Sunday, August 25, 2019

Legislating nofap

Our culture is obsessed with criminalizing sexuality. And not just criminalizing, but enacting tougher and tougher penalties on top of what they have at any given time. Thus after each round of reforms when there is a "loophole" in the level of criminality of anything related to sexuality that isn't criminalized quite as hard as the rest because it was overlooked in the last round of reforms, legislatures scramble to close it with ever harsher criminalization. Such is the perpetual state of feminism -- no matter what the current laws, the drive to increase punishments for sex is always equally hysteric but increasingly hateful because the punishments are increasingly undeserved.

Except this time, the "loophole" is masturbation, and the feminist dimwits who think they promote antisex actually serve male sexualism:

Punishing both equally is a fool's errand for women, but exactly what men need to set our values straight. What feminists fail to realize is that male masturbation is bad for men (for many reasons) and good for women because women remain untouched. It is mind-boggling that feminists don't realize that women getting less of the sex they claim to hate so much is a good thing for them if they really mean this, so I would be careful with making masturbation equally criminal as rape and sexual assault if I were them.

I will therefore, at least as a rhetorical device, applaud this sort of reform which targets masturbation rather than sex. Sure it will put more men in prison for longer at least initially, but that is only because they didn't follow my advice, my creed and my mantra that the vagina is the only sexual outlet, possibly because they were even afflicted with anosognosia. This time it has zero effect on nofappers, so male sexualists can lean back and rejoice that the feminist antisex hate is missing its mark. As they exhaust most avenues of criminalizing sex, I expect more of the feminist antisex drive will be inadvertently channeled into legislating nofap, which is a good thing for sexualism in light of the alternative. (I am assuming that reducing antisex hysteria overall is not an option, or else I'd rather have less of both the real antisex and the fake kind where they bark up the wrong, masturbatory tree.)

Perhaps the feminists imagine that men are too stupid to adapt to laws. Yes, such men do exist. History shows that some men will be as stupid as Gally and go to prison as virgins. To refresh memories, Gally is a former commenter and one-time guest poster of this blog who to our horror turned out to be the ideal victim of feminism, literally going to prison as a virgin while internalizing the feminist "abuse" nonsense. He didn't even have the balls to plead not guilty to his bullshit victimless sex crimes because he is convinced the laws are right. And here is another sad example of a man who thought he was going to be a "good boy" and not have sex, for which he was rewarded by the feminist police state with prison anyway, because this is how much they hate your guts. We are very close to the point where just having a penis will be just as criminal as any other sex crime, and some men will no doubt attempt to please the feminists even then.

But on balance I don't believe that criminalizing sexual fantasies and masturbation will serve feminism. Given equal criminality of fapping and nofap, will so many men still opt for fapping? I submit that a significant number of men will not let women have their antisex cake and eat it like our ideal victim Gally who will never come near females while still being criminalized. Let's get real: not all men are that feckless, at least after they get a chance to hear about male sexualism! Increase the criminality of not having sex, and more men will realize that they might as well have sex, even if they didn't realize before that fapping is so harmful that it should be shunned even when society celebrates it, which it still does most of the time. There is vast potential here for both advancing nofap and the misguided feminist laws to support it.

In this case it is masturbation itself they are criminalizing, but the same argument applies to pornography. Because it so often facilitates fapping I cannot in good conscience support pornography on sexualist grounds, since it's so harmful to male sexuality (but I still advocate its legality on freedom-of-speech grounds).

So don't tell the feminists about the value of nofap to men. But no worries, no one pays attention to this blog anymore, or the entire male sexualist movement anyway. We can just sit back and watch the feminists self-sabotage their antisex power because they didn't know where to stop criminalizing.


theantifeminist said...

So now you're explicitly rejoicing that men are being criminalized for masturbating.

You're a 1,000 times worse traitor to men and the real men's rights movement than Paul Elam was.

To think I stood by you when virtually the entire men's rights movement disowned you (and you rewarded me even back then by calling me an idiot on my own blog for calling women maladaptive - while now you claim virtually all men are 'maladaptive' for wanking, and should be legally punished for it).

I don't think you even have a sex drive or much testosterone left anymore. You think it's 'nofap' making you calmer and placid, but it's just getting old and you don't even have the urge to fap anymore.

Traitor. I now totally 100% disassociate myself from you, as well as the other pedophile activist femisexualists such as Tom Krauer.

Eivind Berge said...

I said, "as a rhetorical device." Of course men shouldn't be criminalized for masturbating, downloading porn or any of this expanded bullshit like upskirting and cyberflashing and deepfakes, but I am trying to look on the bright side here. There is at least a silver lining to some of these new laws. Unless you really think fapping is of equal value to sex, which seems to be your serious position, making you deserve everything I've said about that.

Your accusation about my sex drive is also nonsense. And you misunderstand because I never said nofap does or should make you calmer or more placid, until you get sex! It just makes you better at it in every way including raising your testosterone levels, and what you are seeing is the effects of that. I go about everything more smartly and purposely now including activism, while you are stuck with what never worked and sadly can't learn anything either.

Eivind Berge said...

You also misunderstand the meaning of "maladaptive," because it can't be applied the way you tried. It must be understood in relation to one's own values. It's not adaptive for women to act like men just because they can with no consequences! That's just wishful thinking on our part, and I don't try to impose male values on them like that. I realize that women don't share our sexual values and won't start enjoying casual sex much more just because they can. What really IS maladaptive, however, is men being deluded by porn into forgoing real sex and promiscuity, because those things are truly adaptive to us while masturbation is maladaptive!

Anonymous said...

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