Sunday, December 30, 2018

How my new moderation policy is working out, and thoughts on incels

As pointed out, I had to disable anonymous commenting due to disruptive and threatening comments from male feminists, perhaps an organized self-imagined "pedo hunter" group (which is also missing the mark, but a low IQ tends to go with that persuasion, so no surprises there). This has been a success as far as getting rid of the creeps, though they keep "reporting" me to deaf ears at Google and Twitter. Crucially, they are evidently not bold enough to comment now that they need a Google Account. But neither are apparently most of my legitimate commenters, which is a shame, because we used to have colorful discussions running up to hundreds of comments under most posts.

But I have to admit that this is the state of the real Men's Rights Movement, the unbroken current of pro-male-sexuality ideology which is now known as male sexualism, so I'll just focus on writing good posts instead of facilitating good discussion at this point. We don't have enough men who care that much, and seeing what hate one gets from being public, I can't blame my few followers from preferring privacy. Who wouldn't rather live their lives relatively unmolested than make personal sacrifices to be part of a futile struggle? A person who is too idealistic for his own good, that is who, which I undeniably am. Mine is a sort of compulsion to tell the truth and oppose injustice, which I have previously labeled hyperpolitical disorder because I am also truthful about the downside to so much opinionated altruism. Some of the hate I am getting now is just one step removed from a lynch mob, and it's certainly useless and stupid to argue with those no matter how right you are. At some point when society turns too hostile around you for unaccountable reasons, you just have to run for your life and realize that people can be monsters sometimes. Hyperpolitical disorder is an affective disorder where you feel too much political hate, but it does not make me stupid.

It is also disheartening that no women voice support for us despite much of my time being spent resisting the female sex offender charade here and on Twitter. Sadly, it is female nature to want to punish promiscuous women, which is what that charade is all about, with all its fake "abuse" as a phony pretext. Women are so happy to punish sexual vitality in women that it forms an integral part of feminism, and of course the hapless victims of their hateful laws don't have much courage or freedom to resist either. While women as a group benefit from sex-hostility since it drives up the cost of sex, the harm done by the female sex offender charade is so poignant and focused on individual sacrificial victims that according to my ethics, male sexualism is a moral benefit to women as well as men, even as this is a truth we are doomed to stand for alone against women and male feminists and every other kind of misogynist.

The only good news is that I am in contact with a couple of journalists who may give us some much needed publicity, but we shall see what comes of that. They are very interested in incels these days, who have become a cultural force even as the serious ideological men's rights activism that I represent has gone by the wayside. Let me therefore gather my thoughts about incels a little bit, so I am ready for such interviews.

Firstly, I am not incel, and back when I was, which was only intermittently and more than eight years ago, I used the term literally rather than to describe the peculiar baggage that it now comes with (and I don't remember if I even used the abbreviation or just said "involuntary celibacy"). In retrospect, my inceldom was not much more than you have to expect as a regular guy, and at other times I scored well above average with women. I also I did not realize the deleterious effects of porn and masturbation on a man's sex life, or I am convinced that I would have been a stud. So the number-one advice I give to incels is to practice nofap. The self-help aspect is more than enough reason, but if you are so inclined, you might also pride yourself that feminists increasingly see nofap as "misogynistic," so you are even socking it to them ideologically by refraining from the self-abuse by which they want you hampered.

There is plenty about the current incel movement to make one feel uneasy. Let's use Braincels to illustrate how they behave, so you can see for yourself if my impression is accurate. While being a male sexualist is cool and honorable and something every man ought to proudly stand for regardless of his lot in life (if he can take the hate from manginas), identifying as "incel" is a way to telegraph that you are a loser and intend to remain a loser, so it's unsurprising that they all remain anonymous. Because incels don't seem to be receptive to constructive advice. They just keep repeating that "it's over" for various reasons, usually related to their imagined bad genes.

The problem with the belief that you have "bad genes" (apart from the fact that you can't know you're a loser before you've tried your best), that supposedly make you unattractive women, is that science has failed to validate the hypothesis that females select for good genes in the first place. I learned this by following Rolf Degen on Twitter, and don't know so much about it, but I've read enough to believe him when he says that "the good genes hypothesis in general is a zombie theory that gets dragged along although it has long since been refuted." There are no detectable preference shifts in women around ovulation either according to the latest research. Somewhat shockingly because we've heard it asserted som many times, "the idea that females select males according to signs of good genes is high in popularity and low in reproducibility."

And that makes sense to me when I think about it, since every gene in an individual has successfully made it to that generation and thus demonstrated viability, and what might be most adaptive in the future is uncertain, so how could there really be a mechanism for sexually selecting "good" genes over "bad"? Apart from blind fashion and not being obviously sick (which may not be genetic either), there appears to be none, though I am still not convinced that there is absolutely nothing to the handicap principle.

So women do not appear to turn men down because you have bad genes, but at worst that you have different genes than they arbitrarily prefer. The sexy-son theory is still in effect, and evolutionary psychology is still true on the all-important point that sex is a female resource which enables females to do most of the choosing, but the sort of quality judgment that your genes are "bad" in an absolute sense is misplaced. In practice, it might not matter that much that women select based on blind fashion rather than good genes, but at least we don't need to attribute a moral or judgmental dimension to their choice that is not there. Any incel lamenting that his jawline is somehow inadequate, or he isn't tall enough, or muscular enough or some other meaningless indicator of attractiveness needs to stop it right now and assert that whatever he is equipped with is just as good. It is a neutral happenstance of evolution that his traits aren't preferred, if they aren't, which can at any time shift to the other direction and deserves no special sanctity.

The incel view of "Chads and Stacys" as the enemy is also problematic to say the least. Male sexualists recognize that our real enemy is the sex laws and their enforcement, or legislators and police if you will, not sexually successful people. We don't have anything against Chads and Stacys and aspire to be them and date them. Frankly, male sexualists fall more into the Chad and Stacy category already, so if anything, we should fear the incels if we can't help them. Particularly those of us who have adopted nofap are floating on a cloud of euphoria that sexual opportunity is real and there for the taking. We have no use for needless negativity, and to the extent that we are activists, that is directed at against unequivocal evil such as the feminist sex laws which construct fake abuse and the people who support them.

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Unknown said...

I remember 2013. I was a college guy who, pleased with solitude, just wanted to play videogames. Five years later I am campaigning against feminism because conducting research for my own personal projects made me see what was making the world go bananas.