Tuesday, December 25, 2018

A little chest-thumping

It has been a pet peeve of the Men's Movement to resist not just hateful laws, but also words which make our normal sexuality sound deviant. Our party line has been that words like "ephebophile" and "hebephile" and to some extent "MAP" have no place in our lexicon because, while they can't be used to diagnose anyone as pathological, they carry the suggestion that most men are not attracted to adolescents, which couldn't be more wrong. Our counterpropaganda has so far consisted of trying to avoid those words and just saying something along the lines of "normal male sexuality" instead. However, I found this approach unsatisfying, which is why I coined "agywophilia." There are good reasons why "AGYW" already exists as an acronym for "Adolescent Girls and Young Women" in scientific articles, as these females are studied together because they naturally go together in many ways including sexual attraction. So why not tap into this usage?

I believe the average heterosexual* man is an agywophile rather than a teleiophile, which is another unsatisfying word because it fails to reflect reality. "Teleiophilia" implies an artificial boundary that simply does not exist. We don't discriminate between teenage girls and young women except where the age of consent forces us to, or because the man is so socially cowed by the current abuse hysteria that he thinks any attraction to "minors" is wrong. Do you think all the barely-legal porn videos where they check the girl's ID on camera contain that step because male attraction begins at 18, and without it the viewer couldn't be sure that he is attracted? Of course not. It is only there to avoid running afoul of the hateful feminist sex laws that have bizarrely punitive consequences due to the neglection of a practically and morally irrelevant distinction.

Now I need to repeat that I don't recommend watching porn! Go out there and meet real women instead, which has the added advantage that you can usually pursue girls a few years younger than 18 too, depending on where you live. Agywophilia is not only healthy and normal, but often legal as well, albeit obviously not as legal as it should be.

I am not usually one to plug neologisms, but in this case it actually feels useful, and judging by the response, is remarkably effective. Because this is my most engaging tweet ever. Out of 8663 impressions, 29% of viewers made some kind of engagement, and an incredible 12% clicked through on the link! (For comparison, I am used to more like 1% when I share a link, so this is a full order of magnitude above par.)

Haters point out that I was "ratioed," meaning most of the response is negative, and that is true. But my purpose is not to be "liked," but to propagandize for normal male sexuality. Even a hateful reaction achieves this purpose as long as people become aware that there is serious political opposition to their beliefs and values, which of course is the reason for such a strong emotional reaction.

Having 1000 people read a proposed lexicographical entry is not a world-changing event. But it is a step in the right direction, and in the same way that a butterfly's flutter is said to have enormous potential, who knows what can happen down the line. Let me therefore end 2018 on a positive note, that the male sexualist movement has done some measurable good against the hurricane of hate which currently persecutes our sexuality.

*If homosexual men want an equivalent word, it would be "abymophilia" -- primary attraction to adolescent boys and young men. Even women could use this, though it is much less descriptive of them. People who use words like "teleiophilia" are promoting a strictly gynocentric agenda (and not even that when you count the female sex offender charade), which of course is the reason for having a Men's Movement such as ours present a more inclusive and reasonable alternative.

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