Monday, September 06, 2021

The Bitcoin ethos, in ten commandments

1. Keep your private keys secret. Don’t use custodial wallets longer than absolutely necessary to trade.

2. Bitcoin is fungible, digital cash. Any obstacle to fungibility is in our heads, so don’t let anyone tell you your coins are tainted.

3. Please run a full node.

4. We shall never hardfork (unless absolutely necessary because something fundamental is broken for example due to quantum computers).

5. HODL as much as you can.

6. Bitcoin is decentralized and independent of any government or company.

7. Bitcoin is a force of nature, stronger than any human power and obviously has no leader.

8. Bitcoin is transcendent, spiritual, platonic.

9. Be a Bitcoin maximalist. Bitcoin is the protocol for digital scarcity and altcoins are shitcoins.

10. There is no credible claim to founding Bitcoin. We are all Satoshi!

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