Sunday, September 25, 2022

RIP Nathan Larson

This requires its own post, because it marks the passing of a male sexualist hero. Take a moment to remember and appreciate a balanced activist life as summarized and vindicated in a comment I just received from "Jeffrey." And by balance I mean Nathan found ways to live in addition to being an ideologue for our cause.

I've been informed that Nathan Larson died on Sunday September 18th, one day before his 42nd birthday. He'd been on a hunger strike for months and was being held in a prison hospital. I've not yet been able to confirm this news from official sources, but the person from whom it originates was a good friend of his and an administrator on his forum. This same person has just uploaded a 20-page handwritten manifesto by Nathan in which he explains why he chose to risk chose to risk so much to pursue a relationship with a young girl.

The manifesto begins with the following paragraph: "As the government seems to be putting forth a misleading narrative that I sought to sexually exploit a young girl using coercion or deception, I feel it is time to correct the record."

Here is the link to the complete manifesto:

It's important to remember that Nathan was not quite the monster or psychopath that the media has made him out to be. Granted, he has posted fantasies on the internet that would make the Marquis de Sade smile, but those posts were not indicative of how he acted in real life. To quote his own words, "When people go over the top, there’s a grain of truth to what they say." (Source:

The girl that he "kidnapped" told one of her friends that she had fallen in love with him (source:, and there is no evidence whatsoever that he used coercion or threats to convince her to leave her parental home with him.

Claims that he drove his ex-wife Augustine to suicide are highly doubtful, considering that she killed herself shortly after "Child Protective Services" removed her daughter from her custody indefinitely. It's much more likely that sadness about losing custody over her daughter is what motivated her suicide. In the end, both her and Nathan lost as a result of her misguided attempt to be granted sole custody.

"Augustine took her own life on June 8, 2015, shortly after the Department of Human Services removed her child based on an anonymous tip claiming that she had mental health issues preventing her from safely caring for the child. Augustine denied this, but was unable to persuade the court to release the child from state custody. The child is currently in the care of August's parents." (Source:

Claims that Nathan violently raped Augustine also seem to be false. She had a rape kink and they had an agreed-upon safe-word. While Nathan has admitted that he ignored the safe-word on at least one occasion, it doesn't seem to be the case that he ever used physical violence against her. It took her weeks to decide that what happened was "rape." (source:


Anonymous said...

Here, Galileo2333 compares Larson to Rosa Parks.

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, open defiance of the law, civil disobedience is what it is. Just like I have been trying to normalize as our attitude to breaking the sex laws. I am very proud of Nathan.

Eivind Berge said...

I made a video too.

Eivind Berge said...

I am digesting Nathan's manifesto and it is REALLY, really good. Surprisingly good and POLISHED, a worthy finished work to conclude his life. Video coming tomorrow where I shall read the whole thing aloud as it's too good not too. He is pulling the rug out from under the antisex bigots in so many ways it is stunning and bittersweet and sad. Kind of like the well-wrought urn... is my association, for obvious reasons when you read the whole thing...

Thou still unravish'd bride of quietness,
Thou foster-child of silence and slow time.
Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard
Are sweeter; therefore, ye soft pipes, play on;
Not to the sensual ear, but, more endear'd,
Pipe to the spirit ditties of no tone:
Fair youth, beneath the trees, thou canst not leave
Thy song, nor ever can those trees be bare;
Bold Lover, never, never canst thou kiss,
Though winning near the goal yet, do not grieve;
She cannot fade, though thou hast not thy bliss,
For ever wilt thou love, and she be fair!

Anonymous said...

Does the Manifesto have something to do with this?

Eivind Berge said...

No, no, it's brand new and personal describing the civil disobedience which ended up leading to his death, not his Congress campaign manifesto (of which sexualism was just a small part). This is "Nathan Larson's Freedom Flyers Manifesto" -- why don't you read it? I made it available at this link too:

And will get around to reading it aloud and transcribing it too. This is canonical sexualist writing, folks.

One quote which shows his caliber of activism which I am honestly not even up to myself at this point:

"The goal of civil disobedience is to wear down a ruler's resistance to reform by demonstrating one's commitment to one's cause through open lawbreaking. One gets caught on purpose in order to suffer unjust punishment and afflict the consciences of the ruler and those members of the public who might have otherwise remained apathetic, giving their consent to the status quo by default, through their silence when there was no particular incident showing a momentum was building of demand for change. Ideally, one hopes to galvanize the support of sympathizers through an inspiring example."

But do our rulers have a conscience??? Do the normies have a conscience with regard to persecution of sexuality?

Jeffrey said...

Thank you for posting this and for making the video. Nathan remained true to his ideals until the very end and never let the repressive feminist state intimidate him or keep him from doing what he knew was right. He knew that he didn't do anything wrong; that he didn't victimize anyone, and that he was the only victim in this whole affair.

It's frankly insane that he was risking life imprisonment for what was clearly a victimless crime, with only the parents of the girl being briefly distraught as a result of her unexplained absence. Hopefully, one day men will look back on this case and similar ones with horror at the realization of how much injustice was done. Nathan was a great activist. If I remember correctly, Nathan briefly ran a male sexualist forum, which got deplatformed not too long after it was created.

He will forever be an example and role model to MAPs and male sexualists everywhere I hope that his manifesto will eventually become well known in the MAP community and serve as an inspiration to others.

RIP Nathan.

Anonymous said...

In his final manifesto Nathan points out that the media will portray this story as if he met the 12yo girl through "social media". Nathan does not address this further in the manifesto other than saying that it is "not true".

I always found Nathan to be a fascinating character, so I kept an eye on his activities. In the months and years before his capture Nathan was quite active in the "darker corners" of clearnet. Here he hosted and operated several websites (on the .su domain tld to avoid deplatforming), the most prominent being "". became Nathan's most successful project ever. It had attracted 7500 members by the time it was shut down and was the most active pro-pedophilia forum on the clearnet.

Started first as a discussion board, it had a wide range of topics that are unacceptable anywhere else. Discussions of rape, kidnapping, suicide, pedo and other fantasies were rampant. This eventually caught the attention of various SJW/feminists on social media who began virtue signaling to their audience how terrible the website was, repeatedly asking "why is still allowed to exist???".

Funny enough, all this attention brought in a very interesting group to the site who would otherwise not have been exposed to it. Namely curious young girls. Many of whom were underage. At rapey they could discuss their desire to be raped and share positive experiences around pedophilia etc. There were even a section dedicated for men to hook up with these underage girls. Apparently, that's where Nathan met this 12 year old. On his own forum. Yes, she willingly came with him.

The genius of Nathan was how he turned his own suicidal ideations into a final gasp at the system. The Rosa Park moment. He built a male sexualist forum, with no regard for laws, no regard for peoples opinions or criticism, even with no regard for his own safety. Nathan was, for a small moment in time, truly a free man. He had nothing left to lose. And so, nothing would stop him from pursuing his dream, his mission.

On Rapey, Nathan vetted females by requiring them to submit scantily clad or naked photos with written on their bodies. Once confirmed they were assigned a badge of approval underneath their avatar as "confirmed femoid".

The forum was buzzing with illegal activity. Not only the discussing of rape and kidnapping plans or sections dedicated to hooking up with minors. A subforum/gallery titled "Priklopil's Basement" (a reference to a famous kidnapper who kept a girl in his basement for ages.) was allegedly used to share CP material.

Quoting from one of the forums still up from Nathan's servers:
"The presence of foids was not even a bad thing, as them talking about their desire to be raped and sharing positive experiences with pedophilia and incest, helped counteract the dominant feminist narrative about these topics.

There are forums for cucked MAPs that have existed for years and have done everything they can do appeal to normies and feminists, and that don't have even 1% of the userbase that Rapey had. Nathan was smart enough to know how to benefit from negative media attention. He could handle more pressure than a lot of people can, and unlike the fools that run, he actually had a consistent ideology that would benefit incels and society in general if it were implemented."

Thanks for sharing the manifesto here. It was a good read.

RIP Nathan

Eivind Berge said...

Nathan was, for a small moment in time, truly a free man. He had nothing left to lose. And so, nothing would stop him from pursuing his dream, his mission.

Hear, hear!

That's what I meant by balance. We are activists, but we also have lives -- until the feminist state destroys them, that is. I shall not tell anyone to exactly follow Nathan's lead and get yourself offed prematurely, but suffice it to say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. There is a time to be risk-averse and a time to not give a damn, and longevity is not the only measure of a successful life. Far from it. I'd rather be Nathan than Methuselah and achieve nothing else noteworthy.

Anonymous said...

There appears to be nothing about this online. The media were all over his story previously, I would have thought it would have been reported by now. You may have jumped the gun on this Eivind?

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, my only source is one anonymous comment on my blog and one on YouTube who claimed to have heard from Nathan's sister; happy to to be corrected if he is still alive.

However, the media rarely want to publish anything which softens their previous image of a man as a sexual monster, so I would be surprised if they dig into it beyond possibly reporting his death.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he had serious health issues at the very least.

Update from Aug 30th:

"Based upon the serious medical needs of Mr. Larson and the representation of the U.S.
Marshal Service that Mr. Larson’s needs cannot be met at the facility where he is currently
housed, the Court ORDERS that defendant NATHAN DANIEL LARSON, USM # 36054-013, shall be transported from Riverbend Nursing Center to Promise Hospital, 433 E. 6th Street, Mesa, Arizona (408) 427-3000 forthwith"


Eivind Berge said...

Health issues inflicted by hunger strike, or what? This picture certainly fits dying from starvation 18 days later and then I wouldn't expect any more more court filings either as the state has achieved its end. My guess is he really died and nobody cares outside our movement because men committing suicide in the course of prosecution for sexual offenses is a routine matter. The media mentioned Epstein, but only because they weren't done persecuting people associated with him.

Anonymous said...

He was probably killed by the nurses at the prison hospital. There was a bounty out on him among other inmates and likely corrections staff and people outside. He was in poor health and known to engage in hunger strikes in the past, so it's very easy for a story to be fabricated about him committing suicide by starvation.

Anonymous said...

I still think it's unlikely he's dead. The media might not give his death so much attention as his arrest, but a few outlets would still report it.

If it's true, he may indeed have been the victim of willfull negligence. Pretty sure it happens to sex offenders all the time in prison hospitals.

51 year old British female celeb boasts how she wont let her 16 year old daughter wear sexy clothes and steals them from her to wear for herself. Most middle-aged women would steal their own 16 year old daughter's skin from their bodies and wear it on theirs it if they could.

Take the green pill folks. It explains EVERYTHING. There are certain memes we need to hammer home again, and again, and again, everywhere we can, use them in comments online everywhere, at least once a day : 'age cucks', 'the green pill', 'paedocrites', 'female sex offender charade' etc.

I only just came across the following blog the other day - must read for every male sexualist : Unfortunately it hasn't been updated for a while.

Eivind Berge said...

Those are conspiracy theories that I am not taking seriously at this time. Somebody please obtain either a death certificate or sign of life so we can be grounded in fact. We know he was transported from Riverbend Nursing Center to Promise Hospital, 433 E. 6th Street, Mesa, Arizona on or shortly after August 30th, where he is reported to have died. I tried to look up deaths in the area but found that Arizona is a "closed record" state, so I guess we need someone local to investigate. My best guess is still the he died and nobody cares besides us. He was essentially disappeared without trial and now there won't be one. His civil disobedience is conveniently silenced and lumped in with sex offenses as far as the mainstream media is concerned.

Imagine how sick you have to be before they will transfer you from a prison to a hospital. If due to hunger strike he must have been on his deathbed already and I doubt the hospital could save him even if they tried refeeding.

Anonymous said...

The claim that Nathan has died is a conspiracy theory until there is some concrete evidence that he is dead, other than some anonymous person sending you a comment with a link to a dropbox in it.

Going back to his 'activism', I don't see how his actions, whether exaggerated by the media or not, help anybody. He was actually getting some arguments across through his political candidacy and such. If you think his alleged hunger strike and death are being blanket ignored by the media (itself an outlandish conspiracy theory) you can hardly pat his dead body on the back and credit him with successful 'activism' can you?

There are plenty of simple ways to express civil disobedience rather than the insane, harmful, and suicidal (both individually and collectively) ways that this guy apparently did.

I see that the Anonymous guy who will get you into trouble is still here. I feared he might have followed through with his desire to escape to 'sexually tolerant' China and that the guy in this video was him.

Eivind Berge said...

If Nathan Larson's death was hoaxed, why would it coincide with critical illness? That manifesto and message clearly originated from someone connected to him, someone in our movement. I don't think they would do such a thing, particularly not when Nathan is in really bad shape which itself would be plenty newsworthy to us. If the goal was to get sympathy and attention from us, reporting the truth would have sufficed, and we would have publicized the manifesto without any additional information either.

Anoymous2 said...

"The claim that Nathan has died is a conspiracy theory until there is some concrete evidence that he is dead, other than some anonymous person sending you a comment with a link to a dropbox in it."

There is nothing conspiratorial about a hospital or a prison only notifying a deceased person's close relatives of their death. None of these entities are under any legal obligation to notify the media.

Prisons are also under no legal obligation to notify the media about hunger strikes taking place between their walls.

No one had seen this manifesto until it was released less than 2 weeks ago. It can only have been in possession of someone who had been corresponding with Nathan while he was in prison, and this very same individual is the one who broke the news of his death.

"If you think his alleged hunger strike and death are being blanket ignored by the media (itself an outlandish conspiracy theory) you can hardly pat his dead body on the back and credit him with successful 'activism' can you?"

The most plausible scenario is that media outlets that have in the past reported on his case have simply not been informed of his death by the authorities. I doubt they're purposely ignoring it.

All references to Nathan Larson's case have been removed from Judge Jennifer L. Thurston court calendar. Prior to his death, there was at least one reference to his case on it each month. Although this could mean that he is just very ill, it more likely means that he's dead. A judge would still want to be kept up-to-date regularly about the health situation of a hospitalized prisoner.

The basic idea behind a hunger strike is that when an individual is detained and imprisoned, their freedom is taken away from them by the state. Hunger-strikes seek to reclaim that loss of freedom by indicating to the state that the state does not control them absolutely. That they retain sovereignty over their own body by denying themselves food.

It is a reclamation of individual freedom by demonstrating to the state that the extent to which they can infringe and deny individual liberties is not infinite. Its a way of showing that the state's power is limited, that it is finite, and that there are ways of combating it. Nathan Larson's hunger strike was successful. It is unfortunate that it didn't get the media attention he probably hoped it would get, but that wasn't his fault.

Nathan's relatives should investigate if it's possible to sue the hospital and/or the prison for negligence.

"There are plenty of simple ways to express civil disobedience rather than the insane, harmful, and suicidal (both individually and collectively) ways that this guy apparently did.

He was already engaging in civil disobedience by other means. For example, he refused to comply with COVID-19 measures, dismissed his lawyer, and insisted on representing himself pro se. He probably began his hunger strike after Judge Thurston tried to punish him for not wanting to wear a mask to court by revoking his right to self-representation.

He knew that he would have either gotten life in prison or a very long prison sentence that he most likely wouldn't have survived anyway. Having little to lose, and not looking forward to decades of mistreatment in prison, he decided to commit suicide by hunger strike.

Anonymous said...

Some men volunteer to fight in Ukraine to avoid wives, according to Russian mayor

Jeffrey said...

The Medical Examiner's Office of Maricopa County, Arizona, has now confirmed Nathan Larson's death.

Type in the case number: 2022-09737

Eivind Berge said...

I see. Cause of death is still pending, but that it happened is indisputable. Thanks again, Jeffrey, for alerting us to this sad news which the mainstream media disappointingly does not bother with. Civil disobedience looks unlikely to be noticed beyond the sex crimes themselves, which are of course also a protest, as is a hunger strike even if it is only witnessed by prison staff. In the end, these are the only ways men can assert power against the hateful feminist police state, along with our writings which will hopefully be more noticed in time.

Anonymous said...

I noticed someone posted Larson's manifesto on a far right political website, and about 25% of the comments were positive, with far more people calling him a pedophile. Most seemed to just not care, or were afraid to speak positively. We're talking about hysterical feminist Conservatives who routinely call Epstein a pedophile when of course there is no evidence whatsoever that he was a pedophile.

It seems that there is no refuge from anti-male feminism on either the right or left of the political spectrum in English-speaking countries. The power is too strong to confront directly, so we must continue to be smart and evasive, continuing our work yet staying out of the way until something from the outside changes the cultural climate, and allows for others to then view our body of work positively. This is one of the reasons that the anti-feminist should restore his website immediately and forever, so it can be discovered by many when the time comes.

A good example is the Coronavirus hysteria. It seemed like it would last forever and was in fact progressing into more and more totalitarianism, then Putin surprised everyone when he invaded Ukraine in February, which took all the attention of the media, and the Coronavirus hypnosis was broken within a week. All of a sudden, the "pandemic" went away immediately, and every country began to eliminate their fake "pandemic" agendas. I imagine what breaks the anti-male sexuality, fake pedophilia hysteria will be something similarly unexpected and external.

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, snapping out of covid hysteria was pretty much an overnight affair. That was remarkable, but it also ran less deep than antisex bigotry. I feel this mass psychosis will only abate when basic needs are threatened, which is why Gail Tverberg is my heroine for credibly predicting that exactly this is about to happen. I am expecting real hardship in Europe this winter, real suffering and preoccupation with survival which will supplant society's antisex priority.

Anonymous said...

Eivind, how do you deal with the fact that Nathan was a supporter of Hitler and advocated rape?

Eivind Berge said...

I don't take that seriously in those terms, because while I haven't read everything he wrote, whenever I have read Nathan in his own words he is reasonable or at least not evil. You don't get to pick words out of context and impute other ideologies to him just because he praised them in some way.

For example on race relations what I've actually read goes like this (from here:

What did happen, though, was that while I was behind bars, I got a glimpse of a racially political society where, unlike in the outside world, the interracial struggle for dominance is more overt. At Englewood Federal Detention Center, the prison population was about one-third Latino, one-third black, and one-third white, with a few Native Americans and Asians sprinkled in. For the most part, there was harmony among the races. As in the outside world, commerce brought the races together for their mutual benefit. For example, my cellmate and I set up a business in which we sold legal services to the blacks, filing petitions with the courts on their behalf to get their crack cocaine trafficking sentences reduced. The blacks in turn had their own businesses, in which they would iron jumpsuits to help prisoners look presentable for visits or, if they were artistic, they would create and sell Mother's Day or Valentine's Day cards for prisoners to send home to the women in their lives who were taking care of their kids, putting commissary money on their books, and helping smuggle drugs into the prison.

Where problems arose were when non-whites got into a situation where they could lord it over whites. There were three TV rooms in our unit, and when I first got there, each of the three major races (Latinos, whites, and blacks) occupied one of them. That way, each TV could be devoted to programming in the language spoken by the race in question (viz., Spanish, English, or ebonics, respectively). Then one day, I noticed, the Latinos were still occupying their TV room, but now the blacks were using both of the two remaining TV rooms. I asked one of the whites what had happened and he said the blacks had just arbitrarily gone in there and changed the channel from what the whites were watching and taken over the TV room, so that they could watch two different black channels at a time rather than only one. I asked why they were being allowed to get away with that, and he said, "We don't want to get in a race war over a TV."

Another white prisoner explained the mentalities of the races: "That's the difference between us and them. When we run the prison, we make sure that the blacks have a TV to watch. It might be the most raggedy and beat-up TV in the unit, but we won't leave them without a TV. But when they run the prison, they take all the TVs and leave us with nothing."

Is there anything to "deal with" there? It sounds more humorous and amicable than anything to me.

What matters is how he actually treated people, whether other races or women -- I don't see anything to get morally outraged over. I don't use words like "benevolent white supremacy" myself, but it ain't Hitler. Similarly his advocacy of "rape" (that I have seen) boiled down to abolishing statutory rape and reinstating the traditional marital rape law exemption which I very much agree with since it is integral to the definition of marriage.

Anonymous said...

There is an ongoing thread on boychat where it is said that the deceased Nathan Larson could be a different Nathan Larson.

Eivind Berge said...

Please, stop with the conspiracy theories already! That poster claims he died in California rather than Arizona, so when they can't even get such an elementary detail right I'm not taking them seriously. It is no mystery that Nathan would be autopsied in Maricopa County, Arizona, when that's where he was imprisoned and transported to a hospital, you dumbass. Mesa, where he was last seen, is a city just east of Phoenix, in Maricopa County.

Eivind Berge said...

Also there is a new update from the court:

Pursuant to Rule 48(a) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, the United States Attorney’s Office hereby moves to dismiss the indictment against NATHAN DANIEL LARSON, without prejudice and in the interest of justice.

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the criminal indictment against NATHAN DANIEL LARSON
be dismissed, without prejudice and in the interest of justice.

Dated: October 11, 2022

Case dismissed because he died.

Eivind Berge said...

Or next you will be telling me that perhaps he didn't die, but his manifesto was so damn convincing that they dismissed the case without prejudice? :)

Dismissed all these charges just like that, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Highest Offense Level: Felony

Or perhaps his namesake who actually died happened to catch the same charges on the same day, lol.

Eivind Berge said...

I have a great deal of respect for Nathan Larson. He showed the system in no uncertain terms that his ideology is not subject to "correction." Unlike hollow men like Amos Yee and 99% of all defendants who roll over and parrot the feminist party line (usually taking a plea bargain as well), Nathan stuck to his integrity to the end. He is a paragon role model male sexualist. When you are of that caliber (which I HOPE I am too, though I have admittedly not been tested to that extent, just a much lesser one during which I also didn't break), the police state can only "reform" you over your corpse and even punishment may be out of reach for them because YOU at least command your own body.

The only thing he did wrong was not having sex with that girl in a (in retrospect) rather naive belief that abstinence would make his civil disobedience more impactful.

Anonymous said...

Hey did FreeSpeechTube get attacked? Its showing a 522 error.

Eivind Berge said...

News coverage:

However, they carefully avoid any details of his death or side of the story.

Anonymous said...

This story reminds me of "The ballad of Mike", written and sung by the Italian singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André:

When they opened the cell
it was already late because
with a cord ‘round his neck
there hung Mike, all cold.

Every time I hear a rooster
crowing, I’ll think
of that night in prison
when Mike hanged himself.

Tonight Mike
hanged himself from a nail because
he couldn't remain twenty years in prison
far away from you.

In the darkness Mike went off knowing
he could never tell you that he had murdered
because he loved you.

I know that Mike
wanted to die so that
the memory of the deep feeling he had for you
would remain behind with you.

Twenty years they had given him.
The court decided it so
because one day he’d killed
someone who wanted to steal his Marie.

They had him condemned therefore,
twenty years in prison to rot away.
But now that he hanged himself
they have to open the door for him.

Even if Mike
didn’t write you explaining why
he left this world, you know that he did it
only for you.

Tomorrow at three o’clock
he'll fall into the common grave,
without a priest and the mass, because for a suicide
they have no pity.

Tomorrow at three o'clock
he'll be in the wet ground
and someone will plant a cross over him
with the name and the date.

And someone will plant a cross over him
with the name and the date.

Eivind Berge said...

Sadly the public is numb to men dying in prison, regardless of cause. Suicide is just another dog-bite-man story, too commonplace to make a deal of. You would have to kill yourself in court like Edward Leclair did to get noticed for that.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Western feminist public especially does not care about the life of any man, that should be clearly obvious to anyone for decades now. That is why it is better to be clever about breaking their laws so you stay out of jail and can be useful, instead of making yourself a target intentionally, because no one cares about pro-masculine ideas right now. Eventually, something unexpected might break the hysterical trance, but it could take a while to materialize.

I tried to leave a comment supportive of Larson, and surprise, that comment was not approved by the Newsweek admin, so the censorship of any opinion besides "this man is evil for telling the truth" continues. Total censorship renders Larson's act completely futile right now, but perhaps in time it will be rediscovered and useful.

Anonymous said...

Hags in Britain want it to be illegal to not only fail to report child sex abuse, but to fail to report 'signs' of child sex abuse, such as a change in a teenager's mood! As well as making it easier for 'victims' to get massive amounts of compensation. Prisons are already overcrowded with 'sex offenders' so hope Britain has money to burn to pay for all the new prisons and all the compensation to pay to 'victims'.

Eivind Berge said...

Wow, that is really taking it to yet another unimagined level. Anything can be a "sign" in retrospect, even happiness I suppose which is metaphysically understood as pain if due to sex. Minors are already lepers, but now we must not only avoid them but also avoid knowing anything about them to be safe. They are black holes which suck everything into criminality, with some added lethal radiation traveling at light speed for good measure, now capable of incriminating any observer.

Eivind Berge said...

She deservers many more views on this, absolutely amazing:

Why I Remained Loyal To My 23yo Boyfriend When I Was 13
2,185 views | Dec 31, 2016

Autumn Oceans
12.8K subscribers

When I was 13 I had a sexual relationship with a 23 year old boy
we had the best sex EVER! and maybe that why people got jealous! & want to start a witch hunt!

She even speaks out against the female sex offender charade as angrily as I do! Which is the first time I've ever seen a woman do that. This is the number one female antifeminist ever.

Anonymous said...

Not quite the first time. We had this one too:

MenAreCowards said...

I always admired him for his stance, for taking a risk. A good man in the end and a hero. I didn't like some of what he said-- a lot! But a good man.

Anonymous said...

The former wife of Jerry Lee Lewis, who he infamously married at age 13, doesn't seem to bear any grudges. She says that she was always the adult in the relationship, and that the early years of their marriage were great. She also says it built her strength for the rest of her life.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, those comments...IMHO bad even by current standards in terms of both the comments themselves as well as which ones were upvoted and downvoted and corresponding numbers.
Also, at least the way I read it, she partly retracted that in the article.
Oh, for a scrap of good news!
Thanks for the link anyway.

Eivind Berge said...

The normies believe in inherent harm of sex and also inherent mental retardation of 13-year-olds (if they still believe sex was good after attaining their mythical fully developed brain at 25, it is the harm talking which has ruined them for life). It is a religion which is now a defining feature of this civilization and apparently won't pass until civilization does.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if she retracts in the article. The only confusing part I read was :

"'I was called the child bride, but I was the adult and Jerry was the child,' she told the LA Times. 'When I look back on it, how can you defend yourself when you're 13 years old? I mean there's no excuse good enough for that to be OK.'"

That could be interpreted as her looking back and indeed now 'realizing' that it was not ok for a 13 year old to be with an older guy, or she could be referring to the pressure she was put under by the press etc who were calling her a 'child bride'. The latter reading seems to make more sense to me in the light of the entire article.

Eivind Berge said...

"There's no excuse good enough for that to be OK."

This sums up what we are dealing with (assuming the regretful interpretation in line with current social pressure). No excuse is good enough including all of reality telling us it is normal and OK, because the badness is metaphysical.

A 13-year-old girl doesn't even have the emotional maturity of a 5-week-old mouse when it comes to sex, although both are sexually mature. No matter how she seems to be OK with it, she never is really. 13-year-olds can excel and beat adults at everything else, but never learn this, not in the sense that matters.

Even though 13-year-old girls can also dominate men in a relationship as this example shows.

Because this is a religion where the supposed metaphysical badness of sex is what counts. Which we take on faith because the feminists told us so.

Anonymous said...

"'I was called the child bride, but I was the adult and Jerry was the child,' she told the LA Times. 'When I look back on it, how can you defend yourself when you're 13 years old? I mean there's no excuse good enough for that to be OK.'"
That was the bit I was thinking of. I view it as a partial retraction but I'm fine if people don't interpret things in exactly the same way I do.
BTW The Autumn Oceans talk is now also on Freespeechtube-
as well as a few other new things on that platform.

Anonymous said...

The people involved in the "child trafficking" scam charities are truly a cult of the insane. Every person in that video has something obviously wrong with them, whether it's their very weird physiognomy that clearly signals attraction to prepubescent boys (particularly the law enforcement agents), or the women all having heavy vocal fry (mental health issues), or the insane bugged out eyes of Ballard, himself a Mormon and CIA Agent.

These people are high on their own bullshit, and freaking out millions of Americans while making millions of dollars in grants and donations, which they then use to bribe 3rd world governments to set up traps particularly for American men interested in teenage pussy. They probably also divert a portion of the "rescued children" to their Epstein-type blackmail islands run by their friends in the intelligence services. China and Russia cannot destroy the financial capability of these weirdos fast enough.

Freetheteens69 said...


Are you pro Russia? Putin made it illegal to form any activist group that wants to lower the AoC. He's a huge Anti

Meanwhile, Ukraine lets 12 year olds in armenian ethnic tribes marry 40 year olds. The president lets the tribes have their own AoC laws separate from the governments AoC law at 16.

Anonymous said...

Are you pro Russia? Putin made it illegal to form any activist group that wants to lower the AoC. He's a huge Anti

Still better than the Netherlands, where you can go to jail for quoting Bruce Rind.

Anonymous said...

It's complicated for sure, and there's absolutely no point in ignoring nuances just to boost some leader or country you think is going to save the day. Putin's a damp squib as far as reintroducing some reasonableness to teen sexuality is concerned.
I didn't know that about the Armenians in the Ukraine-is it actually true?

MenAreCowards said...

Sexual relations, not always full penetration, between adults and young adolescents/children were discreetly acceptable in the Soviet Union just as they were throughout most of time, and the years of the Brezhnev summer were good for those who are exclusively emotionally and sexually attracted to the so-called 'underaged'.

This burst into the scenes openly during the nineties after the collapse and all the children who were made homeless and it need of warmth, a meal and comfort. Foreign MAPs travelled there to find young girls who they still live with today as their husbands. BLs, too.

A central core of Putinism is fear around child sexuality.

My sympathies are with the Russian reaction also, but I honestly don't know if the Ukrainian rebels and their government are truly sympathetic to male sexualism or childlove. I think they are just National Socialist warlords who will do whatever the Americans tell them. Prove me wrong. Whatever! I do not think there is hope in any leader, right enough.

Anonymous said...

FreeTheTeens suffers from the 'grass is greener' typical MAP delusion. He can't understand that paedohysteria and sex puritanism is a global phenomenon led by feminist Sexual Trade Unionism.

You can point to any country you like and claim that they have more reasonable laws, and you can bet your house that in another decade or so they will have the worst laws.

I haven't looked into it closely, but I'm sure I've read that the Ukraine recently 'brought their laws into line' with the the rest of Europe, due to feminist NGOs nagging them to, and their ambitions to join the EU. They probably have the most extreme 'anti' laws in Europe now, similar to Russia.

Freetheteens69 said...


I'm sure age gap relationships existed in the soviet union. It was the 1930s lol. I'm not talking about the soviet union though. I'm talking about Putin. He's an Anti. And we should revel in the fact that his dumbass is getting his ass kicked in Ukraine.

Everyone thought Russia was so strong. Putin was going to have Ukraine in 2 weeks. But he got rolled so hard he implemented the draft, and his own citizens lined up at the border to run away from him. He looks like a joke now, the Russian military looks weak, and I won't be surprised if there is a coup d'etat. I'll be laughing my ass off. And of course his whole country looks like a pedo rapist country now, because his soldiers are like raping 2 year old babies in Ukraine. That's karma for being an Anti. Call people pedos, and it ALL COMES BACK. Ever notice how Antis always end up being pedo shamed in the end? EVERY TIME. lol

Freetheteens69 said...

@anonymous number 2

"I didn't know that about the Armenians in the Ukraine-is it actually true?"

I use to have a friend in an Armenian Ethnic tribe, in Ukraine. She told me the age of consent in Ukraine was 16. But the government let the Armenian tribes their have their own AoC laws. She said in her tribe, the younger daughter (way under 16) is suppose to marry an older guy. Because an older more mature guy will essentially propel his younger wifes mental development/take care of her. Basic traditional relationship stuff. She also told me the UN was trying to force her tribe to raise their AoC laws. And her tribal leaders were fighting against them. This was around 2-3 years ago.

MenAreCowards said...

Freetheteens69: No, you are clearly an anti-Russian nationalist for Ukraine, which I think is a poisonous ideology that reminds me of how different people will always hate others and that there is truly no hope for a fairer world, but has nothing to do with Putinism and sexuality.

The Soviet Union ended in 1991 and my point is that feminism of the progressive kind found in America so poisonous to all of us worldwide mostly avoided that region.

And nobody other than someone believing Western propaganda that Russia was somehow the Soviet Union by another name thought she was a superpower or that Putin was some kind of great warleader. His army is about as powerful as the French and British combined, and his economy is usually said to be about the size of Italy's.

As for the Armenian thing, I can ABSOLUTELY guarantee you that the so-called nationalists in the Ukraine will adopt feminazi laws over the coming decade to make Russia seem like an oasis of girl-love.

The two greatest tragedies for childlovers were the collapse of the Soviet Union that allowed progressive Americunt valuues to spread across the globe, and the failure of Japan with it's freer attitudes to child sexuality to attain superpower status.

Freetheteens69 said...


Of course this loser doesn't ask me to substantiate it. He just calls for me to be cancelled. What an SJW cuck.

There are hundreds of reports of Russian soldiers raping babies in Ukraine.

Of course this is from Ukraine officials though. I'm sure you only believe Russian state media. Putin Shill

Freetheteens69 said...


"No, you are clearly an anti-Russian nationalist for Ukraine, which I think is a poisonous ideology that reminds me of how different people will always hate others and that there is truly no hope for a fairer world, but has nothing to do with Putinism and sexuality."

I absolutely am 100% anti Russian. Putin is an Anti, and wants to kill me because I like 13 year olds. Sooo? lol

"As for the Armenian thing, I can ABSOLUTELY guarantee you that the so-called nationalists in the Ukraine will adopt feminazi laws over the coming decade to make Russia seem like an oasis of girl-love."

Again, completely besides the point. Who cares about Ukraine? Putin is an Anti, so we should support all of his enemies. The end.

amelio said...

"He just calls for me to be cancelled"

You're it could stay there so you can play the "cancelled victim".
I'm sure if someone accused you of something you haven't done you wouldn't mind "cancelling" your accuser.
You are so stupid I wonder why I bother answering you.

amelio said...

"There are hundreds of reports of Russian soldiers raping babies in Ukraine."

You believe that calling out fake atrocities with babies will get you get you a free pass for banging teens. Dream on !

Eivind Berge said...

I can neither confirm nor deny reports of Russian soldiers raping babies in Ukraine. I am not there and I don't know what is really going on, but I won't censor these accusations. Furthermore I support Ukraine in the war, though I don't have any illusions about that country being an exception to feminism either.

Anonymous said...

Putin is an Anti, and wants to kill me because I like 13 year olds.

Can you name a head of state who is openly pro-pedophilia or at least non-anti? Just one.

amelio said...

"I can neither confirm nor deny reports of Russian soldiers raping babies in Ukraine."

It's politically correct to accuse the russians of any horrendous crime you can dream of.
It's just a problem of truth versus prejudices.
Exactly the same issue you're grappling with.
It's very understandable to blame the russians for invading ukraine.
It doesn't entail that you have to believe every piece of propaganda bullshit about the evil enemy raping babies.
It's exactly like believing (as most people do) that being attracted to 16 yo girls is tantamount to raping and murdering children.

amelio said...

"eviscerating the flesh off 70 year old elderly couples faces"

Get yourself a good surgeon who could "eviscerate" your stupidity !

Anonymous said...

@MenAreCowards I thought the AoC in the USSR was 16, though it may have differed in practice as you indicate. As you say, as long as it was discreet. Strange how it didn't occur to hostile governments and organizations to shame the USSR for this. How times have changed.
@Freetheteens69 Thanks for the Armenian info. Does the exemption include Gypsies?
As far as I can tell, the fault in the war lies squarely with the Ukraine and the West. Western politicians and media have been absolutely shameless in their war mongering. However, being right about anything else has no bearing on being right on teen sexuality. That's the weird thing. No matter what the issue, both sides or all sides are all the same on this one topic.

Anonymous said...

"You completely missed the point. The point is Putin is an Anti. A very vocal one. Ukraine is besides the point. Why support an absolute retard, that rails against the evil globalist pedophiles all day long, while his soldiers rape 14 year olds in ukraine. He's a paedocrite faggot."

Well, yes I agree with that. Russia is a classic example of a country that went from 0 - 100 in the space of a few years regarding its laws. 10 years ago and sentences were very low, posession of cp wasn't even a crime, and Russian teens were the biggest sluts on the planet (as well as the most beautiful). But of course, just like in every other country on Earth, the older woman would not tolerate that, and a hideous female law maker insisted the laws be 'tightened', so now 'sexual abuse of a minor' carries a mandatory life sentence in a Russian prison.

Putin himself rages more against the trannies and gay rights being forced down the throats of 8 year old children. There's nothing more paedocrite and twisted than a society which declares that men finding 17 year old girls attractive are subhuman paedophile child abusers, yet at the same time encourages perverts with beards and penises to wear skirts and go into primary schools to preach to 8 year old kids about 'diversity' and trans rights. I agree with Putin there. Unfortunately, like Conservatives the world over, they can't somehow see that paedohysteria is a disaster for a conservative society, ripping apart generations and weakening the authority of the old over the young, and institution such as the Church, schools etc.

As far as the Soviet Union and communism is concerned, I don't doubt things were better then than now. But the age of consent was at least 16 in most communist countries. When the Berlin wall came down, most former communist countries lowered their age of consents, assuming that sexual liberalism regarding teens was part of being liberal and free. Lol! So the age of consent in Russia was lowered to 14, until again the Sexual Trade Union demanded it be raised again as 'Russia was being turned into a whorehouse for foreigners'. East Germany's age of consent was 16 when West Germany's was 14.

amelio said...

"However, being right about anything else has no bearing on being right on teen sexuality. That's the weird thing. No matter what the issue, both sides or all sides are all the same on this one topic."

Exactly. You can discuss any topic with intelligent people until you you broach a certain discussion : all the rational thinking vanishes, any argument becomes blasphemy, even the slightest nuance is suspect.

Anonymous said...

I love the work freetheteens does to troll pedocrits, but on the Russia conflict, he is obviously and observably completely incorrect.

1) You cannot possibly win any harder than Russia is winning in Ukraine. It is one of the most successful military operations in modern history so far, even with Russia being outnumbered 3 to 1. How is one "losing" while gaining massive amounts of valuable territory in less than a year, not to mention upsetting the entire globalist order? Almost every single story put out by Ukraine and picked up by the western media has proven to be a lie. Ukrainians welcome Russians as liberators, all the cities the Russians took are already functioning again with the aid of Russia. You are going to look even more silly when the Ukraine military is fully pacified in another year or two. Remember I said this.

2) Of course I am pro-Putin, why would you root for Putin's enemies when they are literally the globalists at the UN who want a heterosexual age of consent as high as it will go (think of your Armenian friend), combined with an extreme homosexual agenda? They want this for the entire world, and they accomplish it through their corrupt NGO's they implant in many countries. I don't care what the Russians do because I don't live in Russia, and Putin has made it very clear that he has no intention of pushing Russian values on the entire world. This is also because China is Russia's vital ally, and China has a very vague age of consent set at 14, and a culture that doesn't really care about anyone's consensual relationship. A win for Russia is a win for the multi-polar world, which stops the western NGO's from spreading feminism and allows each culture to determine their own destiny. Again, think of your Armenian friend.

Anyway, it doesn't matter if you are still retarded and think Russia should lose, because it is already a 110% guarantee that they will win, which is great for any place that wants to set its own destiny regarding sexual morality.

amelio said...


"And of course his whole country looks like a pedo rapist country now, because his soldiers are like raping 2 year old babies in Ukraine. "

What is the credibility of someone who writes this ? On any topic ?

Why are there so many "anonymouses" you can't identify who is writing ?

Anonymous said...

[Eivind, I'm not sure if this message went through, so I'm reposting it here. If you did receive the first one, please publish this second message instead]

To begin with, I'm not the "Anonymous" above.
The way the West has reacted to the Russian invasion of Ukraine shows all the hypocrisy of the West. An excellent example is EU's Ursula "Von Scheisse": as though she could speak on behalf of all 700 million Europeans, she has become obsessed with sanctions, and if the European Commission doesn't come up with a new silly package of sanctions against Russia at least twice a month, one would think that she gets withdrawal symptoms. But when the US illegally invaded Iraq in 2003, the EU stood by and watched, and nobody talked about sanctioning the US. Likewise, several European countries are now sending weapons to Ukraine, but in 2003 no one talked about sending weapons to Saddam to fight the invading Americans and their "shock and awe" methods of warfare.
The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine is therefore in reality a war between Western and non-Western countries, and given the way the West has degenerated in the last couple of decennia, it is difficult to stand by the West in this war.

Anonymous said...

@ Deepak. I belong to the second group. I've never been a paedocrite, though I was a bit brainwashed in the past. I'm well and truly over it now.
If anything, I am more convinced he Russians are in the right than you are.
I've started calling myself Anonymous2 in order to avoid confusion, though I don't think it's that big an issue to be honest. If ppl don't want to be confused with others or forgotten in the course of the debate, they can just do what I did and make a handle.
Great link here- yo man, 19 yo woman.They're married so that would please traditionalists or Christians.
Something's occurred to me about what ppl say about older men. We all the know the line that they only go for young chicks because they're losers who can't get a woman their own age. The lack of self awareness and empathy is incredible with this. Maybe women their age can't get THEM? And why shouldn't they be catered for? What is it about older men that means that their wants and needs are to be completely ignored in a way no other group is? Why are women who can't find someone a cause for compassion, but men in the same situation are a cause for contempt?

Eivind Berge said...

A very cute couple! Here's the correct link as it got mixed up with the next number there:

That's so inspirational. We can get teens into our 50s (at least).

Also inspirational is how the incels are coming down on the agecucks here:

"Predator catchers groups are the biggest soy pussies I've ever seen. Most of those fags aren't even fit and/or high T looking and they come toward guys they assume wouldn't fight back because of dumb memes prompted by agecuckism ("most of these 'pedos' like younger girls cuz they're not man enough to like girls their age or older" e.g).

Plus, they mess up with actual police work and let actual pedophiles (people liking kids before puberty) to be more cautious and more possible to escape.

Honestly, I blame Chris Hansen for brining this culture to prominence (I know there were legal and social precedences from old feminists, but it was still kinda seen as old hag stuff before the 2000s). Because without him, people wouldn't cry pedo to something totally normal (like early 20s guy dating a teen girl of 15) just because it disagrees with their cucky notions.

This will get worse, BTW, as roastie feminism gets more hold on society and raises the age of consent and lowering dating age gap. You already see it from their useful idiots. All because younger girls devalue their pussies.

That one word (agecuck) of incel slang is probably doing more antifeminist work than the entire MRA and male sexualist movements, lol.

Anonymous said...

@Eivind-sorry about mucking up the link.
Looks like the incel boards are waking up.

Freetheteens69 said...


"FreeTheTeens sounds very naieve on this issue. I think like most MAPs, he's very much a white knight too

Call me a white knight one more time, and I'll tell my wifes boyfriend to kick your ass.

"So all it takes is a few shocking stories of evil Russian fascists raping and pillaging and he would like the West to ride to the rescue"

The reason why the US is defending Ukraine is because of the Budapest Memorandum. Which was an agreement that the US would defend Ukraine if it was ever attacked, as long as it gave up its nuclear weapons. The US has to defend Ukraine regardless of war crimes.

"Nothing is ever black and white. Look up any major city in Ukraine (other than Kyiv and Lviv) on Wikipedia, such as Odessa, and you will see that they were all historically Russian"

Because Russia has been shipping over Russians for a long time, in order to take over the country. It's one of their political strategies, to gain influence in a country they are going to eventually take.

"I don't doubt that Russians (especially the Asiatics and Chechyns) have raped Ukrainian women and girls, but c'mon man. How can you believe blindly the same media who tells you stuff like Epstein was a paedophile and child sex abuser for getting massages and handjobs from 16 year old whores?"

Trust what media? A lot of Conservative media in America is pro russian. Because Putin is their Blade, fighting the evil vampire pedophile hollywood elite.

PS: Blindly disagreeing with the media is no better than blindly agreeing with it.

"Also, Ukrainian (literal) Nazis have been raping and burning alive Russian women in the Ukraine since 2014. Read up on the Odessa massacare of 2014"

The Odessa massacre happened because a group of Russians attacked Ukraine protestors. It's so hilarious that you accuse me of being naive, and blindly believing in the media, when you literally parrot talking points from russian state media, and putin. The building got lit on fire because there were russians inside firing guns onto ukraine protestors lmao. Also, the president of ukraine is Jewish.


"If anything, I am more convinced he Russians are in the right than you are"

Russias justification for invading Ukraine is that Ukraine was joining nato, which is a threat to Russias security. This makes no sense. Nato doesn't attack Russia, Russia doesn't attack Nato. When Nato goes into an area, they have Putins number, to call him up and say "hey do you have troops here, if so we won't go in".

It's nonsense. Putin is expanding his empire, and taking territory. He took Georgia, now he's going after Ukraine. And thousands of people have to die for it. Also, the reason Ukraine wanted to join nato in the first place is because they knew Russia was going to invade.

Anyways, can we just take a moment to laugh at the fact that intergenerational relationship activists are defending Putin, the leader of the anti globalist pedophile movement. That made it illegal in his country to start any activist group that wants to lower the age of consent.

Anything to be counter narrative right guys? You're like 6 year olds that will always do the opposite of whatever your parents tell you to do lol.

So many people like this in the community. That's why you see people supporting fucking dogs, shagging dead corpses, and wild shit like consensual murder. Just stop. Learn PR.

Deepak said...

""Nothing is ever black and white. Look up any major city in Ukraine (other than Kyiv and Lviv) on Wikipedia, such as Odessa, and you will see that they were all historically Russian"

I have to respond to this again, because it's so bizarre. What does this even mean? This is like if England invaded America, and someone said "not everything is black and white. Americans are traditionally English." UHHHH. Ya? And? WHAT! Hahaha"
Err, that's an amazingly bad analogy. Ukrainians haven't simply evolved into their own identity. The people of Odessa were ethnically Russian. The people of Lviv were ethnically Polish. The Soviet Union, War, genocides, forced migrations, and a few decades later the situation is different, and the relatively small Ukrainian people that lived in the central area of present day Ukraine, now form the majority in nearly all of it, and Russian minorities have and continue to be persecuted.
The elected government of Ukraine was kicked out in a coup d'etat that was sponsored by the West, who since have been pushing the Ukraine away from Russia and towards becoming part of Nato.

Just like you got it completely and spectacularly wrong about feminism, do you not think it's just possible you are engaging in some very simplistic thinking here, on the basis of uncritically accepting what you are being told through the paedohysteric media?

Deepak said...

The Rusisan/Ukraine thing is taking us off-topic rather. I've spent a lot of time in the Ukraine, and known and encountered many Russians, and I know that the two people's are virtually indistinguishable even to each other. Both equally savage and cruel. Nothing would prove the absurdity of human life more if the world nukes itself over these repressive savages who are essentially fighting a civil war over the right to bring up their children, or not, as confused non-binary genders in the Western style.

Back to point. I've finally gotten around to reading Ray Bradbury's Farenheit 451. There are so many precient features of it, it almost reads like a parable for us. For a start, the 31 year old male protaganist, stuck in a miserable marriage, gets woken up to the beauty of life and the savagery of his society by falling in love with a cookie 16 year old girl. (Of course, in the 1950's this wouldn't have even raised an eyebrow). And then the repressive State sending in firemen bursting into homes to burn books and the people who read them. That has an all-too modern ring to it as well. Definitely recommended reading, although you've all probably read it already.

MenAreCowards said...

How can you say Russia and the Ukraine are savages when so many of them were CLS like many on here, and Tchaikovsky was a CL? Not to mention their girl worship in the area. I do not think they are savages. I think they were historically very kind to girls.

Eivind Berge said...

FOX31 sat down with the sister of Nathan Larson, a man who recently died behind bars waiting for trial in a kidnapping and child porn case that came to a head right at Denver International Airport. Nicole Fierro reports.

Just awful, about what you'd expect from the media but also his sister. Zero understanding that the 12-year-old girl is a person. She is a brainless child who can't have a mind of her own. And a bizarre attempt to link Nathan's behavior to him being hit on by a 40-year old man when he was 15, I guess the "cyclical abuse" canard? Also no mention of his manifesto or taking his civil disobedience seriously, just someone who should have gotten "help." Girls and sexualist men alike are brainless caricatures in the eyes of the mainstream, with no legitimate grievances whatsoever or right to be taken seriously at all. Feminism is always right any anyone else is sick. Any reporting on sex crimes is strictly confined to this cliché, no matter what other information we put out and even if we die of a hunger strike.

Anonymous said...

@ Deepak-I didn't know the protagonist of Fahrenheit 451 had a 16 yo gf. Wow.
In Dirty Dancing, the leading lady is 16 in the storyline. Both of these scenarios are obviously unthinkable today. Women are crazy about Patrick Swayze and that movie, yet somehow don't notice that his love interest in 16. Someone should tell them they need to boycott it!
Anonymous wrote
'Russias justification for invading Ukraine is that Ukraine was joining nato, which is a threat to Russias security. This makes no sense. Nato doesn't attack Russia, Russia doesn't attack Nato. When Nato goes into an area, they have Putins number, to call him up and say "hey do you have troops here, if so we won't go in".'
I don't want to go too OT but I can't let this go entirely. I have seen a video from 2014 or 2015 of a British Politician talking to an Estonian politician about how it's really the Ukes who were shelling towns claimed by the West to have been shelled by Russia. Unless this and other revelations, such as from Victoria Nuland, are deep fakes, and no-one is claiming they are, then to hell with Zelensky and NATO.
Maybe Norway IS still better than Russia as far as inter-generational advocacy goes, but that's irrelevant to who's in the right over Ukraine, and no, I don't think Putin's an MRA saviour.-Anonymous2

Eivind Berge said...

A suicide note from Nathan is floating around which explains how he died, if authentic. Also how he avoided force-feeding and this is just about the number of days I would expect it takes to go from good health to terminal starvation if you are already rather slim when you start fasting. Presumably, soon after this was written he received medical care which extended his life a few weeks but couldn't save him.


this is not a hunger strike;
those are announced. this is an unannounced fast

I actually deny it and claim I am eating

however they do remark I look anorexic

maybe I've been too optimistic
sometimes though. arguably I
should've roped a long time ago

as I weaken I just don't have a
lot of energy left to devote to
focused effort

there's a possibility I could die
suddenly; I hear that happens
with anorexics

didn't bobby sands die after
55 days?

I'm at day 51 and have been visibly
losing muscle for about 10 days.
I call this phase 2 of the process.
another change was that hunger
kicked in as my excess fat reserves
were exhausted. at this point i
spend most of my day fantasizing
about food

my vision started spinning
yesterday and sometimes it
is hard to read

so what do you get when you
Google anorexic trouble keeping
down water

cuz I'm having that problem

yeah I'm dry heaving

well dude I seem to have crossed
the event horizon of the black hole

there's no going back it seems

since I'm rapidly weakening and
can't keep anything down this looks
like a downward spiral into oblivion (jun 3 2022)

Eivind Berge said...

I believe the suicide note is authentic and this is how it got published on the Internet:

"Larson made a habit of running multiple forum accounts while in prison using his government guaranteed prison postage and his close friend Fukurou. All forum accounts used his most common alias 'Leucostiste', and were on public clearnet websites. Fukurou would transcribe the letters (often partially as they seemed like long letters), and also sometimes posted screenshots of Larson's writing from jail. In a letter dated June 2022, what seems like his last outside correspondence, he wrote a short letter where he acknowledged his likely demise due to his own actions."

While this wasn't technically a hunger strike, I still count it as a protest against the sex laws. After all, without the laws he would have had a young teen girlfriend at the time, which should have made suicide very remote even though he has a history of suicidal thoughts.

I am still upset about how disrespectful that interview with his sister is where they explain his activism AWAY as mental illness and even hint that his attraction to young girls is caused by prior abuse so that's not real either... But this is typical. We might as well be hearing voices or taking instructions from the neighbor's dog -- that's how all sexualist arguments will be received by the mainstream including any references to scientific research. Either such a patronizing dismissal of moral deliberation and agency or conversely being defined as pure evil, which is more charitable than that pathetic attempt to "make sense" by his loved ones, because by being seen as evil we are at least afforded some agency. Evidently Nathan's family is almost as bad as mine, though probably not quite as bad since I don't think they would cooperate with law enforcement and his father Arthur was reportedly even arrested for assault and battery after he assaulted a Homeland Security Investigations agent executing a search warrant at the family home. That was awesome, at least, but I am not impressed by his sister and it is depressing that we are forever doomed to be considered pests on society rather than real political activists because such is the overwhelming supremacy of feminism, brainwashing all the normies to the point that they are literally unable to think that anybody can hold a contrary opinion. Feminist-defined "sexual abuse" is the central dogma of this civilization which cannot be questioned and it is absolutely mind-boggling how successful that deranged ideology or rather mythology has become. It destroys lives, obviously, but also goes so much deeper creating a chasm between sexualists and everyone else so they literally cannot understand us because we don't speak the same language, ours being distorted to them into the same gobbledygook as their fake abuse.

Anonymous 15 said...

The fat old whore Virginia Roberts has dropped her defamation case against Dershowitz. Prince Andrew should now sue her for defamation, fraud and blackmail. He agreed to his settlement with her because of his dying mother. Now she is gone, and he's been told by King Charlie that he'll never return to public life, he has nothing to lose.

amelio said...

Is there a slight chance that Republicans might be less war-prone in Ukraine than Democrats ?
In that case, if Republicans lost the midterm it would probably due to the woman vote on the abortion issue.
A feminist issue indeed, leading to a feminist scare : the machos are back, Trump the rapist etc...

The outcome of the ukraine war and the doom of thousands of young men would then depend on the weight of the woman vote goaded by the feminist ideology.

Eivind Berge said...

"May have made a mistake," huh? How can you make a mistake in this infallible witch-hunt that no one questions? Only by outright lying, that's how.

The accuser, Virginia Giuffre, said in a statement that she was young at the time she was trafficked by Epstein and in a “very stressful and traumatic environment.” Giuffre had alleged that Epstein had trafficked her to Dershowitz between 2000 and 2002, but Dershowitz long denied her claim. “I now recognize I may have made a mistake in identifying Mr. Dershowitz,” her statement said.

She is playing the retarded teen brain card, which is still infallible to this culture, 100% so with sexual decisions and apparently for lying about them too.

In truth, your teenage years are peak cognitive ability (as well as sexual) and the time you remember most from your entire life. There's even a name for it -- the reminiscence bump. Look at the lifetime retrieval curve here:

"Adolescence and early adulthood have been described as important times in memory encoding because individuals typically recall a disproportionate number of autobiographical memories from those periods. The reminiscence bump accounts for this disproportionate number of memories. The reminiscence bump typically occurs between 10 years of age and 30 years of age and is the period that individuals produce the most memories during free recall tasks. Research suggests that memories are easily accessible from the reminiscence bump because they are linked to self-identity. The memories found within the reminiscence bump significantly contribute to an individual's life goals, self-theories, attitudes, and beliefs. Additionally, life events that occur during the period of the reminiscence bump, such as graduation, marriage, or the birth of a child, are often very novel, thus, making them more memorable."

But if something sexual happens that they can accuse later, all of this works in reverse and inaccuracy only makes them more credible... can even have recovered memories and false memories or whatever suits their current accusation.

Eivind Berge said...

You you there is no hope when even falsely accused men behave like this...

Dershowitz told CNN, “I am gratified that Virginia Giuffre has dropped all of her claims against me and has admitted that she now recognizes she may have made a mistake in identifying me.”

In a prepared statement, he reiterated that he never had sex with Giuffre, adding, “I have nevertheless come to believe that at the time she accused me she believed what she said. Ms. Giuffre is to be commended for her courage in now stating publicly that she may have been mistaken about me. She has suffered much at the hands of Jeffrey Epstein, and I commend her work combatting the evil of sex trafficking.” Dershowitz also acknowledged his allegations about an extortion plot involving Boies were “mistaken.”

No hope at all besides collapse of civilization, because men are cowards who will support the feminist police state as long as there is energy to run it.

The Epstein witch-hunt in particular has cast such an unbelievable spell on the world that even its direct victims are sycophants who condemn male sexuality as vociferously as they can and OF COURSE commend the feminists' work combatting the evil of sex with teens!

This is how much your culture hates your guts, gentlemen. Wars and financial collapse are good things against a backdrop which works tirelessly to destroy us for our sexuality and will succeed if things go well for them. It is only a matter of resources whether the feminist police state can destroy the lives of each and every one of us, because the intent to do so is set in stone, inextricably linked to industrial civilization itself.

Eivind Berge said...

Wow, this is based:

"In Yemeni society they still marry their daughters off at the correct age. They marry their daughters off at the age of 12 or 13." So says Qatari sociologist Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj Al-Ansari.

Eivind Berge said...

But feminists hardly need age of consent the way they are now policing every detail of every sexual encounter to make it "rape" if the woman says so. First notable victim of brand new affirmative consent laws in Australia is cricketer Danushka Gunathilaka.

Prosecutors allege the woman did not consent to sex without a condom... This year, strict new laws around sexual consent took effect in the state of New South Wales, mandating that sexual partners must obtain consent by word or gestures before engaging in intercourse, and that sexual partners have a responsibility to clarify consent has been given.

The law stipulates that sexual consent to one act does not guarantee consent to other acts.

100% universal criminality, in other words, since no one asks for consent for every detail. Men are obligate sex offenders and whether we go to prison is only a matter of state resources and to a lesser extent, women's whim as to whether they want to accuse or not.

The are at it in Spain too:

Prosecutors say Mr Lopez took advantage of the fact that Ms Prado was in a 'state of semi-consciousness' and 'continued touching, rubbing and making other clearly sexual movements' while they were under a duvet.

This trial even going forward despite the woman not wanting to press charges, which as I said is only a factor to a lesser extent in the state's persecution of male sexuality.

Freetheteens69 said...


"Wow, this is based

In Yemeni society they still marry their daughters off at the correct age. They marry their daughters off at the age of 12 or 13." So says Qatari sociologist Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj Al-Ansari"

Just saw this. Awesome. But it's funny. People that don't support age gap relationships say it's the degenerate homosexual pedophile jews trying to destroy society by lowering the AoC. People that support age gap relationships say it's the degenerate homosexual jews trying to raise the AoC to destroy society. Which one is it? lol

Freetheteens69 said...


Prosecutors say Mr Lopez took advantage of the fact that Ms Prado was in a 'state of semi-consciousness' and 'continued touching, rubbing and making other clearly sexual movements' while they were under a duvet.

This trial even going forward despite the woman not wanting to press charges, which as I said is only a factor to a lesser extent in the state's persecution of male sexuality"

It says in the article she was his girlfriend. How many girls actually care if their boyfriend has sex with them while drunk/unconscious? I think not most. Hence why she isn't pressing charges.

Eivind Berge said...

Right. This would be a complete non-issue if it wasn't filmed. Indistinguishable from what happens in countless sexual encounters every day, where couples do not make an effort to pull their hands off each other just because one enters what prosecutors can legally describe as "a state of semi-consciousness" -- no normal person freaks out and thinks he is either a sexual abuser or victim because of that -- no, of course they just keep doing whatever they were doing -- but whenever you shine a light on sexuality there is always criminality under current laws, and the state's supreme priority is to prosecute that regardless of what any of the "victims" think about it. The feminist state is our enemy, which is a monstrous machine with a life of its own. It constantly gets programmed with ever harsher laws, but ultimately it is not human and must be strangled by the withdrawal of resources that only civilizational collapse can accomplish at this point because no human movement can be strong enough to even slow down the metastasis of antisex which has consumed our world.

Anonymous said...

There is not enough evidence against Dershowitz, and he's a good lawyer and a connected high level Jew, hence the apology to avoid defamation charges. Gotta keep that victim money the hooker worked so hard for.

"People that don't support age gap relationships say it's the degenerate homosexual pedophile jews trying to destroy society by lowering the AoC. People that support age gap relationships say it's the degenerate homosexual jews trying to raise the AoC to destroy society. Which one is it?"

This is an excellent question. We know the UN Jews want more homosexuality (and the pederasty that goes with it), and less heterosexuality and masculinity. That's why they fly the gay flag above their embassies in every country while at the same time heavily prosecuting normal men for their attraction to the hottest teen girls under an arbitrary feminist age of consent, which they monetize and export to the world through NGO's and corrupt foreign governments. Therefore, the answer is clearly that they are playing both sides of the coin, a lower (if at all) homosexual age of consent, and a raised heterosexual age of consent.

amelio said...


"whenever you shine a light on sexuality there is always criminality under current laws"

So true. Especially when things happened a long time ago(under different laws) and personal failures, revenge and money are involved.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to be groomed and coerced at the same time? Apparently, it is:

Eivind Berge said...

Yup, evidently one can groom, manipulate, exploit and coerce sexual contact at the same time -- when it looked like Warren Beatty just had a normal relationship with a girl, perhaps helped by his celebrity status.

Hirsch claims that, after meeting her on a film set, Beatty allegedly began inviting her to his hotel room, as well as offering help with homework and taking her on car rides.

Such nefarious tactics cause severe emotional, physical and psychological distress, so much so that we need special look-back laws to bypass the statute of limitations 50 years later.

Just another day in the feminist police state.

Anonymous said...

Such nefarious tactics cause severe emotional, physical and psychological distress, so much so that we need special look-back laws to bypass the statute of limitations 50 years later.

Especially when the final objective is a wholesome payoff!

Eivind Berge said...

26 years for wanking, must be a new European record:

On the bright side, if they fill up the prisons with wankers maybe there won't be more space for sexualists, lol. I actually feel glee for these cases because the feminists are so dense they think they do antisex work by locking up the most pathetic, asexual men who will never get near a girl.

Anoonymous 16 said...

Ugly Chinese woman on TikTok rants about a 16 year old girl having a happy relationship with a 21 year old.

A based incel understands the paedocrite concept - "Aside from the fact she looks like she already hit the wall at 15, I can’t help but JFL at soy redditors freaking out over age of consent nonsense, normies throw their brains away when it comes to this stuff so they can virtue signal to other normies how much they aren’t are pedophile."

Anonymous 15 said...

Lonely old man who exposed himself in a hotel, either cuts his own balls off, or a vigilante did so.

The pigs say that they are not looking for anybody in connection with his death, so they either think he did it himself, or they are not going to bother investigating the murder of a sex offender.

Anonymous 15 said...

"26 years for wanking, must be a new European record"

Well according to the reports he was blackmailing young teen girls into doing things like drinking their own piss and touching family members. I think that's why he was locked up (if the media reports can be believed).

But it's great that you are not claiming him as a male sexualist role model.

Eivind Berge said...

Judging from the media reports, the girls willingly signed up to be dominated. If you answer a profile which says things like "If you're not submissive, unfriend me... I have a fetish for online domination and age gaps... I'm looking for an online submissive, someone that is down to do anything I ask them, and yes, it involves nudes..." -- what do you expect? 12-year-old girls are not stupid. They live in a blackmail culture full of wankers and catfish and know well what to expect. Also it is absurd that he "ruined lives" daily -- thousands of them in a couple of years -- all while hiding behind anonymous accounts and making no effort to meet girls. As far as I can tell, all of this was either voluntary or by so empty threats that it shouldn't rise to anything criminal. None of the girls did anything truly harmful either, just disgusting. He is certainly not a role model, and not a monster, just a pathetic wanker and now they give wankers more than murderers.

amelio said...


"a pathetic wanker and now they give wankers more than murderers."

Once a wanker, soon a convict ... Do you think it's fair to fap-shame a man who'll spend the next 26 years (probably the rest of his life) in jail .
Come on...
Do you think he should refrain from wanking in jail ?

He would have got roughly an equivalent sentence (life)if he had met all these girls... Maybe he didn't know that this role-playing was unlawful and certainly not that it would carry the same penalty as torturing and murdering a thousand people(dying in jail).

Eivind Berge said...

Right. Wankers are only hurting themselves and of course don't deserve prison.

By the way I am reading how professional ethicists currently justify treating role-played or fictional/pornographic sex with minors as worse than murder. They even have a name for it: the gamer's dilemma.

Luck, M. "The Grave Resolution to the Gamer’s Dilemma: an Argument for a Moral Distinction Between Virtual Murder and Virtual Child Molestation." Philosophia 50, 1287–1308 (2022).

I was expecting a bit more sophistication from academic philosophers than your everyday antisex bigot, but nope, they literally claim sex is a fate worse than death (which they call the "grave resolution" to the paradox):

When comparing such cases we find there is a relevant difference. Namely that child molestation is graver than murder. How much graver? It’s hard to know exactly. But in these cases it seems child molestation is grave enough that, by engaging with it representation in a carefree or light-hearted manner, we treat it too lightly – whilst the same is not true of murder. So, what we now hopefully have is a principled way to draw a line.

The argument goes that child sexualization is a "purity violation" whereas murder is not (presumably even if you kill children), and so violation of this supposed sexual moral purity that children are equipped with in a game or fiction deserves to be its own kind of offense. In a footnote they say:

One may be given a pass for enjoying violent video games and films, or having aggressive thoughts towards another individual. Consequently, these fantasies may be seen as relatively benign and nonconsequential. When the fictional acts, however, involve a bizarre and socially unacceptable use of the body, they are not granted the same pass that is given to fictional social harm. Not only do these acts signal a poor character, they are seen as a cause of future indiscretions. As it turns out, not all fiction is treated equally and, while it is all make-believe, impure fiction is associated with very real consequences.

Plus they believe in "consequences," but even without that, they literally believe virtual sexualization of minors is crimeworthy in contrast to other imagined crimes due to this "graveness" property which means "something like seriousness or solemnity."

I wonder if the ethicists would be willing to put their position that only worse than murderers ever have sexual thoughts about children through a lie detector test (a hypothetical very reliable one)? If MAPs are so deviant that they need to be removed from society based on fantasy alone, let's see how it goes when we shine a light on how common it truly is. And let's see if the philosophers are willing to defend this position all the way up to 18 like the law requires, lol.

Eivind Berge said...

A weird addition to the female sex offender charade:

Two Maryland teenage girls were charged this week with assaulting an autistic boy and recording him on their cell phones performing sex acts, including some with animals, the St. Mary County Sheriff’s Department said Wednesday.

Authorities said the two girls, ages 17 and 15, admitted to police that they assaulted the boy, 16, with a knife on “multiple occasions.”

This looks like real bullying that was incidentally sexual, but of course the media makes the "sex acts" out to be of outsized significance. The real problem is this:

A news release from the department said the girls also kicked the boy in the groin and dragged him by his hair. They also got him to walk onto a partially frozen pond. When the boy fell through several times, they made him get out each time by himself, police said.

Teen girls can and should be held accountable for this sort of behavior as surely as they can consent to sex. It is amazing how their brains supposedly stop working during consensual relationships but for this they even be charged as adults.

Prosecutors charged the 17-year-old, Lauren A. Bush, as an adult. The 15-year-old was charged as a juvenile. Police didn’t release her name.

Anonymous 24 said...

You didn't answer the question Eivind. Do you think men should be allowed to masturbate in prison, or do you still consider them subhuman wankers for that? Are they reducing their sexual energy in case of the 1 in 10,000 chance they might get a sexual opportunity with a female prison guard?

Anonymous said...

School Teacher states the obvious about his girl students, gets sacked!

Eivind Berge said...

Yeah, but it's hard to watch because of the moronic agecuck journalists who "expose" him. Anyway, I guess the most important qualification for male teachers in middle school and up is to be able to fake that sort of agecuckery really well, so I hope they found a good replacement to make the girls safe.

Eivind Berge said...

You gotta fake agecuckery when other agecucks are checking on you, is the lesson here. Even though a good 99% of those agecucks are also faking it :)

Really, this is the key to functioning in feminist society. How "safe" the girls are when you are alone with them is another matter entirely.

Freetheteens69 said...

Yo, Eivind, would you ever be interested in organizing hate raids on small anti youtube channels with me. Sometimes I see a dumbass small youtuber say something that triggers me, and I'm like damn, I really want to hate raid this loser.

Eivind Berge said...

I am too afraid to get banned, so I won't seek out confrontations, no. It is best to simply say what we have to say on our own blogs and YouTube channels, and even then it is risky. Censorship was a disaster on Twitter especially, but I am really hoping Elon Musk will give me my account back now. If he is serious about free speech, we can be more argumentative there. So far he only seems to be going insane though and hasn't restored a single suspended user.

Anonymous said...

Freetheteens69 said...
Yo, Eivind, would you ever be interested in organizing hate raids on small anti youtube channels with me. Sometimes I see a dumbass small youtuber say something that triggers me, and I'm like damn, I really want to hate raid this loser.

Sounds like fun. If you tell me the channels, I'll make a point of going there and upvoting your comments or others' if they're good. I won't bother leaving any of my own for the simple reason they NEVER get through. If I'm in the mood I'll try.


Anonymous 3 said...

@FreeTheTeenies - Eivind isn't good at confrontations. He'll type carefully constructed paragaph after paragraph analyzing the correct definition of a word, when what's really needed is to simply point out that the YouTuber is either a paedocrite or a jealous hag.

MenAreCowards said...

Wouldn't you be better off trying to find a girl rather than raiding on 'antis', something that one can surely spend one's time doing in one's old age when any even small chance of loving a young girl has evaporated?

Anonymous said...

@MenAreCowards- Going to a video and trying to affect what ppl see there with the likes, dislikes and comments is not going to take much time. Anonymous2

Anonymous 425 said...

@MenAreCowards - that is the classic PUA mentality. You can surely spare 10 minutes of your pussy chasing to the collective attempt to stop feminists criminalizing you for that pussy chasing. It doesn't take any more time than you commenting on this blog.

I honestly think that with only 100 or so of us calling out these 'antis' as paedocrites or hags, it would make a difference.

Anonymous 555 said...

I never watched Family Guy much before, but I came across this compilation of the best of 'Herbert the Pervert' character. He's attracted to young boys, and the writers make a joke out of the fact that he's not interested in 17 year old girls. Pretty much spot on. Any man who is not interested in 17 year old girls is a real paedophile into (usually) 12 year old boys.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 555- Family Guy has an episode where the "human" dog Brian is trying to have his way with the daughter Meg on her 18th birthday. Lois and Peter stop this from happening as if Meg is legally underage you might say. FG is clever at times but in that episode it contributed to paedohysteria/age cuckery.
See this meme-
The meme is not about older jealous women per se, but as soon as I saw it, it seemed like we're on the cusp of much wider awareness of the phenomenon of females blocking females by pretending to be protective of them.
A less attractive woman blocks male access to an attractive woman. Obviously, age is right up there as a factor affecting female attractiveness. It's like the cat's out of the bag now, even though age isn't mentioned and may not even have been intended. Doesn't matter. Anonymous3

Anonymous said...

We just can't get a break with these agecucks; even Elon Musk has fallen for their memes.

Forget about free speech for male sexualists.

Anonymous said...

New Epstein documents unsealed

Anonymous 0221 said...

Elon Musk is a massive paedocrite. The way he immediately labelled that British diver in Thailand a 'pedo' indicates a massive need to virtue signal away his own barely concealed desires. I say 'barely' because his wife looks like a 20 year old trying to look like a 12 year old.

Other news : New Zealand has decided that a minimum voting age of 18 is 'discriminatory', so it looks like 16 year olds will get the vote. Of course, they wont decide that the minimum age for porn should be 16, and they wil still call people like Epstein 'pedos' for having sex with 17 year olds. Funny how 'liberals' who support the voting age to be lowered to 16 (or even 14) never frame it as 'children should have the vote', it's always 'young people', or 'young adults'. But when it comes to anything sexual, they are still prepubescent children who will be traumatized by the mearest touch from an older person.

Mind you, maybe the aspie MAPs and 'ephebophiles' could learn from it.

Anonymous said...

Balenciaga Apologises After Backlash Over Ad That Featured Children With Bondage Teddy Bears

Anonymous said...

Here is a 38 year old sports coach who had a relationship for a few years with a 13-15 year old girl, where she manipulated him into sending her money in exchange for pictures and items of her clothing. He didn't have a chance to have sex with her, but there was evidence he had sex with other teenagers under the "age of consent". He was a respected community leader and fun coach, who produced many happy and successful athletes - but that never matters to the conservative christian feminist people of Tennessee, who clearly do not deserve such a privilege.

For this heinously evil crime of not even having sex, he pled guilty because the sexual evidence from his phone was overwhelming, and they gave him a whopping 25 years in prison. In return, the state agreed not to pursue other charges.

Conservative Christian Feminism is far worse than blue haired left wing progressive feminism, every time. The prison sentences are longer, the sexual jealousy is worse, and the Epstein panic and "think of the children" hysteria is far greater. Observe what the stupid hysterical mother said at the sentencing about "God's Warriors" - she ignored the fact that her daughter voluntarily whored herself out for several years (which is fine), and projected her own guilt, hatred and shame for her daughter's behavior on to the coach. Of course, this negativity would not exist if sex was not stigmatized by feminist religion and the state laws, both of which reflect the disgusting attitudes of the disgusting people of Tennessee (Feminist Christian Conservatives).

These same Feminist Christian Conservatives are behind the international NGO scams to "save the children" and "prevent child trafficking", when of course all they do is get paid to persecute normal men who have sex with teenage young adults whenever possible. They are a scourge on the Earth who enable the manipulation and extortion of men at will. Let's pray that Russia and China quickly constrain the ability for these monsters to profit from the spread of their hatred and evil in the world.

Anonymous said...

Eivind, you may be interested in adding this blog to your blogroll, as its author self-identifies as a male sexualist and seems to support some of the goals of the movement.

AFAnon said...

Robert Lindsey has been a friend of ourse for years. I think his old blog got deleted several years ago. He writes a lot of good stuff, but just from reading his last couple of posts he declares that he has no problems with the age of consent laws in the USA (though he is on the backfoot and defending himself from feminist hags on Reddit). He also supports the 'hebophile', 'ephebophile' nonsense, whilst declaring himself a 'teleophile'. This is odd, as I remember that on his old blog he often referred to a study that involved attaching electrodes to the penis of random male volunteers, and showing them pictures of females of different ages, and the result was of course the majority of men getting the biggest erections for the adolescents.

Still, given that there are so few willing to even discuss these issues objectively, then of course we should embrace him. He's rather like Eivind - contradictory and sometimes more harm than good, but it's all we've got.

Meanwhile, the whores are still trying to get their last pound of flesh from Epstein and anybody or anything that ever associated with him :

anon555 said...

Sexually liberal China - pop star gets 13 years for 'raping' drunk women who went home with him, and for 'organizing an orgy'.

Eivind Berge said...

Yeah, yeah. I made a little video about these two cases,

And am hoping to get back on Twitter now that Musk has promised a general amnesty. Let's keep up the activism!

anon555 said...

If only we could invent a time machine Eivind...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your activism Eivind. Rest assured I am anonymous but active as well.

About the Chinese pop star case:

The China case is not a pure feminist injustice, like the Christian Feminist Tennessee case. The China case is actually a strategic political hit of a traitor by the Chinese government.

The Chinese pop star was born in China, but settled in Canada (and might even have citizenship there, it is unclear). However, he continued businesses in both China and Canada, and made alot of money on the mainland. Then, he avoided paying taxes to China. Big mistake.

He also was a feminine boy band member, a phenomenon created by the West that China views as a cultural threat.

China realized they could please themselves and the West at the same time by throwing him to the feminist #Metoo wolves and prosecuting him for tax fraud, completely destroying his Western influence in China. If you look at the article on Xinhua written in Chinese about his case, the comments on the article are all from Chinese people complaining about his tax fraud - no one cares about the #Metoo feminist part, except for Western outlets like the BBC. Their plan to destroy this guy proceeded perfectly.

The Chinese government is immature and will use feminism for their own purposes, but like Russia, China is still an accidental hero for us because, aside from rare cases of using Western feminism to take down a Western enemy, they do not accept the global spread of feminist ideals. We'll see if I'm wrong, but I'm probably right.

It will be interesting to see if Elon Musk will honor his free speech ethos when it comes to anti feminist arguments about the age of consent hysteria. My guess is the answer will be no, since he is a billionaire who wants control by using the Christian Feminist Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Also, an activist note on how to defeat the stupid and ridiculous argument that young adults don't have the brain development to understand sex:

Just ask "You think that developmentally disabled (retarded) people should be banned from having sex? What about low IQ people? You've just admitted you're a bigot."

justme said...

On the whole, it is not clear why sex has to be "understood" and why one needs a developed brain to experience something as natural as sexual pleasure, as if it were about solving differential equations. You could just as well say that children and young people must not eat chicken because they do not understand the biological processes behind digestion.

Anony5550202 said...

Largely agree with above.

Only thing MAPs have done is validate the absurd feminist idea that U18s are children and that attraction to them is paedophilia. Society will always see MAPs as paedophiles simply rebranding themselves (and they're largely right), so they have actually managed to confirm in the public's eye that even looking at 17 year olds (or 20 year olds where 21 is the age of majority) is paedophilia.

Eivind Berge said...

A good read to show to everyone who still believes in this myth:

I especially liked:

“Some 8-year-old brains exhibited a greater ‘maturation index’ than some 25 year old brains.”

There is greater individual variation than variation over time (same goes for intelligence), yet all the normies would have us believe time defines everything.

They are going to have to find a new rationalization for "inability to consent" now.

Anonymous said...

"This coach is typical of 'sneaky fuckers' throughout the world: he'll probably pretend to be a 'decent' child-sexuality-phobic adult and even take part in board meetings about what to do with sex offenders, all the while enjoying the freshest young girls in secret."

The coach in the Tennessee Christian Feminist case was actually the exact opposite of sneaky; he was boisterous, far too public, and not careful with digital evidence in the slightest, which led to his absolute evisceration by the Christian Conservative Feminists.

"Be a 'sneaky fucker' and not some loser MAP who reads heretictoc. Girls are not magical goddesses; they are evil beings who will betray men."

Actionable and practical anti-feminist advice here.

"They are going to have to find a new rationalization for "inability to consent" now."

That is an excellent article, in Slate of all places. You see, it just proves we are better off with the blue haired crowd than the MAGA morons, for now.