Sunday, September 01, 2019

The great male sexualist nofap thread

Male sexualism is the ideology derived from egosyntonic healthy male sexuality. But what do we do with males who are egosyntonic about masturbation and regard it as a “sexualist” concern when their practices are criminalized? My solution is to exclude them from our movement because masturbation is unhealthy. We need to be that harsh, even if it results in further division of our tiny movement. The porn, sexbot and masturbation advocates can have their own asexualist movement, or a more flattering name of their choice (I've also suggested “the transhuman sexualist movement”), but they are not male sexualists in my view.

It is not enough to be egosyntonic about something; to qualify as male sexualism, it must meet both criteria: true sexuality and good health/ethics. While it is possible to be an egosyntonic child rapist, this doesn’t qualify as male sexualism because it isn’t healthy or ethical. With masturbation there is no other victim than the self-abuser, but he is deluded to think he is doing his sexuality any good, so these are both good examples of things to exclude.

Imagine a sexually egosyntonic, considerate, normal man who encounters the feminist sex laws for the first time. It would be quite a shock, if he weren’t already brainwashed:

“What, I’m a criminal if I give women money for sex? I’m a criminal if I have sex with teen girls at the height of their natural attractiveness to men? I’m a criminal if I have sex with a drunk girl who regrets it later? I’m a criminal if I have sex with a student of mine” and so on and on, “and they even apply the same insane laws to women for no intelligible reason, WTF is up with that!?”

Those are the proper concerns of male sexualism, to turn back all the hateful laws against our sexuality. We do not exist to foster egosyntonic unhealthy sexuality like masturbation or actual rape or child abuse. It is the exclusion of bad causes that lends credibility and nobility to our efforts, so this is important. We need a movement we can be proud of, so that we can eventually march with straight pride under our pink flag.

And yes, homosexuals are also welcome in our movement. I am agnostic about masturbation for them because I don’t have a conception of the ideal gay sex life, and no interest in pondering it. Let them look to homosexual role models for that. But I do know that they deserve to be egosyntonic about their sexuality to much the same extent as us straight guys, and that we share enmity with the same sex laws, or at least would if the gay community weren't so hopelessly politically correct (but then the straight community is even more guilty of that aside from us male sexualists, not even capable of mustering a symbolic pride march).

And I know that at least for us heterosexual men, there is no reason to be internally conflicted about porn and masturbation. Unlike the nonsense “conversion therapies” that mess you up if you try to change sexual orientation, nofap really works and leaves you 100% satisfied by real sex. This I know from personal experience. Male sexualism is truly an egosyntonic ideology, once you disabuse yourself of the delusion that there is any value in porn and get the hang of nofap. It is is the height of hedonism, really, in addition to being the most tolerant and fair sexual value system.

I will dedicate the comment section of this post to discussions about nofap, a place to come together and share experiences. Sure, there is /NoFap, but they are apolitical, disregarding the odious feminist sex laws. My blog is the only place where the promotion of healthy male sexuality and egosyntonic ideology come together in one harmonious whole.

We can also discuss advanced pickup here. And by “advanced” I mean the sort of concerns that may remain after 90+ continuous days of nofap. No questions allowed about how to ascend from inceldom or best pick up women from anybody who hasn't been a nofapper that long, because chances are your problems would be effortlessly resolved by this simple expedient.


Anonymous said...

Male Sexualists, fap or no fap, really need to look at this - right wing anti-sex US conservatives passed an unconstitutional, global statutory rape law -

Eivind Berge said...

Yeah, and Norwegian feminists did even better: passed a global law against paying for sex. I am a criminal if I do that anywhere in the world. No one cares if such laws are unconstitutional either, because the war against sex trumps everything. Men need to start valuing their sexuality to be motivated to fight back, and nofap is a great way to do that!

Milan Horvath said...

Sorry, Eivind for writing off-topic, I initially wanted to respect your dedication of this discussion to NO-FAP, but it was already breached by (interesting post) of another guy, so I would dare to write some of my thoughts here, if you don't mind.

Even that I am no fan of underage prostitution, these extraterritorial laws are very disturbing to me. It is slow decay of international principles, on many fronts.
Only case, when this make sense is treason, citizen against citizen crime or war crimes.
Lack of respect for foreign jurisdictions is unfortunately nothing new to US
-and EU is learning very quickly it seems.

(NOT)Interestingly, they don't give a shit concerning where products sold in US are coming from, about working conditions, using child labour.
Yeah, sniffing carcinogenic glue since 10yo in factory for 1USD/hour seems to be pretty okay to them-no crying for long lasting psychological damage, maybe because with resulting health issues it is not so long lasting.
These pamphlets concerning sexual crime issues are like, they were made with Xerox machine. long lasting psychological damage,drugs...blablabla.and even death ..blablabla.
I am not denying that some forms can have devastating effects.....but IT DEPENDS on many factors.

In past, I read some old Czech and German sexology publications and it was very surprising to me, it was very different from today's agitation, it contained moderate vocabulary, very reasonable thoughts, no emotion-jerking or moralising. It seems that governments are listening to professionals, when it suits to them and only to those which have "correct" opinions.
BTW: It was very funny to hear prominent Czech sexologist jokingly stating (in TV program) that he should probably burn his family albums, suggesting that regarding recent discourse it can became illegal in future.
From time to time reading crime chronicle I realised, that some type of vocabulary is occurring exclusively in conjunction with sex crimes, even murders and grievous bodily harm is spared from this: worst, disgusting,abhorrent, abominable, reprehensible.......nobody doubts, everyone agrees etc... Slowly reprogramming societal values and suppressing proportionality in law.

All of this is somehow remembering me extract from
David Thomas's book Not Guilty: The Case in Defense of Men, once republished by Theantifeminist(for some reason not available at recent site) :

(at the end)I would never thought that I will find agreement at something with radical left-wing nutters(being myself rather libertarian-ish) but this 1968-er hippie granny nailed it: (in English)
Seems that even lefties were something different then.

Eivind Berge said...

Not just underage. The Norwegian law applies to all prostitution, but only the buyers (men). The sex laws are an abyss of hatred that should obviously produce antifeminists, except most men aren't like me and you, so they don't get radicalized and only the imagination limits what kinds of sexual activities feminists get to write laws against.

The rest of your observations are also very welcome and unfortunately all too true.

Anonymous said...

That Norwegian paying for sex law is truly horrible, wow…
The war against sex is insane, how can people not see this? So weird.

Ironically, the right and left both seem split into puritan and non-puritan parts.

Right wing Daily Stormer consistently publishes the fact that females are attractive starting from puberty, and “child-marriage” should be allowed. Meanwhile right wing judges in Tennessee kill men with the global age of consent law, which right-wingers wrote to begin with.

And on the left, some left wing judges in DC found that same global age of consent law unconstitutional. However, left wing catladies declare post-pubescent girls are abused because they don’t understand sex or their “personalities” are too immature for older men, so it’s rape…

Great comments from Milan. The article you posted is the most brilliant piece of writing I’ve seen from a woman on the topic of modern puritanism.

Steinbach actually understands that feminists are “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, sent in to do the work of the religious right that has held the strings of power over human sexuality for centuries. Let’s not forget the Victorians and Women’s Christian Temperance Movement that started this whole bullshit - they were certainly not participating in any slut walks.

Eivind Berge said...

Nofap is an attempt to give our movement a testosterone injection. Literally, it will increase your testosterone, which is sorely needed because men have proven to be pushovers against feminist sex law reforms. So many men are zombies who care neither about sex (aside from fantasies) nor the laws against it.

Sure, I will go on blogging more about other things and less about nofap since it isn't well received by male sexualists, but here's a chance to do something positive for both ourselves and the cause. It did deserve this much attention in my opinion, and if anyone wants to share experiences this thread will be here.

Anonymous said...

For information, this is the way a female sex offender looks:

Eivind Berge said...

Yep, it is batshit crazy. The antisex bigots are calling their own bluff when they apply the same rules to women. The complete detachment from any reality of sexual abuse should make rational people question their "abuse" theories about male offenders as well. Not that we didn't already know that much of that is bullshit too, but the utterly brainless way they go about it with no concessions to truth despite the glaringly obvious fact that we are dealing with lucky boys makes it clear that we can't take ANYTHING they say seriously without checking for ourselves if it deserves to be called abuse.

Of course, in this case it is clear enough that money is the motivation for contriving abuse as the parents are suing the school, and their lawyer is paid to be an idiot, but why do the media and others go along with it who don't have that incentive? Why can't more bystanders just point out that the emperor has no clothes already? Since nobody else is doing it, I have to!

Anonymous said...

My experience with Nofap is that it becomes unbearable after more than two weeks, and in a society that prosecutes men for paying prostitutes and doesn’t guarantee male hetero sex (even after surrendering to the misandrist system via marriage/girlfriend), it becomes a necessity to let off steam solo. Sometimes there is a girl to help, most times there isn’t. It doesn’t matter how “full of T” you are because rape in the street is illegal, and seducing a girl to come home with you is determined by much more than just having the will to fuck her. Not to mention you’re defining your self-worth based on the willingness of a girl to have sex with you, which is ludicrous - females are perpetually immature.

That said, Nofap in moderation (every week or two) is great for personal health reasons, and I’ve been practicing for about 10 months now. My energy levels are up, confidence is up, I feel sharper, I’m more easily aroused and decisive. Despite this, I am also not getting any more pussy than I did before. I’m afraid if you’re practicing Nofap with the intention of getting more pussy, its impact is almost negligible and you’re mostly torturing yourself. As long as you approach girls you like, the location that you’re in, and the emotional whims of women, determine success almost entirely.

My verdict: Do Nofap in moderation, and for your own health reasons only.

Eivind Berge said...

Thanks for sharing. While nofap in moderation is better than not at all, I still think you should stick to it and try to make it permanent. I think opportunities will open up that you don't see yet. (I have one in the making that I won't share yet for business reasons, one hell of a revelation that I probably wouldn't have thought of without extended nofap.)

More pussy is indeed the primary reason, along with greater enjoyment and performance. The other benefits to mood and energy and so on are a bonus. It's sad that you've resigned to thinking you can't have a satisfying sex life with women and therefore need another "outlet," a fake and maladaptive one which isn't worthy of the name. Ok, you call it letting off steam, which is better than being totally complacent with it, but even that metaphor should tell you that the steam is better spent on propelling you towards the goal.

I absolutely agree that we do this for our own health reasons. Men have perfectly selfish reasons to not look at porn and not masturbate that have nothing whatsoever to do with the "feminist" reasons against porn, like Mia Khalifa is talking about here for example:

That poor thing regrets doing porn now and feels oppressed because everyone can see her naked by a simple Google search. While the reasons women feel bad about it aren't necessarily incompatible with ours, we don't need to have any sympathy with those, and indeed I have very little because she knew what she was doing and has so much sexual power that she just didn't exploit optimally. Her now wanting to blame her poor business sense on men is just disgusting, and if she wants to go that route, perhaps the male victims of porn should blame women for their masturbation and resulting fecklessness and sexlessness as well :)

No, we take responsibility and choose nofap, or not.

Anonymous said...

We can agree on health reasons. But you overlook my point that “being propelled towards the goal” is only the first thing needed to seduce a woman. I don’t know about you, but I am well “propelled” after even only a day or two without masturbation, which is indeed adaptive in a society that forbids rape and does not provide hetero sex to men effectively. You need the right setups and the right know-how to get laid, both of which aren’t impacted by the initial will once you have it.

As for the woman, it’s obvious she’s dried up and looking for a new way to get attention. Why would you feel sympathy for a camwhore? Not that I dislike camwhores… I dislike the society that takes them seriously.

Eivind Berge said...

Being propelled towards the goal is also about having confidence to know you will perform well, which recent masturbation works against, and then there is the opportunity cost. Have you considered that sexual opportunities may present themselves unexpectedly? Nofap is about being optimally ready at all times so you don't miss out on any!

Of course it is up to each man how much nofap he wants to practice, but please understand that my recommendation is 100%. Any lesser advice is not approved by me, with the sole exception of being a sperm donor for artificial insemination or IVF.