerations thereof) is a racket that of course women benefit from all the time, but also men can get in on.

I bring this up now because recent events may have brought the mainstream closer to my male sexualist view, and I want to test that hypothesis. Giving Hulk Hogan the right to be a racist in private, on pain of wild compensation if his racism is admitted in the court of public opinion, is sort of like saying it's OK for cops to beat and kill unarmed blacks as long as it isn't filmed, and I don't think society accepts that anymore. So if this post resonates with more than my regular readers, we have actually made some progress against senseless sexual taboos.

Following the murder of George Floyd it has become fashionable to call for defunding the police, which warms my male sexualist heart. But it brings up the reverse situation of Hulk Hogan's "sex tape" trial, because now we need to downplay rather than exaggerate sexual violations. Presumably there can't be a policeman in every bedroom, a prostitution sting on every corner, or a cop pretending to be an underage girl in every chat room if the police are to be defunded? It is amazing that the feminists would allow this, but times do change.

Perhaps it will even become unacceptable for right-wing bigots to use feminist antisex hate as an excuse for their racism? Of the kind Stefan Molyneux is still laying on thick here:

If current events are an indication, it can't be okay for much longer to basically define all black or immigrant sexuality as abuse. It is the feminist position as well as the conservative one, but enough already. Sometimes formerly highly virtuous attitudes become the the mark of a bigot, and for good reason. The male sexualists are finally on the right side of history at something.


James said...

It's very strange to come across some one who is ultra red pilled on sex and sexuality but still very blue pilled on the race issue. It's a combination you rarely come across. A bit like a left-wing Holocaust revisionist or Chicken with chocolate sauce.

Eivind Berge said...

Given that those who are "red-pilled" on the race issue believe that non-white men (except Asians perhaps) abuse girls and/or rape women non-stop, and by implication we would if we had any sex drive that I don't know where they think went, I don't see how those two red pills could possibly go together.

Chris Mallory said...

So, which is worse, being a racist or a rapist? If in 2027, the MLK FBI tapes are released and they have him making racist statements and cheering a rape happening in the same room he is in, will you condemn him like you have Hogan? Or is Saint King off limits?

Eivind Berge said...

I don't know the details of those accusations against MLK or whether to believe them, so won't comment on that for now. But anyway the BLM movement doesn't depend on him or any of the leaders being a good person, because it is obvious that they really have legitimate grievances against the police.

Fred Reed is totally red-pilled on race and doesn't have a very high opinion of blacks in general, but even he agrees they are oppressed:

When this is coming from someone I have been reading for 20 years and I thought actually was racist, I have to believe it:

Blacks complain constantly about the brutality of police. Does it exist? Yes. You bet it does. Obviously not all cops are brutal, some departments are worse than others, but it assuredly exists. I say this having spent nine years as police reporter for the Washington Times.

Cops are not stupid enough to beat blacks in front of a reporter, but friends on various departments have told me of many such incidents, so I have seen little brutality, (though a cop in Chicago did force an Hispanic guy to strip to the waist in freezing winter wind to try to make him confess to something he probably hadn’t done.)

Perhaps worse than beatings in leading to riots is the constant humiliation inflicted on blacks by cops. In case you want examples:

I was riding one night with the LAPD in South Central with two burly guys, mid-twenties, swatted out, 870 in the rack behind, nightsticks. A late model black car, a Buick or something on that order, rolled a stop sign. The cops pulled it. Immediately both doors of the squad were open, cops standing behind them, leveling pistols toward the offending car. The following is from old memory, but close:

“Show me your hands. Step out of the vehicle. Walk backwards toward my voice. Get down on your knees. Put your hands behind your head. Interlace your fingers.”

The man was in a suit. His wife was in the car. This, for rolling a stop sign on a deserted street. If this had happened to me, which it never would, I would spend the rest of my life wanting to kill every white cop on the planet.

Another? Riding on Capitol Hill, maybe two a.m. Streets dark and empty. Down an alley, visible by a light on the back of a building, we saw a black man taking a leak. Technically, urinating in public, a misdemeanor. Realistically, something every man has done and, late at night on a deserted alley, ignorable. Instead the cop subjected him to a humiliating tongue-lashing of several minutes, said he could arrest him, etc, while the man, maybe forty-five, said “Yessir, yessir, yessir.” What choice did he have? Cops can do anything on dark streets.

Or: In the black Austin district of Chicago, in a residential neighborhood, the cop I was with was in plain clothes, the car unmarked. He had stopped to talk to someone, nothing hostile but I forget about what. On the sidewalk an old black man, maybe sixty, walked slowly past and the cop said, “Hey, wait, I want to talk to you, “ or something similar.

The man didn’t hear and kept walking. The cop rushed over, grabbed him by the shirtfront, and shouted into his face, “When I say stop, you fucking stop, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?”

“Yessuh, yessuh, yessuh.”

These are the kinds of things that blacks downtown go through all the time.

theantifeminist said...

"Anonymous James said...
It's very strange to come across some one who is ultra red pilled on sex and sexuality but still very blue pilled on the race issue. It's a combination you rarely come across. A bit like a left-wing Holocaust revisionist or Chicken with chocolate sauce."

Eivind is certainly unique. If all these attitudes are inherent to Male Sexualism, Eivind is the only Male Sexualist in the world, and probably the only Male Sexualist there will ever be.

Not sure how importing millions of sexually uncouth and horny young Third World men into our societies, who inevitably go on to commit real sex crime in their thousands, helps either incels or the Male Sexualist cause.

As regards Gawker and Hulk Hogan, life is very complicated Eivind.

Hulk Hogan's sex tape trial was a (successful) attempt by Peter Thiel (who bankrolled Hogan's legal case) to bring down Gawker Media, who had 'outed' Thiel as a homosexual a few years before.

Liberal progressive Gawker Media, led by paedocrite Adrien Chen, was instrumental in closing down a number of subreddits that featured photos of fully clothed 17 year old 'children'.

Gawker was a good example of when you mix liberal, left-wing men with the topic of normal male sexuality, you get feminism on steroids.

Eivind Berge said...

Can we male sexualists get past racism please and focus on sexual liberation? There may be cultural differences that tend that way in the short term, but I know of no biological/genetic evidence that any groups of humans are more sexually abusive than others. The fact that feminists and conservative men alike have bought into definitions of sexual abuse that paint black men as almost assured abusers is a great opportunity for us to stand together as men of all races and fight back against antisex bigotry, seeing as this bigotry is also synonymous with racism and there is so much awareness about that now.

To get 60% black girls "abused" by 18 (the article cited by Stefan Molyneux literally claims 60%!), you definitely have to count every time they have sex with an older man, because I refuse to believe men can really be anywhere near that abusive. Perhaps black girls mature earlier, are hornier due to more testosterone and that is counted as more abuse too. It boggles the mind that it is still socially and legally acceptable to take this view of normal sexuality when it hits minorities so hard, and surely it wouldn't take much convincing to get the Black Lives Matter movement on board with ending this racism.

Anonymous said...

A central theme of galileo2333 is to emphasize all men worldwide regardless of skin color must help reduce women's power for the benefit of all!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard about Judith Reisman?

Eivind Berge said...

No, I hadn't really heard of her, and from what little I read there she doesn't seem like a nice person. She thinks YouTube videos represent pedophilic degeneracy, huh? I don't think so; YouTube is even safe for nofappers to watch as far I as I can tell. Her criticism of Kinsey may be somewhat more merited. As I recall, he claimed male sexual orientation exists on a spectrum from straight to gay where most men fall somewhere in between. We now know that to be very false, with most men being definitely one or the other. That may not be her main accusation against Kinsey, however, and those others just seem ridiculous. She seems to be one of those hysterically obsessed with child sexual purity.

Eivind Berge said...

Male sexualists hate the (antisex) law and cops, and now society is at least starting to hate cops, which is amazing progress as far as it goes.

Very well said here about exactly how bad they are, and remember this doesn't just apply to black men, who simply have racism on top of all this:

"I have participated in some of these activities personally, others are ones I either witnessed personally or heard officers brag about openly. Very, very occasionally, I knew an officer who was disciplined or fired for one of these things.
Police officers will lie about the law, about what’s illegal, or about what they can legally do to you in order to manipulate you into doing what they want.
Police officers will lie about feeling afraid for their life to justify a use of force after the fact.
Police officers will lie and tell you they’ll file a police report just to get you off their back.
Police officers will lie that your cooperation will “look good for you” in court, or that they will “put in a good word for you with the DA.” The police will never help you look good in court.
Police officers will lie about what they see and hear to access private property to conduct unlawful searches.
Police officers will lie and say your friend already ratted you out, so you might as well rat them back out. This is almost never true.
Police officers will lie and say you’re not in trouble in order to get you to exit a location or otherwise make an arrest more convenient for them.
Police officers will lie and say that they won’t arrest you if you’ll just “be honest with them” so they know what really happened.
Police officers will lie about their ability to seize the property of friends and family members to coerce a confession.
Police officers will write obviously bullshit tickets so that they get time-and-a-half overtime fighting them in court.
Police officers will search places and containers you didn’t consent to and later claim they were open or “smelled like marijuana”.
Police officers will threaten you with a more serious crime they can’t prove in order to convince you to confess to the lesser crime they really want you for.
Police officers will employ zero tolerance on races and ethnicities they dislike and show favor and lenience to members of their own group.
Police officers will use intentionally extra-painful maneuvers and holds during an arrest to provoke “resistance” so they can further assault the suspect.
Some police officers will plant drugs and weapons on you, sometimes to teach you a lesson, sometimes if they kill you somewhere away from public view.
Some police officers will assault you to intimidate you and threaten to arrest you if you tell anyone.
A non-trivial number of police officers will steal from your house or vehicle during a search.
A non-trivial number of police officers commit intimate partner violence and use their status to get away with it.
A non-trivial number of police officers use their position to entice, coerce, or force sexual favors from vulnerable people.
If you take nothing else away from this essay, I want you to tattoo this onto your brain forever: if a police officer is telling you something, it is probably a lie designed to gain your compliance.

Do not talk to cops and never, ever believe them. Do not “try to be helpful” with cops. Do not assume they are trying to catch someone else instead of you. Do not assume what they are doing is “important” or even legal. Under no circumstances assume any police officer is acting in good faith.

Also, and this is important, do not talk to cops....

Eivind Berge said...

Also let us take a moment to remember Breonna Taylor, reminding us that their methods are designed to kill innocent women too:

"She, a black EMT, was in bed with her boyfriend after midnight in Louisville. The police, under a no-knock warrant, using a battering ram, with no warning, crashed into her apartment. Her boyfriend, wakened by the intrusion, thought the couple were being attacked by god knew who. Reasonably, he fired a pistol at them, hitting a cop in the leg. The cops responded by shooting Breonna eight times, killing her.
What happens when police have done a cowboy battering-ram I’m-a-really-cool-SWAT-guy enhanced entrance, and then discover that they have killed a young woman? Easy. They suddenly remember that they knocked. Since they have killed the only other witness, they can get away with it."

Eivind Berge said...

Today I realized that Richard Stallman is a male sexualist hero.

"Richard Stallman resigned from his positions at MIT and his position at the Free Software Foundation after controversial remarks by him on the Jeffrey Epstein scandal condoning underage prostitution were made public."

Bravo, Stallman! You are one of us.

Eivind Berge said...

Here we go again with police killing an unarmed black man, Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta. His "crime" was to be drunk in a parked car and their excuse this time is that he was pointing one of their tasers at them as he was running away from them when trying to arrest him. Which isn't an excuse for murder, of course. If police can't handle a situation like this without killing, it's obviously better that they don't show up at all: a fantastic argument for defunding.

They can't even stop behaving like this in the middle of massive protests, so clearly something stronger is needed and probably on the way. It's good to see that the machinery that perpetrates the sex war is losing its grip on power, albeit for totally unrelated reasons than any kind of uprising from men because our sexuality has been criminalized. Yes, there is also a downside to no police and frankly it hadn't occurred to me to abolish them, but I will be laughing all the way if it happens.

Ideally, they should just be defunded enough to cut the antisex crap, but something tells me that's not how they will prioritize. I think we can count on them to use it on prostitution stings and things like that no matter how small their budget is, and ignore real crime like burglaries instead. So yeah, there is a lot to be said for complete defunding, if we can't change the law. The wind is incidentally blowing in the right direction for male sexualism now, ironically thanks to the same woke leftists who can't tolerate sexuality and helped create the feminist police state.

Eivind Berge said...

There is even an apparent male sexualist statue still standing, but probably not for long. From CNN updates on the BLM protests:

A statue of Italian journalist Indro Montanelli in Milan has been painted red and sprayed with the words "racist" and "rapist."

There is a petition to have the statue removed from the park in the city center.

When Montanelli was 26 years old in 1935, he was a journalist covering the war in Eritrea, where the Italian military were trying to conquer the country. There he bought a 12-year-old girl and married her.

He died in 2001.

Montanelli’s statue has been targeted before. On International Women’s Day in 2019, it had pink paint splashed over it.

He "bought" a girl in 1935 and got a statue? How did that happen?

I read some more and found that Montanelli was quite a character, even a friend of Quisling, who helped him escape from Norway in 1940:

And lots of other adventures and great writings. Definitely deserves a statue.

Anonymous said...

Galileo2333 has some great insight into sex tourism and Montanelli buying and marrying the little girl in Eritrea is something that a white western guy should be able to do.

Galileo2333 has a three part series on how first world countries banning their citizens from sex with underage girls abroad was celebrated by deliberate sacrifice of a space shuttle and its crew.

Pt 1

Pt 2

Pt 3

Anonymous said...

Galileo2333 talks about how the protests against police should be focused. I am galileo2333 by the way the one who acting as anonymous poster am promoting Galileo2333. You probably kinda knew that.

Eivind Berge said...

That's a wild conspiracy theory of NASA deliberately sacrificing the space shuttle Columbia in order to celebrate new antisex legislation. Not buying that, but as a metaphor it sure works to mark the monumental hatred of punishing Americans for legal sex abroad.

I also can't agree with actually buying girls, as that would be slavery which can't really be defended, but it sure makes sense to allow marriage about as young as the Eritrean example.

Anonymous said...

Actually we are all slaves to the global financial systems. Even though we are free to choose to some extent our work we still are dependent on the banking system. Globally were all free range slaves. Slavery was never abolished, it was just given another name and centralized. This from galileo2333 posting as anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Galileo2333 considers the space shuttle story speculative as well, that is , he doesn't believe for certain that it was a deliberate sacrifice conspiracy, he simply claims it's somewhat plausible or not unrealistic.

Anonymous said...

The other day I was listening to a community radio station I enjoy and they played what I recognized as the theme music of he Benny Hill Show. The announcer said the piece was Yakka's March without anything about what I venture most people would know it from. This is the extent to which PC will hide from reality. Benny's main sin was that he joked a lot about how men tend to prefer younger women, and we all know only a pervert would fancy a female who's not in the half his age plus seven years bracket.

Blake's Seven said...

"Galileo2333 has a three part series on how first world countries banning their citizens from sex with underage girls abroad was celebrated by deliberate sacrifice of a space shuttle and its crew.

Pt 1

Pt 2

Pt 3"

This is extremely interesting to me but the URL alone turns up no result. Would the original poster please be so kind as to give a title to one if these videos? If I have even one title, I'll be able to find the other oparts of the whole thing easily.
PS The other ananymous is right, we are all slaves of the global financial system.

Anonymous said...

Just Google search galileo2333 that should find the whole bitchute channel.

Eivind Berge said...

I would be interested in doing conversations with Galileo2333 about male sexualist issues, that we could put on our channels. It appears that we are the only two male sexualists who are not afraid to show our faces and speak out at the moment (Tom Grauer did that too, but dropped out of activism). Perhaps we could get some fresh publicity again? Have to make sure it isn't censored from YouTube though. I understand BitChute is better for free speech, but it doesn't have many viewers.

I also would like to remind you all that antisex bigots are still trying to take down this site by reporting everything that is written, so watch what you say. It is almost only me left on the mainstream platforms now of the male sexualists, and even the more moderate sex-positives like Roissy are long done (or joined the other side like Roosh). Heretic TOC is still standing at WordPress, however, which is quite remarkable, but I wonder how long that will last and can't allow anything quite so extreme here.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can buy a domain and host your own site, in case Blogger shuts you down.

Eivind Berge said...

Sure, and I will along with all the content from here, but then I have to figure out how to implement comments, spam protection etc. myself, and I will lose all the links from elsewhere and great search engine visibility that I have now. It really is a great value that Google provides, that we don't want to lose if we don't have to.

Anonymous said...

Start up a bitchute channel and make some videos like galileo2333 does. You and him can talk in the comment sections.