Sunday, December 09, 2018

Time to cut off anonymous cowards?

Male sexualism is but a feeble flicker of opposition to a sex-hostile feminist society with all the laws on their side. The Norwegian government paid a little attention to me back in 2012, but aside from their hurt prestige from losing that case so soundly -- they fought my compensation claim for false prosecution all the way to the Supreme Court, which turned down their appeal and finally decided the case in my favor in 2017 -- they have not bothered pursuing or investigating me or my followers since, at least not overtly. Because they must know that we don't pose a threat, neither politically nor criminally, so it would only embarrass them further to pretend that we do. All I and a handful of other like-minded men do is to state our opinions and rant a little without any effect on actual politics.

But nonetheless, the hate directed against my blog is at an all-time high. I mentioned a couple months ago that I am under attack, which continues in full force. I see it in the logs of Google moderators dealing with reports of pretty much everything I or my commenters write. And I see it in regular hateful comments that I now block in moderation, such as this one I received a few days ago:
You are a traitor to your people on so many levels. After leading many people to echo your discontent with the Norwegian government, you turned your back on them to promote, of all things, *pedophilia*. It’s almost like you’re making caricature of a treacherous scumbag and superimposing it on your own portrait. It makes no sense at all. You need the kind of help I think only a bullet can give you at this point.
So there you see the creepy mix of hate and delusion that I am dealing with. Although I disagree with various aspects of how pedophilia is handled, I don't "promote" it. What I do promote is normal male sexuality, although it is possible that this person is too dense to tell the difference. Thankfully, Google is not that stupid, and to their credit have trashed every single report from the anonymous cowards. Hi, Google mods, I know you will be reading this too... so thanks for doing the right thing and keep up the good work!

I don't object so strongly to the "traitor" label, since I have used the term "Quisling" myself and even invented Quisling therapy (inspired by Wittgenstein therapy, by the way), but I was certainly never beholden to this person and whoever he is referring to as having echoed my discontent, who don't seem to have a clue that I have been consistent in my sexual ideology from the beginning. Only some words have changed, such as the introduction "male sexualism," "blue knight" (thanks to Tom Grauer) and my own coinage "agywophilia," but the message is the same. Nor was I morally obliged to go along with the corruption of the justice system that has taken place in my lifetime and been accepted by most people without question. From my perspective, it is the Norwegian state and most of the people who have betrayed fundamental principles of justice that we used to hold dear, with all the hateful sex laws and last but most importantly the abolition of the jury -- and against those reforms I am rightly described as a Quisling. It is as if the Nazis should have invaded Norway and been welcomed by everyone except Quisling -- that is the sort of Quisling I am!

Now I want to take the time to say that I don't suspect Gally anymore, and I apologize for implicating him so strongly in the past. We have our disagreements and bad name-calling, but I don't think he is behind the anonymous hate. There is a world of difference between calling someone autistic or learning-impaired and saying they need a bullet. At this point I have no clue who is behind, because they go to great lengths to cover their tracks. But I do know that other male sexualists are also targeted, so at least a somewhat organized effort seems likely, rather than the work of one determined stalker. Tom Grauer was driven to delete his first and best blog and now also deleted his latest effort, which at the end gave the impression that he has gone insane as well (or been driven..?).

Whoever it is, I doubt they would be so tough if they couldn't hide behind anonymous proxies and usernames. It is truly pathetic to be so cowardly that you have to use underhanded methods to advance a position that is just political correctness anyway (and why bother?). Unless, of course, they realize that their position doesn't really represent society, but a monstrous sort of sex-hostility that doesn't even tolerate a dissenting opinion being expressed anywhere without sending criminal threats, while my kind of speech is in fact protected by society.

So now my question is, should I only allow comments from logged-in users? The thing is that I do not want to provide a channel for anonymous death threats against myself. Not with enemies like these, who are determined to harass me in any way they can. If anyone wants to make such threats, they should be more traceable. This is a weighty argument, but there is also a downside, because most of my legitimate commenters also prefer anonymity.

So what do you say, all of you who have contributed constructively to the comment section over the years? Will it kill all interesting discussion if I make you log in and sign your messages by a Google account or similar? I will at least leave it open (with only pre-moderation turned on) for a little while longer to hear your responses. But if I have to tighten it up, I have to, for my health and safety.


holocaust21 said...

Well I have too many problems with getting banned from "Big Tech" accounts so I wouldn't comment in that case.

Like you, I also get some trolling and hate, in fact, I got the exact same message that you quote but "Norwegian government" was replaced by "British government" so I guess the troll at least read what he was commenting on. However, with moderation turned on I don't really find it difficult to deal with, I just ignore the comments and move on. If you don't publish any death threat comments then you won't be providing a channel for it. Simples :) Plus, allowing anonymous comments gives the added benefit that they waste their time writing it, just for you to chuck it in the bin! Hurray!

Eivind Berge said...

It's easy to say I should ignore disturbing comments when you are anonymous yourself, or if I know it's someone far away as would be the case if you really got the same comment, but it could be the neighbors for all I know when I first see them. That's what I mean by providing a channel to mess with me, even if I don't publish the comments. So it's not that simple. It shows the limitation of anonymous comments, I think, especially when you are a public figure yourself. They make it too easy for nasty enemies to take a disproportionate toll.

john said...

seems to me theres not even enough comments to care one way or the other.anyway, operation "frostbite" was a smashing success!

12 more dudes who did nothing but contact a "child" online agreed to meet the "child" and got arrested.2 of them were specifically targeted because they were prior sex offenders, well, no wonder the recidivism rate!

meanwhile, a new report out that fully half of all adults in America know an immediate family member in prison, or were in prison at sometime theirselves.

and these idiots out here think they're so 'free'. my golden ass you are. but, prison feform wont happen until u.s imperialism ends, and that means never!

Jack said...

Go ahead and require email sign-up. If it's simple (no endless forms to fill) I don't see that as a dererrent to commenting. I comment anonymously because I have no usable Google account. Only have yahoo.

Unknown said...

If I may say, while I stand for freedom, I do considere anonymity to be a detrimental factor in any movement. As long as the ones who speak are faceless and nameless, there's a good chance they will be ignored, and also a good chance other nameless faceless ones will simply issue threats at them.

Male sexualism needs faces and names, preferably healthy ones, to push for their goals. They need a flag bearer who will go all out to restore male sexuality. No more "anons on [X]-chan" things. It is time we take it to the mainstream web, with names and faces and large enough to make anyone who otherwise would ignore male sexualism as the ramblings of a madman feel forced to debate us.

Once we have broken the Overton window and reached the masses, the understanding of those facts we have exposed which were kept hidden in plain sight will lead to the change we seek.

Eivind Berge said...

Yes, I have been using my real name and face since I started blogging, and I completely agree that this is the best strategy for everything from credibility to moral integrity to political impact to protection from overzealous police (because of media scrutiny) and real criminals such as the blue knights who are targeting us at the moment (because the police will want to investigate in order to remove public suspicion from themselves if anything happens to me).

I have allowed anonyous comments to make it easier for you even if these excellent reasons aren't enough, but that will likely have to change because of all the abuse.

Eivind Berge said...

Now it is in effect: only users with a Google Account can comment. I am sorry about the inconvenience for those of my valued commenters who also liked to write in anonymously, but I refuse to deal with more anonymous crap from our enemies. Let us take the male sexualist movement to the next level with more openness and honest truth from all involved, which is the best policy in the long run even if it can be awkward at first. Unlike the people who threaten us we have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to hide, so let us proudly stand up for our ideology. I still welcome honest debate with people who disagree with us, but impostors and vigilantes are banned. The real police does also not appreciate those, so I suggest you quit your disgusting hobby before you end up in jail where you belong.

I have tolerated disruptive comments for too long, and I see now how foolish I was because it almost cost me my blog when they started sabotaging and then reporting, not to mention the stress of dealing with fake comments purporting to be from other male sexualists and outright threats. Commenting on this blog is a privilege, not a right, and well worth getting a Google Account for if you deserve to be here.

CulDeSac said...

I dont see the problems with the threats at all. If anything they can be used against the enemy to show what kind of people these feminist scumbags with police protection really are. You can even report it to the police and perhaps get some media attention again.

Eivind Berge said...

Well, there are psychological problems depending on how seriously the threats are taken. I am not much affected since I know what we are dealing with, but they had Tom Grauer spooked pretty bad when he was our leader, into thinking he was going to get killed with the cooperation of Israeli agents. Anyone stepping up to a leadership role in our movement should be prepared for the same treatment, but rest assured that they are most likely basement-dwelling blue knights rather than the spooks or police agents they make themselves out to be.

CulDeSac said...

You should post print screens of all the threats in a new blog post. Because the behavior is just what we anti-feminists are accused of.

Også på tide at du legger ut dommen mot Gally. Gjerne i anonymisert form.