Friday, March 27, 2020

Male sexualism in a time of plague

2020 is shaping up to be a year like no other in my four decades. A year of disaster, to the normies that is. To us male sexualists the past few decades have been an unmitigated disaster until now. For the first time in my life, the world is worried about a greater perceived threat than sexuality. That is progress and relief! But only because our situation was entirely hopeless. As sexualists we have been living in a SHTF situation our entire lives. We have been living under the threat of persecution for our normal sexuality at any time, escalated by increasingly hateful laws every year.

They came for Epstein, Cosby, Weinstein. They came for me and tried (but failed), not just because I am a sexually egosyntonic man but also an activist about it. Of course, I am egosyntonic about my activism as well, which was premeditated my entire life up until its moment in the limelight in 2012 and has been postmeditated since. That’s what it means to be an egosyntonic man, that your actions are not only premeditated but also postmeditated whether you get convicted not, and stay meditated at any cost.

Cosby shows no contrition. Epstein didn’t feign contrition either, and neither does Weinstein, electing instead to speak out on the nature of the persecution of normal male sexuality. That’s why I am upholding these men as role models though there are countless more persecuted for similarly victimless crimes.

Because persecuting sexuality is like shooting fish in a barrel. You can’t make a dent in our sexual practices any more than you can tell fish not to swim, but you can persecute us at will. If you can’t recruit an accuser, you can certainly set up a sting to entrap any given man who isn’t completely asexual, because we are all sex offenders under current laws.

Men who will break the sex laws are a dime a dozen, and many also feel good about it, to their credit, but sadly they don’t follow that up with politics. There are many apolitical sexualists, but only a handful of us activists. The war that men never started fighting back despite our best efforts to incite will only end when the feminists run out of resources.

And now that has finally started happening. They are literally having to release prisoners and quit making so many arrests, not because the antisex pests have turned into any less despicable people, but because they don’t have the means. So rock on, coronavirus! Let’s hope for the worst possible outcome for the antisex bigots and the finances they’d rather use to persecute sexuality but must now devote to rescuing the economy if that's even possible.


Anonymous said...

I øjeblikket er politiet ikke særlig velset i Norge, ikke mindst i din by!

Eivind Berge said...

People don't react to antisex laws, but if they can't party, they get pissed. They've got their priorities all wrong in my opinion, but good to see some resistance to runaway policing.

Jack said...

The beast is not dead, you can read that domestic violence against women is on the increase because of confinement, lol. They can't push the female victimhood much higher though, as men make up over 60% of the coronavirus death cases. Anyway Eivind, you've got your system collapse handed out on a silver platter. The climate alarmists are also keeping a low profile, especially since the coronavirus seems to thrive in coldish climates. They've warned us all the time that a warmer climate would bring more nasty diseases, and now this!

The conditions for social hysteria were there. Antisex/paedohysteria, climate hysteria, now hysteria about a virus that is not more deadly than the common cold. Western countries are literally scuttling their economies over this. Elderly people have stopped dying of other causes you see, gone are other infections, seasonal flu, heart attacks, right now they only die of coronavirus.

Eivind Berge said...

Both the feminists and environmentalists are having their agendas screwed up over this, or in the latter case we should say they got their wish but don't like it very much. It's amazing how fast we went from "flight shame" to the airlines being a national treasure that needs saving. It is true that most young people will find the coronavirus no worse than the common cold, and for the old people that are dying we have decided to put the economy into a depression or possibly worse if we don't reverse that decision soon. We are staring at real collapse now, which is scary and exhilarating at the same time because it will take power away from the feminists.

There is no world government that can reverse humanity's decision to self-destruct over this though. Trump is trying, but the decision to shut down is made at every state or city level so there is not that much he or any one person can do. And even if a whole big country decides to restart their economy, they will be prevented from traveling and trading with others like before, so it doesn't really work. We are collectively going down with no mechanism to stop it at this time, short of a reversed world sentiment that this virus needs to be resisted at all costs, which I don't see happening before it is likely too late. Interesting times indeed, and male sexualism may be obsolete after this, not because we won but because everybody lost.

Eivind Berge said...

Or I should say that male sexualism will always be relevant as long as there are humans, if nothing else to ensure that we never fall into a feminist dystopia again. It just might not be relevant in the sense of resisting national antisex laws if nation states collapse, but any group of humans who get to rebuild some kind of society need to be wary of that danger as well as more improvised kinds of sexual persecution. Hopefully our writings will survive but I'm not really counting on that either.

According to Gail Tverberg, we are this close to collapse now:

"Perhaps a few months. Europe seems likely to start collapsing sooner than the US. Maybe weeks, if the border closings continue."

And after that I guarantee you they won't be enforcing the feminist sex laws except as vigilante justice based on a remembrance of them perhaps, and that will fray away too in the dark ages we are entering.

Eivind Berge said...

As male sexualists we are uniquely positioned to appreciate mass hysteria. We know all too well that society has become obsessed with “protecting” minors from sex based on a staggering web of lies, at any cost whatsoever.

Perhaps this new-fangled obsession that old people must be protected from a virus threatening a slight increase in mortality on the order of living to 80 instead of 81 is just as deranged. Or even more so because it means new taboos against social contact to the point that it’s soon impossible to have a civilization at all, and there we go over the cliff like lemmings.

Just a fanciful thought, but damn, it seems close to reality right now.

Anonymous said...

I think that take is absolutely incorrect. Trump (republican) can and will set things back on track, by playing his enemies in an election year. Great example was yesterday - he floated the idea that he would quarantine NYC, just so he could have the governor of NY (a democrat) push back, allowing Trump to say he consulted with the governor and they decided there would be no quarantine. He will continue to do this until he gets the retarded country open again. The world will follow soon enough, as everyone slowly comes out of their stupor created by the media (and women), and realizes this was all a big hoax over a disease with the mortality rate of the flu.

As for what effect this will have on feminism/pedohysteria, I think none is the answer, because it is already encoded in the law, and the majority of people who work in the legal system are extremely feminist. The system will roll on as usual, but I hope to make money in a recovering stock market, which I can then use to buy land in a more male-friendly country.

Silver lining is you can be certain the USA will continue to lower in world influence because of real issues, like mass immigration from low IQ nonwhite countries, and women in leadership positions in society, along with the feminist laws chaining up good men as we know. But a media hoax over a normal virus will not crash everything with Trump as president.

Eivind Berge said...

We'll see. I agree it was a smart move of Trump to suggest quarantine that the Democrats had to back down from, but he still has limited power to reverse the US shutdowns and none for other countries that only keep escalating theirs. It is still possible that there will be a sort of recovery if people come to their senses soon, but right now it looks more likely that they won't and this will be the collapse, or at least a huge step down. I can't see the stock market returning after several more months of shutdowns because there is simply no business model for growth when 50% of the population is living on government handouts by then and most businesses have either failed or been nationalized. What we have then is a command economy -- in effect communism -- where attempts to print money will lead to hyperinflation or just plain shortages and rationing, and that is if society functions at all. I really don't see much surplus energy to enforce the sex laws either even if they are still on the books.

We already have martial law. The next step is a command economy and we are already halfway there as well with all the nationalizations that are now necessary. Perhaps if the FED starts buying stocks outright they will go up some, but I don't think you will be able to get your investment out in any meaningful sense to do what you think. It might not even be physically possible to leave the country at this rate.

mydadsnameisharold said...

Why the fuck did you show up in my blog stats as a referring URL?

I don't agree with your idolization of sex criminals. Male sexuality doesn't have to be violent or abusive, and that's damn obvious.

Don't be linking to my blog on this shit. It's not activism.

Eivind Berge said...

No idea, never heard of you before. Maybe some of your fans aren't as antisex-bigoted as you.

Anonymous said...

Well the only problem is that you lives off the Norwegian welfare system. You are 41 years old and are like a leach on the economy. But worry not, you might have to find a job now. I know you from before you went crazy and I just feel that it is a shame. You are really intelligent and could make an impact in the world. But you did not want to do that. You wanted to get pussy in the most moronic way there is. Result is that the rest of the tax payers have to pay huge amounts of taxes to feed you, and to keep a roof over your head. And as for getting women you could have lots of the biggest aphrodisiac there is. MONEY !!!

U have no idea of the amount of pussy you get when you have lots of money. Even in shitty Norway where the women have basically taken over.
But even successfull lawyer ladies wants somebody who is more successfull.

The only solace I find in this is that you have not been able father any children. You are enough of a burden on society,
we do not want to feed your kids also.

Wake the FUCK up Eivind. You are only 41. It is not to late to make use of your potential.

You could be held in the highest esteem in the world of academia or business, but you choose to be a blogger and live of the
welfare system.....

I know you dont have the guts to publish this.

Eivind Berge said...

That is a lie and you clearly don't know me anymore. I was a self-sufficient translator until recently and have only been on welfare less than a year. Even now, I do have a job. It is:

We are not making money yet, but that is only a matter of marketing and perhaps we can get some of the stimulus money that is about to be handed out due to COVID-19.

But if Gail Tverberg is right, the old economy will be gone and the new one will have no jobs and no electricity. You have no clue what is coming, do you?

I did not go crazy and I didn’t change; like I said in this post, I am fully egosyntonic about my views and always have been. I showed my true colors with what I did and everything I said came from the heart. Obviously I have nothing to do in any sort of “respected” position in society because of the profound ideological conflict and I make no compromises there: I am a male sexualist. Making money is all well and good if I can do it on my terms, but at this rate we will all be on welfare until the economy collapses completely.

Milan Horvath said...

Interesting commenters last two days, I must say.
First mynameismangina who keeps his dead dad's garden or whatever.....scared to death, because your site appeared in his webstats
and now this motivator/life coach, who knew you before...

I wonder what should be your ideal behaviour, according to him(or her?).
Be good boy,and you can get candy. Really this?
Shut up and pay taxes,do what we tell you to do, think how we tell to think
raise your children how we think it is appropriate(to be a good conform sheep)?
Society (or rather moral crusaders manipulating it)knows better how you should live!

In contemporary setting there are only two options for people who disagree with system, and are not able to change it (and sometimes even not allowed to speak freely)
-feed system you hate with your tax money or
-hurt it/take advantage of it as much as possible, without any shame.
Economical opt-out is practically impossible now, or at least very complicated, societal/legal opt-out is literally impossible, even emigration is not what it used to be.

It is also very interesting how people now are unable to understand that someone can have ideological motivation instead of purely selfish.

Regarding collapse predictions: Even though I am somehow glad that this system will possibly implode, however I worry what will follow after that. In past times, there was no possibility to control population as it is now, with all this electronic rubbish
(no electricity was meant as not enough electricity I suppose), which can result in very, very nasty totality .
Seems that "interesting times" are coming anyway.

Eivind Berge said...

Lol, yeah that's a great comment on those two above. They are obedient sheep and oddly intolerant of anyone thinking differently. I also find it very sad that nobody appears able to understand ideological motivation anymore and just assumes everything must be done for immediately selfish reasons.

The Gail Tverberg school of doomers literally do think we won’t have electricity much longer. They are extreme, but there are really extreme changes happening now and fast, so who knows? Let us imagine that Norway (or almost any country) is isolated from importing anything (other than refugees from faster collapsing places, perhaps). Could we keep the grid functional by ourselves? As I understand it transformers need to be made on order in Japan or something, so wherever there is a need for maintenance, after the very few that we probably keep on hand are exhausted, crucial equipment cannot be replaced and the grid would fail. It is unclear how much we could improvise locally, without the entire global system. I do not think we could manufacture a single microprocessor, for example, and though those aren’t needed to have electricity, it would also be very hard to go back to older technology because we don’t have the means to produce enough of that either fast enough. The stuff we have now including phones and computers will work for a while, but I don't see it being replaced without a functional global economy, and then what?

A less extreme possibility is that we just get more of the globalized system, poorer and with less freedom and more surveillance, which is where we are immediately headed. They need supply lines to be functioning though, and surely there are limits to how much "non-essential" stuff you can do away with before the whole thing breaks?

Eivind Berge said...

Gail just posted this:

Very, very scary if she is right. The destruction of feminism is a silver lining, but that's about it.

Eivind Berge said...

And speaking of electricity:

Energy firms warn of blackouts plunging coronavirus lockdown Brits into darkness

Also of interest:

Anonymous said...

Should we believe Gail? She has been predicting the imminent end of the world for several years by now, and the world is still here.

Eivind Berge said...

I don't know. Nobody except instadoomers like Gail believed a year ago that business and travel would be shut down to this extent either, but it happened. There must have been a terrible calamity and without thinking of the reason, it looks really, really bad. Now it turns out that the disaster doesn't destroy infrastructure directly and mostly doesn't kill workers or even most consumers, so we've been lucky and in theory we should be able to restart. But then there are the other reasons why she has been predicting collapse even without a trigger. Those reasons are still real. Either this is the greatest vacation in history or the beginning of the collapse, or it could be something in between. I think it at least will be extremely challenging to get the economy going again and the lockdowns are disguising terrible problems that will surface when we try.

Anonymous said...

I am very aware of what is happening in this market. (finance is my life) I have never made so much money as I have in this covid-19 crisis. People think that it is just about covid-19, but the ponzi scheme is in serious trouble. Social mobility will die in Scandinavia also. I am well prepared. I have gold, crypto currencies, loads of cash in different currencies and guns. So that I can protect myself and my family when the welfare payouts are reduced to almost nothing.

You should hedged your position in this world. The beast in us all will be roaming free, you are not ready for that. I am relishing the opportunities this will provide for me.

Jack said...

The real bomb that is exploding on the Western world is that of keeping people alive through medical means well beyond their shelf life. In Roman times this virus wouldn't even have been noticed as there would not have been elderly people around with most of their vital organs already hanging by a thread.

These lockdowns are suicidal. It costs a fortune to prevent grounded airplanes from sustaining irreparable damage. What about other types of machinery and equipment?

Countries like Italy have stopped dead producing any food or goods. They have done so in order to "save lives". But wait, they couldn't afford to do so if they didn't count on OTHER countries to feed them now and in the foreseeable future. So what if those other countries also shut down let's say 80% of their production? Because those other countries are also entitled to "save lives" aren't they? What if all countries in the world decide to shut down (and rely on OTHER countries to feed them)? Maybe the Eskimos can feed the whole world from now on.

Meanwhile poor country in Africa with not even 10 cases of covid but tens of thousands of malaria deaths each years are forcing their poverty-stricken populations to stay indoors. There will be genocides and wars over this.

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, complex machinery will be difficult to restart, and that's assuming you have people able to operate it because human skills and knowledge also deteriorate rapidly when unused. All those laid off pilots will be more likely to make mistakes when needed again and at some point they will have to be retrained (but who will train them?). Doctors only treating COVID will be worse at other things. Organ transplantation may be a lost art and there is all sorts of institutional knowledge that dies when the organizations dissolve. Much of our intellectual dark matter sits unused and that is indeed suicidal to a civilization!

Eivind Berge said...

I see The Antifeminist has a new post on the current apocalypse:

He doesn’t share my glee that the feminists are hurting, based largely on misconceptions I think. Yes, it’s sad that so many old men are dying -- roughly 70% of COVID-19 victims are men. But they are also the ones who handed the antisex laws to the feminists! In a way they are more blameworthy than younger people who don’t know any different, because the older generations know so much sexual persecution isn’t inevitable and still they yielded to it, with my own Generation X the youngest one really that has experienced anything different than third-wave feminism with its (to us) absurdly hateful sex laws. As a man who acutely understands that society sincerely hates me because I am a sexually egosyntonic normal man -- speaking as a man who has often felt that it is better to die in a civil war against the sex laws (and jury abolition in Norway) than to live like this, I can’t help but rejoice in the damage done to that society -- while at the same time realizing that I probably will be hurt myself of course, whether directly by the virus or from the economic and social impact. It is possible to feel both dread and schadenfreude at the same time. And no, it’s not gonna be a “golden age” for sexual freedom or at least not indulgence at any rate because basic needs will take precedence, but it is what it is and beats being persecuted by the feminist police state.

If industrial civilization does collapse, the only joy we have left is to watch the antisex bigots starve along with us as we die over the next year or two, and I will be sure to enjoy that feeling. Even with a mildest-case scenario unfolding from here, our enemies will still be much reduced anyhow. Because persecuting sexuality is a “luxury.” It doesn't feed anyone or create any actually useful products, which will be in short supply going forward. Antisex hate may be the most highly prioritized “luxury” of this civilization, but as all luxuries disappear you can bet they would rather eat than lock up “sex offenders.” And it may well be too late to stop the economic damage now. A Greatest Depression is assured and collapse is very possible. If you were still expecting the Singularity, better get used to the fact that a coronavirus vaccine might be humanity’s last invention, ready just in time when the pandemic has burned out anyway about 18 months from now and industrial civilization is no more. This is how technological progress ends and we shouldn’t feel too bad about that because it was only going to be used to oppress sexuality anyway.

I can only laugh at the feminist bigots who think they will have their persecution back, and ironically want to end the lockdowns and let men out to socialize with girls again as if that is going to help them fight sexuality. The notion that getting over this pandemic and resulting financial problems will be as easy as sacrificing a bunch of old men is just fantasy at this point, which you can count on them to try, but it won’t work because the collapse cake is already baked. Fortunately since I have been reading Gail Tverberg all these years I have already gone through the grief process of realizing civilization is doomed, and now I can lean back and savor that truth hitting the feminists.

Eivind Berge said...

I should also note this escalation of the sex war that he linked to which sets yet another bizarre record:

Women claiming to be too gullible to understand that casting couch is roleplay is now punished as "rape" which gets you 21 years. It is very hard to wish anything other than total destruction on a society that hates us so much. Remember that the antisex bigotry is not only infinite but also 100% sincere, making no bones about the fact that it is normal sexuality that they are targeting, not something that can be confused with rape or abuse even if the women are telling the truth. There is no room for misunderstanding here: we are dealing with pure, unadulterated evil and the better they understand us, the more they want to destroy us and marshal all their resources to this effect. We should of course wish destruction on them in equal measure, and now we are getting it without even trying, yay!

Jack said...

The resurfacing of the female victimhood narrative in the media and on the Web is a reliable sign that lockdowns are to be lifted soon. People are getting bored with stories of old men dying and overloaded hospitals. It is time for Society to revert to the main plot, namely females as victims and males as predators.

Difficult to feel sorry for men as a whole who make up 60 to 70% of the casualties of this virus. They and those who escaped will go on seeing themselves as predators and women as victims. Even after women have gained the right, in cases where an ex-husband can no longer fulfil his alimony obligation, to have him slaughtered to sell his organs, men will still regard themselves as predators and women as victims.

In South East Asia red-light districts were among the first venues to be ordered to close. We don't know when and whether they will be allowed to reopen and operate as before. Xenophobia directed at tourists and expats has also raised its ugly head in official communiqués.

Note that Sweden has not imposed a lockdown and doesn't seem to fare worse than countries with a hard lockdown. The French and other countries were eager to adopt any "Swedish model" as long as it criminalised male sexual behaviour and trampled personal freedom. They have no interest in the Swedish model this time, surprise surprise.

Eivind Berge said...

The "main plot" of females as victims and men as predators requires a world of abundance. That kind of false narrative can only be dominant as long as there is no real struggle for survival, which in normal times requires men and women to work in teams. We've lost sight of that reality for the past century or two due to the energy abundance provided by fossil fuels, but now it's about to come back with a vengeance. We actually haven't been in good shape since the 1970s, but pretended to thanks to a mountain of debt which is about to be exposed as false promises based on a future that can't come true. Now there is no pretending anymore that growth can continue, and the alternative to that is easily collapse rather than any sort of stability or managed degrowth because the economy isn't designed for that.

When they try to restart the economy, problems with supply chains will emerge. So will social tensions. Commodity prices will still be too low for producers. Governments may be overthrown, which makes money instantly worthless and all debts defaulted. I am still not sure if collapse of the entire civilization will be as rapid as Gail predicts, but I guarantee you the feminist plot will be withering. Sure they will be able to write flowery articles about how all the supposed pedophiles and domestic abusers are about to be rounded up and sentenced to new heights of punishment for a while longer, but they won't have the material resources needed to accomplish that.

Anonymous said...

In a few words: the problem of females and children as victims and men as predators is a luxury.

Eivind Berge said...

It doesn't look like the world is in a mood to reopen anyway:

"Coronavirus lockdowns across the globe should not be completely lifted until a vaccine for the disease is found, according to a study based on China's outbreak published in medical journal The Lancet."

Judging by the response, one would think SARS-CoV-2 is the first pathogen humanity has encountered. Social interaction and freedom of movement simply cannot coexist with this virus, it seems. Which means there isn't much hope for industrial civilization, because we can't keep up another 18 months of this without breaking something essential.

Jack said...

The medical establishment has a stranglehold over Society right now. Many forces at play here. Note the maligning of chloroquine by the pharma lobby through anti-Trump media (chloroquine is in the public domain, no big money to be made out of it). Trump was portrayed as irresponsible for touting chloroquine.

Interestingly, Trump is the one obsessed with re-starting the economy. The same groups who want to sacrifice the economy to "save the climate" are the ones who want everything to stay in lockdown indefinitely.

Hospitals and the health care sector want to be seen as "overloaded and on the brink of total breakdown" ("we need more money, we need more staff"). FEMALE nurses are pictured as the heroes in the "fight against the virus" wherever in the World the pictures come from. The fact that 60 to 70% of fatalities are male has been mentioned and laid to rest, at best explained away as due to different smoking habits. Note though that smoking habits are ignored when they could be used to de-dramatise Covid death rates.

Italy and Spain are crying blue murder because the likes of the Dutch and the Germans refuse once again to give them money no strings attached. The same countries are always found to be botching up, whether it be financially or in tackling an epidemic. Why would the Dutch and the Germans feel duty-bound to give away their savings to finance Spain's universal basic income or to allow Italians to retire at an earlier age than the Dutch and Germans?

Thailand has finally decided to press the panic button despite officially announcing no more than 2 to 3 deaths a day. In normal times Thailand had 60 road deaths each day, not counting the wounded. The latter figure might be down to 20 now owing to the Covid measures.

Eivind Berge said...

The evidence for hydroxychloroquine is indeed weak. Poorly designed studies so far and outcomes not much different than the normal progression of the disease. Worse, it is toxic to your heart, especially when used in combination with other drugs like azithromycin which also cause QT prolongation. I would not want chloroquine if I get sick as the evidence now stands. It is possible that there may be some benefit if taken early, but then you are likely to do well in any event and it's probably not worth risking the side effects at least not unless you can be monitored in a hospital. After you get so sick that you are hospitalized, and certainly by the time you are put on a ventilator, the damage is already done and even if a drug can eliminate the virus, that doesn’t make much difference to mortality. Just like you can’t cure sepsis, there is no hope of developing a drug that can cure the very sick COVID patients beyond what supportive care can do, which still gives about a 60% chance of survival.

The economy is also now like an 80-year-old on a ventilator and we don’t know if it can be saved or is destined to suffer the fate that Gail Tverberg predicts, which is analogous to an organism dying. If she is right, we will be left with a rotting corpse of a civilization once life support is removed, and trying to keep up support indefinitely like the central banks are set to do will also have that effect before long. Then when the lights go out, let us take a moment to savor the fact that feminism is dead before passing out ourselves. The new economy may not have humans in it at all according to Gail (which I have trouble believing myself), and any survivors will have to be hunter-gatherers far removed from the spent fuel pools that will irradiate us throughout the former industrial civilization.

Who would have thunk that germophobia would be the cause of death for our globalized civilization? A very deadly pandemic was always an option, but I don't think anybody saw this overreaction to a fairly benign disease coming -- certainly benign at a population level, beneficial to the economy, even, as old people are removed. Then again, when a civilization is close to death, it behaves so irrationally and unstably that all sorts of weird things can trigger the demise, I guess.

Anonymous said...

All of the conjecture here is retarded. Hydrochloroquine works and is well tolerated by the majority, and now we have a treatment for literally every deadly virus because it acts the same on all viruses. Vast majority of people don't even need it now because this pandemic hoax is far overblown; the new flu corona strain is a mild flu at best according to the death numbers, which have been inflated as much as 50%-90% by health personnel and the media for financial gain. Many in the mentally weak Western populations are in a hysteria because of the media, as to be expected when you have major court cases focused around baking cakes for gender transition parties. Trump is making people feel better slowly but surely by pretending he also thinks the hoax is real, then slowly leading them towards the notion of re-opening the economy because everything is ok. It will eventually work when people (women and weak men) get tired of being hysterical, which is already happening.

The economy of the USA is on its way back to prosperity because of Trump's early measures. Economists basically agree around 35% of the economy is destroyed, that's 8 trillion dollars. 6 trillion dollars of no strings attached loans have already been announced by Trump, and another 2 trillion aid package is on the way, filling the final gap. Gradually re-opening will also blunt the impact because people won't all race for a job at once. The situation will be saved, for now, because Trump is an extremely competent leader.

As for who comes after Trump to lead this extremely deranged population which will continue to degrade because of feminism and immigration, I am not eager to find out and all bets are off. By that time, as I had mentioned before, I will be out of the USA to a more sane country.

Eivind Berge said...

We have to do controlled trials to know if chloroquine works. It is already standard in many hospitals and patients are dying with this, so it can’t be a wonder drug and I can’t discern a credible difference from the normal course of the disease based on the studies so far. The only way it should be used at this point is in randomized trials with placebo, which hasn’t been done. Otherwise you risk it being established as another useless or actually harmful custom that medical history is full of, and that’s a really bad thing.

It is possible that chloroquine in some combination, say with zinc, can be beneficial if given at the right time, but you really do have to study it properly before proclaiming it so! Currently, doctors are just using it because they feel they have to do something and it is the best suggestion and there is perhaps anecdotal experience, not because we have good evidence. And it really is better to do nothing in such a situation, unless you can conduct a trial where we all learn something and also don't risk too much harm, ideally with all volunteers too.

I don't think the death numbers have been inflated either because they also show up in excess mortality and huge obituary sections in newspapers. You can even see it in more celebrities dying than usual. If anything, the official numbers undercount COVID deaths at the moment.

It will be interesting to see if printing money can restore a 35% loss to the economy, but good luck with that. If it works then that will be good for our personal lives and bad for the admittedly somewhat irrational schadenfreude that I feel against society. For now I can marvel that coronavirus fills the void where men’s rights activism should have been. All the damage that would have been done by sexually egosyntonic men if they stood up for themselves against society’s hateful sex laws and sabotaged everything until the hateful sex laws were gone. In that sense, the pandemic is a dream come true. We could not convince society not to hate us or persecute us for our normal sexuality, but we can watch them run out of resources and disintegrate because they have bigger problems. It just isn't so satisfying as actual activism would have been because they don't associate their loss with our gain or feel that revenge for antisex got them, plus we all go down together if this is collapse.