Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cognitive Liberty

I have previously expressed my heartfelt appreciation for the killing of policeman Olav Kildal. This was truly a breath of fresh air in an escalating police state. Now the trial has taken place and our hero has been sentenced to more psychiatric "treatment." Of course, he was already subjected to this and had no cognitive liberty even when sitting peacefully in his own home, which is why he had to defend himself against invading thugs sent by the state in the first place, so the conviction hardly makes much difference. Anyone can be a victim of psychiatry and lose his physical and cognitive liberty at the whim of doctors. In this connection I want to make my stance on psychiatry and cognitive liberty known for the record, as well as the consequences if I should ever have my cognitive liberty infringed on.

Cognitive liberty, which I fully support, is the freedom to the sovereignty of one's own consciousness. This sounds like a really obvious, basic human right, but in practice there is no such thing as self-ownership of our own minds. In fact, the state acts like it owns our consciousness and sadly there is surprisingly little opposition to this (it is telling that the Wikipedia entry on cognitive liberty is a stub shorter than this blog post). The war on drugs is bad enough. While I personally can't be bothered to use recreational/entheogenic drugs or alcohol anymore, I believe that of course anybody should be free to alter the state of their consciousness by any method. Far more crucial, however, is the freedom from being forced into a different state of consciousness against your will. Psychiatry's right to police your consciousness and indeed your entire personality is a major social problem. The swine Olav Kildal died while trying to enforce our lack of cognitive liberty. This was a defensive, much deserved killing that cheered me up. Now the court has ruled that we are not allowed to defend ourselves against psychiatry by killing cops, which means judges are just as guilty as cops in violating our cognitive liberty and deserving of the same public contempt and violence.

A common misconception used to justify force in psychiatry is the idea that the "patients" are dangerous. But in fact, only 6% are considered dangerous. The vast majority of force is used to coerce compliance with "treatment"; in other words, solely to change people's consciousness. And even when people are dangerous, forcible psychiatric "treatment" is always wrong, as is preemptively locking someone up. Insanity does not exist and should have no bearing on criminal cases, either. Psychiatric treatment, like other forms of torture, is never an acceptable punishment in a civilized state and of course it is equally ludicrous to plead innocence by reason of insanity. Like Thomas Szasz I reject the concept of mental illness, but even if you believe in it, forcible treatment is wrong. It is such a serious violation of your integrity that lethal self-defense is always justified. If ever a victim of psychiatry, here is what I would do. I would first attempt to kill the cops or whoever tried to apprehend me. Failing that, I would feign docility in order to get out as soon as possible and then kill a representative of the industry as revenge. Your life is over anyway when you are trapped in that system and the state is lording it over your innermost feelings. If only people working in the vast infrastructure responsible for this oppression risked more frequent violence and malicious revenge wherever they go, maybe they would reconsider if it is really worth it.

The anti-psychiatry movement is unfortunately tainted with Scientology. I appreciate Scientology's work against psychiatry, but I only wish it would be possible to foot a resistance without bringing in some equally deranged bullshit.

Finally, here is how anti-psychiatry ties in with men's rights. While resisting psychiatry is a human rights issue, killing cops is also very much a men's issue. Every pig killed is also a blow against feminism, so men should be doubly elated whenever an officer goes down in the line of encroaching on our cognitive liberty.


Eurosabra said...

Thing is, Norway is a very special case, in most of the rest of the world, they don't Elling you and give you a a social worker and a free apartment to share with Kjell Bjarne, they just kick you out into the street because your landlord wants a better class of tenant--even if you are making the rent payments--and (in the USA) the non-white predators assfuck you, kill you, and eat your corpse, with the assfucking post-mortem if you are lucky. I mean, you know the USA.

I think you are right about psychiatry but the issue of "mad pride" is only really useful to people who hold free and clear title to their dwellings, and have access to firearms and willingness to use them, and even then, title and money can only really DELAY the arrival of armed servants of the state to Soviet psychiatric hospitalize you.

Anonymous said...

Ok, let's summarize:

An ideal man/activist is someone who does or encourage the following:

- rape women
- kill cops
- hurt or kill psychiatrics

Anything else?

Eivind Berge said...

Yes. Good writing skills are also valuable if you want to be an MRA, or any kind of activist, really. Your command of the English language leaves something to be desired, as you can't even get your subject-verb agreement straight ("someone who encourage") and it is unclear what you mean by "psychiatrics." (Psychiatrists? Psychiatry? Anyone in the industry is who I want to hurt until they respect cognitive liberty.) Effective communication is perhaps even more essential than violent activism and you need to work on that, even if you are probably not on my side.

Anonymous said...

Obviously there's nothing wrong with your academic discussion skills, the problem seems to be your head appears stuck in some sort of hole most of the time. What is the point about debating the morality of rape and killing to such an extent? It's so unproductive. You're largely just projecting your own negative feelings. At least you're not being very shy about it. Ok, so you tried pulling the chicks as a student, and it didn't work. It doesn't for most male students. Suck it up and try plan B (or whatever, no sympathy unless you're way out of letters). Try using your brains to earn some money and/or go somewhere exotic and learn some stuff that you can use to impress people with in practice. Chicks have a pretty clear preference for smart successful guys as opposed to overly cerebral students.