Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How dare men think yes means yes?

"For you boys and men I want to ask: If the girl has been drinking at all, do you really dare take the chance that she actually means 'yes'?"
This is the latest threat from the police in Oslo, uttered by spokescunt for sex crimes Hanne Kristin Rohde. In other words the pigs are eager to arrest and prosecute you for rape if a woman regrets sex after a single drink -- even if she said "yes" -- and thanks to feminist rape law reform which introduced the concept of "negligent rape" back in 2000, they can. Women are officially to be regarded as such delicate flowers that the slightest amount of intoxication will invalidate their consent. Which would seem somewhat insulting and contrary to any notion that women are equal, perhaps, but also tremendously empowering. Alcohol instantly confers on women a blank check to accuse men of rape in case they have any regrets whatsoever. Meanwhile men are always held responsible for our actions no matter how much we imbibe, of course. I feel like I am back in freshman orientation again, except by now the most hateful feminist policies have been realized on a societal scale.

Thus the feminist utopia is taken to the next level. However, a criminal trial is currently underway in Oslo to remind us that not all men are happy about the feminist regime. You reap as you sow, feminists, and insurrection is looking more compelling for Norwegian men every day as you escalate the misandry.

Let me repeat that quote again in the original:
- Til dere gutter og menn vil jeg spørre: Hvis jenta i det hele tatt har drukket, tar du virkelig sjansen på at hun faktisk mener «ja»?
Gentlemen, this is how much your country hates you, and all the players in the justice system openly admit that this is how they want it. Now I suggest you reflect a little on what you want to contribute back to a society which is prepared to ruin your life on such a flimsy pretext because that's how much of a piece of shit a man offically is compared to a female.


Emma said...

What's the's saying is "If she was drinking at all, take responsibility for her actions". She says it's a way to ask men to to be careful and avoid hurting women, but it's a one-sided, artificially created burden and effectively is a threat, like you say.

Anonymous said...

Snart klikker det for meg av raseri.

Anonymous said...

savner dine tanker rundt rettssaken...

Anonymous said...


This is noted. It's not quite that bad in the USA (surprisingly!) but we have those pushing to get us there.

P.S. Notice that since you got in a relationship with Emma you get less haters? Most of them it seems only had the "stones" to come here if they could call you some version of a sexless loser.

You know I will always disagree with you on the "affirmative action rape" idea and we differ in terms of degree when comparing Male-Female sexuality (I believe it has some value to females but is lower than that of females on average, you believe male sexual value is non-existent) but I agree with pretty much everything else you write about. I wouldn't weep if someone "took out" some of the misandrists (both women and men) at the top of your society and mine. I guess that must make me a horrid person , right?



Anonymous said...

I've read recently the ebook The Predatory Female, part of the MRA Documents which can be found on the internet. There are some hints regarding signals of how to identify a predatory female before having to start anything with her. Some signals were : she has a cat, or more, she has the TV schedule memorised, she wants to know your sign" But I remember an article I've read long time ago about the frame of the eyeglasses these women wear, but cant find the article. It would be nice to know who she is only by looking at her glasses, if she uses.

Anonymous said...

Hvor i himmelens navn er dine betraktninger rundt 22. juli-rettssaken? :) Du må ikke glemme å inspirere dine fans ;)

Anonymous said...

Emma / Eivind: why no comments lately?

Eivind Berge said...

Sorry about the delay. I have written a new post about the trial now. Emma has been busy commenting in this huge thread over at the Spearhead:

Good Sex, Bad Sex

Anonymous said...

I drink, therefore I am ......

Anonymous said...

ok, jeg skal skrive dette på engelsk så alle skjønner.

You are taking this police statement way too litteral! Don't you understand that this is just ment as a precaution?

If you ever get into this situation you will know perfectly well if you are forcing the woman to have sex with you or not. And no woman with a healthy mind would ever have reported rape if she knew that she had not been raped. Why would anyone do that? It is no fun thing to go through a rape trial. If you had just used a little bit of logic you would have understood this too.

And if you are wondering why women are much more precautious than men when it comes to sex you should think about this:
If a woman go around and have a lot of sex with no hesitation she is immediatly called "whore" or "slut". If a man does the same he is celebrated.
If there is anyone out there who still believes that women don't like to have sex, and only uses it to manipulate and control men you are seriusly lacking of some knowledge.

When I am reading this blog I really just feel sorry for you Eivind. You really seem to live in your own little bubble and judge all women from just a few stereotypes that you might have encountered. It is quite clear that you have not been with a lot of women.

Anonymous said...

Sitert: “And no woman with a healthy mind would ever have reported rape if she knew that she had not been raped. Why would anyone do that?”

Problemet er at det er mange som har en syk hjerne og klarer å skjule det. Disse kvinner anmelder falske voldtekter.

Sitert: "Kvinnelige psykopater verst
Kvinner klarer i langt større grad enn menn å skjule for rettspsykiatere at de er psykopater."

Anonymous said...

Er dette den nye humoren?

Løperen said...

OK, so I see that you describe yourself as a libertarian. But having skimmed through a few of your blog posts, your views don't exactly strike me as libertarian. You obviously don't shudder to use violence as means to achieve political goals.

Have you written a post where you talk about your political views in general, for instance your understanding of the non-aggression principle, individual rights, and freedom? If not, would you mind elaborate?

Øyvind said...

I, too, think you're taking her words way too litterally. I'm also really surprised you seem to think the police is doing too much against rapists. This hasn't been my experience at all.

What she seems to be saying to me is that you shouldn't have sex with a girl who's too drunk to know what she's doing. Of course it's also the woman's responsibility to not get shit-faced, but common decency is to not exploit people who can't give informed consent.

Anonymous said...

wow... what is wrong with you man..

Anonymous said...

This is bullshit, Berge.

The norwegian law do NOT say that any woman can change her mind if she regrets the sexual act. And yoy know it yourself.

Stop spreading bullshitfantasylaws to the public. The law is clear that ANY person, woman or man, can press charges if thei mean they are violated or raped. If any stupid regrets sex, and blame it for that "one drink", you know and I know that that is a hell of a difficult case to win for her/him..... The amount of evidense total convict people. Not the single regret.

Bjørn-Ivar Bråten said...

Vel har hun drukket for mye er hun faktisk ikke særlig tiltalende uansett hvor mye ja hun måte finne på å si, Da snur jeg heller ryggen til og venter til hun er edru og kanskje en smule mer tiltalende. Værre er det ikke:)

Anonymous said...

"- Til dere gutter og menn vil jeg spørre: Hvis jenta i det hele tatt har drukket, tar du virkelig sjansen på at hun faktisk mener «ja»? "

And just who THE FUCK cares what she really means???????

She said yes, she`s in the bed, and if she did not look like a chopped up pig, she`d be getting it up her asshole in about 0.034 seconds.

Did that answer your question, Cecilie?

Fidelbogen said...

I am glad to discover your blog, and I wonder why I didn't find it earlier. I will give you a writeup on my blog some time in the near future.

It sounds like Norway is not much better than Sweden. . . and I know quite a bit about Sweden!




Unknown said...

Similar problem, different country: http://vasudevyogi.blogspot.co.uk/2010/06/stern-perspective-on-consent-for-sexual.html


Steffen :) said...

I have never heard of any men getting raped in front of our parliament, but I have heard of a young girl who has experienced that. My point is that the article is about the increased number of women getting raped. If men got raped as well, I can assure you, the police inspector would empathize more with men.

It’s obvious that Eivind Berge is taking advantage of his followers, due to the fact that they are unable to read the Norwegian articles.

Eivind Berge, I dare you to give me a proper response on this.

Oh, and your post is a load of crap. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I bet you are among a very rare group that believes that the police inspector is actually on an agenda to send innocent men to prison. All she is doing is what little she can do; intimidating the ones that are taking advantage of drunken girls. Nothing wrong with that, is it? For I disagree with such acts, and under some circumstances, it is just to give some of them consequences. But it is not gender specific. It goes for men as well, who are getting taken advantage of when they are drunk.
So really, the only point she is trying to make, is the” importance of attitudes between girls and boys, and have we take care of each other”. Also, she also claims that her “most important task is to prevent rapes”. This is her way to do it. Got nothing to do with a secret agenda against men, or changing the definition of rape. The definition will remain as is today.
And also, I would like to take back the last comment I wrote in my other post. I want you to know that I have respect and understanding for you, and to where your current status lies in this conflict.

Eivind Berge said...

Not gender specific? Do you take me for an idiot? How is a law that is used against men 99.999% of the time not gender specific? Men did not ask for this law and we don't need it. In the real world, it is men who want sex and women who accuse rape. Men do not accuse rape when we "get taken advantage of" because we are and should be responsible for our actions, also while drunk! And so should women!

There is nothing secret about this agenda and I have never claimed there is. The police inspector doesn't give a damn about innocent men one way or another; she just kowtows to the feminist agenda according to which women are always right and anything is rape if a woman says so. I am not alleging any sort of secret conspiracy here; I am attacking the normal workings of the feminist justice system! All is out in the open and there is no need to change the definition (though there is lobbying by Amnesty and other feminists to make it even worse and it may happen anyway) because the feminists already had their way and changed the definition back in 2000 to where practically all regretted sex is covered and we even have negligent rape so as to convict men who did not even realize they were "raping" and had no mens rea. If you don't want to be taken advantage of while drunk, then don't drink and flirt with men and get into situations with them where sex easily happens. It is our nature to try to have sex with girls, drunk or not, and the current definition of rape is openly hateful to men and means war as far as I'm concerned. I am trying to incite men to wake up and fight back.

Miller said...

Vel har hun drukket for mye er hun faktisk ikke særlig tiltalende uansett hvor mye ja hun måte finne på å si, Da snur jeg heller ryggen til og venter til hun er edru og kanskje en smule mer tiltalende. Værre er det ikke:)

Eivind Berge said...

Du må gjerne unngå problemet på den måten selv, men det er en veldig egoistisk tenkemåte å late som det er hele løsningen. Spørsmålet er om det er greit å sette menn i fengsel bare fordi kvinner angrer seg etter sex i beruset tilstand. Det nekter jeg å akseptere uansett om det rammer meg personlig.